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Givens-Hopkins Families Papers

Collection 8

Givens-Hopkins Families. Papers, 1823–1962, n.d.

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Mainly personal correspondence among members of the families of John S. Givens and Thomas B. Hopkins who lived in Louisiana and Texas. Included also are records concerning lands held by the Givens family in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi. Of special note in the correspondence are accounts of travel or work assignments abroad: Mattie Hopkins Williams in the Middle East (1910) and Japan (1920); Lyle Givens in Europe (1929); John S. Givens in Alaska (1935) and Czechoslovakia (1946); Lyle Givens Williams in Latin America (1943-1944); Agnes Givens Gercke in Japan (1946-1952) and Anna H. Givens in Japan (1950-1952). Other letters mention the Corpus Christi flood of 1919, the death of Will Rogers and Willey Post in 1935, and the controversy between the DAR and Marion Anderson in 1939. Major figures in this collection are John S. Givens (1835-1887); Sallie Torian Givens (1840-1928); Louise Givens Clegg (1874-1954); John S. Givens (1873-1936); Anna Hopkins Givens (1883-1963); Lyle Givens Williams (1905-1992); John S. Givens, Jr. (1913-1994); and Thomas B. Hopkins (1832-1922).

For more on Lyle Givens Williams, including some material on the Givens Family, view Collection 27 - David R. Williams Papers.

This collection was donated by Lyle Givens Williams.


A. Personal and Business Correspondence 1-01 through 4-07
B. Documents 4-08 through 7-01; Map Case 24-07; 24 v.1
C. Legal Records 7-02 through 8-06
D. Photographs 8-07 through 11-06
E. Artifacts 11-07


