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Miscellaneous Manuscripts

Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collections are small collections, less than 2½ inches

Manuscript 1

World War II. Collection, 1941-1946
6 folders, oversize
Material collected mainly by President Joel L. Fletcher from items sent him by former Southwestern Louisiana Institute (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) students.

Manuscript 2

Campbell, Marie McDowell Pilkington (1904-1996). Articles, n.d.
1 folder

Typescript of two articles, "Moutons to St. James," and "Early Waterways to the Attakapas: St. James to the Teche." Donated by Mrs. Stephen R. Campbell.

Manuscript 3

Labranche Family. Records, 1845, 1851, n.d.
1 folder
Copies of legal documents and typescript of genealogy.

Manuscript 4

Attakapas Post, Louisiana. Daybook, 1812-1814
1 item

Account book of the trading post in the Attakapas District, May 1812 - February 1814.

Manuscript 5

Dunbar Family. Records, 1833, n.d.
1 folder
Includes genealogies, a copy of a letter from Edmund Hawkins Martin to Marie Evelina Moore, 1833, and a brief biography of Henrietta Pearl Peckham Dunbar (1878-1962). Donated by Clarence P. Dunbar, 1963.

Manuscript 6

Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. Collection, 1882-1968
8 folders
A miscellaneous collection of material related to Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. (Artificial collection with uncertain provenance. Some items may be from Rees Family Papers). Donated by Grover Rees.

Manuscript 7

Stagg, Louis (1833-1892). Letters, 1855-1863
1 folder

Photocopies of letters to Laurie, Stagg’s sweetheart then-wife, written in French with typed copies and translations. Written from Ville Platte, Louisiana, and Opelousas, Louisiana before the war, and Camp Moore, Louisiana; Tupelo, Mississippi; Jackson, Mississippi; and Chattanooga, Tennessee during the war. Donated by Gene Ardoin.

Manuscript 8

King, E.T. ( - ). Memoirs, 1875
1 folder
Manuscript explaining the Civil War service of St. Martin Rangers. Photocopy of a handwritten document, 34 pages. Donated by H. Allen King.

Manuscript 9

Guillory, Terrell ( - ). Manuscript, n.d.
1 item

Bound typescript of the novel, Dr. Shilling, 189 pages, set in Acadiana during World War II.

Manuscript 10

States' Rights Party of Louisiana. Platform, 1960
1 folder

Gubernatorial Campaign Platform. General Election, April 19, 1960.

Manuscript 11

Republican Party (Lafayette, Louisiana). Newsletter, 1960-1961
1 folder

Newsletter for the Republican Party in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Manuscript 12

Nelson, J.M. ( - ). Document, 1856
1 folder
This collection contains a document from State of Louisiana for the sale of an enslaved person from J. M. Nelson to Edmond Leblanc and Louis Baptiste Bonin, 24 January 1856.

Manuscript 13

U.S. Department of Agriculture. Reports, 1912, 1914-1915
1 folder
Detailed monthly reports of the Weather Bureau’s Cooperative Observers' Meteorological Record (Abbeville, Louisiana) compiled by C.J. Edwards for January-December 1912 and August 1914 - December 1915. C.J. Edwards was the editor of Abbeville Meridional.

Manuscript 14

Giscard d’Estaing, Valery (1926- ). Press Packet, 1976
1 folder

Valery Giscard D’Estaing was the President of the French Republic. He made an official visit to the United States from May 17-22, 1976. Lafayette, LA was one of the cities he visited. This collection contains the press packet for the state visit.

Manuscript 15

Arceneaux, Louis Joseph (1829-1904). Business Records, 1853-1900
6 folders

Receipts, consignment statements, accounts, and reports from commission merchants in New Orleans for Louis J. Arceneaux, a Lafayette Parish cotton grower. Much of the material is in French. Includes biographical information and list of cotton carriers to New Orleans, both typed, 1 page. Donated by Beatrix A. Breaux.

Manuscript 16

Attakapas Country. Pageant, n.d.
9 pages
Typescript: draft; in parts more a collection of ideas than a coherent presentation; almost as if this was to fit into work already done by the person to whom this draft was sent. No donor card.

Manuscript 17

Baldwin and Porter vs. Madam Augustine Dugal. Plaintiff Brief, n.d.
12 pages

Handwritten brief for a case heard by W.L. Brand in St. Martin District Court. Case deals with land on Vermilion Bayou (1819). Laminated. Donated by Charles Caffery.

Manuscript 18

Bayou Teche Railway and Light Company. Minutes, 1906-1908
1 folder

Minutes from the September 8, 1906, organizational meeting to September 1908. Photocopy of handwritten pages 1 through 52 from a bound minute book. Original at Tulane University Manuscripts Department. No donor card.

Manuscript 19

Bittle, Atwood W. (1871-1951). Letters, 1941
1 volume

Bound volume containing letters to A.W. Bittle upon his retirement from Southwestern Louisiana Institute (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette). Donated by Mrs. B.J. Beaullieu.

Manuscript 20

Democratic Party, Louisiana. Platforms, 1980
1 folder
Platforms for the Democratic Party of Louisiana and the Democratic Party of Lafayette. Both are published. Donated by Walter Landry.

Manuscript 21

Brent, William Leigh (1784-1848). Legal Documents, 1847-1848
1 folder

Documents related to settling the estate of William Leigh Brent, St. Martin Parish, including succession. Photocopies.

Manuscript 22

Smith, LeDoux E. (1856-1917). Legal Documents, 1890, 1901
2 items

Certificates of title to land in Colorado (Smith) and Louisiana (Broussard and Smith).

Manuscript 23

Buller, Henry (1875-1962). Memoirs, 1958
26 pages
"A History of Elton (Louisiana)", January 12, 1958. Photocopied typescript. No donor card.

Manuscript 24

Cagle, Christian Keener (1904-1942). Collection, 1954-1958, 1988
3 folders

Material related to the erection and dedication of the monument in New Roads, Louisiana for Hall-Of-Fame football player Christian Keener Cagle (1904-1942). Also consists of a photograph naming Merryville High School Stadium after Cagle. Photograph of Stadium donated by Lois Cagle. Other material - no donor card.

Manuscript 25

Castillo Hotel (St. Martinville, Louisiana). Collection, 1977
1 folder
Correspondence and information related to attempt to get Castillo Hotel listed on National Register of Historic Places; also "Self-Guided Tour of Mercy High School," n.d., 1 page. Donated by Marian T. Barras and Jane G. Bulliard.

Manuscript 26

Cattle Tick Eradication. Petition, 1923
1 item

Petition from Napoleonville, Louisiana to state officials supporting cattle tick eradication laws.

Manuscript 27

Chataigne, Antoine Jules ( - ). Papers, 1846-1854, 1870-1871, n.d.
1 folder

Mainly letters to Jules Chataigne from E. Chataigne (his sister) written in France and Louisiana. There are also letters and papers of Julies Chataigne in France. Photocopies. Donated by Mrs. J. Z. Berard.

Manuscript 28

Terry, William ( - ). Letters, 1865
2 items

Relates Civil War experiences including the Battle of Sabine Pass. Typescripts; photocopies.

Manuscript 29

Del Sesto, Steven L. ( - ) and Gibson, Jon L. ( - ). Book, 1974
1 item
Draft of The Culture of Acadiana: Tradition and Change in South Louisiana (1974), some sections heavily corrected. Photocopy.

Manuscript 30

Colfax Chronicle Scrapbook. Clippings, 1948-1952
1 volume

Clippings about local items of interest; many of column by Ben Bayonne. Oversized.

Manuscript 31

Camp Plauche. Photograph, ca. 1945-1955
1 folder
Photograph: On the edge of the City in Jefferson Parish is huge, partly empty Camp Plauche, some units of which are now being used to house veterans. ca.1945-1955. (2 copies)

Manuscript 32

Dalferes, A. Wilmot (1897-1981). Appointment Certificate, 1932
1 item

Appointment of A. Wilmot Dalferes as Notary Public in Lafayette Parish, signed by Alice Lee Grosjean, Acting Governor. Oversized. Donated by Judge A. Wilmot Dalferes.

Manuscript 33

Denbo, Anna Margaret (1868-1954). Writings, n.d.
2 items

Contains two items: "Autobiography", typescript, 90 pages; and "Abe Lincoln - Memories of His Youth", typescript, 38 pages. Donated by Elisabeth Denbo (Mrs. C. Thad) Montgomery, 1975.

Manuscript 34

Dimitry Family. Collection, 1819-1955
1 folder

Miscellaneous papers of and referring to Andrea Dimitry and his son, Alexander Dimitry (1805-1883). Includes legal documents; address on "Harmonies of Creation", 1847; photograph of Robert Lusher, 1866; a note from Charles Gayarre, 1882; clippings.

Manuscript 35

Duclozel, Pierre Olivier ( - ). Succession Records, 1840-1848
1 folder
Legal documents connected with succession of Pierre Olivier Duclozel, St. Martin Parish Estate 914, 1840-1848. Photocopies. Donated by Mrs. Drouet W. Vidrine.

Manuscript 36

Dupré Family. Records, 1729-1929
2 folders
Genealogical records on the Dupré, Vanhille, and Lastrapes families (compiled by Gus E. Dupré). Miscellaneous other materials include letters, legal documents, portraits, etc. All material is photocopied. Donated by Ruth Robertson Fontenot.

Manuscript 37

Costello, John (1820-1911) and Company. Business Records, 1872-1873
1 folder

Miscellaneous invoices, bills, correspondence, etc. of John Costello and Company of Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Manuscript 38

Edwards, C. J. ( - ). Papers, 1896-1909
1 folder

C. J. Edwards was the editor of the Abbeville Meridional. Papers include letters from Harold G. Edwards, clippings, and miscellaneous items. Donated by Edwards Family, Abbeville, Louisiana.

Manuscript 39

Hayes, Elijah Cabot (1893-1990). Autobiography, 1980
1 folder

Typescript of the autobiography of Acadia Parish educator and farmer, Elijah Cabot Hayes; handwritten original in Acadia Parish Library; transcription by Mary Alice Fontenot. Donated by Mary Alice Fontenot.

