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Alphabetical List of Collections: L

Note: Larger holdings are labeled "Collection"; smaller holdings (less than 2½ inches) are labeled "Manuscript".

LaBauve, Jack (1916-2006). Collection, 1976–2000, n.d.

Collection 336

12.5 feet
Concert scores arranged by Jack LaBauve, who taught brass, percussion and musical arranging at Southwestern Louisiana Institute (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) from 1948 to 1977.

LaBauve, T. A. (1877-1972) and Joseph L. Pischoff (1874-1964) Families. Papers, 1918-1939

Collection 48

20 feet
Correspondence of the LaBauve-Pischoff families. Also includes business papers of Mr. T. A. LaBauve.

Labbe, T.J., Sr. (1867-1949). News Clippings, 1900, 1949, n.d.

Manuscript 191

1 folder
Mr. T.J. Labbe, Sr. was a druggist and was also interested in farming and politics. He served as mayor of St. Martinville for two terms, elected in 1896 and 1898. In 1900, he was elected to the State Senate and served for eight years. This collection consists of news clippings related to T.J. Labbe.

Laborde, Kenneth J. ( - ). Collection, 1970-1977, n.d.

Collection 537

2 feet, 0.5 inches; oversize
This collection contains several University of Louisiana at Lafayette-related materials formerly in the possession of Dr. Kenneth J. Laborde. Dr. Laborde donated the items to President Joseph Savoie in 2020 and 2021, which were then transferred to Special Collections. Items include homecoming doubloons, building blueprints, and a scrapbook on the history of medicine in Lafayette.

Labranche Family. Records, 1845, 1851, n.d.

Manuscript 3

1 folder
Copies of legal documents and typescript of genealogy.

LaCaze, Marie Louise Franques ( - ). Collection 1903-1907

Manuscript 103

1 folder
Miscellaneous materials from Church Point (stock certificate for the Church Point, Rayne Oil and Mineral Company); Rayne (bank report and social materials); and Sunset (printed report).

LaCour, Ray M. ( - ). Collection, 1850-1979, n.d.

Manuscript 84

2 items, 1 film
Material on LaCour and other families of Vermilion Parish.Donated in part by Ray M. LeCour.

Lafayette (Louisiana) Bicentennial Commission. Records, 1971-1977

Collection 304

7.5 inches, 2 volumes
Mayor Kenny Bowen appointed the Lafayette Bicentennial Commission in 1973. John and Frances Love served as co-chairmen of the commission. This collection contains organizational records, correspondence and material on projects supported by the commission. There are also two scrapbooks of newspaper clippings.

Lafayette Boat Club (Lafayette, LA). Collection, 1956-2016

Collection 482

7 feet
The Lafayette Boat Club was first organized in 1956. The aim was to bring boating enthusiasts together for boating activities and to promote better and safer boating. This collection contains photograph albums documenting the history of the Lafayette Boat Club from its inception up until the 60th Anniversary in 2016. Also included are newspaper clippings and photographs. Donated by Marlene and Carrol Credeur, two of the first members and early organizers of the Lafayette Boat Club.

Lafayette (Louisiana) Chamber of Commerce. Miscellaneous Records,1925-1984, n.d.

Manuscript 113

7 folders
Scattered serials, memos, and issue oriented mimeographs, etc. from Lafayette Chamber of Commerce.

Lafayette (Louisiana), City of. Records, 1899-1993

Collection 176

33 reels - Fiche 3 ft. 9 in. [Microform]
The Lafayette City Charter Commission was created on January 26, 1971 by appointment by the Board of Trustees for preparing a charter for the City of Lafayette. When the Charter was completed, the Lafayette Board of Trustees adopted the Home Rule Charter, which would be governed by elected officials. This collection contains six separate series of the Lafayette City official government records under these charters. Microfilmed from originals held by the Lafayette City Council of Lafayette, Lafayette City Hall, 705 West University, Lafayette, Louisiana.

Lafayette (Louisiana), City of. Collection, 1916-1984, n.d.

Collection 111

1 ½ feet
The City of Lafayette (Louisiana) Collection consists of City Ordinances, Chamber of Commerce material, Bicentennial Celebration material, festival material, maps of Lafayette, and videotapes.

Lafayette (Louisiana), City of. Photograph Collection, 1880s-1985, n.d.

Collection 111A

10 inches
This collection contains photographs of Lafayette and other locations in Lafayette Parish. Photographs in each folder are arranged by size and alphabetical order.

