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Lafayette Bicentennial Commission Records

Collection 304

Lafayette [LA] Bicentennial Commission. Records, 1971–1976

7 ½”, 2 volumes

Mayor Kenny Bowen appointed the Lafayette Bicentennial Commission in 1973. John and Frances Love served as co-chairman of the commission. This collection contains organizational records, correspondence, and material on projects supported by the commission. There are also two scrapbooks of newspaper clippings.


A. Organizational records  
    1. Minutes 1-01 through 1-05
    2. Financial records 1-06
    3. Miscellaneous records 1-07 through 1-09
B. Correspondence 1-10 through 1-15; 2-04
C. Projects 1-16 through 2-04
D. Scrapbooks Box 3, 2 vols.
E. Flag Box 3


1-01 Minutes, 1971
    Louisiana American Revolution Bicentennial Commission: Frances Love Member.
1-02 Minutes, 1973
1-03 Minutes, 1974
1-04 Minutes, 1975
1-05 Minutes, 1976
1-06 Financial records
1-07 Miscellaneous
    Membership lists; resolutions
1-08 Pamphlets, programs, etc.
1-09 Certificate: John and Frances Love
1-10 Correspondence, 1971
    Invitation to serve on Louisiana American Revolution Bicentennial Commission
1-11 Correspondence, 1973
    Correspondents include Kenny Bowen, E. Glynn Abel, Glenn R. Conrad
1-12 Correspondence, 1974
1-13 Correspondence, 1975
1-14 Correspondence, 1976: January - June
1-15 Correspondence, 1976: July - December, n.d.
    See also: 2-04
1-16 1-16 Projects: suggestions; lists
    [following folders contain information sheets at minimum; some projects includes correspondence, budgets, programs, etc.]
1-17 Projects, A
    Acadiana Weavers and Spinners Guild
    Alleman Center: Lafayette Association for Retarded Citizens
    Acadian Village an Around-The-World-Tropical Garden
1-18 Projects, B
    Bicentennial Art Exhibit
    Bicentennial Wagon Train to Pennsylvania
      Publicity packets; material on stop in Lafayette
    Black Heritage Bicentennial Exhibit: Black Heritage Association, Inc., Lafayette
    Boy Scouts of America: Joint Eagle Community Service Project
    Busch, Brian [USL School of Music, Choral Director]
1-19 Projects, C
    Cathedral Carmel Elementary School
    Cavalcade of America: Boy Scouts of America, Evangeline Council
    Colonial Gardens at Lafayette Museum
2-01 2-01 Projects, D - H
    Fire hydrants
    Flag Sales
    Fletcher exhibit: “America Through European Eyes: The Graphic Image”, Joel L. Fletcher, III
    French Furnishings
      Catalog for exhibit at Art Center for Southwestern Louisiana
2-02 2-02 Projects, G - L
    Galvez Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution
    Johnny Scott Center [Lafayette Parish School for Retarded]
    Junior Achievement Free Enterprise
    Lafayette Art Association
    Lafayette Bar Association
    Lafayette Chamber of Commerce
    Lafayette Jaycees and Jaynes [Time Capsule]
    Lafayette Natural History Museum and Planetarium
    Lafayette Parish Extension Homemakers Council
    Louisiana Army Reserve National Guard
2-03 2-03 Projects, M - R
    Marquis de Lafayette Chapter, Children of the American Revolution
    Men’s Chorus [Luther Burney]
    Musical Comedy, The World of
    G.S. Beaman Griffin; Acadiana Opera Society
2-04 Projects, S - W
    Spanish Colonial Records [Glenn R. Conrad]
    Velos Acadiens
    Wall Mural
    War Memorial Plaza
    Women’s Clubs
      Includes correspondence of Mrs. R.L. Campbell, Jr., Chairman of Lafayette Bicentennial
    Women’s Organizations
      Altrusa Club of Lafayette
      Chez Ames Club
      L’Heure d’Amité
      Junior League
      Lafayette Garden Club
      Lafayette Women’s Republican Club
      Louisiana PTA - Lafayette District
      Les Vingt Quatre
      The Women’s Club
Box 3, vol. 1 Scrapbook, 1973-1975
      Newspaper clippings
Box 3, vol. 2 Scrapbook, 1976
Box 3 Bicentennial U.S. Flag