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Joyce Rudsill Long Manuscript

Collection 446

Long, Joyce Rudsill (1901–1988). Manuscript, n.d.

2 ½ inches

Joyce Faith Rudsill Long was born on November 4, 1901 in North Carolina. She married Hollis Moody Long in 1929 and they later moved to Louisiana. She was member of the League of Women Voters from 1970 to 1975 and was their president from 1970-1972. She also served on the board as an elected director for Civic Relations, Education from 1974-1975.

This is Joyce Rudsill Long’s manuscript titled “”Gleanings from Time”. The manuscript consists of 107 pages. Blank pages: 13, 21, 98,101,104. These pages are left blank intentionally. There are missing pages: 3, 27, 28, 30.


A. Manuscript 1-01 through 1-03


Box 1
  A. Manuscript (typescript)
    1-01 “Gleanings from Time”, pp. 1-35
    1-02 “Gleanings from Time”, pp. 36-70
    1-03 “Gleanings from Time”, pp. 71-107 (end)