Lafayette Civic Cup Award (Lafayette, LA). Collection, 1933-2014

Collection 243

5 inches, 3 volumes
The Lafayette Civic Cup award was established in 1933 by the Young Men's Business Club. For the past 84 years, the award has been given to individuals who made significant contributions to the Lafayette community. This collection contains general records of the Lafayette Civic Awards, scrapbooks, and materials related to the past winners. These materials include news clippings, biographical information, programs, and nomination letters. Dr. Jean T. Kreamer donated the collection.

Lafayette Civic Theatre, Inc. (Lafayette, LA). Miscellaneous Records, 1966

Manuscript 141

2 folders
Performances held at the Lafayette Municipal Auditorium.

Lafayette Community Concert Series (Lafayette, LA). Miscellaneous Records, 1910-

Manuscript 109

1 folder
List of members and clippings of the Lafayette Community Concert Series.

Lafayette Community Theatre (Lafayette, LA). Miscellaneous Records, 1982, n.d.

Manuscript 108

1 folder
Programs from the Lafayette Community Theatre.

Lafayette (Louisiana) First Presbyterian Church. Records, 1875-1975

Collection 128

Microfilm: 1 reel [35mm, positive and negative]
Membership rolls, minutes of the congregation meetings, board of trustees (1877-1946), and session (1875-1975) of this church. The church evolved from the Vermilionville Presbyterian Church to the Lafayette Presbyterian Church and finally to the Lafayette First Presbyterian Church.
After being microfilmed by Dennis Gibson in 1975 the original records were sent to the Historical Foundation of Presbyterian and Reformed Churches, Montreat, N. C.

Lafayette Founders Committee. Records, 1843-1989, n.d.

Collection 462

5 inches
The Lafayette Founders Committee was created in January 1974 by incumbent mayor, Kenneth F. Bowen. The first chairperson, the late Mrs. J.C. Cargois came up with the idea of the committee to honor mayors of Lafayette, and to post their photographs in the municipal building. This committee has published items as "Sheriffs of Lafayette", "Chiefs of Police, City of Lafayette","Mayors of Lafayette", etc. This collection contains publications, general records, news clippings, photographs, minutes of meetings, correspondence, and other materials.

Lafayette Garden Club. Records, 1950-2015

Collection 194

9 feet
The Lafayette Garden Club was first organized in 1930 and became a member of the national federation of garden clubs in 1940. This collection consists of scrapbooks, minutes of the Garden Club, projects, award booklets and other miscellaneous materials. Aline Arceneaux donated the bulk of this collection. Elaine Pellissier contributed many of the award booklets.

Lafayette Garden Club. Miscellaneous, 1980s

Manuscript 131

1 folder
Lafayette Garden Club yearbooks.

Lafayette General Medical Center (Lafayette, LA). Collection, 1913-2011, n.d.

Collection 406

3 feet, 1.5 inches; oversize
Lafayette General Medical Center is Acadiana’s largest non-profit, community-owned regional health system. This collection consists of correspondence, minutes of meetings, financial records, general records, and other miscellaneous materials. Monique Burdin, daughter-in-law of Dr. John J. Burdin Jr., donated much of the materials in this collection.

Lafayette High School (Lafayette, LA). 50th Reunion, 2007

Manuscript 207

1 folder
Lafayette High School Class of 1957 celebrated its 50th Reunion on Saturday, May 26, 2007 in Lafayette, Louisiana. This collection consists of a program for this event. This program consists of class officers, student council officers, the principal at the time, and a directory of all graduates.

Lafayette High School (Lafayette, LA). Miscellaneous, 1930s-1980s

Manuscript 124

3 folders
Lafayette High School miscellaneous materials.

Lafayette (Louisiana) Historic Azalea Trail. Collection,

Collection 532

Lafayette Historic Preservation Society, Inc. (Lafayette, LA). Records, 1977

Manuscript 54

1 folder
By-laws and minutes of organization meeting.

Lafayette Jewish Cemetery Association (Lafayette, LA). Records, 1890-1997

Collection 327

5 inches, 3 volumes
The Lafayette Jewish Cemetery Association Records chartered under the name The Menachim Avelim (comforting the mourners) in Lafayette Parish in 1890. The purpose of the society was to maintain and support a certain burial ground situated in the Town of Lafayette, LA. This collection consists of documents, membership information, financial records, and minutes of meetings. The minutes are both handwritten and typed in ledger books.

Lafayette Little Theatre (Lafayette, Louisiana). Miscellaneous Records, 1970, n.d.

Manuscript 107

1 folder
Membership lists (removed from Lyle Williams Papers).

Lafayette, Marquis de (1757-1834). Celebrations Collection, 1791-1958, 2007, n.d.

