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Colonial Louisiana Records Collection

Collection 329

Colonial Louisiana Records. Collection, 1626-1928

7.5 inches; microfilm: 1292 reels

The Colonial Louisiana Records Collection was established by the Center for Louisiana Studies to gather primary source materials from repositories in France, Spain and North America. Drawn from French and Spanish colonial archives, the British Museum and Public Records Office, and various state and parish repositories, the collection focuses on the history of European settlement in the Mississippi Valley, New France, Acadia, Ile Royale, and the French Antilles. The Microfilm was transferred to the University Archives and Acadiana Manuscripts Collection in May 2013.

This collection includes most of the materials listed in Nancy M. Miller Surrey’s Calendar of Manuscripts in Paris Archives and Libraries Relating to the History of the Mississippi Valley to 1803. This calendar acts as a comprehensive guide documenting the French experience in the Mississippi Valley. A database containing a fully updated version of the calendar was completed through a partnership between the Center for Louisiana Studies, The Historic New Orleans Collection, and the École Nationale des Chartes. The database is housed at The Historic New Orleans Collection.

Parish records received with the colonial records were transferred to separate collections. See Ascension Parish Records, Collection 351; Assumption Parish Records, Collection 352; Avoyelles Parish Colonial Records, Collection 129; East Baton Rouge Parish Civil Records, Collection 131; Iberia Parish Records, Collection 353; Iberville Parish Records, Collection 354; Lafayette Parish Police Jury Records, Collection 361; Orleans Parish Notarial Records, Collection 355; Pointe Coupee Parish Records, Collection 356; St. Charles Parish Court Records, Collection 152; St. James Parish Records, Collection 357; St. John the Baptist Parish Records, Collection 360; St. Martin Parish Records, Collection 358; St. Mary Parish Records, Collection 359; and West Feliciana Parish Civil Records, Collection 370. Catholic Church records were transferred to Collection 365.

For a further description of the Colonial Louisiana Records Collection, see: Brasseaux, Carl A. “The Colonial Records Collection of the Center for Louisiana Studies”, Louisiana History, Vol. XXV, No. 2. pp. 181-188, Spring 1984.

To see Surrey's Calendar in electronic form, see "A Guide to French Louisiana Manuscripts: An expanded and revised edition of the 1926 Surrey Calendar with Appendices" from The Historic New Orleans Collection.


I. Surrey Calendar 1-01 through 2-06  
II. French Colonial Records    
    A. Library of Congress. Louisiana Colonial Records Project Reels 1-48 Page 2
    B. Société Française du Microfilm. Supplementary reels Reels 49-54 Page 3
    C. Archives des Affaires Étrangères Reels 55-61 Page 4
    D. Archives de la Guerre Reels 62-63 Page 4
    E. Archives de la Marine Reels 64-73 Page 4
    F. Archives des Colonies Reels 74-545 Page 4
    G. Dépôt des Papiers Publics Reels 548-549 Page 5
    H. Dépôt des Fortifications Reels 549-550 Page 5
    I. Archives des Colonies Reels 551-554 Page 5
    J. Cartes de la Louisiane Reels 554-555 Page 5
    K. Archives de la Marine Reels 555-573 Page 5
    L. Archives des Colonies Reels 574-580 Page 6
    M. Collection La Rochelle Reels 581-584 Page 6
    N. Municipal Archive, City of Montreal Reel 585 Page 6
III. Spanish Colonial Records
    A. Papeles Procedentes de Cuba Reels 586-1200 Page 7
    B. Audiencia de Santo Domingo Reels 1201-1211 Page 15
    C. Seccion de Estado Reels 1212-1222 Page 16
    D. Centros America Reels 1213-1214 Page 16
    E. Mexico Reels 1215-1221 Page 16
    F. Guadalajara Reels 1220-1221 Page 16
    G. Guerra Moderna Reels 1222-1225 Page 17
    H. Simancas Reel 1226 Page 17
    I. Calendar of Spanish Documents Reels 1227-1228 Page 17
    J. Transcripts of Cabildo Records Reels 1229-1232 Page 17
    K. Morandiere Journal Reel 1233 Page 18
    L. Carondelet Correspondence and Papers Reels 1234-1235 Page 18
    M. Pintado Papers Reels 1245-1248 Page 18
IV. British Records
    A. William Augustus Bowles Reels 1236-1237 Page 18
    B. West Florida Papers Reel 1238 Page 19
    C. Florida. Shipping Information Reels 1239-1244 Page 19
    D. Returns of His Majesty’s Forces Reels 1251-1252 Page 19
    E. Haldemand Papers Reel 1253 Page 19
    F. East Florida Papers Reel 1255 Page 19
    G. Clarendon State Papers Reels 1261-1265, 1270 Page 20
    H. Aberystwyth Reels 1266-1268 Page 20
    I. Bodleian Library Reel 1269 Page 20
    J. The French and Indian War, 1754-1763 Reels 1271-1278 Page 20
V. Miscellaneous
    A. Graham Journal Reel 1249 Page 20
    B. Doolittle Reel 1250 Page 21
    C. Innerarity Papers Reel 1254 Page 21
    D. Ellwood and Gates Papers Reels 1256-1260 Page 21
    E. Kaskaskia Manuscripts, 1708-1816 Reels 1279-1292 Page 21


Colonial Louisiana Records. Collection, 1626-1928