A. Personal and Business Correspondence
1-01 1823 - 1849
    members of Givens, Hopkins, Kennedy and Torian families
    inaugural address of P. H. Bell, Governor of Texas, 1849 (printed)
1-02 1850 - 1859, n.d.
    mainly business correspondence of John S. Givens (lawyer in Texas)
    letters from Thomas Torian in Childress (photocopies)
1-03 1860 - 1862, n.d.
    mainly dealing with Givens' legal practice: land surveys, military pensions
    also specifications for building to be erected in Corpus Christi
1-04 1862 - 1863
    mainly Civil War Dispatches to Captain John S. Givens (very poor condition)
1-05 1861 - 1863
    Civil War letters of Robert Kennedy, John Kennedy, and Thomas B. Hopkins (includes typescripts)
1-06 1864
    mainly dealing with Given's legal practice
1-07 1865
    material related to execution of Robert Cobb Kennedy, March 1865 (all photocopies)
    letters to parents; newspaper clippings; apologia written by sister-in-law, Mrs. Hyder A. Kennedy, n.d., 8 pages
1-08 1866 - 1869
    mainly dealing with Givens' legal practice; also receipt for subscription to black church by Loretta Hawley
1-09 1860s: members of Kennedy and Hopkins families (includes typescripts)
1-10 1870: correspondence between John S. Givens and Sallie L. Torian
1-11 1871, January-May
    mainly correspondence of John S. Givens and Sallie L. Torian
    also professional material
1-12 1871, June - 1872
1-13 1873
1-14 1874
    includes: "Brief and Argument before Texas Supreme Court" in case of Octaviano Barrera vs. The State of Texas
1-15 1875: family correspondence and legal practice
1-16 1876: family correspondence and legal practice
1-17 n.d.: correspondence
    mainly John S. Givens to Sallie Torian [Givens]
1-18 1877 - 1882
    includes: Writ of Error to Nueces County in case of Lott vs. Woessner, prepared by McCampbell and Givens, 1878
    Brief of Appellants to Texas Supreme Court in case of Morris and Cummings vs. State of Texas, prepared by McCampbell and Givens, 1882
1-19 1885: family correspondence
1-20 1886 - 1887
    includes: John S. Givens, Thomas B. Hopkins and Louise Givens (student at Mt. Carmel Convent, LaFayette, Louisiana)
2-01 1888 - 1889
    includes: Willie Clegg; John S. Givens; Ida Hopkins, Louise Givens; T. Edwin Givens; Mattie Hopkins
    mention of death of Jefferson Davis
2-02 1890 - 1892: correspondence and financial papers
    includes: Sallie T. Givens; Louise Givens; Eliza Hopkins; Tom Hopkins; Ida Hopkins; Thomas B. Hopkins; Mattie Hopkins
2-03 1887, 1892
    accounts of law firms of McCampbell and Givens
2-04 1893: correspondence and business papers
    includes: Thomas B. Hopkins; Frank Hopkins; Mattie Hopkins Williams (from Chicago about trip to World's Fair)
    Business papers: Atlie McCampbell to Sallie Givens; contract of Sallie Givens for construction of house in Lafayette
2-05 1894 - 1897: correspondence
    includes: Baxter Clegg; Mary Clegg; Willie Clegg; Thomas B. Hopkins; Sallie T. Givens; William B. Torian (photocopy)
2-06 1898: correspondence
    includes: Anna Jane Scott, re Hopkins family genealogy; Sophia F. Lovenskiold
2-07 1899: correspondence
    includes: Louise Givens Clegg; John S. Givens; Anna Hopkins
2-08 1900, n.d.: correspondence
    includes: Mary Clegg; John S. Givens; Anna Hopkins; Charles F. Hopkins; Din Walters
2-09 1901: correspondence
    includes: John S. Givens; Anna Hopkins; Thomas B. Hopkins; Mattie Hopkins Williams
    mention of Anse La Butte oil field
2-10 1902 - 1903: correspondence
    includes: John S. Givens; Sy Hopkins; Ben Williams; Mattie Hopkins Williams
2-11 1904 - 1905: correspondence, business papers
    includes: Mattie Hopkins Williams business papers
2-12 1906 - 1907: correspondence
    includes: Louise Givens Clegg; Anna Hopkins Givens; John S. Givens
2-13 1908: correspondence
    includes: Mary Clegg (mentions Anse La Butte oil field); Anna H. Givens; John S. Givens; Sallie T. Givens
2-14 1909, n.d.: correspondence
    includes: Baxter Clegg; Sallie T. Givens
2-15 1910 - 1911: correspondence
    includes: Sallie T. Givens; Royal Givens; Mattie (Pat) H. Williams (on trip to Holy Land)
2-16 1912: correspondence
    includes: Baxter Clegg; Mary Clegg; Anna H. Givens; John S. Givens; Sallie T. Givens
2-17 1913 - 1916: correspondence
    includes: Louise Lyle Givens; Mattie Givens; Sallie T. Givens; Frances Skelton letters on Hopkins Family genealogy, Jan.-Feb. 1914
2-18 1917: correspondence
    includes: Louise Lyle Givens; Sallie T. Givens [letters from Lyle during East Coast trip]
2-19 1918 - 1919: correspondence