Manuscript 40

Francis, Willie (1929-1947). Collection, 1945-1947
2 folders
Documents relating to the case of Willie Francis, a young black man convicted of murder. The first attempt to electrocute him failed. The U.S. Supreme Court rejected his appeal, and he was executed May 9, 1947.

Manuscript 41

Pompidou, Georges (1911-1974). State Visit Packet, 1970
2 folders

Material from official packet distributed by the French Embassy, Press and Information Division in preparation of state visit by President Georges Pompidou. Includes biographical material on M/M de Pompidou and Maurice Schumann; also brochures on France.

Manuscript 42

Fruge Family. Genealogical Records, 1754-1964
1 folder

Photocopies of records gathered by J. Cleveland Fruge. Deposited at USL in 1968. Donated by J(acques) Cleveland Fruge, 1964.

Manuscript 43

Gavarret Family. Papers, 1819-1854, 1864-1869, n.d.
5 folders

Poems, school books, correspondence (in French). Additions [43-2 through 43-5] donated by Lynn Chaney.

Manuscript 44

Academy of the Sacred Heart (Grand Coteau, Louisiana).150th Anniversary Program, 1971
1 folder

Narrative and three boxes of slides for the program "A History of the Academy of the Sacred Heart-Grand Coteau, Louisiana 1821-1971."

Manuscript 45

Hebert Family. Genealogical Records, n.d.
1 folder

Photocopies of material gathered and written by Adam Hebert, Sr. Includes family trees, vital records, maps, and some correspondence. Donated by Adam Hebert (Thibodeaux, Louisiana) and Gertie Hebert (Lafayette, Louisiana).

Manuscript 46

Arnandez, J.L. ( - ). Statement, n.d.
1 folder (4 pp.)
This is a tape transcript or short essay on the Mexican Border War of 1916-1917 by J.L. Arnandez of New Iberia, Louisiana. It was done for an unidentified person in Lafayette. It is both a general statement about how the dispute with Mexico evolved and an account of some of the experiences of a volunteer involved in the conflict.

Manuscript 47

Haynes, J.K. ( - ). Interview, 1976
65 pages
Typescript of an interview of J.K. Haynes, Executive Secretary of the Louisiana Education Association by Doris White, USL graduate student.

Manuscript 48

Tibbits, Howard Clifton (1863-1937). Photographs, n.d. (ca. 1900-1910)
1 folder

Photographs were taken by Howard C. Tibbits for the Southern Pacific. Each is stamped "Southern Pacific Photo. File Copy."

Manuscript 49

Smedes, Evert Bancker (1826?-1861). Succession Records, 1861
1 folder

Inventory of property in St. Mary Parish and in New Orleans. Photocopies.

Manuscript 50

St. Mary Magdalen Church (Abbeville, Louisiana). Cemetery Records, 1974-1975
1 folder
Compiled by Sam Broussard; indexed by Helen Mouton Thompson.

Manuscript 51

Humphrey, Nora ( - ). Note, n.d.
1 folder

Note to Nora Humphrey from a school friend, Flora E. Decorated with ribbon and lock of hair. Donated by Alvin Y. Bethard.

Manuscript 52

Ashlock, Jules R. (1911-2004). Collection, 1786-1879
1 folder

Photocopies of legal records, St. Landry Parish and Colonial Louisiana, 1786-1860; also 1919 copy of 1879 land sale. Donated by Jules B. Ashlock, 1975.

Manuscript 53

Oppenheimer, Joel ( - ). Play, the 1960s
1 folder

Photocopy of play, Like a Hill. Drama. **RESTRICTIONS**

Manuscript 54

Lafayette Historic Preservation Society, Inc. (Lafayette, LA). Records, 1977
1 folder
By-laws and minutes of organization meeting.

Manuscript 55

Handbills. Collection, 1814-1872
1 folder

Contains political handbills. Donated by Mrs. L. O. Broussard.

Manuscript 56

Lynch, John J. (1914-1983). Writings, 1975
3 folders
Writings of John J. Lynch.

Manuscript 57

Louisiana Medallion Society. Miscellaneous Records and Artifacts, 1969-1971
1 folder, 5 items
Miscellaneous records of the Louisiana Medallion Society. Includes brochure, correspondence, newsletter, and five silver medallions. **RESTRICTED** Donated by Louisiana Medallion Society.

Manuscript 58

"McHale's Navy". Script, 1962
1 folder
Script for the episode "Lost USO Troupe." Donated by Ron Henderson.

Manuscript 59

Duperier, Alfred (1826-1904). Speech, 1899
10 pages
Typescript of a newspaper article (?) prepared on occasion for the dedication of federal building - a post office in New Iberia: "A Narrative of Events Connected with the Early Settlement of New Iberia and Contemplating Its Future Prospect." Same document in Weeks Family Papers, Collection 55.

Manuscript 60

Lefevre, Louis. Journal, 1846-1848
1 folder

Journal recording observations (in French) made during travels in Algiers, 1846-1848. Lefevre gave this journal to his friend from New Orleans, Louisiana, Jules Dehor, in 1853.

Manuscript 61

Mays, G.W. ( - ). Account Book, 1868-1879
1 item
Account book for Mays, evidently a coal dealer in Verango County, Pennsylvania. Loose items include tax receipts for Mays and a Grange Demit certificate for M.L. Welton. Donated by Dennis A. Gibson, 1975.

Manuscript 62

Martin, Frank Lloyd (1896- ). Papers, 1914-1972
3 folders
Miscellaneous papers, mainly connected with military service in World War I. Includes some medals, items related to veteran organizations, and personal papers of Frank Martin who was a railroad clerk. Donated by Frank Lloyd Martin, 1974.

Manuscript 63

Acadian Pageant Company. Document, 1914
1 folder

Incorporation paper stemming from a public meeting held May 24, 1914, on stationery from the Southwestern Louisiana Industrial Institute (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette). No donor card.

Manuscript 64

Magee, Zuma Fendlason (1892-1986). Collection, the 1920s-1960s
1 folder

Miscellaneous items on family (sister's SLII diploma, photocopy, and clipping about Zuma's Rotary speech); item on first Washington Parish Fair; postcards of Mile Branch Settlement structures.

Manuscript 65

Gilbert, Viola ( - ). Reminiscence, n.d.
6 pages

Reminiscence of Newllano Colony from 1924 through the 1930s, 6 pages, thermofax.Donated by Elsie Owen.

Manuscript 66

Pasquet Family. Patent of Nobility, 1770
1 item

The document granted by Marie Therese to family in the Austrian Netherlands. Photocopy of original and typescript.

Manuscript 67

Posey, W.S. ( - ). Papers, 1880, 1886
2 items

Letter to and a speech by W. S. Posey dealing with politics (Republican Party) and education. Photocopies. Donated by Mrs. G. E. Fox.

Manuscript 68

Pierrotti Family. Papers, 1864-1922, n.d.
2 folders

Miscellaneous personal and business papers of St. Landry Parish family. Includes material in English and material in French.

Manuscript 69

Steering Committee for the Preservation of Port Hudson Battlefield. Miscellaneous Records, 1960-1961
1 folder

Contains a mass-mailed letter (1); a newsletter (1); and a letter from the chair to defend John C.L. Andreassen, Louisiana State Archivist.

Manuscript 70

Ray, Eliza Britt (1906-1994). Song, 1964
1 item

"Lovely Louisiana" with words and music by Eliza Britt Ray. Includes mimeograph of music with words, typescript of a poem, 1865-1946. Donated by author-composer, Eliza Britt (Mrs. Archie C.) Ray, in 1969.

Manuscript 71

Raymond, John L. ( - ). Map, c. 1895-1900
1 item
Hand-drawn map of Lower Atchafalaya Basin by John L. Raymond while hunting for cypress timber; plat map showing sections. Donated by Johnny Raymond of Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, his grandson.

Manuscript 72

Victory Parade of Spotlight Bands, 1944
1 folder

Radio Program: The Coca-Cola Company Presents “The Victory Parade of Spotlight Bands” with Frankie Masters, the Blue Network. Origination: Lafayette School of Aeronautics, Lafayette, LA. Thursday, February 17, 1944. 6 pages

Manuscript 73

Roman, Alfred (1824-1892). Civil War Memoirs, 1878
5 pages

A handwritten account of the Battle of Shiloh by a Lieutenant Colonel of the 18th Louisiana Regiment. Photocopy of original in Tennessee State Library, Manuscript Division, 5 pages.

Manuscript 74

Hawkins, Mabel Roy (1904-1988) and Thibodeaux, Clare Roy (1907-2001). Genealogical Records, n.d.
1 item
Compiled genealogy on the Roy, St. Julien, Bailey, Queen, and Clark families. Bound for publication. Donated by Mabel Roy Hawkins and Clare Roy (Mrs. Ben) Thibodeaux.

Manuscript 75

St. Peter's Church (New Iberia, Louisiana). Miscellaneous Records, 1954-1971
2 folders

Material gathered by Glenn Conrad in researching an essay on St. Peter's Church.

Manuscript 76

Evans, Uriah B. (1887-1967). Collection, 1826, 1852-1861, 1957-1960
4 folders

Material related to Evans' interest in Henry Watkins Allen (1820-1866), Governor of Louisiana during the Civil War. These items were possibly donated by Vincent Cassidy and Amos Simpson.

Manuscript 77

Smith Family. Genealogy, 1921
1 folder

Family genealogy with excerpts from original documents compiled by Rupert J. Barry. Photocopy. Donated by Mrs. Edwin A. Smith, Grand Coteau, Louisiana.

Manuscript 78

Thibodeaux, Mrs. Ben H. (1907-2001). Genealogy, 1975
1 item
Family genealogy: "Our Thibodeaux Family", bound. Donated by Clare (Mrs. Ben) Roy Thibodeaux.

Manuscript 79

White, Maunsel (1783?-1863). Letters, 1836-1844
1 folder

Letters to New Orleans merchant from John Howard Payne and Andrew Jackson. Photocopies; location of originals unknown. Donated by Maunsel White.

Manuscript 80

Caffery, Patrick T. (1932- ). Biographical Papers, 1950, 1968-1972
2 folders
This collection contains mainly clippings of Caffery's congressional career, a photograph, and a biographical sketch. Donated by Patrick T. Caffery.

