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Alphabetical List of Collections: G

Note: Larger holdings are labeled "Collection"; smaller holdings (less than 2½ inches) are labeled "Manuscript".

Gaines, Ernest J. (1933-2019). Papers, 1955-

Collection 115

12 feet 6 inches
Ernest J. Gaines was born near New Roads, Louisiana, in 1933. Although Gaines moved to California with his family after World War II, he based much of his fiction upon his observations of life in Louisiana.
The collection consists mainly of various drafts of Mr. Gaines' published works from handwritten originals to galley proofs. It also contains unpublished stories and novels starting with those written during his college days. The unpublished materials may be consulted only with permission of Mr. Gaines. Several scrapbooks centered on published works include reviews and correspondence. Other types of this material are unbound. There are an especially large number of reviews of the television production of The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman.


Garber, Andrew (1974- ). Collection, 1952-1999, n.d.

Collection 342

7.5 inches
Research material gathered in preparing a master's thesis, The Miracle Mile: the Heymann Oil Center and the Oil Economy of Lafayette, Louisiana, 1953-1998 (Appalachian State University, 1998).

Gardiner, Lessley P. (1901-1976). Papers, 1936-1984, n.d.

Collection 293

5 inches
Lessley P. Gardiner was a lawyer and judge. He served as Louisiana Attorney General, 1939-1940, and as Judge on the 27th Judicial Court, 1948-1972. He was also active in civic affairs in St. Landry Parish. The collection reflects Gardiner's judicial and civic activities, especially after 1949.

Garrett Family Papers, 1872 – 1986, n.d.

Collection 404

10 inches
This collection consists of documents from the Army of Tennessee, Louisiana Division, of United Confederate Veterans Association, correspondence, receipts, photographs, publications, and certificate and diplomas from the Garret, Blue, and Allain families.

Gary, Fils (1891-1961) General Store. Collection, 1920-1930

Collection 325

Ledgers and day books, 1918-1937, from a general store north of Erath in Vermilion Parish, LA.

Gassie, Lucie Voorhies (1880-1968). Memoirs, 1955

Collection 494

1 volume
Lucie Voorhies Gassie was born on August 13, 1880. She was the daughter of Judge Felix Voorhies and Modeste Potier. Her inspiration in writing these memoirs came about in her mid-70s. She wrote these stories for her children. For Felix Voorhies papers, see Collection 117.

Gavarret Family. Papers, 1819-1854, 1864-1869, n.d.

Manuscript 43

5 folders
Poems, school books, correspondence (in French). Additions [43-2 through 43-5] donated by Lynn Chaney.

Gaylor, Frank, Esq. ( - ). Letter, 1832

Manuscript 158

1 folder
Letter dated 1832, addressed to Frank Gaylor, Esq., Washington, D.C. from B.J. Sage. The letter pertains to the sale of Red River land around January 14, 1832 and the Agent was B.J. Sage.

Gebert-Ray-Lee Families. Papers, 1810-1962

Collection 65

2.5 inches
The collection contains correspondence, legal and financial documents of the Gebert-Ray-Lee families both original and typescripts. The families resided in Kentucky before some moved to Louisiana in the 1820s where they resided in Opelousas and Grand Coteau.

Gentil, Jean S. (1829-1911). Papers, 1856-1976

Collection 323

2.5 inches
Jean Gentil was born in France which he left in 1851 as a political exile. He arrived in St. James Parish, Louisiana in 1853. He taught foreign languages at Jefferson College in Convent, LA. In 1865 he and A.V. Roman started the newspaper La Louisianais. He edited the paper 1865-1873, 1874-1881. Almost everything in the collection is a photocopy of either publications or documents from the Kurtz Collection at the Louisiana Research Library, Tulane University. There is also a framed portrait of M. Gentil. Mrs. William Butcher of Lafayette donated gathered the material and donated it to UAAMC.

Gentry, Judith F. (1942-2021). Papers, 1975-1981, n.d.

Collection 389

40 feet, 11.5 inches
Dr. Judith Fenner Gentry was a history professor at the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now University of Louisiana at Lafayette) for more than 40 years. Her areas of research included the Civil War and women's history. This collection consists of Dr. Gentry's professional and research files. A large portion of the collection consists of material she gathered for a grant called “Acadian History.” These materials include data collection of land grants, original acts, baptisms, marriages, and funerals.