Collection 89

10 inches; oversize
This collection contains correspondence, publications, and photographs dealing with the 1957 bicentennial and the 250th celebration of the Marquis de Lafayette’s birth. Thomas J. Arceneaux, who represented the city and parish of Lafayette during the celebration in France, donated most of the material.

Lafayette Museum. Booklet, n.d.

Manuscript 192

1 folder
Jean Mouton built the Lafayette Museum prior to 1836. The building consisted of one large room with the kitchen in the back. The kitchen was connected by a “dog-trot”, or open walkway. Governor Alexandre Mouton, whose great contribution to the history of Louisiana is well known, first occupied the house.

Lafayette Parish Council on Aging. Collection, 1967-1968

Collection 57

20 feet, 10 inches
Survey of Older Citizens of Lafayette Parish conducted in 1967-1968; information to serve as a basis for local action programs. Donated by Mr. F. M. Carson.

Lafayette Parish Democratic Executive Committee. Records, 1968-1976

Collection 477

2.5 inches
This collection consists of a minute book of the Lafayette Parish Democratic Executive Committee records from 1968-1976. The book includes committee members and contact information, news clippings, agreements, correspondence, and minutes of meetings.

Lafayette Parish Office of the Assessor. Records, 1941-1967

Collection 283

2 feet, 1 inch
This collection consists of financial records of the Office of the Assessor for Lafayette Parish with dates ranging from 1941-1967. Included are correspondence, receipts, deposit slips, and disbursement records. These volumes also include financial records from the Lafayette Police Jury and School Board.

Lafayette Parish Police Jury Minutes, 1823-1833

Collection 361

Microfilm: 1 reel (16mm, negative)
This collection contains the minutes of the Lafayette Parish Police Jury from 1823 to 1833.

Lafayette Parish School System Deaf Education. Collection, 1997-2002

Collection 548

5 inches
This collection contains binders supporting deaf education in the Lafayette Parish School System. The first binder documents the work from parents and advocates of deaf children on behalf of educational interpreters. The second binder includes documents on levels of interpreter processing, and Recommendations for Continued Desegregation of Schools in Lafayette Parish through the Implementation of Schools of Choice by LPSS Superintendent James Easton. Gail Abshire created the binders and donated this collection.

Lafayette Parish Youth Baseball Committee. Memo, 1961

Manuscript 263

1 folder
This memo is directed to all committee members and includes an agenda of the meeting.

Lafayette (Louisiana) Rotary Club. Records, 1920-2020, n.d.

Collection 170

31 feet, 9 inches; oversize
The Lafayette Rotary Club was founded with twenty charter members in August, 1920. It was the first men's service club in the city. Through the years the club has been active in improving the local community with special concern for youth work. Rotarians have actively participated in the city recreation program for youth and have been leaders of the Boy Scout movement. One of the unique contributions of the club was the Rotary Boys' Band which existed from 1922 to 1939 under the direction of Frank A. Baranco. The club has also been involved with civic improvement projects such as the Lafayette Public Library and the Municipal Auditorium. The records reflect the civic involvement of the club as well as its organizational structure.

Lafayette Theater (Lafayette, LA). Miscellaneous, 1900s

Manuscript 132

2 folders
Includes a programs on The Little Theatre Club of Lafayette, 1921 and Les Comediens Français, 28 June 1947.

Lafayette White Sox Baseball Team. Material, 1937

Manuscript 249

1 folder
The Evangeline League (Lafayette White Sox) began in 1934 as a 6-team class D league in and around Louisiana. Its name comes from the Acadian legendary heroine Evangéline, made famous through a poem of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. The league quickly expanded to 8 teams and lasted until World War II, when it shut down from 1943 to 1945.

Lakota (Sioux). Dreamcatcher, n.d.

Manuscript 306

1 item
Dreamcatchers were items made in some Native American cultures. Mostly found in the Great Plains areas of Canada and the United States, dreamcatchers hoops with woven nets that are designed to catch and trap bad dreams. Good dreams would go through the center hole. During the Pan-Indian movement of the 1960s and 1970s, dreamcatchers were also seen as a symbol of unity among different Native American cultures. This dreamcatcher is from the Lakota Sioux tribe. Chief Crying Eagle of the Atakapa Ishak tribe donated this item.

Land of Evangeline. Tourist Guide, n.d.

Manuscript 229

1 folder
An article from “Poste Des Attakapas”. Compiled by Andre A. Olivier. Tourist Guide Through St. Martinville, La. U.S.A.

Landru, Mabel Christine ( - ). Collection, 1920

Collection 429

SLI graduate certificate and American Red Cross first aid certificate, 1920.