Manuscript 81

Wunderlich, William E. (1897-1993). Collection, 1938-1968
3 folders

Materials related to efforts to control aquatic plants like water hyacinth. For many years Wunderlich was Chief of Aquatic Growth Control Section, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New Orleans. Donated by James Foret.

Manuscript 82

Yentzen Family. Genealogical Material, n.d.
1 folder

Family trees for Norman J. Yentzen (1909-1987) and Cora Marie Cappel Yentzen (1911-1974). Names only. Oversize. Donated by Norman J. Yentzen, 1975.

Manuscript 83

Crow, William C. (1827-?). Letter, 1874
1 item

Letter from William C. Crow of Vermilionville, Louisiana to Dr. Estorges.

Manuscript 84

LaCour, Ray M. ( - ). Collection, 1850-1979, n.d.
2 items, 1 film
Material on LaCour and other families of Vermilion Parish. Donated in part by Ray M. LeCour.

Manuscript 85

New Iberia Industrial School Association. Minute Book, 1899-1900
1 volume
Minutes of the New Iberia group trying to promote the location of the newly authorized industrial institution in their community. Donated by Clarence Pierson.

Manuscript 86

Raynolds, William F. (1820-1894). Commissions, 1847-1881
9 items

Military commissions of William F. Raynolds from 2nd Lieutenant through Colonel including a diploma from United States Military Academy. Raynolds, originally from Ohio, served in the Corps of Engineers. Donated by Fred and Kay Bates (indefinite loan).

Manuscript 87

Coussan, Gaston L. (1922-2001). Papers, 1966-1968
1 folder
Material related to Coussan's service on Lafayette Public Library Board of Trustees.

Manuscript 88

Froitzheim, Carl (1921-1989). Genealogical Papers, 1983
1 folder
“Genealogical and Biographical Information on the Family of Herman Otto Dommert (Egan, Louisiana) and Allied Families”, 1983. Handwritten on legal paper, photocopied. Donated by Carl Froitzheim.

Manuscript 89

Rosenthal, Florence ( - ). Collection, 1901-1934, n.d.
1 folder

Miscellaneous items found in books donated to Dupré Library. Includes advertisement from Dan Chevrolet Company, Lafayette, Louisiana, and envelope from Casa del Fresa, Hammond, Louisiana. 5 items.

Manuscript 90

Russia. State Loan Certificate, 1906-1907
2 items

State loan certificates. Oversize. No donor card.

Manuscript 91

John, Douglas ( - ). Dictionary, 1935
82 pages
Typescript and manuscript of "Dictionary of the Coushatta Indian Tribe Language" compiled by Douglas John. Donated by the Daughters of the American Revolution, Galvez Chapter, Committee for American Indians, 1981.

Manuscript 92

Melancon Family. Genealogical Material, n.d.
1 item

Family tree from Joseph Rene Melancon (1881-1957); information mainly taken from Bona Arsenault's Histoire et Genealogie des Acadiens. Donated by J. Lloyd Melanson.

Manuscript 93

Caffery, Ralph Earl (1874-1943). Memoirs, 1931
4 pages
Memoirs of Caffery concerning 1888 hurricane, typescript. "The Storm of Last Island." Donated by Patrick T. Caffery, 1976.

Manuscript 94

Bone-Lovell Families. Papers, 1890-1979
5 folders

Contains diary of Phebe S. Beach (Lovell), 1890-1918, photocopy; miscellaneous papers of other family members; photographs of the Crowley, Louisiana family. Includes material on P. S. Lovell (obituary, photograph); material on Phebe S. Beach Lovell (poems and short stories, photograph); items on Viola Lovellianer; material related to Hugh McCreary Bone [1876-195(4)] and Fannie Z. Bone (marriage certificate, a record of extension courses at SLI, clippings, photographs, reminiscence [1962] of Fannie about youth; material on Bone children (photos, miscellaneous letters [including discussion of Frances Parkinson Keyes' Blue Camellia], article. Donated by Mrs. Major T. Bell, Beaumont, Texas.
A Women in Louisiana Collection.

Manuscript 95

Allen Parish Division Club. Records, 1910-1912
1 folder

Minutes of an organization founded to divide Calcasieu Parish by founding Allen Parish. Includes a letter from J.H. Leggett to Dr. Carter, mainly handwritten. Gift of Mrs. Della Andreassen.

Manuscript 96

McNamara, Shirley ( - ). Speeches, 1976-1978
1 folder

Typed speeches, August 1976-March 1978, of Louisiana's Collector of Revenue.
A Women in Louisiana Collection.

Manuscript 97

Behre, Emilie Schumann ( - ). Memoirs, n.d.
1 folder
Memoir of her parents, Theodor and Edwine Hirzel Schumann, mainly in Atlanta. Donated by Charlotte Behre.
A Women in Louisiana Collection.

Manuscript 98

Monroe, Margaret Towers (1904-1982). Essay, 1961
1 item
A typed essay titled “Mrs. Anna Calhoun Smith’s School in Vernon, Louisiana 1885-1901”, with footnotes on the teaching career of the author’s grandmother, Anna Calhoun Smith. Donated by author, Margaret Towers Monroe.
A Women in Louisiana Collection.

Manuscript 99

Kerksieck, Margaret Manley (1892-1980). Memoirs, 1979
2 folders

Reminiscences of a woman who grew up in St. Louis, taught in Arkansas and lived in Abbeville, Louisiana since 1928. Donated by Ellen K. Schaefer.
A Women in Louisiana Collection.

Manuscript 100

Hamilton, Ruth (1892-1973). Biographical Materials, 1964
1 folder

Material from 1964 Dairy Festival honoring Ruth Mouton (Mrs. C. E.) Hamilton. Includes a photograph and speech by Sam H. Jones.

Manuscript 101

Sorrel, Mrs. Eugene ( - ). Collection, 1852-1902, n.d.
1 folder

A miscellaneous collection including review of H.B. Stow's Uncle Tom's Cabin by Rev. Frederick Dennison Avery at a meeting of Congregational ministers in Hartford, Connecticut 1852, handwritten, 8 leaves; papers of Charles Phillippi mainly during Civil War including poems by and about prisoners and prisoner camp at Johnson's Island, Ohio. Unrestricted gift of Mrs. Eugene Sorrel.

Manuscript 102

Flory, Hallie [?] ( - ). Letter, 1900
1 item

Letter from Hallie Flory to his aunt and uncle, P. Bazin, announcing his upcoming wedding.

Manuscript 103

LaCaze, Marie Louise Franques ( - ). Collection 1903-1907
1 folder
Miscellaneous materials from Church Point (stock certificate for the Church Point, Rayne Oil and Mineral Company); Rayne (bank report and social materials); and Sunset (printed report).

Manuscript 104

Behling-Pollock Engineering Company. Engineering Materials, 1970-1971
3 folders
Engineering drawings mainly for the bell tower at Brownell Memorial Park, Morgan City, Louisiana. There is also some material on Mobil Oil Intracoastal Tank, Bayou Sale, Louisiana. Donated by Mrs. Dan O'Brien.

Manuscript 105

Olivier, Andre A. (1889-1980). Collection, 1929-1965
1 folder

Material is written by or about Andre Olivier, promoter of St. Martinville. Several items are reprints of newspaper articles issued as small broadsides.

Manuscript 106

Grevemberg, Francis C. Affidavit, 1993
1 folder

Francis C. Grevemberg served as Superintendent of State Police under Gov. Robert F. Kennon during the years 1952-1955. In October 1953, two troopers sitting in the back seat of his patrol car began reminiscing about the night that Gov. Long was shot in the state capitol. This is an affidavit of what was said. The affidavit is photocopied. Unknown donor.

Manuscript 107

Lafayette Little Theatre (Lafayette, Louisiana). Miscellaneous Records, 1970, n.d.
1 folder
Membership lists (removed from Lyle Williams Papers).

Manuscript 108

Lafayette Community Theatre(Lafayette, LA). Miscellaneous Records, 1982, n.d.
1 folder
Programs from the Lafayette Community Theatre.

Manuscript 109

Lafayette Community Concert Series (Lafayette, LA). Miscellaneous Records, 1910-
1 folder
List of members and clippings of the Lafayette Community Concert Series.

Manuscript 110

LePage, John ( - ). Legal Document, 1859
1 item
Document stating the puchase of an enslaved woman named Lucy. Photocopy.

Manuscript 111

Delery Family. Genealogical Material, 1949-1950
1 folder
Family genealogy compiled by Frank B. Delery from 1785 to 1950; also raw information, questionnaires, etc. gathered by Delery, 1949-1950.

Manuscript 112

Pollux House (Lafayette, Louisiana). Miscellaneous Records, 1977
1 folder
By-laws, history, minutes, etc., October-December 1977 (material collected for board members); also some material on Children's Shelter. All material thermofaxed.

Manuscript 113

Lafayette (Louisiana) Chamber of Commerce. Miscellaneous Records, 1925-1984, n.d.
7 folders
Scattered serials, memos, and issue-oriented mimeographs, etc. from Lafayette Chamber of Commerce.

Manuscript 114

The Confederate States of America. War Loan Bond, 1863
1 item
War loan bond from 1863. Oversize.

Manuscript 115

Derbes Family. Papers, 1817, 1956
1 folder
1817 letter (and translation) by Jean Batiste Derbes to parents; genealogical information on Derbes family. Mainly photocopies. Gift of Jerome J. Romagosa (1917-1999).

Manuscript 116

Boudreaux, Aurelien Drouzin ( - ). Legal Papers, 1837-1894, n.d.
2 folders; Map case
Mainly papers dealing with land owned by A.D. Boudreaux and his father, Oliver, in Opelousas District and Lafayette Parish. Includes the following: deeds, sale documents, surveys, plats, other miscellaneous legal documents (sale of enslaved person); military service records including commission by the Louisiana Governor in 1861 and amnesty oath from 1865, muster roll for Company K, 1st Regiment of Reserve Corps, Louisiana, 7/1864-1/1865, and newspaper article by Mario Mamalakis (1980) on Boudreaux Home on Doc Dominique Road.

Manuscript 117

LeMoyne Family. Genealogical Records, 1654-1807, 1974
1 folder
Photocopies of vital records of Charles LeMoyne de Longueuil et De Chateauguay and family; documents and index compiled by Diane Baril of the Fabrique Notre-Dame de Montreal, 1974.

