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Lafayette General Hospital Collection

Collection 406

Lafayette General Hospital (Lafayette, LA). Collection, 1980-1989, n.d.

10 inches

Lafayette General Hospital (LGH) evolved from the Lafayette Sanitarium, the first hospital in Lafayette. The Sanitarium was founded in 1911 by Doctors L.O. Clark, J. Franklin Mouton, and L.A. Prejean. It was located on St. John Street and had five or six beds. Dr. Charles E. Hamilton became a partner in 1920.

Over the years the hospital expanded to 84 beds, but by the 1950s the facilities were inadequate and there was no space to expand. Maurice Heymann donated seven acres of land in the Oil Center, and funds were secured from local donors and the U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare to build a new facility. The hospital was renamed Lafayette General Hospital, and the new seven-story, 200-bed facility opened in 1965. Dr. Hamilton, who had served as president of the board of directors since 1958, resigned in 1966 and was succeeded by Dr. J.J. Burdin, Sr.

Today, known as Lafayette General Medical Center, the hospital is Acadiana’s largest non-profit, community-owned regional health system, committed to always delivering excellence. The system has over 4,000 employees, serving the south-central region of Louisiana by aligning with facilities across Acadiana. LGH is a founding member of the Oschner Health Network.

This collection consists of correspondence, minutes of meetings, financial records, general records, and other miscellaneous materials.


A. Correspondence 1-01 thru 1-07
B. Minutes 1-08 thru 2-02
C. Financial Records 2-03 thru 2-09
D. Bylaws 2-10 thru 2-11
E. General Records 2-12 thru 2-15
F. Miscellaneous 2-16 thru 2-19


Box 1  
1-01 Correspondence: January-December, 1983
1-02 Correspondence: January-December, 1984
1-03 Correspondence: January, June-December, 1985
1-04 Correspondence: January-December, 1986
1-05 Correspondence: January-December, 1987
1-06 Correspondence: January-December, 1988
1-07 Correspondence: January, 1989
1-08 Minutes of Meetings: January, March-April, June-September, 1983
1-09 Minutes of Meetings: February-November, 1984
1-10 Minutes of Meetings: July-September, December, 1985
Box 2  
2-01 Minutes of Meetings: September 23, 1986
2-02 Minutes of Meetings: September, 1987
2-03 Financial Records: Overview of Healthcare system financial covenants, June, 1983
2-04 Financial Records: Monthly Census Summary, February-March, 1982 – March 31, 1983, May 1983
2-05 Financial Records: Authorized Check Signers, September 1, 1983
2-06 Financial Records: Financial and Statistical Summary, December 3, 1985
2-07 Financial Records: Qualified Appraisal of Real Property, LGMC, August 1, 1986
2-08 Financial Records: Employee Retirement Plan, December 1, 1987
2-09 Financial Records: Income Statement, 1988
2-10 Bylaws: Articles of Incorporation; policy statements, March 25, 1980
2-11 Bylaws: Interest Policy, November 4, 1985
2-12 General Records: Board of trustees’ committees, 1983
2-13 General Records: Long Range Plan, March 8, 1983
2-14 General Records: Questionnaire Response, February 21, 1984
2-15 General Records: annual membership corporation, February 4, 1986 (dedication and meeting)
2-16 Miscellaneous: article: “Capital planning strategies in an era of changing ground rules, by Jeff C. Goldsmith, Ph.D. January 1983, Trustee.
2-17 Miscellaneous: Camp Bon Coeur, 1985-86. Camp for children who have undergone open heart surgery or have a major heart related problems.
2-18 Miscellaneous: invitations, February, June, July, October, 1986
2-19 Miscellaneous: census statistics blank form; The Methodist Hospital: organizational chart, n.d.