Landry, Claude J. (1912-1998). Papers, 1941-2003, n.d.

Collection 252

1 foot
Claude Landry served in the U.S. Army for five years during World War II with the 390th Antiaircraft Artillery Gun Battalion, 3rd U.S. Army, under General G.S. Patton in the European Campaign. After his service, he worked for Rockwell International until his retirement in 1975. This collection consists of correspondence, photographs, certificates, assignment orders, dog tag, military prayer books, and other material while he served in the U.S. Army. Also included are oversize framed photographs. Mrs. Marian Yancey Landry donated the collection.

Landry, Edmond G. (1891-1932) and Norbert T. (1895-1924). Papers, 1907-1932, 2013

Collection 332

6 inches
Edmond and Norbert Landry were 2 of the 5 children of Terville and Lucie Landry. The family lived in Segura and then New Iberia, LA. After military service in World War I, both brothers developed leprosy [Hansen’s disease]. Norbert moved to the Louisiana Leper Home in Carville, LA in 1919, where he died in 1924. Edmond went to Carville in 1924, surviving until 1932. This collection contains letters written by Edmond and Norbert. Itwas donated by Claire Manes and Paul Landry on behalf of the Landry family.

Lane, Margaret T. (1919-2009). Collection, 1948-2003, n.d.

Collection 253

7 ½ inches
Margaret T. Lane was the first Louisiana Recorder of Documents. This collection consists of correspondence, speeches, transcripts of interviews, publicity, and other materials dealing with the Recorder of Documents. Margaret Lane donated this collection.

Langley, Charles ( - ). Collection, 1995, 2003

Manuscript 293

3 folders
On March 6, 2003, author Charles Langley met with two of the last known Louisiana traiteurs in Maurice, LA, where they had a conversation about their practices and their sense of loss in the changing world. This collection contains typed draft conversations and experiences meeting with the traiteurs. The collection also contains handwritten copies of their prayers. Mr. Langley donated this collection.

Lap Desk. Collection

Collection 436

86 items
This is a collection of antique writing desks. Lap desks featured a writing surface, compartments for pens, ink, and sand or blotting paper, and storage for stationery and documents. Made of hardwoods like mahogany or walnut, these are very sturdy boxes. This collection was donated by George Newton.

Larrieu, George C. (1925-2017). Photograph Collection, 1943-1964

Collection 452

1 CD
This collection consists of photographs that were taken by a U.S. Marine Corps and information officer at the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette). This collection was donated by George C. Larrieu.

Latimer, Beverly D. (1926-2021). Collection, 1941-2017, n.d.

Collection 466

5 inches
This collection consists of Lafayette High School reunion material, Catholic Church programs, correspondence, and general records. Beverly Latimer donated the collection.

Law, Joseph ( - ). Letter, 1816

Manuscript 155

1 folder
Letter of recommendation for Joseph Law while a student at Cumberland College in 1816. Photocopy. Donated by Roy Frusha.

League of Women Voters of Lafayette (Louisiana). Records, 1945-2014

Collection 124

5 feet, 7 inches
The League of Women Voters of Lafayette was organized in 1945. The main objective of the League is to work for better city and parish government, better schools, and the participation of all citizens in the democratic system. This collection contains incomplete internal records of the Lafayette League from its founding. There are also items which show the connectional relationship among local, state and national leagues. The subject series reflects the range of issues addressed by the League and shows the sort of information gathered to study these concerns. Kay Bates, a charter member of the Lafayette organization, initially donated this collection. Other members have made additional donations.

LeBlanc, Antoine J. “A.J.” (1929-2018). Collection, 1900-2012, n.d.

Collection 337

13 feet, 2 inches
A.J. LeBlanc was dedicated to promoting tourism in Acadiana through his involvement in many Louisiana tourism organizations. This collection contains his personal and professional papers, photographs, news clippings, audio/audiovisual music collection, correspondence, scrapbooks, and miscellaneous artifacts.

LeBlanc, Allen D. (1931-2021). Collection, 1843-2005, n.d.

Collection 489

7 feet; 12.9 gigabytes
Allen Doyce LeBlanc worked as a pilot and aviation mechanic. One of his greatest passions involved collecting materials to preserve Cajun culture and the history of Vermilion Parish. This collection contains historical materials, files, and notes collected over the years by Allen LeBlanc, much of it related to Abbeville and Vermilion Parish history, Louisiana culture, and various topics. Allen and Cristina LeBlanc donated this collection.

LeBlanc, Dudley J. (1894-1971). Collection, 1900-1995, n.d.