Manuscript 118

Bernard, Lorene ( - ). Thesis, LSU, the 1930s
77 pages
Thesis: Idioms of Common Usage by the French-Speaking People of Southwest Louisiana (Acadiana). No donor card. Donated in 1981.

Manuscript 119

Nelson, Lewis ( - ). Collection, 1948
1 item
First day cover for the inaugural day of airmail from Lafayette, 3 August 1948. Donated by Lewis Nelson.

Manuscript 120

Olivier de Vezin, Francoise Victoire (1758-1820). Collection, 1814-1820
2 items

Copy of Letters from Sisters of Ursuline Convent to Andrew Jackson, 20 December 1814 and copy of obituary in convent's register, 1820 for Sister St. Marie. Transcripts and photostat. Ursuline Convent, New Orleans, LA.

Manuscript 121

Avant, Hilda ( - ). Photographs, the 1920s, n.d.
1 folder
Photographs mainly of Hilda Avant as a student and teacher in 1920s. Also photographs of some relatives (uncle and cousin). Donated by Jeanette P. Reed in 1985.

Manuscript 122

Demarest, Donald (1919-1999). Correspondence, 1950-1955, n.d.
1 folder

Donald Demarest was born in 1919 in New Orleans, Louisiana. He wrote “Fabulous Ancestor” in 1953, “Dark Virgin” in 1957, “The First Californian” in 1964, and “Marriage Encounter” in 1976. Demarest passed away in October of 1999. This collection contains correspondence during his writing of “Fabulous Ancestors”.

Manuscript 123

Boutte, Pierre ( - ). Document, 1859
1 Item

Authorization for issuance of marriage license for Pierre Boutte and Victoire Chauvette.

Manuscript 124

Lafayette High School (Lafayette, LA). Miscellaneous, 1930s-1980s
3 folders
Lafayette High School miscellaneous materials.

Manuscript 125

Alpha, A. James (1880-1948). Documents, 1903-1948
5 items
Legal documents related to the sale or purchase of Lafayette newspapers, the Advertiser, the Progress, and the Democrat. Photocopies. Donated by Catherine Hazel Alpha, 1990.

Manuscript 126

Cottrell, Harold O. (1914-1977). Letters, 1945
1 folder

Letters relating war experiences of Harold Cottrell. Photocopies. Donated by Alice C. Stordal.

Manuscript 127

Poetical Miscellanies, 1846-47
1 volume

Copied and possibly original poems done mainly in Philadelphia, Maryland, and Savannah. Author unknown. Several pages transcribed. Donated by Mrs. Treadway.

Manuscript 128

Fischer, Walter (1902-1977). Diploma, 1924
1 Item
Diploma as Doctor of Medieval and Modern History from the Julia-Maximilian Academy, 10 November 1924. Donated by Mrs. Walter Fisher through Dr. Maurice duQuesnay in 1990.

Manuscript 129

Catholic Schools (Lafayette, LA). Miscellaneous, the 1890s
1 folder
Mt. Carmel Academy. Premium list for 15-Landry, who received 4th English Class Award, 30 June 1891.

Manuscript 130

Catholic Church. Miscellaneous, 1918, 1930s-1940s, 1977, 2001, 2016, n.d.
7 folders
Miscellaneous materials from Catholic Churches.

Manuscript 131

Lafayette Garden Club. Miscellaneous, the 1980s
1 folder
Lafayette Garden Club yearbooks.

Manuscript 132

Lafayette Theater (Lafayette, LA). Miscellaneous, the 1900s
2 folders

Includes programs on The Little Theatre Club of Lafayette, 1921 and Les Comediens Français, 28 June 1947.

Manuscript 133

Rapides Parish. Land Records, 1819-1829
2 folders

Surveys in Rapides Parish by Kenneth McGrunnen. Photocopies.

Manuscript 134

St. Julien, Louis [1774?-1827]. Deposition, 1803
1 folder

Deposition of Louis St. Julien concerning a case of murder, which occurred in the Carencro area in 1803. [in French]. There is also a photocopy of a broadside concerning the case, 3 December 1803. [in French] Typescript, 35 pp. Donated by Clare Roy (Mrs. Ben) Thibodeaux.

Manuscript 135

Delerno, Stella B. ( - ). Copybook, 1870s-1880s
1 volume
Copybook by Stella B. Delerno, a student at Nazerene Academy in Kentucky. The volume contains both original compositions and poems and copied material. Donated by Allison "Sonny" Launey, 1983.

Manuscript 136

Nottoway Plantation. Collection, 1848-1889, 1981
1 folder

Copies of legal documents probably assembled by Patricia Link in preparation for a research paper for History 497b, 1981. Papers mainly relating to sales and purchases by John Hampden Randolph.

Manuscript 137

Hebert and Related Families. Genealogy
1 volume, bound
Genealogy which contains information on Hebert, Ramsey, Meyers, Broussard, Landry, Istre, Dugat, and other related families. Compiled by Zilda M. Hebert.

Manuscript 138

Bowman, Alice. Letters, 1888
1 folder

Letters are written by Alice Bowman to Richard Thomas Davis. Miss Bowman served as a teacher to the McIlhenny family on Avery Island. Donated by Julia K. Fuller.

Manuscript 139

Martin, Wade O., Jr. (1911-1990). Speeches, 1965
1 folder
English translation speech by the Honorable Wade O. Martin, Jr., Secretary of State of Louisiana on the 200th anniversary of the arrival of the Acadians in Louisiana.

Manuscript 140

Acadiana Arts Council. Miscellaneous Records, the 1970s
1 folder
Contains a Cultural Event Calendar for Spring 1975, and the Deep South Festival of Writers News; V. 6 n.1, Summer, 2000.

Manuscript 141

Lafayette Civic Theatre, Inc. (Lafayette, LA). Miscellaneous Records, 1966
2 folders
Performances held at the Lafayette Municipal Auditorium.

Manuscript 142

Arnaud Family. Records, 1600s-1997
2 folders
"Barcelonnette Arnaudville", research done by Claude Robert; autographed by the donor. Also, Famille Arnaud Jacques, typed transcriptions of "Barcelonnette Arnaudville". Donated by Seola Arnaud and Dick Edwards of Woodlands, TX in 1997.

Manuscript 143

Darby, Huey P. ( - ). Papers, 1958-1965
1 folder
Contains the diary of Huey P. Darby, a swamp pop musician with the bands Randy & The Rockets and Rod Bernard & The Twisters from September 1961 to March 1965. There are also additional notes on performances from May 1968 to September 1961. Photocopied. Donated by Shane K. Bernard, courtesy of Huey P. Darby.

Manuscript 144

Frog Festival (Rayne, Louisiana). Photographs, 1980
1 folder
Photographs from Rayne’s Frog Festival, September 1980. No donor card.

Manuscript 145

Sanders, Jared Young (1839-1881). Civil War Letters, 1862-1865
1 folder
Contains Civil War letters written by Sanders. Photocopies.

Manuscript 146

Jackson, James B. ( - ). Civil War Letters, 1861
1 folder

Contains Civil War Letters written by James B. Jackson to his mother while at Camp Speague, Washington, D.C. Photocopy. Donated by Mark B. Jackson.

Manuscript 147

Hebert, Willard (1918-2008). World War II Letters, 1942-1943, 1948
1 folder
World War II letters from Willard Hebert to his parents. An index of letters is also included. The letters are photocopied. No donor card.

Manuscript 148

Foster, Murphy J. (1849-1921). Speeches, 1900, 1911-1912, n.d.
1 folder
Murphy J. Foster was a governor and senator from Louisiana. This collection contains handwritten and typed speeches he gave, including speeches on tariffs, income taxes, acceptance after being elected to the U.S. Senate, and others. These are photocopies.

Manuscript 149

Winslow, John (1703-1774). Letter, 1755
1 folder

Autographed letter from Maj. John Winslow of Massachusetts, written during the British campaign in Nova Scotia in the French & Indian War [the deportation of Acadians from Nova Scotia]. 3 November 1755.[ORIGINAL]

Manuscript 150

Roye, Darrell Simpson (1913-1975). War Collection, the 1940s
1 folder
Scanned photographs while stationed in Italy in the 1940s (some unidentified). Also included: a copy of the “Notice of Classification” card, 1945.; a copy of Roye’s I.D. Tag; a typed letter to Roye’s parents, 29 May 1943 from Roye while he was In North Africa. Photocopy. Courtesy of Ron Domingue.

Manuscript 151

Harper, Walter H. (1925?-2010). Memoirs, n.d.
1 folder

The Legacy of “Shangri La”.Memoirs of Walter H. Harper, Gunner’s Mate 2/c.

Manuscript 152

Bussie, Victor (1919-2011). Papers, 1987, 1997-1998
2 folders
Bussie was the only president of the Louisiana AFL-CIO ever had until he retired in 1997. He was president for 41 years. He was on the front lines of Louisiana politics. This collection contains a list of personal information, civic activities, personal memberships, Louisiana state governmental services, and labor services. There are also handwritten notes on his awards and recognitions, correspondence from 1997, a nomination form "Human and Civil Rights Awards Nomination Form" in 1998, and photocopies of newspaper clippings.

Manuscript 153

Theaux/Delhomme. Family Papers, the 1950s
1 folder
Lena Theaux Delhomme and her mother Flavie Landry Theaux wrote stories of their experiences living in the 1950s in Lafayette. They wanted to pass on their stories for their children, grandchildren, etc. Included is a typescript entitled ”Beadle’s Feed Store” by Lena Theaux Delhomme where she and her family once lived. Also included are handwritten details from Flavie Landry Theaux about her life. Donated by Peggy Henshall, daughter of Lena Theaux Delhomme and granddaughter of Falvie Landry Theaux.

Manuscript 154

Festivals Acadiens (Lafayette, LA). Photographs, 1980
1 folder

Photographs from Festivals Acadiens in Lafayette, LA, September 20-21, 1980. Mostly unidentified. There are a couple of musician Michael Doucet.

Manuscript 155

Law, Joseph ( - ). Letter, 1816
1 folder

Letter of recommendation for Joseph Law, a student at Cumberland College in 1816. Photocopy. Donated by Roy Frusha.