German Prisoners of War. Collection, 1942-1989

Collection 151

2 feet
This collection consists of photographs, correspondence, reports, publicity including news clippings, articles, etc. It also contains videotapes of a reunion held in May 1984 and video was taken by NBC News. This collection also consists of miscellaneous materials as well.
This collection was donated by Dr. Matt Schott.

Collection 151A consists of Rosalind Foley's research papers.

German Prisoners of War. Collection (Jerome Neyrey Document), 1942-1946

Manuscript 189

1 folder
Timeline of priests assigned to German prisoner of war camps during World War II. Information is from the Province Catalogue; House Diary of St. Charles College. Compiled and donated by Fr. Jerome Neyrey.

Gerwick, Fred (1903-1979). Photographs, 1910s-1970

Collection 91

5 inches
Photographs of the oil industry and workers in Louisiana, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Texas; includes family scenes.

Gilbert, Viola ( - ). Reminiscence, n.d.

Manuscript 65

6 pages
Reminiscence of Newllano Colony from 1924 through 1930s, 6 pages, thermofax.Donated by Elsie Owen.

Gillespie, Elmer (1898-1970). Photograph Collection, 1914-1918

Collection 485

1 foot, 3 inches (81 plates)
This collection consists of glass plates depicting World War I battle scenes (commercial photographs). Donated by Ralph Garnett from Mrs. Elmer Gillespie.

Gilmore, Robert (1909-1995) and Jeanne (1911-2006). Papers, 1921-1990, n.d.

Collection 291

5 inches
Robert Gilmore was on the music faculty of the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette). During his twenty-three years at USL, he served as professor of music, brass instructor, and band director. He and his wife Jeanne traveled and published materials concerned with the French heritage of South Louisiana. This collection consists of sheet music, photographs, etc.

Girard, Edward Crow ( - ). Collection, 2003

Collection 502

11.5 inches
This collection contains a framed design from Mr. Girard, commemorating USL's centennial. Donated by Edward Crow Girard.

Giscard d’Estaing, Valery (1926- ). Press Packet, 1976

Manuscript 14

1 folder
Valery Giscard D’Estaing was the President of the French Republic. He made an official visit to the United States from May 17-22, 1976. Lafayette, LA was one of the cities he visited. This collection contains the press packet for the state visit.

Givens-Hopkins Families. Papers, 1823-1962, n.d.

Collection 8

4.5 feet
Mainly personal correspondence among members of the families of John S. Givens and Thomas B. Hopkins who lived in Louisiana and Texas. Included also are records concerning lands held by the Givens family in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi. Of special note in the correspondence are accounts of travel or work assignments abroad: Mattie Hopkins Williams in the Middle East (1910) and Japan (1920); Lyle Givens in Europe (1929); John S. Givens in Alaska (1935) and Czechoslovakia (1946); Lyle Givens Williams in Latin America (1943-1944); Agnes Givens Gercke in Japan (1946-1952); and Anna H. Givens in Japan (1950-1952). Other letters mention the Corpus Christi flood of 1919, the death of Will Rogers and Willey Post in 1935, and the controversy between the DAR and Marion Anderson in 1939.
For more on Lyle Givens Williams, including some material on the Givens Family, see Collection 27 - David R. Williams Papers
This collection was donated by Lyle Givens Williams.

Gomez, Ronald J. “Ron”, Sr. (1934 - ). Papers, 1971-1993, n.d.

Collection 275

3 feet
Ron Gomez was a broadcast journalist and politician. He served in the Louisiana House of Representatives (1980-1989) and was Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources under Governor Buddy Roemer (1990-1992). This collection contains political documents, newspaper clippings, and typed and recorded interviews that reflect his leadership throughout his career. It also contains banners, posters, and stickers for voting purposes when he was running for mayor of Lafayette against Kenny Bowen. Ron Gomez donated the collection.

Gramling, Robert (1943-2014). Collection, 1977, 1980

Collection 408

5 inches
This collection consists of two publications that Robert Gramling edited: “East St. Mary Parish, Economic Growth and stabilization Strategies, 1980” and “Outer Continental Shelf Impacts, Morgan City, Louisiana, 1977.”

