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Lorrain Family Papers

Collection 239

Lorrain Family. Papers, 1832–1933

2 feet; oversize

Eugene Nicolas (1832-1891) and Jean Louis Desire Lorrain (1835-1892) were brothers, who were born in France and immigrated to Louisiana as young men in 1854. Both men bought land, first in Vermilion Parish and later farther west in what became Jefferson Davis Parish. Eugene operated a sailing vessel along the Louisiana coast, while Louis built a sawmill and general store near Hayes, Louisiana. The store also included a post office operated by Louis’ wife, Aureline. Eugene drowned January 7, 1891, while trying to cross the bar at the mouth of the Mermentau River in a storm. He never married and left no descendents. Louis married Aureline Trahan (1834-1932), and they had six children.

This collection consists of correspondence, personal papers, business records, land records and tax bills and receipts (including one from the Confederacy), and succession records for members of the Lorrain family. Most of the correspondence is from family members who remained in France. It also includes maps, plans for a sawmill, and election certificates. Of special interest is a traiteur’s cure for worms. There is also a family genealogy drawn up many years later.


I. Personal  
    a. Family Correspondence 1-01
    b. Birth Certificates 1-02
    c. Citizenship 1-03 to 1-04
    d. Successions 1-05 to 1-09
II. Legal Records 1-10 to 1-11
III. Insurance Policies 1-12
IV. Business Records  
    a. General Merchandise & Lumber 1-13 to 1-15
    b. Post Office 1-16
    c. Promissory Notes, Invoices & Receipts 1-17
    d. Miscellaneous 1-18
V. Land Records 1-19 to 2-03
VI. Taxes  
    a. Parish 2-04 to 2-07
    b. State 2-08
    c. Federal 2-09
    d. Confederate States 2-10
VII. Miscellaneous 2-11
VIII. Pocket Diaries 2-12
IX. Photographs 2-13
X. Genealogy 2-14
Oversize Box 3; Map Case 17-08


1-01 Family Correspondence, 1857-1902 and undated
1-02 Birth Certificates
    Eugene Nicolas Lorrain, 25 January 1832
    Jean Louis Desire Lorrain, 7 September 1835
1-03 French citizenship: Eugene and LouisLorrain, 1854, 1863-1865
1-04 U.S. citizenship: Eugene Lorrain, 1871
1-05 Succession of Adrien A. Lorrain, 1932
1-06 Succession of Aureline Lorrain, 1932
1-07 Succession of Eugene Lorrain, 1891
1-08 Succession of Louis Lorrain, 1931
1-09 Succession of Paul V. Lorrain, 1933
1-10 Legal records, 1871-1933
1-11 Power of Attorney: Aureline Lorrain to Adrian Lorrain, 1893, 1929
1-12 Insurance Policies, 1918, 1924, undated
1-13 General Merchandise and Lumber, 1867-1895, 1932, undated
1-14 Census of Manufactures, 1890
1-15 Occupational Licenses, 1859-1888
1-16 Post Office, 1884-1892
1-17 Promissory notes, invoices and receipts, 1874-1925
1-18 Miscellaneous, 1910, 1933
1-19 Land Records: Amar and Marguerite (Lorrain) David, 1900-1930
1-20 Same: Adrien Lorrain, 1900-1912
1-21 Same: Aureline (Trahan) Lorrain, 1902-1930, undated
1-22 Same: Eugene Lorrain, 1860-1889
1-23 Same: Louis Lorrain, 1870-1915
1-24 Same: Paul V. Lorrain, 1904-1933
1-25 Same: Paul V. Lorrain: tax receipt and land plats, Calcasieu Parish, 1919
2-01 Lawsuit re: sale of land, heirs of J.V. Romero and wife vs. heirs of Louis Lorrain, 1910-1920
2-02 Oil and gas leases, 1917-1931, undated
2-03 Land Records: Miscellaneous, 1872-1903, undated
2-04 Taxes: Calcasieu Parish, 1859-1900
2-05 Same: Calcasieu Parish, 1901-1932
2-06 Same: Jefferson David Parish, 1913-1931
2-07 Same: Cameron, Vermilion and unidentified parishes, 1860-1885
2-08 Same: State of Louisiana, 1874-1927
2-09 Same: Federal, 1860-1919
2-10 Same: Confederate States of America, 1864
2-11 Miscellaneous
    Includes correspondence, school records, draft registration card, lette miraculeusse, traiteur’s cure for worms
2-12 Pocket diaries, 1873, 1913
2-13 Photographs: ca. 1860
    Francois Lorrain, New Orleans
    Barbe DeLeau (Mme. Francois Lorrain), Thionville, France
2-14 Lorrain Family genealogy
Vol. 1 Photograph album: Derouen family
Vol. 2 Photograph album: Lorrain Family
Map Case 17-08
1. Warner’s Safe Cure Prize Map of the United States and Canada, H.H. Warner & Co., Rochester, NY. 1887. Rand McNally & Co.
2. Calcasieu Parish Highway Map, Sept. 1, 1915. Compiled by Fred Shutts, Parish Engineer
3. Calcasieu Parish, La.: Map Showing Highways Nos. 5-9-10-18. Lake Charles, La., Feb. 28, 1917
4. Welsh, the Logical Place for the Parish Seat of Jefferson Davis Parish. ca. 1912. (map)
5. Land ownership map, T9,10,11S, R2,3W. Part of Jefferson Davis Parish, includes lands owned by Lorrain family. Hand drawn map, mounted on cloth
6. Paris Actuel. Dresse par Ed Dumas. Vorzet Geographe, n.d. (map)
7. Emerson’s Patent Double-Cut Narrow Blade Saw. Emerson, Smith & Co., Saw Manufacturers, Beaver Falls, PA. n.d. (advertisement)
8. Outside: Order Book 382. Engine, Saw Mill No. 1223, March 1856
  Inside: Bill of Timber Suitable for 25 feet of Carriage. (Hand drawn plan)
9. State of Louisiana, Executive Department. P.V. Lorrain Was Declared Duly Elected Police Jury In and For Ward 2, Parish of Calcasieu, May 19, 1916. (certificate)
10. State of Louisiana, Executive Department. P.V. Lorrain Was Declared Duly Elected Police Jury In and For Ward 2, Parish of Calcasieu, May 21, 1919. (certificate)
11. Map of State of Louisiana. La. Bureau of Immigration, Wm. H. Harris, Commissioner. New Orleans, 1885. Removed and added to the Louisiana Room Map Collection