Manuscript 156

Coushatta Language Papers, 1978, n.d.
8 folders
Papers on Coushatta linguistics written by Eugene Burnham and David Rising. Donated by The Summer Institute of Linguistics, Inc., Dallas, TX.

Manuscript 157

Pointe Coupee Parish. Census, 1809
1 folder
Census of Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana, taken in 1809. Handwritten original, 14 pages.

Manuscript 158

Gaylor, Frank, Esq. ( - ). Letter, 1832
1 folder

Letter dated 1832, addressed to Frank Gaylor, Esq., Washington, D.C. from B.J. Sage. The letter pertains to the sale of Red River land around January 14, 1832, and the Agent was B.J. Sage.

Manuscript 159

Smith, Homer (1827-1886). Diary, 1846 (or 1851)
1 volume

Homer Smith was born in Connecticut. His family moved to St. Mary Parish in the 1840s where his father, Simeon, set up a mercantile and trading business in Franklin. Simeon died in the 1853 yellow fever epidemic. Homer remained in Connecticut to complete his college education and then took a European tour, which was a common experience for well-to-do young men. He then moved to Franklin, LA. He died there on 23 March 1886. The diary recounts his European trip. It is a handwritten bound volume in poor condition with loose boards. The signatures are intact. Donated by Dale Faulk.

Manuscript 160

Jefferson Theatre. Programs, 1908, 1931, 1947, 1949
1 folder
Programs from the Jefferson Theatre. Originals.

Manuscript 161

Wampus Cat, The. 1921
1 folder

The Wampus Cat. Express Edition. July 1921: first year, number 10, August 1921: first year, number 11. Published Monthly by The Wampus Cat Publishing Company, Inc. Leesville, LA.

Manuscript 162

English in Action: Practice Book U. Workbook, 1942
1 Folder

This collection contains an English course workbook. Some of the pages are filled out. Donor and student unknown.

Manuscript 163

Louisiana Department of Education. Miscellaneous Materials, the 1900s
1 folder
Includes a Daily Record and Monthly Report, and a pamphlet for a preliminary announcement of summer schools for 1908.

Manuscript 164

Louisiana Teachers’ Association. Collection, 1920s
1 folder
Miscellaneous printed material from the Louisiana Teachers’ Association.

Manuscript 165

Southwest Louisiana District Fair, 1926
1 folder
Promotional material; premium lists, 1926 (Southwest Louisiana District).

Manuscript 166

Ripley, John A. (1836-1896). Letters, 1862: April - August
1 folder
Five letters from John Ripley to his wife in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. Ripley was an assistant surgeon in a Vermont regiment stationed in Louisiana at the time. The letters were written from New Orleans (3), Ship Island, Mississippi (1), and Bayou des Allemands (1). These items were scanned by Jim Bradshaw. The location of the originals is not indicated.

Manuscript 167

Bergeron, Charles. Land Records, 1833-1849
4 items
The collection contains documents showing state and federal records of land purchases by Charles Bergeron in Lafayette Parish. All transactions made in the land office in Opelousas, LA.

Manuscript 168

de Jean, Madeleine. Play, The General and the Reverend Mother, n.d.
1 folder
Play about Reverend Mother Amelie (Aloysia) Jouve of the Academy of Sacred Heart at Grand Coteau, Louisiana, and General Nathaniel P. Banks during the Civil War.

Manuscript 169

Breaux, Aurelien. Land Grants, 1800s-1900s
1 CD
This collection includes Conveyance Research records, Land Grant certificates, Abstracts of titles, etc. This collection has been digitized. The Aurelien Breaux Land Grants documents were loaned to us to digitize for the collection by Annadine P. Credeur of Scott, Louisiana.

Manuscript 170

Palmetto and Gulf Railway Company. Letter, 1897
Letter, 1897
Letter explaining intent to purchase right-of-way through Teche Valley for a railroad from Palmetto, Louisiana, to Vermilion Bay. The route went through Port Barre, Leonville, Arnaudville, Breaux Bridge, St. Martinville and New Iberia.

Manuscript 171

Hebert, Marie ( - ). Land Grant, 1882

Homestead land grant assigned to Marie Hebert, widow of Jean Jacques Hebert from New Orleans land office dated 20 May 1882. Grant is for 80 and 38/100 acres in T 11 S, R 4 E, north half of Southeast quarter of Section 27 in Vermilion Parish.

Manuscript 172

Littel/Mudd Family. Letters, 1821-1846
8 folders

Family letters from the Littel and Mudd families. Donated by Joe E. Riehl.

Manuscript 173

Beasley, Leon. SLI Integration Collection, 1954
3 folders
Southwestern Louisiana Institute was the first public college in the South to integrate. This collection contains general records, documents, and cassettes.

Manuscript 174

Kennedy, Altha Lee. Collection, 1935, 1952
1 folder

Contains programs for the Third Annual Y.M.B.C. Minstrels and the Sixth Annual Charity Ball Portraying An Album of Musical Memories.

Manuscript 175

Bec Doux. Cartoons, n.d.
2 folders
Bec Doux was a weekly newspaper comic written in Cajun French by Ken Meaux (art) and Earl Comeaux (text). It was published for the first time in The Kaplan Herald in August 1969 and ran on a weekly basis for over twenty years. The collection includes photographs of Meaux and Comeaux, as well as the artwork for the comic strips.

Manuscript 176

New Lafayette Steam Laundry, Inc. Flyer, n.d.
1 folder
Flyer: The New Lafayette Steam Laundry, Inc. Southwest Louisiana’s Most Modern Dry Cleaning Plant. Blotting paper on the reverse.

Manuscript 177

Martin, Lucien T. (1918-2007). Photographs 1890-1912
1 folder

Born April 7, 1918, Lucien Martin was the seventh child of Sidney J. Martin Sr. and Anais Mouton. Together with his wife Melba, Martin collected information and photographs to publish a work on the genealogy of his family. The 11 photographs included in this collection were likely copied as part of Martin’s research for the book’s publication. The photographs that have been identified depict life in the late 19th/early 20th century Lafayette, LA.

Manuscript 178

Durke Family. Papers, 1600s-1900s
2 folders
Genealogical records of the Durke families from 1600s-1900s. Pedigree chart of John Lee (Durke). Also included is a Certificate of Baptism from Church of St. Anne, Youngsville, Louisiana for Robert Lee Durke.

Manuscript 179

Montgomery/Breaux. Genealogy, 1829-1947
1 folder

List of the children and grandchildren of Samuel James Montgomery and Anastasia Breaux. They were all born in the old plantation house situated on the west bank of Coulee Main on Loudan Plantation. Photocopied. Created by Effie Montgomery, the tenth child.

Manuscript 180

Claiborne, William C.C. Conveyance Record, 1967
1 folder

Conveyance record from St. Martin Parish.

Manuscript 181

United States Flag. Certificate, 2017
1 folder

Certificate: the STATE OF LOUISIANA, This certifies that the United States Flag, Herewith Presented was flown at the Capitol of the State of Louisiana, 19 May 2017. Donated by Honorable Fred Mills, Jr., State Senator, District 22. Presented to Dr. Charles W. Triche III, Dean of University Libraries.

Manuscript 182

Mouton, George R. (1911- ). Letter, n.d.
1 folder

George R. Mouton was born in January 1911 in Lafayette, Louisiana. In 1954, he joined Southwestern Louisiana Institute (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) as a police officer. This is a handwritten letter about Mouton. No date, no author.

Manuscript 183

Yount-Lee Oil Company. Records, 1928
1 folder

The Yount-Lee Oil Company was founded in 1914 in Texas. This is an employee listing of the company as of December 1928.

Manuscript 184

St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church. 153rd Anniversary, 1995
1 folder

St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, 153rd Anniversary. Rite for Opening a Cornerstone, November 12, 1995…1:00 p.m. Pastor Paul Schwan Officiating.

Manuscript 185

Original Little Louisiana Company. Pamphlet, 1889
1 folder

Original Little Louisiana Company of San Francisco. Organized in February 1887. 33rd Drawing Class L Regular Monthly Drawing, Capital Prize, $7,500, Tuesday, November 12, 1889. Louisiana State Lottery Company at New Orleans. Drawing held September 10, 1889.

Manuscript 186

Saloom, Kaliste J. (Judge), Jr. (1918-2017). 99th Birthday Party Photographs, 2017
1 folder

Judge Kaliste J. Saloom served four decades as Judge of the City of Lafayette Court. His educational honors include the following: a Valedictorian Graduate of Cathedral High School in 1935, a Bachelor of Arts with High Distinction degree from Southwestern Louisiana Institute (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) in 1939, and a Tulane Law Review Honors in 1942. He passed away at the age of 99. These are photographs from his 99th birthday celebration held at Edith Garland Dupré Library at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Manuscript 187

C.E. Byrd High School. Program, 1925
1 folder

Program announcing the opening of The C.E. Byrd High School, Shreveport, Louisiana. Tuesday, September 15, 1925. Original.

Manuscript 188

Terrebonne Parish School. Calendar, 1925-1926
1 folder

Calendar beginning September 12, 1925, through June 4, 1926. Original.

Manuscript 189

German Prisoners of War. Collection (Jerome Neyrey Document), 1942-1946
1 folder

Timeline of priests assigned to a German prisoner of war camps during World War II. Information is from the Province Catalogue; House Diary of St. Charles College. Compiled and donated by Fr. Jerome Neyrey.

Manuscript 190

Longville, Tim ( - ). Articles, 1997
1 folder

Tim Longville is the author of these two articles and would like to dedicate these to the memory of Joseph K. Mertzweiller, who died on 26 June 1997. Donated by Denis Garret of Tennessee.

Manuscript 191

Labbe, T.J., Sr. (1867-1949). News Clippings, 1900, 1949, n.d.
1 folder
Mr. T.J. Labbe, Sr. was a druggist and was also interested in farming and politics. He served as mayor of St. Martinville for two terms, elected in 1896 and 1898. In 1900, he was elected to the State Senate and served for eight years. This collection consists of news clippings related to T.J. Labbe.

