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Lafayette Civic Cup Award

Collection 243

Lafayette Civic Cup Award. Collection, 1933-2014

5 inches, 3 volumes

The Lafayette Civic Cup award was started in 1933 by the Young Men's Business Club of Lafayette, Louisiana. For the past 84 years, the award has been given to an individual who has made significant contributions to the community.

The Judges Committee is made up of past winners and every year they choose the next recipient.

This collection was donated by Dr. Jean T. Kreamer.


A. General Records 1-01
B. Award Winners 1-02 through 1-34
C. Scrapbooks 3 volumes


A. General Records
1-01 List of Civic Cup past recipients: news clippings, typed lists
B. Award Winners
1-02 1933 Heymann, Maurice: includes “The Heymann Legacy”, (typed) portion of this material was adapted from Lafayette: Where Yesterday Meets Tomorrow.
1-03 1947 Chiquelin, William Henry, Mr. and Mrs.: news clipping
1-04 1957 Blanchet: news clippings, nomination letter
1-05 1958 Busch,Henry, Sr.: news clipping – obituary
1-06 1959 Davis, Sr., Frank H. “Happy”, Dr.: news clippings, typed obituary
1-07 1960 Heymann, Herbert H.: correspondence, and biographical information
1-08 1965 Abdalla, Ed: news clipping
1-09 1967 Domingue, Albert “Mickey”: news clipping
1-10 1977 Arceneaux, Jules “Menou”: Resumé
1-11 1980 Abdalla, Herbert: correspondence and biographical information
1-12 1983 Theriot, C.O.: news clipping – obituary
1-13 1989 Abel, E. Glynn: news clippings
1-14 1990 Citron, Maracelle, Mrs.: news clipping
1-15 1993 Dumesnil, J. Hubert “Red”: program
1-16 1994 Michot, Louis J.: program
1-17 1995 Abell, Edward C., Jr.: program
1-18 1996 Zuschlag, Richard: news clippings, photograph with President Bill Clinton, program, correspondence, speech by presenter
1-19 1997 Yongue, Virginia: program, certificate, news clippings
1-20 1998 Trahan, Robert: speech by presenter, program
1-21 1999 Fenstermaker, William “Bill”: program
1-22 2000 Kreamer, Jean, Dr.: news clipping, program
1-23 2001 Boustany, Madlyn A.: news clippings, program, presentation remarks, nomination letter
1-24 2002 Stuller, Matt: program, news clippings, banquet – introduction of past recipients, presentation remarks
1-25 2003 Hilliard, Paul: program, news clippings, nomination letters
1-26 2004 Cloutier, Rusty: news clippings, program, nomination letters
1-27 2005 Davis, Greg: news clippings, nomination letters
1-28 2006 Burdin, John J., Jr.: nomination letters, news clippings, obituary, program
1-29 2007 Prince, James: program, news clippings, presentation remarks
1-30 2008 Knight, Ann: program, presentation remarks
1-31 2009 Azar, Paul, Dr.: news clippings, program, resume’, nomination letters, presentation remarks
1-32 2010 McGoffin, Gary: news clippings, program
1-33 2011 Lowe, Robert D.: news clippings, program, resumé
1-34 2012 Ramsay, Dwight S. “Bo”: news clippings, program
C. Scrapbooks
Vol. 1 1975 Scarbrock, Jack. Book 2, 1975-1985. Includes news clippings, program, photographs, letters and greeting cards of congratulations, etc.
Vol. 2 1987 Ashy, Douglas E., Sr. Includes resumé, program, nomination letters, news clippings, photographs, congratulations greeting cards, business cards
Vol. 3 1993 Dumesnil, J. Hubert “Red”. Includes photographs, news clippings, nomination letters, letters and greeting cards of congratulations