    includes: Mary Clegg; Delmas Givens; Royal Givens (describes storm and tidal wave, which devastated Corpus Christi, in letter, Oct. 14, 1919); Sallie T. Givens; Mattie (Pat) H. Williams; letters to Louise Lyle Givens
2-20 1920: correspondence
    includes: letters from Mattie (Pat) H. Williams during trip to Orient especially Japan; Edith Garland Dupré to Lyle
3-01 1921 - 1922: correspondence
    includes: Royal Givens to Lyle
3-02 1923 - 1924
3-03 1925 - 1928: correspondence
    includes: Mattie Givens; Frank Skelton; Royal Givens
3-04 1925 - 1928: correspondence
    mainly Lyle from suitors
3-05 1929: correspondence
    includes: Lyle Givens during trip to Europe
3-06 1929 - 1930
3-07 1931 - 1932: correspondence
    includes: letter from Lyle Givens to Europe; Lucien Eyraud
3-08 1933 - 1935
    includes: letters from Lyle Givens Williams in Washington, D. C.
3-09 1935
    includes: John S. Givens while government official with Matanuska Valley Settlement, Alaska (June-October)
    account of visit by Will Rogers and Willey Post
    Matanuska Valley Pioneer, v. 1, # 1 (August 20)
3-10 1935 - 1936
3-11 1937 - 1942, n.d.
  includes: letter by Lyle G. Williams as D.A.R. official, which mentions incident involving Marion Anderson and Constitution Hall performance
3-12 1943
    includes: Lyle G. Williams in Latin America; John on Red Cross work
3-13 1944, January - April
    includes: Lyle G. Williams in Latin America
3-14 1944, May - October
    includes: Lyle G. Williams in Latin America
3-15 1944 - 1945
    includes: Tom Givens in the Philippines and Agnes Givens in military service
3-16 1946
    includes: John S. Givens in Czechoslovakia; Agnes Givens Gercke in Tokyo; Tom Givens on Saipan Island
3-17 1947
    includes: Agnes G. Gercke in Tokyo
3-18 1948 - 1949
    includes: Agnes G. Gercke in Tokyo
3-19 1950
    includes: Anna H. Givens, Jr. in Hartford, Connecticut and Japan; John S. Givens in Switzerland; Lyle G. Williams in Virginia
3-20 1951, January - June
    Anna H. Givens, Jr. in Japan and Agnes G. Gercke in Tokyo
3-21 1951, July - December
    includes: letters from Anna H. Givens, Jr. in Japan and Agnes G. Gercke in Tokyo
3-22 1952, January - June
    includes: letters from Anna H. Givens, Jr. in Japan and Agnes G. Gercke in Tokyo
4-01 1952, July - December
    includes: Anna H. Givens, Jr. in Japan
4-02 1953: Anna H. Givens
    includes: nomination for Mother-of-the-Year
4-03 1953: Anna H. Givens
    Mother-of-the-Year Award: congratulations, A - W
4-04 1953: Anna H. Givens
    Mother-of-the-Year Award: congratulations, no name
4-05 1953: Anna H. Givens
    Mother-of-the-Year Award: congratulations, family
    See also: 4-17 and 4-18
4-06 1953 - 1962
4-07 n.d.
    includes: Agnes G. Gercke from Japan; John S. Givens, Jr.; Mary Clegg; Delmas Givens
B. Documents
4-08 Samuel S. Givens ( -1857)
    extract of inventory of estates, 185?
4-09 John S. Givens (1835-1887)
    clippings - obituary and memorials; part of probated estate
    See also: Map Case 24-07 for certificates
4-10 Sallie Torian Givens (1840-1928)
    stock certificate; sale to family from effects of Mrs. Edwin Walters; unofficial will, 1916
    See also: 6-05 and 6-06
4-11 Thomas Edwin Givens (1871-ca.1895)
    essays written by
    See also: Map Case 24-07 for certificates
4-12 Louise Torian Givens Clegg (1873-1954), through 1897
    includes: notebook kept at Hollins College; marriage certificate; autograph book
4-13 Louise Torian Givens Clegg, after 1897
    includes: explanations to Baxter; UDC application; 1940s account book; funeral registration book and obituaries
    See also: 6-06 and 6 v.1
4-14 Baxter Clegg (1869-1926)
    insurance policy 1898; address book 1901; fortune 1904; correspondence and two notebooks from time spent as clerk at drug store
4-15 John S. Givens (1873-1936)
    poems; clippings; insurance policy
    See also: Map Case 24-07
4-16 Anna Hopkins Givens (1883-1963)
    clippings; certificate [children in SLI]
    See also: Map Case 24 v. 1, Anna Hopkins Givens: Ledger for insurance business, 1935-1941
4-17 Anna Hopkins Givens: Mother-of-the-Year material
4-18 Anna Hopkins Givens: Mother-of-the-Year material
    programs; drafts of notes for acceptance statement; biographical information; American Mothers committee material
    See also: 4-02 through 4-05
4-19 Louise Lyle Givens (Williams) (1905-1992)
    Baby Book
5-01 Louise Lyle Givens (Williams), 1920s
    miscellaneous, includes brief diaries: June 1922; April 1925; 1929 [deals with trip to Europe so may be 1931]; material from year teaching at Milton, Louisiana
5-02 Louise Lyle Givens (Williams), 1929
    correspondence course, Columbia University letters, lessons