Manuscript 192

Lafayette Museum. Booklet, n.d.
1 folder

Jean Mouton built the Lafayette Museum prior to 1836. The building consisted of one large room with the kitchen in the back. The kitchen was connected by a “dog-trot”, or open walkway. Governor Alexandre Mouton, whose great contribution to the history of Louisiana is well known, first occupied the house.

Manuscript 193

Sonnier, Isadore Leon (1928- ). Family Tree, 1998-1999
1 folder

Genealogy records of Isadore Leon Sonnier were compiled from genealogy files of Willie Ray Sonnier and David Leon Sonnier by Isadore Leon Sonnier and Claudine Box Sonnier. This collection consists of a pedigree chart of Isadore Leon Sonnier with additions/corrections. Donated by Isadore L. Sonnier.

Manuscript 194

Health Exhibit Train, Louisiana State Board of Health. Flyer, n.d.
1 item, oversize

Health Exhibit Train, oversize flyer. New Orleans, Louisiana, n.d.

Manuscript 195

Louisiana School Work. Louisiana State Board of Education. Flyer, n.d.
1 folder

Small flyer for Louisiana School Work.

Manuscript 196

Southwest Louisiana Development Bureau (Lafayette, LA). Report, n.d.
1 folder

Southwest Louisiana Development Bureau, Lafayette, Louisiana. Early Potatoes Profitable. Report. Mr. J.P. Colomb is the director and President of the Lafayette Chamber of Commerce. This report includes the history, what the cost was, Yield, Price obtained and profit. No date. Size: 3” x 5”.

Manuscript 197

Dugas, Elena (1879- ). Oral History, 1976
1 folder

Oral History of Ms. Dugas was made at St. Antoine School during the Bicentennial year, 1976 with a grant sponsored by the Lafayette Bicentennial Commission. Produced during the First Black Heritage Exhibit, Art Center for Southwestern Louisiana, Lafayette, LA. Typescript. Donated by Frances Love.

Manuscript 198

Denison’s Select Plays, 1925
1 folder

This publication is from Denison & Company out of Chicago, IL. Plays by Lillian Mortimer.

Manuscript 199

Louisiana Industrial Institute (Ruston, LA). Report, 1920
1 folder

Louisiana Industrial Institute, Ruston, Louisiana. Thirteenth Biennial Report. March 1, 1920.

Manuscript 200

Devillier, Clifton J. (1919- ). Collection, 1943-45, 1968
3 folders

Papers from Clifton Devillier when he was in the military.

Manuscript 201

Quayle, Dan (1947- ). Letter, 1992
1 folder

Letter from Dan Quayle, Vice President of the United States, addressed to Miss Shawn Smith about an invitation to visit the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette).

Manuscript 202

“Evangeline, A Tale of Love in Acadie”. Address, 1926
1 folder

“Evangeline”, an Address delivered by Mr. Gilbert L. Dupré to the Pupils of the Evangeline High School on February 22, 1926.

Manuscript 203

Jennings Garden Club. Collection, 1949-50
1 folder

The Jennings Garden Club was organized in 1937. This collection consists of the constitutions and by-laws, 1949-1950. It also includes a list of officers, committee members, etc.

Manuscript 204

Acadian Heritage Week. Proclamation, 2005
1 folder

This collection consists of a proclamation titled “Acadian Heritage Week” signed by L.J. “Joey” Durel, Jr., City-Parish President, and Lafayette Consolidated Government on September 12, 2005. This proclamation in 2005 marks the 250th anniversary of the Deportation and Exile of the Acadians from their homes in maritime Canada in 1755.

Manuscript 205

Hernandez, James E. ( - ). Rezoning Application, 1975-1983
1 folder

This collection includes a list of documents pertaining to rezoning the James E. Hernandez area of Lafayette Parish. This includes correspondence, traffic data, the testimony of individuals who live in that area, reports, minutes of Lafayette City Zoning Commission and preliminary evaluation of the consideration of the zone.

Manuscript 206

Fitzhugh, Mary Peabody. Succession, 2002
1 folder

This collection consists of the succession of Mary Peabody Fitzhugh from Iberia Parish, Louisiana. Probate Docket No. 16326. All documents to support the succession are included.

Manuscript 207

Lafayette High School (Lafayette, LA). 50th Reunion, 2007
1 folder
Lafayette High School Class of 1957 celebrated its 50th Reunion on Saturday, May 26, 2007, in Lafayette, Louisiana. This collection consists of a program for this event. This program consists of class officers, student council officers, the principal at the time, and a directory of all graduates.

Manuscript 208

National Landscape Nurserymen’s Association. Program, 1951
1 folder

This collection consists of the National Landscape Nurserymen’s Association Program. The Conference began on Sunday, July 15, 1951, and continued until Tuesday, July 17, 1951.

Manuscript 209

Scalco, Dorothy ( - ). Collection, 1993-1995, 2009
3 folders

Dorothy Ann Scalco is a published photographer of black and white photographs. She focuses on “Louisiana Life” and “Historical Documentary” Photographs. The National Museum of Women in the Arts has recognized her work. She received her B.S. at Nicholls Start University in 1979.

Manuscript 210

Stephens, Carolyn P ( - ). Collection of Letters, 1927-1928
1 folder

This collection consists of letters written “to Uncle Dick” describing teaching a primary grade in a country school in Lafayette Parish.

Manuscript 211

Japanese Government and the Japanese Imperial General Headquarters. Instrument of Surrender, 1945
1 folder

Instrument of Surrender of the Japanese Government and the Japanese Imperial General Headquarters to the Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers at Tokyo Bay, Japan, on 2 September 1945.

Manuscript 212

Community Baptist Church. Celebration of Ten Years, 2014
1 folder

Community Baptist Church, a Lighthouse of Prayer, Hope and Healing Fulfilling the Vision. Celebrating 10 years in our Church Building, 800 Rue De Belier, Lafayette, Louisiana on September 21, 2014.

Manuscript 213

Long, Huey P. (Honorable) (1893 -1935). Congressional Record, 1933
1 folder

Huey P. Long was born in 1893. He was an American politician who acted as Governor of Louisiana and then as a United States Senator from 1932-1935. He was assassinated in 1935. This collection contains a congressional record, Seventy-Second Congress, Second Session, July 21, 1933 (includes Long’s speech), and correspondence, 1933.

Manuscript 214

Starksville, Mississippi Dairy Business. Tour, 1928
1 folder

Trip to Starksville, Mississippi on October 13-17, 1928. Dairy farmers and businessmen of Lafayette Parish toured the area. Resolutions adopted, 1928.

Manuscript 215

Curtis, William (1746 -1799). Illustrations, 1800
1 folder

William Curtis was an English botanist and entomologist. This is a collection of some of his original illustrations, dated 1800.

Manuscript 216

First Baptist Church (Lafayette, Louisiana). Bulletin, 1936
1 folder

First Baptist Church (Lafayette, Louisiana) bulletin dated April 26, 1936. It is located at 1225 Lafayette Street, Lafayette, LA. It is titled “The Watchman”, which includes morning worship, services, etc.

Manuscript 217

City Court of Lafayette, Louisiana. Centennial Celebration, 2010
1 folder

The City Court of Lafayette, State of Louisiana. Centennial Celebration, 100 years, 1910-2010. Friday, July 23, 2010, at 10:00 a.m. Original program.

Manuscript 218

Tulane University, New Orleans. Commencement, 1922
1 folder

This collection consists of an invitation and program for graduation, June 1922 at Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana. Program week began on June 1 through June 7, 1922. Invitation for the commencement program for Wednesday, June 7, 1922.

Manuscript 219

State Normal School (Natchitoches, Louisiana). Material, 1920
1 folder

This collection consists of material from 1920 of State Normal School in Natchitoches, LA.

Manuscript 220

Caffery, Charles D. (1856-1943). Photographs, the 1800s
1 folder

These photographs were given to Southwestern Louisiana Institute (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) by Charles D. Caffery, who was an attorney, Mayor of Lafayette, Louisiana from 1897 to 1903, and the father of Ambassador Jefferson Caffery.

Manuscript 221

Chatelain, E.J. ( - ). Certificate, 1958
1 folder

Headquarters Fourth U.S. Army Recruiting District, Fort Sam Houston, Texas. This Certificate of Achievement is awarded to Mr. E.J. Chatelain for Outstanding Support of the United States Army Recruiting Program. October 27, 1958.

Manuscript 222

Foster, Murphy J. “Mike”, Jr. (1930-2020). Inaugural Program, 1996
1 folder

Governor Murphy J. “Mike” Foster, Jr. was inaugurated on January 19, 1996, in the Capital City of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The Inaugural Ceremony was at the Old State Capitol and the Inaugural Ball was at the Centroplex Arena.

Manuscript 223

First National Bank (Lafayette, Louisiana). Statement, 1918
1 folder

Statement Showing the Condition of The First National Bank of Lafayette at the Close of Business on May 10, 1918.

Manuscript 224

Louisiana State Conference for Social Betterment. Annual Meeting, 1924
1 folder

Fourth annual meeting, April 20-23, 1924. New Orleans, Louisiana. Pamphlet with affiliated Agencies and Groups.

Manuscript 225

Louisiana Bankers Association. Programs, 1924
1 folder

Programs: Group “C” Louisiana Bankers Association, Friday, March 28, 1924, Lafayette, Louisiana.

Manuscript 226

State Department of Education of Louisiana. Classified List of Public and Private High Schools, 1926-1927
1 folder

Booklet: Issued by the State Department of Education. (Session 1926-1927)

Manuscript 227

Delta Zeta New Orleans Alumnae Chapter. Yearbook and Directory, 1956-1957
1 folder

Delta Zeta sorority, May 1956 - April 1957. List of Officers, Delegates and Committee Chairmen of the New Orleans Alumnae Chapter.

Manuscript 228

Canal Bank and Trust Company of New Orleans, 100 Years. Booklet, 1931
1 folder

The Canal Bank of New Orleans was established on March 5, 1831, for the purpose of financing and digging the New Basin Canal. A booklet commemorating the centennial.

Manuscript 229

Land of Evangeline. Tourist Guide, n.d.
1 folder

An article from “Poste Des Attakapas”. Compiled by Andre A. Olivier. Tourist Guide Through St. Martinville, La. U.S.A.