Collection 219

1 foot
Dudley LeBlanc was a businessman and politician. He served as Louisiana Representative in 1924, Public Service Commissioner in 1926, and Louisiana Senator in 1948-52, 1964, 1968. He owned many businesses, inventing and promoting the famous HADACOL, which was a vitamin/mineral supplement. He claimed it cured many illnesses. This collection consists of genealogy material, photographs, correspondence, business records, etc.

LeBlanc, Lucas A. (1843-1931). Journal, 1854-1861

Collection 423

1 volume
This collection consists of a journal (account book) of goods sold in Lucas LeBlanc's general store in Youngsville, Louisiana.

LeBrenton, Emile ( - ). Collection, n.d.

Collection 473

2.5 inches
This collection consists of poetry by Emile LeBrenton, New Orleans, Louisiana. Typed material.

Lefevre, Louis. Journal, 1846-1848

Manuscript 60

1 folder
Journal recording observations (in French) made during travels in Algiers, 1846-1848. Lefevre gave this journal to his friend from New Orleans, Louisiana, Jules Dehor, in 1853.

Lemoine, Rachel ( - ). Collection, 1910-1995, n.d.

Collection 258

10 inches
Rachel Lemoine is a Louisiana writer who did extensive research on orphan trains. This collection consists of correspondence, research notes, articles, etc. on orphan trains. Donated by Rachel Lemoine.

LeMoyne Family. Genealogical Records, 1654-1807, 1974

Manuscript 117

1 folder
Photocopies of vital records of Charles LeMoyne de Longueuil et De Chateauguay and family; documents and index compiled by Diane Baril of the Fabrique Notre-Dame de Montreal, 1974.

Leonpacher, Luitpold “Louis” (1890-1960). Collection, 1908-1958

Collection 76

1 foot, 8 inches
This collection consists of journals that cover the years between 1908 and 1920, documenting Dr. Leonpacher's experiences in Europe, Canada, and the United States. These handwritten journals, mainly in German, are illustrated with photographs and drawings done by Leonpacher. They also contain some correspondence and other added items. Furthermore, the collection consists of digitized copies of these journals, as well as a DVD of Louisiana Air Tours. This collection was donated by Dr. Leonpacher’s widow Fanny (Mrs. John Doba), and son Robert J. Leonpacher. The diaries were digitized by Brian Butcher of Video 1 for Leslie Leonpacher, Louis’ granddaughter, who produced a documentary film on Dr. Leonpacher.

LePage, John ( - ). Legal Document, 1859

Manuscript 110

1 item
Document stating the purchase of an enslaved woman named Lucy. Photocopy.

Les Vingt Quatre Club. Collection, 1932-1938, 1990-1992, n.d.

Collection 188

1 foot
Les Vingt Quatre Club was founded in April 1932 and chartered and named May 1932. The club was formed to study history and current events. The club took an active role in starting a public library in Lafayette, and later established the Lafayette Museum in the Alexandre Mouton House. This collection contains correspondence, histories, a few photographs and scrapbooks of newspaper clippings, etc. The material in this collection has been photocopied and microfiched. The originals were loaned to the Archives by Virginia Yongue.

Levasseur, Georges (Reverend). Collection, 1949-1953, n.d.

Collection 425

2.5 inches
This collection consists of correspondence, programs, bulletins and other material dealing with the Diocese of Lafayette CCD program.

Levasseur, Yvonne (1922-1986). Papers, 1944-1981, n.d.

Collection 210

2 feet, 8 ½ inches
Yvonne Lavasseur was a registered nurse and a successful writer in French. She published over 200 short stories and two novels, as well as worked in the public school system. This collection includes notes from her classes at SLI and American High School, a draft of her thesis, correspondence, newspaper clippings and some of her writings.

Levy, Selma (1903 - 1983). Collection, 1921

Collection 420

2 ½ inches
This Collection contains a memory book from 1921, a photograph and a commencement program from Plaquemine High School.

L’Heure de Musique Records, 1940-1995

Collection 295

2 feet
The L’Heure de Musique Records Club of Lafayette was organized in 1949. This club is a member of the National Federation of Music Clubs. The scope of this organization is the furtherance of musical interests in Lafayette and the earnest study of music in all its phases, for the mutual benefit of its members. This collection consists of scrapbooks ranging from 1949 to 1995 which include clippings, correspondence, photographs, certificates, flyers, annual programs, etc. There is also a minute book which contains the handwritten minutes of meetings from 1955-1957.

Lindig, Carmen (1924-2004). Collection, 1870-1980

Collection 368

5 inches
Carmen Lindig was an educator and author who wrote The Path from the Parlor: Louisiana Women 1879-1920. This collection consists of research conducted by Dr. Lindig on notable Louisiana women, women’s rights, and the Equal Rights Amendment.

