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Selma Levy Collection

Collection 420

Levy, Selma (1903–1983). Collection, 1921

2 ½ inches

Selma Levy was born in Plaquemine, Louisiana to Simon C. Levy, M.D. and Lillie Silber Levy on December 3, 1903. She graduated from Plaquemine High School in 1921 and then attended Southwestern Louisiana Institute (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette). While at S.L.I. Selma was the Secretary-Treasurer for the Sophomore class, President of the Pan-Hellenic Council in 1924, President of Foster Hall and on the Honor Council in 1924 & 1925, a member of Delta Kappa Gamma Sorority, Executive Council member, a member of the Attakapas Literary Society, and Editor in Chief of the L’Acadien Yearbook in 1925 & 1926. She graduated from SLI in 1926. Selma then went on to do graduate work at Peabody College in Nashville Tennessee. Selma also taught at SLI. She was married to Leo Edward Kahn and they had one child, Lilly Kahn Morrow. Later in life Selma helped her daughter operate Lily’s for Books, a Lafayette bookstore. Selma passed away on March 27, 1983.

This Collection contains a memory book from 1921, a photograph and a commencement program from Plaquemine High School.


A. School Friendship Book 1-01
B. Program 1-02
C. Photograph 1-03


1-01. Plaquemine High School Memory book, 1921
1-02. Plaquemine High School Commencement Program, May 25, 1921
1-03. Postcard Photograph; Unidentified, n.d.