Manuscript 230

Catholic Daughters of America, Court Mater DEI #868. Newsletter, 1946
1 folder

Catholic Daughters of America. Newsletter, 1946. Compiled by Margaret A. Cox, December 1, 1946, New Orleans, LA.

Manuscript 231

Saenger’s St. Charles Theater (New Orleans, Louisiana). Program, 1925-1926
1 folder

Farewell Week: Love ‘Em and Leave ‘Em. Music by St. Charles Theater Orchestra, program 1925-1926.

Manuscript 232

St. Theresa of Avila Church, New Orleans. Bulletin, 1957
1 folder

Octave of Christmas, December 29, 1957 (Bulletin).

Manuscript 233

Women’s Society of Christian Service and Wesleyan Service Guild. Program, 1960
1 folder

Twentieth Annual Meeting. Louisiana Conference, Central Jurisdiction, the Methodist Church, April 21 to 23, 1960. Warren Methodist Church, Lake Charles, Louisiana. PROGRAM.

Manuscript 234

Catholic Daughters of America. Children’s Carnival Program, 1951
1 folder

Twenty-fourth Annual Children’s Carnival sponsored by Court Immaculata No. 503, Catholic Daughters of America. Theme “The Sleeping Beauty”, Tuesday, February 6, 1961. PROGRAM.

Manuscript 235

Teche Talk - The Greyhound Lines. Publication, 1949
1 folder

Teche Talk. Teche Greyhound Lines, volume 4, no. 12, January 1949. Louisiana Story - History- Beauty- sport. Publication, 12 pp.

Manuscript 236

Evangeline China Market. Photographs, n.d.
1 folder

The Evangeline china Market, Highway 90, New Iberia, LA. (Just outside City). Includes photographs. This Market had hundreds of items, which included China, glassware, pottery, and giftware. They were the distributor of “The New Iberia Souvenir Plate”.

Manuscript 237

Kaplan Furniture Store (Kaplan, Louisiana). Photographs, n.d.
1 folder

Kaplan Furniture Store, “Where Charming Homes Begin” photographs, no date.

Manuscript 238

Sutton’s Junk, Salvage, and Army Surplus Stores. Photographs, n.d.
1 folder

This store has products such as old, discarded iron and steel stoves, pipes, plows, machines, motors-anything made of iron or steel. The store meets the needs of America’s steel mills.

Manuscript 239

Boudreaux’s Rio Trucks (Franklin, Louisiana). Photographs, n.d.
1 folder

Boudreaux’s Rio Trucks located in Franklin, Louisiana. They sold heavy-duty Rio Trucks and Hudson’s new Car of Tomorrow. No date. Photographs.

Manuscript 240

Longfellow-Evangeline State Park. Brochure, n.d.
1 folder

The Longfellow-Evangeline Memorial Park in St. Martin Parish is situated one mile from the town of St. Martinville (known in the early days as Poste Des Attakapas) on the banks of historic Bayou Teche.

Manuscript 241

Shadows-On-The-Teche. Booklet, 1963
1 folder

The Shadows on the Teche, a property of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. New Iberia. Marian Page, author. Copyright 1963. Booklet.

Manuscript 242

See All of Louisiana All Year ‘Round. Publication, n.d.
1 folder

This publication consists of information on plantation homes, state parks, ports of Louisiana, the Bayou Country, Mardi Gras, historical information, etc.

Manuscript 243

Story of Godchaux’s Pure Cane Sugar. Booklet, 1933
1 folder

Booklet: The Story of Godchaux’s Pure Cane Sugar. 1933. Contains useful household helps and excellent recipes.

Manuscript 244

Merchants, Tradesmen, and Manufacturers. Booklet, 1902
1 folder

Merchants, Tradesmen and Manufacturers Financial Condition for 1902 Cameron Parish & Lafayette Parish Louisiana. Information obtained from the 1902 R.G. Dun Mercantile Agency Reference Book. Published by Jan and Naomi McPeek, June 2005. Aaron’s Books, Salem, OH.

Manuscript 245

Immaculate Conception Chapel (Jennings, Louisiana). Article, 1956
1 folder

Article: Immaculate Conception Chapel, Jennings, Louisiana. Published by Architectural Record, December 1956, pp. 148-152.

Manuscript 246

Bird Refuges of Louisiana. Article, 1916
1 folder

The Bird of Refuges of Louisiana by Theodore Roosevelt. Scribner’s Magazine, Volume LIX, March 1916, no.3.

Manuscript 247

Cajunland, Louisiana’s French-Speaking Coast. Article, 1966
1 folder

Cajunland, Louisiana’s French-Speaking Coast, by Bern Keating. National Geographic, volume 129, no.3, March 1966.

Manuscript 248

Reeves, Jim (1923-1964). Correspondence, 1961
1 folder

Jim Reeves was an American country and popular music singer-songwriter. His records were on the charts from 1950s-1980s, and he became well known as a practitioner of the Nashville sound (a mixture of older country-style music with elements of popular music). He obtained a job as an announcer for KWKH-AM in Shreveport, Louisiana, then the home of the popular radio program Louisiana Hayride.

Manuscript 249

Lafayette White Sox Baseball Team. Material, 1937
1 folder

The Evangeline League (Lafayette White Sox) began in 1934 as a 6-team class D league in and around Louisiana. Its name comes from the Acadian legendary heroine Evangéline, made famous through a poem of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. The league quickly expanded to 8 teams and lasted until World War II, when it shut down from 1943 to 1945.

Manuscript 250

History of the Cajuns and Their Family Life in Louisiana. Article, n.d.
1 folder

Article: Much of this history is taken from an article on Cajun Country by R.G. Washington. No other information is given.

Manuscript 251

Confederate Civil War Soldier. Letter, n.d.
1 folder

A Confederate Civil War soldier’s letter addressed to Opelousas, Louisiana (1st page of the letter appears to be missing). The writer is discussing a gentleman of both their acquaintances. Original letter.

Manuscript 252

Confederate Soldier Manuscript Scouting Trip to Louisiana. Letter, n.d.
1 folder

Scouting report was written by a Confederate soldier regarding work in Louisiana. Handwritten. A letter found in a photo album of a family from Palestine, TX.

Manuscript 253

Evangeline Oil Company. Certificate, 1920
1 folder

Certificate: Capitol Stock certified that Earl Guile is the owner of two hundred shares of Evangeline Oil Company, September 1920. Original.

Manuscript 254

Crowley State Bank. Receipt, 1898
1 folder

Receipt dated February 8, 1898. Original.

Manuscript 255

Merchants, Tradesman, and Manufacturers. Key Rating for Bankers, 1926
1 folder

Lafayette area: Key to ratings; the key to the classification of trades. List of banks, bankers and state collection laws, September 1926, volume 234.

Manuscript 256

Riviana Foods, Inc. Certificate, 1970
1 folder

Common Stock Certificate: Riviana Foods Inc. certifies that Gerlach & Company is the owner of one hundred shares, June 12, 1970.

Manuscript 257

Railroad Companies. Material, 1970s, 1992
1 folder

Miscellaneous materials from railroad companies.

Manuscript 258

Advertisements. Miscellaneous, n.d.
1 folder

Different miscellaneous advertisements for Louisiana companies.

Manuscript 259

Evangeline Economic & Planning District. Miscellaneous, 1984
1 folder

The Evangeline Economic & Planning District based in Lafayette, Louisiana. This newsletter was published by the EEPD and covers the Acadiana area.

Manuscript 260

Daughters of the American Revolution National Society, Attakapas Chapter. Yearbook, 1983-1984
1 folder

The Attakapas Chapter organized on April 20, 1929. The Organizing Regent was Mrs. Henry palfrey. This yearbook consists of chapter officers, Chapter Chairman of the National Committees, etc.

Manuscript 261

Camp Thistlethwaite. Leaders’ Bulletin, 1967
1 folder

Camp Thistlewhwaite is located on Bayou Cocodrie, four (4) miles north of Washington, Louisiana in St. Landry Parish. This is a campsite used by the Boys Scouts of America.

Manuscript 262

Guchereau, Moore. Correspondence, 1957-1960
1 folder

Moore Guchereau was the Mayor of the City of New Orleans in the 1950s. This collection contains correspondence pertaining the “Community Chest of Lafayette, Inc.”, Congratulations on being re-elected as Mayor, Field trip of a student from Mt. Carmel School in Lafayette, Thank You notes for contributions to his campaign, etc.

Manuscript 263

Lafayette Parish Youth Baseball Committee. Memo, 1961
1 folder

This memo is directed to all committee members and includes an agenda of the meeting.

Manuscript 264

Acadiana Symphony Women’s League. Program, 1996
1 folder

The Acadiana Symphony Women’s League celebrates a decade of elegant dining. This manuscript consists of a program for 1996 celebrating a decade of elegant dining.

Manuscript 265

Louisiana Greenhouse Vegetable Growers’ Association. Newsletters, 1973-1975
1 folder

This organization is associated with the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) through the College of Agriculture.

Manuscript 266

Franklin Gardner Camp (General) #1421. Newsletters, 1984
1 folder

Newsletters from Franklin Gardner Camp.

Manuscript 267

Dodd, William E. ( - ). Letters, 1921-1932
1 folder

William E. Dodd was the author of “Woodrow Wilson and His Works”. This small manuscript consists of letters pertaining to the book he was writing.

Manuscript 268

Edwards, Edwin W. (1927- ). Court Document, 1985
1 folder

Edwin Edwards is an American politician who served as the U.S. Representative for Louisiana's 7th congressional district from 1965 to 1972 and as the 50th Governor of Louisiana for four terms. Due to corruption charges, Edwards has served eight years in prison and is currently ineligible to run for governor. This collection contains a court document for Governor Edwards's indictment.

Manuscript 269

Wright, Salmon Lusk "Sol" (1852-1929). Collection, 1908-1929
2 folders

Sol Wright was a rice farmer, known as the "rice wizard", in Crowley, LA. This collection contains news clippings and a petition requesting the establishment of the Rice Experiment Station at Crowley.

Manuscript 270

History of Lafayette, Louisiana. Writing, 1923
1 folder
History of Lafayette, Louisiana. Spring 1923. No author listed. 9 pages. Handwritten, original.

