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Lafayette White Sox Baseball Team Material

Manuscript 249

Lafayette White Sox Baseball Team. Material, 1937

1 folder

The Evangeline League (Lafayette White Sox) began in 1934 as a 6-team class D league in and around Louisiana. Its name comes from the Acadian legendary heroine Evangéline, made famous through a poem of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. The league quickly expanded to 8 teams and lasted until World War II, when it shut down from 1943 to 1945.

249-01 Correspondence: dated February 17, 1937. Opelousas Base-Ball Club, Inc. Evangeline League
To Mr. Art Hernberg, Chicago, IL. Re: 1937 contract
News clipping: White Sox are Defeated, 6 to 0) and 5 to 1 in Thursday’s Game. Includes stats