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First Presbyterian Church, Lafayette, Records

Collection 128

Lafayette First Presbyterian Church Records, 1875–1975; 1936, 1949–1969

1 ft; 1 reel of microfilm

Microfilm of record books containing membership rolls; minutes of the congregational meetings, board of trustees (1877-1946), and session (1875-1975). The church evolved from the Vermilionville Presbyterian Church to the Lafayette Presbyterian Church and finally to First Presbyterian Church, Lafayette.

After being microfilmed by Dennis Gibson in 1975 the original record books were sent to the Historical Foundation of Presbyterian and Reformed Churches at Montreat, North Carolina.

Items were located in a 3 ring binder titled ‘Histories of Churches and Woman’s Work in Louisiana Presbytery: First Church Lafayette, Louisiana.” Pasted on inside of front cover was slip of paper: “This is the property of The Woman’s Auxiliary of the First Presbyterian Church Lafayette, Louisiana. Donated by Mrs. Quintilla Morgan Anders, 1949.” Obviously material was added to the binder since 1949.


1-01 Anders, Quintilla Morgan. “History of the Lafayette Presbyterian Auxiliary with Supplementary Material,” 1936; 1949
1-02 History of the Women of the Church, 1965 - 1969
1-03 Church history, 1875 -1949
    Includes: copies of legal documents; copies of memorial resolutions
1-04 Church history to 1949
    History of education programs; history of women’s programs; lists of church officers and membership activities, etc.
1-05 Church history, 1950 - 1956
1-06 Church history, 1957 - 1959
1-07 History of First Presbyterian Church prepared by Mrs. Milton H. Knox, 1960
1-08 History of First Presbyterian Church prepared by Celia Bollich, 1962
1-09 History of First Presbyterian Church, 1963, 1964
1-10 Clippings and photographs
1-11 Publications
    Bulletin: 18 Oct 1936: Anniversary number
    Dedication program, 14 May 1950
    “Our Church: A Growing Religious and Educational Center”, c. 1955 [booklet]
    flyer for Arena Coffee House, n.d.