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Dudley J. LeBlanc Collection

Collection 219

LeBlanc, Dudley J. (1894–1971). Collection, 1900–1995, n.d.

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Dudley J. “Couzin Dud” LeBlanc was born August 16, 1894 in Capitan Community near Youngsville, Louisiana, the son of Numa Dulze and Noemie LeBlanc. He attended school in Erath and Southwestern Louisiana Industrial Institute [now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette]. He served as a sergeant in the U.S. Army during World War I. On March 29, 1921, he married Evelyn Hebert (1897-1992) of Abbeville, Louisiana. The couple had six children. He died October 22, 1971 and is buried at St. Mary Magdalen Parish Cemetery in Abbeville.

LeBlanc was an entrepreneur. He started an ironing business in college, which by graduation was a flourishing tailor shop. He later sold tobacco, shoes and patent medicine, and launched a very successful burial-insurance company and a headache-remedy company. He was probably most famous for the invention, distribution and promotion of HADACOL, a vitamin/mineral supplement. He claimed it cured multiple illnesses. He organized caravans, including well-known entertainers, to promote its sale. He was also a newscaster, broadcasting in both English and French on local radio stations starting in 1946. Also a politician, LeBlanc was elected to the Louisiana House of Representatives in 1924. He was a member of the Louisiana Public Service Commission starting in 1926 and served as state senator, 1940-1944, 1948-1952, and 1964-1968. He ran for Governor twice but never won the elections. LeBlanc was proud of his Cajun heritage and authored two books: The True Story of the Acadians (1927, revised 1932) and The Acadian Miracle (1966). He organized several pilgrimages to Acadia/Nova Scotia, taking young women dressed as Evangeline to represent the various communities in Acadiana. He was also a member of the Catholic Church and donated the land on which St. Theresa Catholic Church of Abbeville now stands.

This collection consists of genealogy material, photographs, clippings, correspondence, notes, and writings on LeBlanc.

Folders 1-01 through 1-08 contain materials brought in by Whitney Broussard, which were loaned to UAAMC [SAMC] for photocopying. The material in folders 1-09 through 1-49 were purchased in 2001.


Accession #1  
A. Genealogy 1-01
B. Ledger Book 1-02 through 1-04
C. Photographs 1-05
D. Clippings 1-06
E. Correspondence 1-07
F. Miscellaneous 1-08
G. Media Box 2
Accession #2  
A. Correspondence 1-09 through 1-32
B. Business Records 1-33 through 1-47
C. Political Miscellaneous 1-48 and 1-49


Accession #1
1-01 Genealogy: Genealogy chart on LeBlanc family, 1575-1871
    Plat for land owned in Erath, LA
1-02 Ledger Book: Property ownership in [Kaplan, LA?] by block, pp 1-91
1-03 Ledger book: Property ownership in [Kaplan, LA?] by block, pp 92-232
1-04 Ledger book: Property ownership in [Kaplan, LA?] by block, pp 233-259, additional sheets
1-05 Photographs: Dudley J. LeBlanc, 1920-1970, n.d.
    Photos of Warren Perrin and Michèle LeBlanc with print of “La Dispersion Des Acadiens, 1755” by Henri Beau donated by LeBlanc to Acadian Heritage & Cultural Foundation, 1992
    Photo of Dudley LeBlanc exhibit in the park at Bouchtouche, New Brunswick, n.d.
    Photo of lighthouse, pier, and shed [in Acadia?]
1-06 Newspaper clippings, various dates
1-07 Correspondence: 1969-1995
    One Dudley LeBlanc letter; mainly Warren Perrin and Michèle LeBlanc
1-08 Miscellaneous: Articles, notes, writings [LeBlanc],LeBlanc HADACOL Coin, n.d.
Accession #2
Correspondence miscellaneous business including agricultural concerns and various companies; some political matters; some constituent correspondence; occasional letters in French
1-09 Correspondence: 1949-1950
    Personal, political, and business letters: HADACOL
1-10 Correspondence: 1951-1952
    Business letters: Much correspondence with Majestic Advertising Agency
1-11 Correspondence: 1953, January - February
1-12 Correspondence: 1953, March - May
1-13 Correspondence: 1953, June - July
1-14 Correspondence: 1953, August - December
    Several letters in French
1-15 Correspondence: 1954, January - March
1-16 Correspondence: 1954, April - May
1-17 Correspondence: 1954, June - July
1-18 Correspondence: 1954, August - September
1-19 Correspondence: 1954, October - December
1-20 Correspondence: 1955, January - March
1-21 Correspondence: 1955, April - June
1-22 Correspondence: 1955, July - September
1-23 Correspondence: 1955, October - December
1-24 Correspondence: 1956, January - June
1-25 Correspondence: 1956, July - December
1-26 Correspondence: 1957 [1 item]
1-27 Correspondence: 1962
    [Solar Manufacturing Company, Inc.]
1-28 Correspondence: 1963, January - June
    Association of Louisiana Acadians
1-29 Correspondence: 1963, July - August
    Association of Louisiana Acadians tour
1-30 Correspondence: 1963, September - December
1-31 Correspondence: 1964 - 1966
1-32 Correspondence: 1967 - 1972
1-33 Correspondence: n.d.
B. Business Records
1-34 HADACOL advertising [The LeBlanc Corporation], 1950 [4 items]
1-35 HADACOL advertising [L & H Brokerage]: January, 1951, settlement sheets # 39 - 82; recapitulation sheets
1-36 HADACOL advertising: February, 1951, settlement sheets, 1-45; miscellaneous charges
1-37 HADACOL advertising: March, 1951, settlement sheets, 1-65; miscellaneous charges; recapitulations
1-38 HADACOL advertising: April, 1951, settlement sheets, 1-40; miscellaneous charges; recapitulation sheets
1-39 HADACOL advertising: June, 1951, settlement sheets, 43-44 [3 sheets]
1-40 HADACOL advertising: July, 1951, settlement sheets, 1-20; miscellaneous charges; recapitulation sheets
1-41 HADACOL advertising: August, 1951, settlement sheets 21-22 [2 items]
1-42 HADACOL advertising: Ruthrauff and Ryan, Inc., 1951
    Missing tear sheets from invoice No. N1051, 17 Jan. 1951; adjustments to invoice N-LB 101 dated 26 Feb. 1951 for errors and/or duplicate charges billed the LeBlanc Corporation for January HADACOL advertising; 2 letters, June, 1951
1-43 HADACOL advertising: Majestic Advertising Agency, 1951
    Directions for Checking Majestic Advertising Agency’s Invoices; adjustments for March [1951?] settlement; invoices, June, 1951
  [See also: 1-27]
1-44 Miscellaneous, 1950s
    LeBlanc Brothers, Inc.; The LeBlanc Corporation
1-45 Solar Manufacturing Company, 1960s [successor to LeBlanc Brothers, Inc.]
    Distributor’s agreement, 1963; invoices, 1966-1969, n.d.
  [See also: 1-27]
1-46 K. P. Medicine Company, 1968-1972
1-47 Personal miscellaneous, 1950-1972
    Bills, invoices, receipts, bank statements, legal notices
C. Political Miscellaneous
1-48 1932 Gubernatorial campaign
    Pamphlet, letter, flyer, button
1-49 Political miscellaneous, 1955
    Includes schedule for campaign truck: Letter to the voters, n.d.
G. Media
Box 2  
“Cajun Renaissance Man, Dudley J. LeBlanc. A Film my Michelle LeBlanc. VHS.