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Jean S. Gentil Papers

Collection 323

Gentil, Jean S. (1829–1911). Papers, 1877–1976

2 ½ inches

Jean Sylvain Gentil was born in France which he left in 1851 as a political exile. He arrived in St. James Parish, Louisiana in 1853. He taught foreign languages at Jefferson College in Convent, LA. In 1865 he and A.V. Roman started the newspaper La Louisianais. He edited the paper 1865-1873 and 1874-1881.

Almost everything in the collection is a photocopy of either publications or documents from the Kurtz Collection at the Louisiana Research Library, Tulane University. There is also a framed portrait of M. Gentil.

Mrs. Olympe (Mrs. William) Butcher of Lafayette donated gathered the material and donated it to UAAMC.


I. Biographical material 1-01 and 1-02
II. Letters and poems 1-03
III. Book 1-04 and 1-05
IV. Other 1-06, portrait


1-01 Biographical material
    En Louisiane au XIXe Siecle, pp. 245-251 (photocopy)
    “Mort de M. Jean Gentil", newspaper article, no source (photocopy) and translation
    Bourgeois, Lillian C. Cabanocey: The History, Customs and Folklore of St. James Parish. pp.120-122, 147-149 (photocopy)
1-02 Material on French language press
    Tinker, Edward Larocque. Creole City pp. 178-183 (photocopy)
    Tinker, Edward Larocque. Bibliography of the French Newspapers and Periodicals of Louisiana. pp. 31-33 (photocopy)
    “The New Orleans Press and the Reconstruction, Appendix B: Press Convention Organizers, 1870,” Louisiana Historical Quarterly, v.30: 331-332 (photocopy)
    Louisiana Historical Records Survey, Louisiana Newspapers, 1794-1940, pp.42-43, 128-129 (photocopy)
    Page from unidentified bibliography of Louisiana newspapers for Convent, LA, p.38 (photocopy)
    Pages from Louisianais, n.d. contains material written by Gentil (photocopy)
1-03 Letters and poems, 1856, 1894-1896
    (Mainly photocopies of holdings in Rosemonde E. and Emile Kurtz Collection, Louisiana Research
Collection, Tulane University)
    Listing of Gentil material in Kurtz Collection, Papers of Individuals and Families, pp.259-265
    Letter to parents, 1856, no source (photocopy); typescript translation
1-04 Book
    La Dinde Truffee: page Historique des Proscrits de Londres de 1850-51. Blois: J. Marchand, 1877, 152 pp. (photocopy)
1-05 Book
    The Truffled Turkey - handwritten in English: title page, introduction, pp.1-5 (photocopy)
1-06 Other
    Photograph, n.d.
    Swann, Blanche. “Compassion? Is it Lost?” Marksville Weekly News, 29 May 1975 [column with biographical information about Jean Gentil. Swann was his granddaughter.]
    Framed portrait (in fine art materials)