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Carmen Lindig Collection

Collection 368

Lindig, Carmen (1924 -2004). Collection, 1870-1980

5 inches

Carmen Elizabeth Meriwether Lindig is the author of The Path from the Parlor: Louisiana Women 1879-1920. She was born 20 August 1924 in Beaumont, Texas, to Jerry and Genevieve Meriwether. She lived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, for many years where she taught school. She received her doctorate in history from the University of North Texas in 1982, and wrote The Path from the Parlor in 1986. She was a member of the American Association of University Women and served on the board of directors for the Baton Rouge Chapter of the Young Women’s Christian Association. She passed away on February 5, 2004 in Baton Rouge.

This collection consists of research conducted by Dr. Lindig on women’s rights, and the Equal Rights Amendment. It includes biographical information on prominent women in Louisiana as well as newspaper clippings related to the movement to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. It also includes information on Louisiana Laws, statistics on women, and women’s organizations in Louisiana. The collection includes notes taken by Dr. Lindig on her research.


I. Women in Louisiana  
  a. Individuals 1-01 through 1-15
  b. Other 1-16 through 1-19
II. Laws 1-20 through 1-22
III. Statistics 1-23
IV. Newspaper clippings 1-24 through 1-25


I. Women in Louisiana
  a. Individuals
1-01 Margaret Dixon, 1963-1971
1-02 Caroline Durieux, 1931-1977
1-03 Lucille May Grace, 1900-1944
1-04 Shirley Ann Grau, 1929-1967
1-05 Alice Lee Grosjean, 1927-1969
1-06 Elayn Hunt, 1941-1976
1-07 Katherine Jeter, 1921-1980
1-8 Naomi Marshall, 1956-1980
1-09 Mary Evelyn Parker, 1948-1980
1-10 Rosemary T. Pillow, 1925-1978
1-11 Nina Nichols Pugh, 1925- 1980
1-12 Sylvia Roberts, 1953-1980
1-13 Lillian Walker, 1964
1-14 Elizabeth Bisland Wetmore, 1861-1909
1-15 Louisiana Leaders by Louisiana Pen Women, 1863-1967
    [Includes information on Harriet Spiller Daggett, Dr. Mary Mims, and Catherine Malone]
  b. Other
1-16 Parishes - Caddo, Lincoln, Avoyelles, East Carroll, 1832-1976
1-17 Women’s Department Materials, 1964-1978
1-18 Women’s Bureau, 1964-1979
1-19 Women of Baton Rouge, 1957-1983
II. Laws
1-20 Laws of Louisiana, 1977-1979
1-21 Law Institute, 1950-1980
1-22 Pascal Family Law, 1975
III. Statistics
1-23 1870-1970
IV. Newspaper Clippings
1-24 1971-1980
1-25 1979-1980
V. Miscellaneous
1-26 1884-1976