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Charles Langley Collection

Manuscript 293

Langley, Charles ( – ). Collection, 1995, 2003

3 folders

Charles Langley was born in England, but currently resides in New Mexico. He is a journalist and author who specializes in writing about traditional medicine, especially Navajo medicine. His books include Meeting the Medicine Man: An Englishman’s Travels Among the Navajo and Spirit Land – The Peyote Diaries of Charles Langley.

On March 6, 2003, Mr. Langley met with two of the last known Louisiana traiteurs in Maurice, LA, where they had a conversation about their practices and their sense of loss in the changing world. This collection contains typed draft conversations and experiences meeting with the traiteurs. The collection also contains handwritten copies of their prayers.

Charles Langley donated this collection.


293-01 Traiteurs Draft, 2003
293-02 Charms of the Traiteurs (handwritten and typed), 2003
293-03 Sunday Advocate Magazine, Louisiana Traiteurs – A Cajun Tradition of Folk Medicine, 1995