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Georges Levasseur Collection

Collection 425

Levasseur, Georges (Reverend). Collection, 1949–1953, n.d.

2 ½ inches

Reverend Georges Levasseur was a native of Quebec and a member of the Oblate Missionaries. He came to the Diocese of Lafayette in 1947 and served in Eunice, Basile, Cow Island, Richard, Duson and Jeanerette before he retired in 1977. For most of these years he also served as diocesan director of the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine and gained a national reputation for his work promoting CCD. He was made a monsignor in 1961. Msgr. Levasseur died 7 February 1986 in Lafayette, and was buried in Jeanerette where he had served as pastor for fifteen years.

This collection consists of correspondence, programs, bulletins and other material dealing with the Diocese of Lafayette CCD program.


A. Correspondence 1-01
B. Program 1-02
C. Bulletins 1-03
D. Regulations 1-04
E. Choir Membership 1-05
F. Miscellaneous 1-06


Box 1      
1-01 Correspondence:
    Radio Talk, January 1950 (2 copies)
1-02 Program:
    Programme for the Feast of Christian Doctrine, n.d.
1-03 Bulletins:
    Our Weekly Parochial Bulletin
      Volume 1, no.6, November 13, 1949
      Volume 1, no.8, November 27, 1949
      Volume 1, no.9, December 4, 1949
      Volume 2, no.1, January 1, 1950
      Volume 2, no.4, January 22, 1950
    The Jo-Coze
      May 21, 1959
    The Voice, Quarterly CCD Bulletin, Diocese of Lafayette, La.
      Volume 4, no.1, February 1953 (2 copies)
1-04 Regulations:
    Diocese of Lafayette, Regulations of Fast & Abstinence of 1959…
1-05 Choir Membership:
    Public reception, n.d.
1-06 Miscellaneous:
    Stationery: Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, Diocese of Lafayette, Louisiana; Summary of the Whole Christian Doctrine. Corresponding Unites in Catechism; Ladder of Supernatural Life, n.d.