Littel/Mudd Family. Letters, 1821-1846

Manuscript 172

8 folders
Family letters from the Litteland Muddfamilies. Donated by Joe E. Riehl.

Little, Carl ( - ). Diploma, 1903

Manuscript 290

Carl Little graduated from Crowley University in Crowley, Louisiana on May 29, 1903 after completing the commercial course of study. This manuscript includes his diploma.

Live Oak Society. Records, 1929-2001, n.d.

Collection 56

5 inches
Founded in 1935 by Dr. Edwin Lewis Stephens, scholar and educator, to promote the culture, distribution, and appreciation of the live oak tree. Membership in the Society was limited to individual live oaks known or suspected to be more than 100 years old. Live oaks under 100 years old were eligible for membership in the Junior League. Each member had an "attorney," usually its owner; the attorney paid the annual dues - 25 acorns! The president oak tree was over 500 years old. This Society stopped functioning in 1938 after the death of Stephens. Meigo Frost publicized the Society's revival in a Times-Picayune Sunday magazine article on Jan. 21, 1945. Stanley C. Arthur, director of the Louisiana State Museum, took over leadership of the Society. Collection contains books, clippings, letters, photographs, notes, articles, pamphlets, bulletins, maps, and organizational records.
Donated by Miss Willie Wynn White, daughter of the late H. H. White of Alexandria, Louisiana.

Loflin, Zeke L. (1909-1982). Papers, 1940-1969, n.d.

Collection 49

12 feet, 6 inches
Dr. Zeke L. Loflin was a faculty member and chair of the Department of Mathematics at Southwestern Louisiana Institute/University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette). He was also one of the prime movers in establishing the Computer Science program. This collection contains material from the organizations he belonged to: SLI/USL, the Department of Mathematics, professional associations, and fraternities. Dr. Loflin donated the collection.

Long, Huey P. (Honorable) (1893 -1935). Congressional Record, 1933

Manuscript 213

1 folder
Huey P. Long was born in 1893. He was an American politician who acted as Governor of Louisiana and then as a United States Senator from 1932-1935. He was assassinated in 1935. This collection contains a congressional record, Seventy-Second Congress, Second Session, July 21, 1933 (includes Long’s speech), and correspondence, 1933.

Long, Joyce Rudsill (1901 -1988). Manuscript, n.d.

Collection 446

2 ½ inches
This is Joyce Rudsill Long’s manuscript titled “”Gleanings from Time”. The manuscript consists of 107 pages. Blank pages: 13, 21, 98,101,104. These pages are left blank intentionally. There are missing pages: 3, 27, 28, 30.

Longfellow-Evangeline State Park. Brochure, n.d.

Manuscript 240

1 folder
The Longfellow-Evangeline Memorial Park in St. Martin Parish is situated one mile from the town of St. Martinville (known in the early days as Poste Des Attakapas) on the banks of historic Bayou Teche.

Longville, Tim ( - ). Articles, 1997

Manuscript 190

Tim Longville is the author of these two articles and would like to dedicate these to the memory of Joseph K. Mertzweiller, who died on 26 June 1997. Donated by Denis Garret of Tennessee.

Looney, Ben E. (1904-1982). Papers, 1934-1979, n.d.

Collection 99

10 inches
This collection consists of prints, correspondence, short stories, clippings, promotional material, photographs and other miscellaneous materials of this noted Louisiana artist.

Lorrain Family. Papers, 1832-1933

Collection 239

2 feet; oversize
Eugene Nicolas (1832-1891) and Jean Louis Desire Lorrain (1835-1892) were brothers, who were born in France and immigrated to Louisiana as young men in 1854. Both men bought land, first in Vermilion Parish and later farther west in what became Jefferson Davis Parish. This collection consists of correspondence, personal papers, business records, land records and tax bills and receipts (including one from the Confederacy), and succession records for members of the Lorrain family.

Louisiana Bankers Association. Programs, 1924

Manuscript 225

1 folder
Programs: Group “C” Louisiana Bankers Association, Friday March 28, 1924, Lafayette, Louisiana.

Louisiana Colonial Records. Collection, 1638-1973

Collection 59

3 feet, 4 inches; oversize
The Louisiana Colonial Records contains materials regarding mostly 18th-19th century events occurring in colonial Louisiana, especially governing processes and the Cabildo. The collection contains photocopies of correspondence, legal papers, and land and sales of enslaved people. See also:Collection 329 - Colonial Louisiana Records Collrection for a larger collection of colonial records microfilmed from repositories in Europe and North America.

