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Louisiana Colonial Records Collection

Collection 59

Louisiana Colonial Records. Collection 1638–1973

3 feet, 4 inches; oversize

The Louisiana Colonial Records contains materials regarding mostly 18th-19th century events occurring in colonial Louisiana, especially governing processes and the Cabildo. The collection contains photocopies of correspondence, legal papers, and land and sales of enslaved people.

See also: Collection 329 - Colonial Louisiana Records Collection for a larger collection of colonial records microfilmed from repositories in Europe and North America.


A. Records, Part I 1-01 through 2-19
B. Oversize Box 3
C. Records, Part II 4-01 through 5-22


A. Records, Part I
1-01 Records: Arkansas Post Investigations - Spanish Archives, n.d.
1-02 Records: Arkansas Post Investigations - French Records, n.d.
1-03 Records: Noms de villages francais et sauvages..., n.d.
1-04 Records: Manuscripts describing Louisiana settlers, 1917
1-05 Records: Enterprise par M. J. Gradenigo pour la navigation...1801
1-06 Records: Letter of Bienville, 1713
1-07 Records: Recensement General des terres de chaque quartier du poste... 1793
1-08 Records: Arch. Gen. De Indias. Seville. Cuba. Legajo 2357...1770
1-09 Records: Allemands. Premiere et seconde compagnies, n.d.
1-10 Records: Record of the Lands and enslaved people of the country of Opelousas, 1809
1-11 Records: Au Sujet des Engagez, 1721
1-12 Records: “Carte des Natchitoches”, 1909
1-13 Records: Plan du Relevepris Notre Sieur Francois Duplessis, n.d.
1-14 Records: Ship list bound for Louisiana, 1718
1-15 Records: Etat General des passagers..., 1717-1719
1-16 Records: Role de passagers embarques..., 1719-1720
1-17 Records: German Coast - Census, 1748
1-18 Records: Parish (Church) Records, 1762, 1798
1-19 Records: Spanish Land Grants, Brown family, 1787
1-20 Records: Gabriel Fuselier - Legal Documents, 1789
1-21 Records: Burials, St. Landry Church, 1801-1807
1-22 Records: Chateaulin to Beaumond - letter, 1744
1-23 Records: Law Family - Arkansas, 1720s
2-01 Records: Sales of enslaved people, land sales, other legal instruments of Poste des Opelousas, n.d.
2-02 Records: Superior Council records re Foucault, 1769
2-03 Records: Instrument of transfer of Louisiana, 1767
2-04 Records: Act of Sale - William Wikoff and Tortu, Chief of Attakapas, 1798
2-05 Records: Census of cattle and horses found on the Grand Prairie, n.d.
2-06 Records: Papeles Procedentes de Cuba Legajo, 190, 191, 192, 195. 1963, 1777-1778, 1780, without dates
2-07 Records: Petition of the Syndics, n.d.
2-08 Records: Decree banning forced immigration, 1720
2-09 Records: Natchitoches District Land Plates, 1700s
2-10 Records: Filhiol - Micro Letters, 1783
2-11 Records: Troop Lists, 1762
2-12 Records: Loiseau Land deals, 1805
2-13 Records: Natchez Massacre, 1733
2-14 Records: Deposition, 1772, Delahoussaye
2-15 Records: Invitation Request, 1802
2-16 Records: Mississippi River Census, 1731
2-17 Records: Belle-Isle-en-Mer Records, 1767
2-18 Records: Instructions to Capt. Beranger, 1721
2-19 Records: Recensement des Illinois, 1732
B. Oversize
3-01 Records: List of vessels departing for New World, 1728
3-02 Records: Archives de Yvelines at Versailles, 1730s-1760s [16 documents]; Photocopies, donated by Consul General of Yvelines, 1975
C. Records, Part II
4-01 The Louisiana Colonial Records Project
  Contains an overview on the materials in The Louisiana Colonial Records Project of the University of Southwest Louisiana, including origin and purpose, planning, implementation of project, information on content, research tools, development, and the future of the collection.
