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Lafayette Founders Committee Records

Collection 462

Lafayette Founders Committee. Records, 1843–1989, n.d.

5 inches

The Lafayette Founders Committee was created in January 1974 by the incumbent mayor, Kenneth F. Bowen. The first chairperson, the late Mrs. J.C. Chargois, came up with the idea of the committee to honor the mayor of Lafayette, and to post their photographs in the municipal building. On March 27, 1974, photographs of Lafayette’s 16 mayors were presented to the city for display. The first Founders Committee publication in 1976 was “The Mayors of Lafayette, 1884-1976.” Subsequent publications have included “Sheriffs of Lafayette, 1976”, The History of Recreation in Lafayette, 1976”, “Superintendents of Education in Lafayette Parish, 1978”, and “Chiefs of Police, City of Lafayette, 1979.” “Clerks of Court of Lafayette Parish, 1866-1984” is dedicated to Chargois. Original Founders Committee members included Mrs. J. Lewis Broussard, Mrs. Voorhies Gassie, Mrs. Mabel Hawkins, Miss Marie “Mario” Mamalakis, J. Alfred Mouton, and Mrs. Ben Thibodeaux. Current members are Jeanne and Robert C. Gilmore, co-chairpersons, Miss Lurnice Begnaud, Broussard, Gassis, Hawkins, Mrs. Altha Lee Chargois Kennedy, Mrs. P.B. LeBlanc, Mamalakis, and Mrs. Kaliste Saloom.

This collection contains publications, general records, news clippings, photographs, minutes of meetings, correspondence, and other materials.


A. By-laws 1-01
B. General Records 1-02 through 1-05
C. Documents 1-06
D. Minutes 1-07
E. Correspondence 1-08
F. Photographs 1-09
G. Invitations, greetings, etc. 1-10
H. News clippings, pamphlets 1-11
I. Publications 1-12 through 1-22
J. Miscellaneous 1-23


Box 1  
1-01 By-laws: Lafayette Founders Committee. Records, 1974; Clerk of Court - St. Martin Parish
1-02 General Records: Lafayette Parish Assessors, 1866 to 1987 (listing)
1-03 General Records: Biographical information; résumé (listed in publications)
1-04 General Records: Presentation - Lafayette Parish Public Library building, June 17, 1988 (Assessors brochure)
1-05 General Records: List of newspapers in Lafayette, 1843-1983
1-06 Documents: Parish of Lafayette (Corret & Eastin) Court Documents, 1868
1-07 Minutes: Lafayette Founder’s Committee (scattered issues), 1983-1984; 1988
1-08 Correspondence: 1983-1984, 1988-1989
1-09 Photographs: 1988
1-10 Invitations, Greetings, etc., 1988
1-11 Newspaper clippings, 1988; Pamphlet: Roster of Public Officials, 1987
1-12 Publications: Drafts: Clerk of Court of Lafayette Parish 1866-1984; Tax Assessors of Lafayette Parish 1866-1988
1-13 Publications: Lafayette Centennial, A Year of Celebrations, 1884-1984
1-14 Publications: Clerks of Court of Lafayette Parish, 1866-1984
1-15 Publications: The History of Recreation in Lafayette, by Mario Mamalakis, January 1976. (This research project was sponsored jointly by the Lafayette Founders Committee and the City of Lafayette, Louisiana)
1-16 Publications: Superintendents of Education of Lafayette Parish, by Lurnice Begnaud, January 1978
1-17 Publications: Chiefs of Police, City of Lafayette, 1905-1980 (2 copies)
1-18 Publications: Clerks of Court of Lafayette Parish , 1966-1984
1-19 Publications: Mayors of Lafayette, 1884-1980 (2 copies)
1-20 Publications: Sheriffs of Lafayette Parish, 1888-1976 (2 copies)
1-21 Publications: Tax Assessors of Lafayette Parish, 1866-1988 (2 copies)
1-22 Publications: History of City Court of Lafayette, Louisiana, Its Judges and Marshals, 1910-1984, by: Yvonne N. Saloom
1-23 Miscellaneous: Drawing: Women wearing farmer’s dress; man in suit, n.d.