Louisiana Conservation Commission Hearings. Geological Data, 1938-1956

Collection 493

1 foot, 8 inches
This collection consists of one volume of the Louisiana Conservation Commission Hearings; Geological Data dated 1938 - November 1956. This includes an index.

Louisiana Department of Education. Miscellaneous Materials, 1900s

Manuscript 163

1 folder
Includes a Daily Record and Monthly Report, and a pamphlet for a preliminary announcement of summer schools for 1908.

Louisiana Greenhouse Vegetable Growers’ Association. Newsletters, 1973-1975

Manuscript 265

1 folder
This organization is associated with the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) through the College of Agriculture.

Louisiana Gulf Coast Oil Expedition (LAGCOE). Collection, 1954-1990, n.d.

Collection 215

8 feet, 7 inches
The Louisiana Gulf Coast Oil Expedition (LAGCOE) was organized in 1955 as a non-profit corporation to promote a better understanding and appreciation of the part played by the oil industry in Louisiana society. This biannual event is located in Lafayette, and is the heart of Louisiana’s land and offshore oil activity. This collection consists of exhibit materials including brochures, pamphlets, photographs, correspondence, bylaws and resolution, history about the oil show, scrapbooks and others. Frances Love donated this collection.

Louisiana High School and College Boxing. Collection, 1931-2014

Collection 439

1 feet, 2 ½ inches
Louisiana High School and College boxing were extremely popular between the years of 1931 through 1958. During this time, boxing was only second to football in Louisiana. The collection was assembled and donated by Don Landry while in the process of writing “Boxing: Louisiana’s Forgotten Sport”, a book on the glory days of boxing in Louisiana.

Louisiana Historical Preservation and Cultural Commission. Records, 1988-1998

Collection 156

9 feet
The Louisiana Historical Preservation and Cultural Commission reviewed nomination forms for buildings and districts to place on the National Register of Historic Places. The nomination forms are arranged alphabetically, and the administrative records are arranged chronologically. Glenn R. Conrad donated the collection.

Louisiana Industrial Institute (Ruston, LA). Report, 1920

Manuscript 199

1 folder
Louisiana Industrial Institute, Ruston, Louisiana. Thirteenth Biennial Report. March 1, 1920.

Louisiana Intracoastal Seaway Association. Records, 1956-1996, n.d.

Collection 112

12 feet
The Louisiana Intracoastal Seaway Association (LISA), a private nonprofit organization, was created in 1958 to manage and develop Louisiana's coastal water resources. It was considered a public relations arm of the Louisiana Coastal Commission (LCC), a state-regulated agency created in 1964. LISA performed promotional and publicity functions, such as lobbying, which the LCC was restricted from doing. LCC had the authority to coordinate planning efforts in the areas of water quality, flood control, navigation, conservation of fish and wildlife resources, and environmental enhancement. This collection contains records of LISA and LCC. Material from LISA includes correspondence, Board of Directors meetings minutes, annual meeting material, speeches, scrapbooks, pamphlets, and miscellaneous items. Material from LCC include correspondence, commission meeting minutes and minute books, committees' reports, publicity and publications, legal material, and miscellaneous information. This collection is arranged chronologically. LISA donated the records for Special Collections to be its designated repository.

Louisiana Irrigation and Mill Company. Records, 1902-1925, 1960s, n.d.

Collection 160

7 feet, 1 inch; oversize
The Louisiana Irrigation and Mill Company was formed in 1903 to construct a lock or locks and a dam on the Mermentau River. This collection consists of correspondence, telegrams, financial records, documents and other miscellaneous material.

Louisiana Medallion Society. Miscellaneous Records and Artifacts, 1969-1971

Manuscript 57

1 folder, 5 items
Miscellaneous records of the Louisiana Medallion Society. Includes brochure, correspondence, newsletter, and five silver medallions. **RESTRICTED** Donated by Louisiana Medallion Society.

Louisiana Photographs. Collection

Collection 146

7 ½ inches
Louisiana Photographs Collection consists of parish photographs (homes, churches, streets, schools, entertainment, etc.), individuals, and photographs by subject.

Louisiana Pigeon Club. Program, 1958

Manuscript 274

1 folder
The Louisiana Pigeon Club organized in the early 1950s and holds annual shows. This collection consists of the 1958 program.

Louisiana Polytechnic Institute (Ruston, LA). Correspondence, 1924-1926

Manuscript 279

1 folder
This collection consists of correspondence from Louisiana Polytechnic Institute, now Louisiana Tech University.

Louisiana Postcards. Collection, 1831-2004, n.d.

Collection 417

6 feet, 0.5 inches
This collection contains postcards of various subjects from various Louisiana cities.