4-02 Contains various indexes for the Louisiana Colonial Records Project. Included are the index of names and some topics appearing in French Archival Materials relating to Colonial Louisiana (1638 - 1685); Composite B (1686 - 1697); Composite A; name and partial topic index to documents listed in Surrey Calendar (1638 - 1682); Set #3 (May 2, 1684 - Dec. 18, 1684); Guide (1686 - 1697), Sets 1 - 4; Index (1698 - Aug. 2, 1699); Index (Aug. 5, 1699 - end of year); Index (1701 - 1708); index of names and some topics appearing in French Archival materials relating to Colonial Louisiana (1638 - 1700); Index (1701 - 1705); index of names and some topics appearing in French Archival materials relating to Colonial Louisiana (1638 - 1697); Index (1698 - 1699); Index (1700); Index (1701-02-03); Index (1704 - 1705).
4-03 Contains articles from The Planter’s Banner concerning the gold rush in California and its surrounding mania, October 12, 1848 - March 6, 1852.
4-04 Contains Introduction to Public Land Records pages 209 - 220. Included are sections 15.1 Introduction, 15.2 Public Land Records, 1800 - 1908, 15.3 Public Land Records, 1908 - 1973, 15.4 Private Land Claims, and 15.5 Land Records at National Archives Field Branches.
4-05 Contains various indexes dated 1638 - 1717: Index of Names and Some Topics Appearing in the French Archival Materials Relating to Colonial Louisiana 1638 - 1711, 64 pages; Index 115, 10 pages; Index 1716, 19 pages; Index 1712 - 1714, 18 pages; Index to Year 1717, 15 pages.
4-06 Contains correspondence between Aubry and various individuals, and a bibliography of documents on the Rebellion of 1768.
4-07 Contains a map of Louisiana territory labeled “Carte Historique De La Basse Louisiane” by the Baron M. de Villiers.
4-08 Contains indexes concerning Little Red Church and Cemetery of Saint Charles Parish, Louisiana. Included are Marriages, Baptisms, and Deaths listed in alphabetical order, 1739 - 1755, 84 pages.
  Compiled by J. Cleveland Frugé
4-09 Cabildo Document
4-10 Controversy over the importation of enslaved people. Documents 361 - 363, 366
4-11 Request from the Marquis de Casa Calvo, Military Governor of Spanish Louisiana, Requesting Money Needed for Capturing Runaways enslaved people. Documents 350 and 352.
4-12 Measures taken during the Spanish Period for Better Sanitation to Prevent Epidemics which were threatening the City of New Orleans and Surrounding Areas. Documents 337, 337. 34, 392, 396.
4-13 Request to Extend the Contracts to Operate the Dance Halls and Theatre in Spanish Louisiana. Documents 338, 341, 380-A, 385, 415
5-01 Black Officers of the Battalion of Quadroons and Octoroons of the Discipline Militia of Louisiana Request Permission from the Cabildo to be able to Hold Weekly Dances in Spanish New Orleans. Document 367.
5-02 The role of the Cabildo of New Orleans in the retrocession of Louisiana back to France. Documents, 423-426, 431.
5-03 The Marquis of Casa Calvo, the Military Governor of Spanish Louisiana; Instructing the Cabildo of the Proper Protocol to Receive the New Spanish Governor, Don Manuel de Salcedo. Document 372.
5-04 Selected documents pertaining to the Residencia of Governor Estevan Miro conducted by Dr. Luis Carlos de Jaen. Document 405.
5-05 Tthe role of the Cabildo of New Orleans with regard to the fianza (bond) which must be furnished by each Spanish governor to satisfy the Juicio de Residencia (Final Audit). Document 359.
5-06 A copy of a Royal Order Declaring that Military Officers Serving in Civilian Offices will be tried in the Jurisdiction of the Civilian Courts Where the Crimes are Committed. Document 401.
