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Louisiana Intracoastal Seaway Association Records

Collection 112

Louisiana Intracoastal Seaway Association. Records, 1956-1996, n.d.

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The Louisiana Intracoastal Seaway Association (LISA) was created in 1958 as a private non profit organization. Its purpose was to manage and develop Louisiana's coastal water resources. Over the years LISA has become deeply involved with coastal zone management. It was considered a public relations arm of the Louisiana Coastal Commission (LCC), a state regulated agency. The original intent was to have both a private non profit agency and a governmental agency, the LCC, work toward the development of the Louisiana Intracoastal Seaway program in coastal Louisiana. LISA performed promotional and publicity functions, such as lobbying, which the LCC was restricted from doing. Vernon Behrhorst was involved with both organizations, acting as Research Director and Executive Secretary of LISA from 1965 to 1972 and Director of LCC from 1972 until 1977.

The LCC was created in 1964 as the Louisiana Intracoastal Seaway Commission. The commission had no budget and was mostly inoperative until 1970, when it was established as the Louisiana Coastal Commission. The LCC was made up of 18 members: one from each of the 12 parishes under its jurisdiction; two appointed by the Governor from a list submitted by both the Louisiana AFofL CIO and the Louisiana Chamber of Commerce; and two appointed by the governor from the state at large. The LCC had the authority to coordinate planning efforts in the areas of water quality, flood control, navigation, conservation of fish and wildlife resources, and environmental enhancement. The LCC also made recommendations for coastal studies and programs consistent with state and local interests which were represented by the LCC members. The LCC was further authorized to plan, establish, construct, own, operate, and maintain navigation channels. The LCC actively participated with other state commissions in establishing a coastal zone management program, and allocated funds to LISA and to state universities for studies relating to coastal zone management affairs. In 1978 LCC ceased being an independent agency when it was made part of the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development.

This collection contains records of LISA and LCC. Material from LISA includes correspondence, minutes from Board of Directors meetings, annual meeting material, and miscellaneous items. Material from LCC include correspondence, commission meeting minutes and minute books, committees' reports, publicity and publications, legal material, and miscellaneous information.

The collection is arranged chronologically. LISA donated the records for UAAMC to be the designated repository.


    A. Correspondence
    B. Board of Directors
    C. Annual Meetings
    D. Clippings and Publicity
    E. Miscellaneous
    A. Correspondence
        1. General
        2. Officers
        3. Commissioners and Advisory Board
        4. Division of Administration
    B. Records
        1. Minutes
        2. Clippings and Press Releases
        3. Legal Materials
        4. Miscellaneous


1958-1959 1-01 through 2-01
1960 2-02 through 2-06
1961-1962 2-07 through 2-11
1963-1964 3-01 through 3-06
1965-1966 3-07 through 3-12
1967-1968 4-01 through 4-06
1969-1970 4-07 through 4-14
1971-1972 5-01 through 5-07
1973 5-08 through 5-13
1974 5-14 through 6-06
1975 6-07 through 6-11
1976 6-12 through 7-03
1977 7-04 through 7-11
1978 7-12 through 8-03
1979 8-04 through 8-08
1980 8-09 through 8-12
1981 8-13 through 8-15
1982-1983 8A-01 through 8A-07
1984-1985 8B-01 through 8B-08
1986-1988 8C-01 through 8C-10
1989-1993 8D-01 through 8D-11
Artifacts 9-01
Miscellaneous 9A through 9B
Photographs 9C through 9D


  a. Correspondence 10-01 through 10-7
  b. Records 10-08 through 10-14
  a. Correspondence 11-01 through 12-09
  b. Records 12-10 through 13-15
  a. Correspondence 14-01 through 15-08
  b. Records 15-09 through 15-16
  a. Correspondence 16-01 through 17-10
  b. Records 17-11 through 19-03
Miscellaneous 19-04


Louisiana Intracoastal Seaway Association. Records, 1956-1996, n.d.