Louisiana Poster Collection, 1796-2012, n.d.

Collection 418

84 items
Collection of Louisiana posters such as festivals, cook-offs, and meetings.

Louisiana Recovery Authority. Collection, 2005-2008, n.d.

Collection 299

7 feet; 11 inches
In the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco created the Louisiana Recovery Authority (LRA), planning and coordinating body that led one of the most extensive rebuilding efforts in the world. Appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate, the organization’s 33-member body with secured funding for the recovery, coordinated across jurisdictions, supported community recovery and resurgence, ensured integrity and effectiveness, and planned for the rebuilding of Louisiana. This collection contains all the working files from the Louisiana Recovery Authority (LRA). Included are correspondence, publicity, committee material, reports, task force material, and other documents. John T. Landry donated the collection.

Louisiana School Work. Louisiana State Board of Education. Flyer, n.d.

Manuscript 195

1 folder
Louisiana School Work, small flyer.

Louisiana Schools. Miscellaneous Collection, 1906-1936, n.d.

Collection 535

5 inches
This collection contains miscellaneous items from various high schools, colleges, universities, and educational institutions in Louisiana. Items include commencement invitations, class listings, programs, publicity, and reports. The folders are listed by school name in alphabetical order. Dr. Bruce Turner collected and compiled this collection.

Louisiana State Conference for Social Betterment. Annual Meeting, 1924

Manuscript 224

1 folder
Fourth annual meeting, April 20-23, 1924. New Orleans, Louisiana. Pamphlet with affiliated Agencies and Groups.

Louisiana State Rice Milling Company Records/Godchaux Family Papers. 1911-1985, n.d.

Collection 157

200 feet
Louisiana State Rice Milling Company Records/Godchaux Family Papers includes the company records dating from about 1911; ancillary components of this collection include USL produced microfilm of the company minutes and other record books and an oral history collection.

Louisiana State School for the Blind. Budget, 1925-1926

Manuscript 277

1 folder
This collection consists of salaries, wages, and other expenses for the Louisiana State School for the Blind.

Louisiana Teachers’ Association. Collection, 1920s

Manuscript 164

1 folder
Miscellaneous printed material from the Louisiana Teachers’ Association.

Love, Uel (1907-1997). Collection, 1919-1995

Collection 410

2.5 inches
This collection contains programs from plays, certificates earned, a report card, and reunion publications from both Winnfield High and the University of Southwestern Louisiana (formerly Southwestern Louisiana Institute).

Love, Frances T. (1929-2010). Collection, 1957-1999, n.d.

Collection 274

2 feet, 2 ½ inches
Frances Taylor Love was the Director of the Art Museum at the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) from 1965 to 1983. This collection consists of her writings. It also contains her working files, which are filed alphabetically by title. She collected material mostly from the Acadiana area. Frances T. Love donated the collection.

Lutheran Churches of Southwest Louisiana. Records, 1901-1987

Collection 71

2 feet 1 inch; Microfiche: 87 sheets
Records of the First Lutheran Church of Crowley, Louisiana, and St. John Lutheran Church of Iota, La. Includes the original constitution of the Crowley church (in German), pastoral letters, financial reports, business correspondence, parish reports and bulletins, minutes of the Ladies Aide Society, financial statements and treasurer's reports from 1927 to 1954. Also contains bulletins from the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod-Mission of Opelousas, La., 1963-1966.

Lyle, Marguerite (1929-1994). Papers, 1972-1992, n.d.

Collection 263

1 foot
Marguerite A. Richard Lyle was an associate professor of Communication at the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette), a communication consultant, member of the Lafayette Parish School Board, and a local civic leader.This collection contains materials on Mrs. Lyle’s research interests, including listening, memory, thinking, and communication. Besides materials from her courses, workshops and programs, it also includes research materials she used to prepare her lectures and programs.

Lynch, John J. (1914-1983). Papers, 1934-2000, n.d.

Collection 387

4 feet
John J. Lynch a biologist, botanist, and preservationist, specializing in the wetlands and migratory birds. He was especially concerned with the survival of Whooping Cranes in Louisiana. Other endeavors included studies on Louisiana orchids, surveying migratory patterns of waterfowl, and teaching about coastal marshes at the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette). This collection consists of Lynch’s research and personal papers, including correspondence, maps, and research and writings on Whooping Cranes, marsh ecology, wildlife, and more. Mary Lynch Courville, daughter of John J. Lynch, donated this collection.

Lynch, John J. (1914-1983). Writings, 1975

Manuscript 56

3 folders
Writings of John J. Lynch.