5-07 A Resolution from the King that Military Officers can also serve as City Councilmen n the Cabildo of New Orleans. Document 352.
5-08 The authorization from the Intendant for the Cabildo of New Orleans to purchase flour and other goods from the United States. Document 418.
5-09 The appointment, removal from office and deportation of Attorney José Martinez de la Pedrera, Legal Counsel for the Cabildo of New Orleans. Documents 393, 400, 408.
5-10 Documents Relating to the Resignation of an official of the Cabildo as a Result of the Residenia Conducted by don Luis Carolos de Jaen of Governor Estevan Miro. Documents 399 and 406.
5-11 The licensing of Don Jorge Pfeiffer, Physician and Surgeon, to Practice Medicine in Spanish Louisiana. Document 336.
5-12 Don Jorge Estilet, Master Saddle Make, Requesting that the Cabildo of New Orleans Pay him for the Leather Buckets he made for the fire department. Document 412.
5-13 The Intendant General of Louisiana, Don Ramon de Lopez y Angulo, requesting that Money appropriated to the Orphan Asylum be transferred as a loan to the Royal Treasury. Document 377.
5-14 A report by Dr. Luis Giovellina on the Conditions of the San Lazaro Hospital for Lepers in Spanish New Orleans. Document 365.
5-15 Luisa de la Ronde Requesting that Payment for construction Work on the Cabildo of New Orleans Undertaken by her late husband, Don Andres Almonester y Rojas, be Paid to her. Documents 404, 422, 343.
  Governor Nicholas Maria Vidal Requesting for the City Council Members to Provide him with a Report on the Monetary Value of the Cabildo Building owed to the Succession of Don Andres Almonester y Rojas. Document 343.
5-16 The Resignation of the Pregnonero (Town Cryer) of Spanish New Orleans. Document 346.
5-17 Don Francisco Ortiz, Sereno (Night Watchman) of the City of New Orleans Requesting a Raise in his salary. Document 351.
5-18 A copy of the Royal Order from the King to the Spanish Governor of Louisiana Regarding the new Mode of Taxation for the Lighting of the City of New Orleans. Document 398.
5-19 Don Jose Garcia, Caretaker of Canal Carnodelet, Requesting a Piece of Land from the Cabildo of New Orleans so that he can Build his House Near the Canal. Document 347.
5-20 Dispute Between the Catholic Church and the Cabildo of New Orleans over the Ownership of the Land Used as a Cemetery During the French Period. Document 375.
5-21 Don Pedro de la Roche and Don Pedro Denis de La Ronde, Commissioners of the Cabildo of New Orleans, Awarding a Contract for a Second Wagon for the Cleaning of the Streets of the City. Document 355.
5-22 Request for Payment for the Construction of the Gallows in Spanish New Orleans. Document 383.
Map Case 42
Blank Oath of Office for Member of Commission to Investigate the Management of Municipal Boards and All Commissions
1920 Certificates for Member of Commission to Investigate the Management of Municipal Boards and All Commissions for:
  Albert S. England
  Terrence Smith
  Thomas H. Roberts
  Allison Owen
  Frank Dameron
Secession Instrument of the Louisiana Legislature, ½ sheet, n.d.
3 laminated sheets, 1 carte particulière du fleuve Saint Louis, ,1 description de la pêche, et 1 carte qui contient la manière dont se fait la chasse des bœufs sauvage
Louisiana Colonial Records: Oversize Documents, Bound copies, Journal and Report of James Leander Cathcart and Janes Hutton Agents Appointed by the Secretary of the Navy to Survey Timber Resources between the Mermentau and Mobile Rivers, November 1818-May 1819 (Bound book may also be found at HD266.L6 C3)
Map Case 42-01
Agreement with Freedmen, St. Martin Parish, 7 January 1867
Le Maridional, 5 mai 1866