Greig Family. Bible, circa 1759

Collection 443

1 volume
John Greig, the fourth child was born in 1796 in Scotland and died in Lafayette in 1851. He married Angelica Taylor in 1825 in Lafayette Parish. They had eleven children. This Bible belonged to the John Greig family. A notation inside the back cover dates it to 1759.Donated by J.F. “Jeff” Webb of Florien, Louisiana.

Grevemberg, Francis C. Affidavit, 1993

Manuscript 106

1 folder
Francis C. Grevemberg served as Superintendent of State Police under Gov. Robert F. Kennon during the years 1952-1955. In October 1953, two troopers sitting in the back seat of his patrol car began reminiscing about the night that Gov. Long was shot in the state capitol. This is an affidavit of what was said. The affidavit is photocopied. Unknown donor.

Griffin, Harry L. (1883-1967). Papers, 1905-1964, n.d.

Collection 30

2 ½ feet
Dr. Harry Lewis Griffin was a long-time dean of the College of Liberal Arts at Southwestern Louisiana Institute (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette). This collection consists of Dr. Griffin’s personal papers, including writings, speeches, correspondence, and materials he collected reflecting his interest in south Louisiana history, political science, education, and civic affairs. H.L. Griffin and Lucile M. Griffin donated this collection.

Griffin, Lucile Meredith Mouton (1889-1983). Collection, 1798-1967

Collection 26

7 feet 6 inches
This collection reflects both the work of Lucile Mouton Griffin and her husband, Harry L. Griffin, and her interest in Mouton family history. Contains scrapbooks kept by Mrs. Griffin before her marriage including her years as a student at SLI and material from her graduate school work at the University of Chicago and Columbia University; photographs of Lafayette (many used to illustrate H. L.Griffin's Attakapas Country), with explanatory notes; and an extensive post card collection. The collection deals with the Mouton family, especially, Mrs. Griffin's father, Alexander Mouton (1853-1938), an engineer who worked in Latin America and owned a sugar refinery for a time. His collection includes an autobiography, correspondence, and large clipping and post card scrapbooks. This collection contains material on other members of the Mouton family dating back to Jean Mouton in 1798. Among these items are artifacts owned by Gov. Alexander Mouton (1804-1885), Mrs. Griffin's great-grandfather.
Donated by Lucile M. Griffin, Lafayette, La.

Grimmer, Nicholas (1814-1896). Genealogical Collection, 1791-1996, n.d.

Collection 390

2 ½ inches, Map Case 10-07
Nicholas Grimmer was a music teacher at St. Charles College, a Jesuit grammar school. This collection consists of genealogy material such as correspondence, photographs, maps, research, documents and news clippings.

Grout, William M. "Billy" (1921-1996). Photographs, ca. 1970-1978

Collection 143

ca. 6,000 images (mainly negatives)
William Grout grew up around Walker, La. From his days in the Army Air Corps during World War II he has been an avid photographer. Although he has done commercial work in portraiture and weddings, this collection reflects his interest in scenic photography. Most of the images, which were taken mainly between 1974 and 1978, are of Louisiana, especially in the Florida parishes. They also indicate Mr. Grout's interest in motorcycling.
Collection donated to the University by the photographer in 1978.

Grow, Lake B. (1873-1944). Collection, 1904-1915

Collection 14

1 feet 8 inches
A collection of photographs relating to the early 1900s oil development in the Anse La Butte, Evangeline, and Gulf Coast areas.

Guchereau, Moore. Correspondence, 1957-1960

Manuscript 262

1 folder
Moore Guchereau was the Mayor of the City of New Orleans in the 1950s. This collection contains correspondence pertaining the “Community Chest of Lafayette, Inc.”, Congratulations on being re-elected as Mayor, Field trip of student from Mt. Carmel School in Lafayette, Thank You notes for contributions to his campaign, etc.

Guillory, Terrell ( - ). Manuscript, n.d.

Manuscript 9

1 item
Bound typescript of Dr. Shilling, 189 pages, set in Acadiana during World War II.

Gulf Intracoastal Canal Association. Collection

Collection 384

15 feet

Gulf States Conference. Records, 1948-1971, n.d.

Collection 66

5 feet 5 inches
Records of athletic events and athletes of the Gulf States Conference.