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City of Lafayette Records

Collection 176

Lafayette (Louisiana), City of. Records, 1899–1933

33 reels - Fiche 3 ft. 9 in. [Microform]

The Lafayette City Charter Commission was created on January 26, 1971 by appointment by the Board of Trustees for preparing a charter for the City of Lafayette. When the Charter was completed, the Lafayette Board of Trustees adopted the Home Rule Charter, which would be governed by elected officials.

This collection contains six separate series of the Lafayette City official government records under these charters. Microfilmed from originals held by the Lafayette City Council of Lafayette, Lafayette City Hall, 705 West University, Lafayette, Louisiana.


A. Advisory Board/Citizen Committee Box 1
B. Index to Ordinances [not in chronological order] Box 1
C. Local Assessment Ordinances or Resolutions Relative to Sidewalk Street Paving, Curbing and Gutter Box 1
D. Commission Form of Government Series Minute Book Box 1
E. Minute Book Boxes 2 through 10


City of Lafayette (Lafayette, Louisiana). Records, 1899-1933 (PDF)