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City of Lafayette (Louisiana) Collection

Collection 111

Lafayette (Louisiana), City of. Collection, 1916–1984, n.d.

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The City of Lafayette (Louisiana) Collection consists of City Ordinances, Chamber of Commerce material, Bicentennial Celebration material, festival material, maps of Lafayette, and videotapes.


A. Records Box 1
B. Videotapes Box 2


Box 1
1-01 Ordinance No. 453: Defining “Flag Desecration”
Ordinance No. 454: Defining “Simple Escape”
Ordinance No. 455: Defining “Assisting Escape”
Ordinance No. 456: Defining “Contributing to the Delinquency of Juveniles”
Ordinance No. 457: Defining “Indecent Behavior with Juveniles”
Ordinance No. 458: Defining “Unlawful Sales to Minors”
Ordinance No. 459: Defining “Letting Premises for Prostitution”
Ordinance No. 460: Defining “Soliciting for Prostitutes”
Ordinance No. 461: Defining “Prostitution”
Ordinance No. 463: Defining “False Personation”
Ordinance No. 467: Defining “Criminal Mischief”
Ordinance No. 468: Defining “False Imprisonment”
Ordinance No. 469: Defining "Criminal Trespass”
Ordinance No. 475: Defining “Receiving Stolen Things”
Ordinance No. 477: Defining “Crimes Against Natured”
Ordinance No. 478: Defining "Distribution of Abortifacients”
Ordinance No. 479: Defining “Gambling”
1-02 Ordinance No. 480: Defining “Issuing Worthless Checks”
Ordinance No. 481: Defining “Jumping Bail”
Ordinance No. 494: Defining “Prohibiting the Abandonment of Iceboxes and Refrigerators Accessible to Children” (adopted December 22, 1953)
Ordinance No. 495: Defining “Keeping a Disorderly Place”
Ordinance No. 496: Defining “Letting a Disorderly Place”
Ordinance No. 497: Defining “Desecration of Graves”
Ordinance No. 498: Defining “Cruelty to Animals”
Ordinance No. 563: Defining “Simple Battery”
Ordinance No. 566: Defining “Regulating Advertising Procedures in the Retail Sales of Petroleum Products”
Ordinance No. 567: Defining “Enlarging and Expending these Corporate Limits of the City”
Ordinance, Repealing No. 570: Defining "Simple Battery”
Ordinance No. 571: Defining “Amending and Re-enacting Section 13 of Ordinance No. 316”
Ordinance No. 599: Defining “Prohibiting any person raising or keeping certain fowl”
Ordinance No. 627: Defining “Regulating the collection and disposal of garbage, trash and waste matter”
1-03 Recommended Bail Schedule for City Ordinance Violations, effective January 31, 1963
1-04 Order for Rating Insignia, 1964/1965
1-05 Liquor and beer licenses, February 7, 1963
1-06 Act 310 of 1962 (amending Chapter 1 of Title 32 of the Revised Statutes of 1950) “Emergency vehicles - exceptions”
1-07 Ordinance No. 24: Defining “Prohibiting Killing of any dogs at large on the streets or Public Ways” (adopted January 31, 1916)
Ordinance No. 81: Defining “Prohibiting the running at large or tying across or on sidewalks or streets of animals within the corporate limits” (adopted September 27, 1920)
Ordinance No. 83: Defining “Prohibiting the cutting of mufflers on automobiles on the streets of the city" (adopted November 8, 1920)
Ordinance No. 261: Defining “Declaring the playing of any band, musical instrument, phonograph, or radio or other loud speaking or noise making device or attachment in an unreasonable volume or decree of intensity a nuisance and declaring any instrument, mechanism, mechanical device….” (Adopted March 24, 1936)
Ordinance No. 293: Defining “Providing for the registration of bicycles in the city” (adopted April 25, 1939)
Ordinance No. 315: Defining “Regulating the sale, handling and/or distribution of intoxicating, alcoholic, spirituous, vinous or malt liquors containing more than 6% of alcohol by volume…” (Adopted February 26, 1941)
Ordinance No. 316: Defining “Regulating the traffic in beer, porter, ale, fruit juices or wine of an alcoholic content of 6% or less, but greater than one half of one percent….”
Ordinance No. 351: Defining “To Levy a tax on all beer, porter, ale, fruit juices or win containing more than one half of one percent and not more than six percent of alcohol by volume…” (Adopted August 20, 1946)
1-08 Poster-calendar of Lafayette, Louisiana, n.d.
1-09 Chamber of Commerce Industrial Survey, Lafayette, Louisiana, November 1937
1-10 Visit to Lafayette of Valery Giscard d’Estaing, President of France, May 21, 1976 (Includes programs, news clippings, correspondence, etc.)
1-11 Bicentennial Celebrations by Lafayette Organizations, 1976 (Includes news clippings, photographs, certificate, etc.)
1-12 Organizations in Lafayette, Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce, Inc. May 1975
1-13 International Acadian Festival, December 3-4, 1968, Lafayette, Louisiana (Includes purpose of festival, news clippings, organizational chart)
1-14 Newspaper article describing School in Lafayette at Turn of Century, May 30, 1972
1-15 Chamber of Commerce Historical Societies’ Material - Tourist, etc., 1975
1-16 Chamber of Commerce “Welcome to Lafayette, Louisiana”, National Catholic Rural Life Convention, 1947 (Includes welcome correspondence)

Box 2
Lafayette Centennial Commission, Nostalgia Gatherings (videotapes)
1. City and Parish Government, July, 1983
2. Early Education, August, 1983
3. Early Sites in Vermilionville and Lafayette; Early Fire Department, September, 1983
4. Early Communication and Transportation, November, 1983
5. Floods and Pearl Harbor, December, 1983
6. Early Black Culture, January, 1984
7. Early Medicine, February, 1984
8. Agriculture and Oil, March, 1984
9. Early Religion, April, 1984
10. Do You Remember?, May 1984