Manuscript 271

Cary, Helen L. (1925-2019). Collection, 1943-1946, n.d.
3 folders

Helen Louise Cary was a 1946 graduate and member of the “Red Jackets” of Southwestern Louisiana Institute (now University of Louisiana at Lafayette). This collection contains personal items belonging to Ms. Cary, including and placement office application, certificates, and programs.

Manuscript 272

Thompsons of Eastern Carolina. Genealogical History, 1973
1 folder

This small collection consists of genealogical material of the Thompson families, including pedigree charts, news clippings, photographs, and military documents. Photocopy.

Manuscript 273

St. Julien, Barbara Ann ( - 2001). Collection, 1963
2 folders

Barbara Ann St. Julien was an elementary school teacher for over 36 years. This collection contains Ms. St. Julien diploma, senior yearbook photograph, and commencement exercise program from the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette).

Manuscript 274

Louisiana Pigeon Club. Program, 1958
1 folder

The Louisiana Pigeon Club organized in the early 1950s and holds annual shows. This collection consists of the 1958 program.

Manuscript 275

Vermilionville Presbyterian Church. Records, 1875
1 folder

The Vermilionville Presbyterian Church was organized on August 23, 1875. This collection consists of a program of the first church services held in Lafayette.

Manuscript 276

Donato Family. Papers, 1796-1895
3 folders

This collection consists of photocopies of baptismal and marriage certificates, and funeral records ranging from 1796-1895 of the Donato family. These are certificates and records from St. Landry Parish, Louisiana. Alvin Donato donated this collection.

Manuscript 277

Louisiana State School for the Blind. Budget, 1925-1926
1 folder

This collection consists of salaries, wages, and other expenses for the Louisiana State School for the Blind.

Manuscript 278

Abbeville Baseball Club (Evangeline League). Correspondence, 1947
1 folder

This collection consists of correspondence between Mr. George M. Trautman, President of National Association and Mr. I. M. Goldberg, President of Abbeville Baseball Club, Inc.

Manuscript 279

Louisiana Polytechnic Institute (Ruston, LA). Correspondence, 1924-1926
1 folder

This collection consists of correspondence from Louisiana Polytechnic Institute, now Louisiana Tech University.

Manuscript 280

Delgado Community College (New Orleans, LA). Miscellaneous Records, 1990-1991
3 folders

Founded in 1921, Delgado Community College is Greater New Orleans’s largest higher education institution and Louisiana’s oldest and largest community college. This collection contains publicity, publications, and cost projects relating to Delgado Community College and Dr. James A. Caillier.

Manuscript 281

King George V (1865-1936). Letter, 1918
1 folder

George V was King of the United Kingdom from 1910 to 1936. During World War I, he distributed a letter to American soldiers offering thanks and support for their entering the war on the side of the Allies. This particular letter was sent to Army soldier Alonzo Daniel McClain, who lived in Louisiana. Jeanne McClain Veazey, daughter of Alonzo McClain donated the collection.

Manuscript 282

Clinton, William J. (1946 - ). Letter, 1996
1 folder

This collection contains a letter from then-President Bill Clinton to Shawn T. Smith.

Manuscript 283

Beaver’s Club Auditorium Subscription Series. Pamphlet, 1960-1961
1 folder

The Beaver’s Club is a civil club in Lafayette.

Manuscript 284

Community Concerts, 28th Season in Lafayette. Concert Announcement, 1962-1963
1 folder

This collection consists of a concert announcement program for Mantovani and His Concert Orchestra. There is also a list of Community Concerts Membership Campaign Workers.

Manuscript 285

Indian Tradition and a Legend, An. Writing, n.d.
1 folder

“An Indian Tradition and a Legend” typescript, Author unknown.

Manuscript 286

Angers, Jr., Bob ( - ). Correspondence, 1969
1 folder

This collection contains a letter inquiring about the possibility of a “Sister Cities” arrangement between the city of Asuncion, Capital of Paraguay and the City of Lafayette, Louisiana.

Manuscript 287

First Methodist Church (Lafayette, Louisiana). Board Meeting Minutes, 1959
1 folder

The First United Methodist Church is a historic Methodist church located at 703 Lee Avenue in Lafayette, Louisiana. It was built in 1924. This collection consists of a digest of minutes from one of the Church’s board meetings.

Manuscript 288

Deuxième concile œcuménique du Vatican. Book, 1963
1 folder

The second Ecumenical Vatican Council was convened by the Pope. It was an assembly of all the bishops of the Catholic Church who, in union with the Pope and all his authority, treated questions of faith, morality, discipline, and government ecclesiastical organization, defined dogmas, fixed laws, and drew up guidelines for Christian life and apostles across the world. Vatican II was held from 1962-1965. This book is the solemn ceremony opening the second session of the council.

Manuscript 289

Hadacol. Testimonials, 1948

Hadacol was a patent medicine that was marketed as a vitamin supplement. It contained 12% alcohol making it quite popular in the South. This collections contains a 1948 recording of Hadacol testimonials on vinyl and CD. Jeanette Parker donated the collection.

Manuscript 290

Little, Carl ( - ). Diploma, 1903

Carl Little graduated from Crowley University in Crowley, Louisiana on May 29, 1903 after completing the commercial course of study. This manuscript includes his diploma.

Manuscript 291

Bärä. Drawing, 1980

This collection contains a drawing of a home signed, “Bärä 1980.” It is print 74/116.

Manuscript 292

Stelly. Photographs, 1907, 1950

This collection contains two large photographs. These photographs contain members of the Stelly family with their employees.

Manuscript 293

Langley, Charles ( - ). Collection, 1995, 2003
3 folders
On March 6, 2003, author Charles Langley met with two of the last known Louisiana traiteurs in Maurice, LA, where they had a conversation about their practices and their sense of loss in the changing world. This collection contains typed draft conversations and experiences meeting with the traiteurs. The collection also contains handwritten copies of their prayers. Mr. Langley donated this collection.

Manuscript 294

Civil War. Posters, 1865, n.d.

These posters are reproductions of posters from the Civil War Era.

Manuscript 295

Kennedy, Hyder (1840-1893). Civil War Letters, 1863-1867
1 folder

Hyder Kennedy was a colonel during the Civil War. This collection contains letters written by Kennedy during his time serving in the Civil War. Most of them are to his mother or sister. The first letter is a typed copy, but the remaining letters are originals.

Manuscript 296

Audio-Tribune, La Tribune des francophones. Tapes, 1976
2.5 inches

La Tribune des francophones was a tri-annual publication from Lafayette, LA. This collection contains the first edition of Audio-Tribune, a reading of the second edition of la Tribune des francophones.

Manuscript 297

Kennedy, John F. (1917-1963). Collection, 1963, n.d.
1 folder; oversize

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the 35th President of the United States, serving from 1961 until his assassination in November of 1963. This collection includes a photograph and magazines relating to his presidency and assassination.

Manuscript 298

Emperor. Birthday Menu, 1924

This collection consists of the menu for the diner celebrating the birthday of the emperor on October 31, 1924. The menu is in French and there is nothing to note which emperor was celebrating his birthday.

Manuscript 299

Conservation, A Picture Discussion. Kit, 1970

This kit was published by the American Petroleum Institute for use in grades 7-9. Its aim was to focus attention on the importance of using natural resources wisely. Norris Ceaser donated this kit.

Manuscript 300

New York Times Front Pages, The. Presidential Elections of the 20th Century, 1968
The New York Times published a collection of the front pages of editions announcing the results of the presidential election each year from 1900 to 1968. This collection includes copies of these front pages on multiuse paper instead of newspaper, with a book and copies of the Declaration of Independence. Norris Ceaser donated this collection.

Manuscript 301

U.S. Army. Telephone Manuals, 1952, 1967
1 folder

This collection contains a telephone directory from the U.S. Army and a telephone maintenance manual from the Departments of the Army and the Air Force. Darrell Doiron donated the collection.

Manuscript 302

Sampité, Joseph M. (1931-2012). Obituaries, 2012
1 folder

Joseph Sampité served as mayor of Natchitoches for five terms. This collection features obituaries of Joseph Sampité, who died May 18, 2012. The donor is unknown.

Manuscript 303

Take Me Out. Playbill, 2004
1 folder

Richard Greenberg’s Tony Award-winning play Take Me Out premiered Off-Broadway in 2022 and on Broadway in 2003. The play covers a fictional baseball team and the different reactions when one of its members, Darren Lemming, comes out as gay. Themes of the play include homophobia, racism, class, and masculinity in sports. The role of Darren Lemming was first played by actor Daniel Sunjata, who earned his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. The original playbill of Take Me Out from 2004, where Sunjata played the lead, is an LGBTQ resource.

Manuscript 304

DeGeneres, Ellen (1958- ). Entertainment Weekly Magazine, 1996
1 folder

Ellen DeGeneres is a comedian born and raised in Metairie, Louisiana. She has had successful careers in stand-up comedy, film, and television. She starred in the 1990s sitcom Ellen, in which she played one of the first main characters to come out as lesbian, mirroring her own life. This collection is an LGBTQ resource and includes an Entertainment Weekly issue containing an article about DeGeneres coming out as lesbian and the reactions to her character on the show. DeGeneres is featured on the cover.

Manuscript 305

Cliburn, Van (1934-2013). Photographs, 1958-1985
1 folder

Harvey Lavan “Van” Cliburn, Jr. was a world renown classical pianist who was born in Shreveport, LA and grew up in Texas. He rose to fame when at the age of 23, he won first prize at the International Tchaikovsky Competition in Russia. He also performed for every U.S. president from Harry Truman to Barack Obama. This collection contains photographs of Cliburn, including one where he is conducting Luci Baines Johnson, President Lyndon Johnson’s youngest daughter.

Manuscript 306

Lakota (Sioux). Dreamcatcher, n.d.
1 item

Dreamcatchers were items made in some Native American cultures. Mostly found in the Great Plains areas of Canada and the United States, dreamcatchers hoops with woven nets that are designed to catch and trap bad dreams. Good dreams would go through the center hole. During the Pan-Indian movement of the 1960s and 1970s, dreamcatchers were also seen as a symbol of unity among different Native American cultures. This dreamcatcher is from the Lakota Sioux tribe. Chief Crying Eagle of the Atakapa Ishak tribe donated this item.