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Marguerite Lyle Papers

Collection 263

Lyle, Marguerite (1929–1994). Papers, 1972–1992, n.d.

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Marguerite A. Richard Lyle was an associate professor of Communication at the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette), a communication consultant, member of the Lafayette Parish School Board, and a local civic leader.

Ms. Lyle was born on Sept. 13, 1929 in Lafayette, LA, the daughter of Clarence Phillip and Jacqueline Mathilde (Weil) Richard. She died Nov. 27, 1994 in Lafayette. She married Michael G. Lyle on Aug. 3, 1952, and they had five children. She received her bachelor’s degree in speech and English in 1950 and her master’s degree in education in 1971, both from U.S.L. She taught school in Oberlin, LA before joining the faculty of the Communication Department at U.S.L. in 1964. Her teaching and research interests included listening, memory, thinking skills, and communication, topics that also informed her work as a communication consultant. She left the University in 1984 to become a full-time communication consultant.

Ms. Lyle was also active in civic affairs. She was a member of the Lafayette Parish School Board from 1981 until her death, and was remembered for putting the best interests of students before any other consideration. She also helped create the Lafayette Natural History Museum and Planetarium and chaired the Museum Commission. She served as curriculum chair for Leadership Lafayette, and served on the Board of Directors for Downtown Lafayette. She was the first woman to serve as parish president for St. Pius X Catholic Church.

This collection contains materials on Mrs. Lyle’s research interests, including listening, memory, thinking, and communication. Besides materials from her courses, workshops and programs, it also includes research materials she used to prepare her lectures and programs.


A. Listening 1-01 through 1-16
B. Memory 1-17 through 1-20
C. Nonverbal Communication 1-21 through 1-24
D. Thinking 1-25 through 1-30
E. Other Topics 1-31 through 1-44
F. Miscellaneous 1-45 through 1-47


A. Listening
1-01 Listening, n.d.
1-02 Listening, n.d.
1-03 Listening: Materials from Sperry Corporation, 1980, n.d.
1-04 Listening: Overhead slides, n.d.
1-05 Listening comics: Overhead slides, n.d.
1-06 Listening games, n.d.
1-07 Developing Programs for Integrating Listening Instruction Into a K-12 Curriculum by W. Arthur Williams and Deborah Hefferin Vrhel. (St. Paul: International Listening Association, 1983)
1-08 Empathic listening, n.d.
1-09 The Listening Activity Book, by Charlene W. Smith (Belmont CA: Fearon Publishers, 1975)
1-10 Listening by Doing: Developing Effective Listening Skills, by Kathleen Galvin. (Lincoln IL: National Textbook Co., 1985)
1-11 Listening for Teachers, 1983-1988, n.d.
1-12 Listening for Teachers, 1982-1987, n.d.
1-13 “Can You Keep Quiet for Three Seconds?”, by Craig Pearson. Learning, Feb. 1980, pp. 40-43
1-14 “Listening Can Be an Art”, by Wilfred Peterson, n.d.
1-15 Listening Development and Implementation Grant. Frederick County [MD] Public Schools, 1986
1-16 Teaching Listening Skills: a PIP Workshop, n.d.
B. Memory
1-17 Memory/Listening Skills, USL, 1985, n.d.
1-18 Listening and Memory Skills Development: a Continuing education Program, n.d.
1-19 Teaching Listening/Memory Skills Workshop, 6 hours. n.d.
1-20 Memory, 1988-1991, n.d.
C. Nonverbal Communication
1-21 Non-verbal Communication, 1975, n.d.
1-22 Body Language, 1972-1988, n.d.
1-23 Some Attitudes Communicated Through Body Language, n.d.
1-24 “Categories of Nonverbal Communication in the Classroom”, by Stella A. Rollman, 1981
D. Thinking
1-25 Thinking, 1981-1987, n.d.
1-26 Thinking, 1984-1992, n.d.
1-27 Higher Order Thinking Skills in Mathematics and Science: Grade Six, Light (Draft). Patterson NJ Board of Education, n.d.
1-28 Implementing Thinking Skills Instruction in an Urban District, by Belinda Williams. Patterson NJ Board of Education, n.d.
1-29 Thinking Skills, 1986-1987, n.d.
1-30 International Conference on Critical Thinking and Educational Reform, 4th, 21 June 1985
E. Other Topics
1-31 Family communication comics (Overhead slides), n.d.
1-32 Group processes, n.d.
1-33 Learning to Learn Workshop, n.d.
1-34 Notetaking, n.d.
1-35 Oral communication handouts, n.d.
1-36 Developing Oral Communication Skills. Oral and Written Communications Task Force, 1981-1982
1-37 Teaching Oral Communication Skills: Selected Bibliography, n.d.
1-38 Ten Ways to Organize Information, n.d.
1-39 Outlining the Informative Speech, n.d.
1-40 Parent-Teacher Communication, 1983-1989, n.d.
1-41 Creative Problem Solving, n.d.
1-42 Right/Left Brain, 1980, n.d.
1-43 Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, n.d.
1-44 Words comics, n.d.
F. Miscellaneous
1-45 Connections organization, Lafayette LA, 1993
1-46 Downtown Lafayette Unlimited, n.d.
1-47 Investors’ manuals, 1985, 1989