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Les Vingt Quatre Club Collection

Collection 188

Les Vingt Quatre Club. Collection, 1932–1985, 1990–1992, n.d.

1 ft.

Les Vingt Quatre Club was founded in April, 1932 and chartered and named May, 1932. At this time, the founders agreed that members were never to exceed twenty-four in number. The founders of the club were Mrs. Willys Hopkins, Eloise Kenny, Maude Tinsly, Mrs. Wilbanks, Virginia Davidson and Claire Roy.

The club was formed to study history and current events. By July, 1932 members expressed an interest in starting a public library, since there was none in Lafayette. The library was first housed in the Lafayette Courthouse. The club continually supported it. In 1942 the library name was changed to Lafayette Municipal Library. Later, the club began another project when it purchased the Alexandre Mouton House to establish the Lafayette Museum in May, 1954.

This collection contains correspondence, histories, a few photographs, and scrapbooks of newspaper clippings, etc. One part of this collection has been photocopied and microfiched. The originals were loaned to the University Archives and Acadiana Manuscript Collection by Virginia Yongue. The other part of this collection are originals that were donated to UAAMC.


A. Scrapbooks Box 1
B. Histories [articles, speeches, etc.] 2-01 and 2-02
C. Correspondence 2-03
D. Clippings 2-04
E. Yearbooks 2-05 through 2-09
F. Miscellaneous  
  a. Map 2-10
  b. Photographs 2-11
  c. Library Expenditures 2-12
  d. Certificates 2-13
  e. Scrapbook 3-01


Box 1  
1-01 Scrapbooks: 1932-1933; 1933-1934-1935-1936; 1937-1938
    [23 sheets microfiche]
Box 2  
2-01 Histories of Les Vingt Quatre Club
  a. Kellie Theriot, n.d.
  b. [author unknown], n.d.
  c. [author unknown], n.d.
  d. Virginia Yongue, 1992
2-02 Histories of Lafayette Museum
  a. Virginia Yongue, n.d.
  b. Virginia Yongue, 22 July 1990
  c. Virginia Yongue, 14 June 1992
2-03 Correspondence: 1934, 1955, 1957, 1969
2-04 Clippings: 1967-1968
2-05 Yearbooks: 1932/33 - 1941/42
2-06 Yearbooks: 1942/43 - 1953/54
2-07 Yearbooks: 1954/55 - 1962/63
2-08 Yearbooks: 1963/64 - 1975/76
2-09 Yearbooks: 1978/79 - 1984/85
2-10 Miscellaneous: Map of Vermilionville [1824]
2-11 Miscellaneous: Photographs: Les Vingt Quatre Club, n.d.; Lafayette Museum, n.d.
2-12 Miscellaneous: Library Expenditure [1934]
2-13 Miscellaneous: certificates [2 items]
Box 3
3-01 Scrapbook: 1960-1961