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Margaret T. Lane Collection

Collection 253

Lane, Margaret T. (1919–2009). Collection, 1948–2003, n.d.

7 ½ inches

Margaret Taylor Lane was born 6 February 1919 in St. Louis, MO, the daughter of Archer and Alice Jones Taylor. She married Jim Lane and they had a daughter, Maggie, and a son, Thomas. She died 10 May 2009 in Baton Rouge, LA.

Ms. Lane received a degree in library science from Columbia University and a law degree from Louisiana State University. After the Louisiana State Legislature passed an act creating the Louisiana state documents depository system in 1948, Ms. Lane was named the first Recorder of Documents. She continued to hold that position until she retired in 1975. She was active in the Louisiana Library Association, the American Library Association and the Louisiana State Bar Association. LLA named an award recognizing excellence in the field of government information in her honor.

This collection consists of correspondence, speeches, transcripts of interviews, publicity, and other materials dealing with the Recorder of Documents. This collection also contains (2) reels of microfilm of scrapbooks dated 1948-1975. The scrapbooks contain newspaper articles and miscellaneous publicity. There are also copies of an interview of Margaret T. Lane on cassette tapes.

Margaret Lane donated this collection.


A. Correspondence 1-01
B. Speeches 1-02 through 1-06
C. Transcripts - Interview 1-07 through 1-09
D. Research 1-10 through 1-11
E. Writings 1-12
F. Publicity 1-13 through 1-24
G. Miscellaneous 1-25 through 1-29
H. Microfilm (Scrapbooks) Reels 1 and 2
I. Cassette Tapes (Interviews) 3 cassettes


A. Correspondence
1-01   Margaret T. Lane, 2003: Incoming/outgoing
B. Speeches
1-02   No. 1: Modisette Award - Louisiana Library Association, 1956
No. 2: North Carolina Library Association/South Carolina Library Association, 1981
No. 2: Lecture to government publications class, L.S.U., April 27, 1976
1-03   No. 4: Cards with Documents, Secretary of State (Louisiana), December 20, 1963
No. 5: Same (typescript)
No. 6: Conference on Louisiana Materials, L.S.U., June 24-25, 1963
1-04   No. 7: Conference on Louisiana Materials, L.S.U., July 20 - August 7, 1953
No. 8: Depository Laws of the Fifty States, n.d.
No. 9: Government Documents Roundtable Breakfast, Alabama Library Association, April 2, 1981
1-05   No. 10: RSD/RTSD Interdivisional Committee on Public Documents
No. 11: Louisiana Documents Program, n.d.
No. 12: Louisiana Documents Program, n.d.
1-06   No. 13: GODORT Breakfast - Louisiana Library Association, 1998 - 28th
No. 14: GODORT - Louisiana Library Association, 1998 - 26th
C. Transcripts
1-07   Interview with Margaret T. Lane, July 21, 2003
      Interviewed by Judith Haydel and Sandra Himel in Baton Rouge, LA
1-08   Interview with Margaret T. Lane, June 1, 2003
      Interviewed by Lauren Coenen
1-09   Interview with Margaret T. Lane, July 11, 2000
      Interviewed by Persephone Hintlian
D. Research
1-10   Margaret T. Lane Scrapbook
      Research on Margaret T. Lane and the Recorder of Public Documents, Fall 2003, by Sandy Himel and Judith Haydel
1-11   State Library Scrapbook
      Research on Margaret T. Lane and the Recorder of Public Documents, Fall 2003, by Sandy Himel and Judith Haydel
E. Writings
1-12   Louisiana: Twenty-five (25) year history, typescript by Margaret T. Lane, 1975
F. Publicity
1-13   State Publication and Depository Libraries: A Reference Handbook, by Margaret T. Lane, n.d.
1-14   Take time to check out Louisiana Documents, by Margaret T. Lane, 1958
1-15   Louisiana State Archives
      History of State Archives: An Historical Sketch of the Louisiana State Archives, by Douglas Harrison, conservator
      Also included: Chronology of Events of the Louisiana State Archives and Preliminary Inventory
1-16   Author Headings for Official Publications, by Lucy B. Foote, 1948
1-17   A History of the Louisiana Library Association, 1925-2000, edited by Alma Dawson and Florence M. Jumonville, 2003 (Documents Section)
1-18   Louisiana Library Association Documents
      Very Occasional Papers No.2, April 1981
1-19   Louisiana Library Association Documents
      Very Occasional Papers, No.5, June 1983
1-20   Report of the Status of the Statewide Records Project
      Official Project, 165-2-64-128, Official Sponsor: The National Archives, Official Co-Sponsor: Hill Memorial Library, Louisiana State University, December 31, 1941
1-21   Report: Louisiana Statewide Records Project and Historical Records Survey
      OP 65-1-64-197. Dept. of Archives, L.S.U. May 1, 1940
1-22   Recorder of Documents material
      Proposal to Put State Documents Checklist on OCLC and Product Checklist, Cumulations and Index by Computer Through LIPA., n.d.
      Costs Involved in a Documents Program, n.d.
1-23   Recorder of Documents: Advertising, 1956, n.d.
      Here’s What the Depository Library Program Has Done...
Louisiana’s Depository Library Program
There’s no end of Valuable Information Available Through the State Documents....
The Case of the Missing Documents: A Mystery Only You Can Solve...
Here’s Why Your Publications Are needed...
1-24   Recorder of Documents: articles
      New LLA Officers, LLA Bulletin, Spring 1976
Louisiana’s Dying Documents, by Donald B. McKeon & John C. Gardner, LLA Bulletin, Summer 1974
Historical Perspective, by Margaret T. Lane, n.d.
Providing Access to State Government Documents: Louisiana’s Story, n.d.
G. Miscellaneous
1-25   Scanned Photos, n.d.
      Margaret T. Lane
1-26   Handwritten notes
      Recorder of Documents - position difficulties
1-27   Description of Position: Recorder of Documents, 1979
      Typed and handwritten material
1-28   Inventory of collection at L.S.U.
      Margaret T. Lane
1-29   revised statute article
      State Archival Historical, and Public Records
Box 2    
H. Microfilm
Reel 1   volume 1: scrapbook
      newspaper clippings and other publicity pertaining to the Louisiana Recorder of Documents
Reel 2   volume 2: scrapbook
      newspaper clippings and other publicity pertaining to the Louisiana Recorder of Documents
I. Cassette Tapes
    Interview: Margaret T. Lane - 2 copies
      tape 2 includes interview with Grace Moore, July 21, 2003