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Andrew Garber Collection

Collection 342

Garber, Andrew (1974– ). Collection, 1952–1999, n.d.

7.5 inches

Andrew Garber received in B. A. in History from the University of Southwestern Louisiana in 1996. He received an M.A. in History from Appalachian State University in 1998. His thesis, done under the direction of Michael Wade, was on the Lafayette Oil Center. This collection contains the research material he gathered in preparing the thesis.


I. Oral History Materials Box 1
II. Subject Files 2-01 through 2-14
III. Photographs 2-15 and 2-16
IV. Plat Maps Map Case 48-04 and 48-05


I. Oral History Materials
1-01 Excerpts from oral history interviews
    Herbert Heymann, Alfred Lamson, Ruffin Lowry, Bob Rodgers, John Stephan, A. Hays Town
    [See also: 2-10 and 2-13]
Box 1 tapes
  Audio cassette tapes: Herbert Heymann, 2nd interview, 9 June 1997; Heymann radio interview; Alfred Lamson, 11 June 1997
  Mini digital cassettes: Herbert Heymann [4 tapes]; Ruffin Lowry, 6 March 1997; Bob Rodgers, 14 Aug. 1997; A. Hays Town, 16 Aug. 1997; one unlabeled
II. Subject Files
    [contains photocopies of newspaper clippings [often enlarged], reports; journal articles; pamphlets, etc. - some original material]
2-01 Lafayette - history; growth; economy; etc., mainly 1950s
    articles; Chamber of Commerce publications; portions of other publications; newspaper clippings
2-02 Transportation, mainly 1950s
    mainly newspaper clippings; journal article; other publications
2-03 Labor statistics, 1940s - 1990s
    mainly from government documents
2-04 New oil techniques, 1950s, 1980s
    newspaper clippings, 1950s; articles from World Oil, 1952, 1985
2-05 Oil companies in Lafayette, 1950s, n.d.
    mainly newspaper clippings; government documents
2-06 Oil industry growth, 1952-1953
    newspaper clippings; articles from World Oil
2-07 Oil industry growth, 1960s
    newspaper clippings; article from Oil
2-08 Oil Center growth, 1953-1954; 1997; n.d.
    newspaper clippings; list of buildings , owners, area and completion dates; Garber notes
2-09 Oil Center business district, 1953-1963
    newspaper clippings
2-10 Oil Center Renaissance Association, 1990s
    packet; “An Urban Framework for the Oil Center, Lafayette, Louisiana,” USL Community Design Workshop, 1997;
newspaper articles;
notes on interview with Catherine Smith, 10 June 1997
2-11 Lafayette General Hospital, 1950s - 1990s
    newspaper clippings; brochures; publications
2-12 Municipal Auditorium, 1959 - 1961
    newspaper clippings
2-13 Petroleum Club
notes on interview with Jay B. Frost, 13 Aug. 1997;
newspaper clippings
2-14 Maurice Heymann
    newspaper clippings on Heymann, department store, and Oil Center
III. Photographs
2-15 Lafayette [copies: many originally by John Stephan]
    aerial views of Oil Center; also Municipal Auditorium and Blackham Coliseum [1950s];
street level views of Town House Motel and Lafayette Medical and Surgical Group;
A. Hays Town drawing of Oil Center;
gathering of men to celebrate first Eastern Airlines Flight to Lafayette, 1947;
several images of Maurice Heymann
2-16 Lafayette [mainly photographs probably taken by or for Garber]
    aerial views of Oil Center;
street level views of Oil Center, Lafayette General Hospital, and Municipal Auditorium;
architect’s drawings of street scene, site map, and building complex probably done by USL Community Design Workshop;
Board Members and Officers of Petroleum Club, 1953;
Oil Center street banners;
Heymann Store/Children’s Museum/Lafayette Museum, downtown Lafayette;
gravesites for Maurice and Jacqueline Heymann John
IV. Plat Maps [copied by Lafayette Parish Clerk of Court Office]
Map Case 48-04
  Plat maps for Oil Center
Map Case 48-05
  Plat maps for Lafayette General Hospital