5-03 Louise Lyle Givens (Williams), 1930-1934
    miscellaneous items related to 1931 European trip; day book-diary for trip to Chicago's World Fair, 1933
5-04 Louise Lyle Givens (Williams), n.d.
5-05 Mattie Lee Givens Bell (1908-1994)
    pages from dance recital program with picture of Anna Catherine Bell
5-06 Anna Edwin Givens Gardiner (1911-ca.1960)
    certificate; Gary Gardiner campaign item; George V. clipping; John Ignacious Gardiner biography
5-07 John S. Givens, Jr. (1913-1994)
    certificate; clippings; diploma; etc.
5-08 Richard Cobb Givens (1917-1997)
5-09 Sarah Agnes Givens Gercke (1918-2004)
    clippings of family
5-10 Tom Givens (1920-2008)
    LSU commencement material, 1953; clipping, 1956
5-11 Lillian Givens Sewall (1921-2011)
    certificate, 1946
5-12 Anna Givens, Jr. (1923-1970)
    certificates; clippings
5-13 Royal Givens (1924-1925)
    certificates; obituaries
5-14 Givens Family genealogy: miscellaneous
    letters from Charles J. Givens, Arabi, Louisiana, 1968-1971
    article by Lyle Givens Williams on family, May 1969, (drafts), 6 pages
    item on crest
5-15 Givens Family genealogy: writings, mainly photocopies
    mainly excerpts from published material (sent by Charles J. to Lyle); also several letters (1850s) with typescripts
    some maps; clippings
5-16 Givens Family genealogy: family trees and notes
    includes applications for genealogical and patriotic societies
Map Case 24-07
    Map of Starr County, Texas showing location of Givens land
    Plat of Givens property between Sterling and Moss Streets, 1953
5-17 Torian Family genealogy: correspondence, 1911-1930s, 1962-1965 [photocopies]
    correspondence, mainly between Phil Burton and Hallie Torian
5-18 Torian Family genealogy: correspondence, 1966-1968
    same correspondents plus Mrs. Hubert B. Owens
5-19 Torian Family genealogy: correspondence, 1970s
5-20 Torian Family genealogy: genealogical notes, group sheets, etc. [photocopies]
5-21 Torian Family genealogy: documents: 1749-1829, n.d. [photocopies]
    census, wills, etc. (mainly in Virginia)
5-22 Torian Family genealogy: miscellaneous
    articles, clippings, photographs
    some material on Louisiana Torians [mainly photocopies]
    program for testimonial dinner for Edwin W. Torian
5-23 Walters Family Materials
    items on property (dishes) and estate of Edwin Walters
    printed genealogy; etc.
5-24 Thomas B. Hopkins (1832-1922)
    drafts of biographical and autobiographical works
    includes: account of Civil War experience
5-25 Thomas B. Hopkins
    certificates, 1853; statement of estate; obituaries
5-26 Sue Kennedy Hopkins (1852-1903)
5-27 Frank K. Hopkins (1865-1958)
    clippings; documents of the Protestant Burial Ground Association, 1925
5-28 Eliza Cobb Hopkins (1866-1959)
    clippings, including obituary; essay on plantation life of Cobb family, ca 1950, 6 pages
    See also: Map Case 24-07 for plat map of property on South Pierce Street, 1958
    See also: 7 v.2
5-29 Mattie (Pat) Hopkins Williams (1870-1939)
    wedding announcement; speech before Women's Home Mission Society, n.d.
5-30 Ida Kennedy Hopkins Delaney (1871-1961)
    wedding announcement; obituaries for Albert Delaney; biography sheet
5-31 Thomas B. Hopkins, II (1873-1956)
    golden wedding anniversary invitation
5-32 Rena Hopkins Waitt (1890-1924)
    wedding invitation, 1910
6-01 Hopkins Family
    genealogical information; clippings [includes DAR records prepared by Elizabeth Hopkins]
6-02 Kennedy Family
    includes: war records of Robert C. Kennedy, John E. Kennedy, Hyder A. Kennedy, and John B. G. Kennedy; history of Kennedy family
    See also: 1-07
6-03 Kennedy Family: miscellaneous
    Barbara Ola Davidson: birth announcement
    Eliza Quintilla Morgan Anders: wedding invitation and narrative for "Our Family Heirlooms"
6-04 Miscellaneous items
    William C. Van Cleve: calling card
    Harriet Evans and Philip Clutton Garrett: wedding announcement, 1909
    Charles H. Tomlinson: certificate, 1916
    Mrs. Thomas Magil: certificate for lot in St. John's Cemetery, 1917
    Mary Elisabeth Denbo and Charles Thaddeus Montgomery: wedding invitation, 1922
6-05 Scrapbook of miscellaneous clippings, n.d.
    (probably kept by Sallie Lyle Torian)
6-06 Scrapbook of miscellaneous clippings, n.d.
    probably kept by Sallie T.Givens or Louise Givens Clegg
6 vol.1 Scrapbook of miscellaneous clippings
    tintype photos pasted on page 164 (Louise Givens)
7 vol.1 Friendship Album (Mary Kennedy Hopkins and Children) 1850s - 1860s
    miscellaneous items: dried flowers; cards; sayings; feet and hand prints of children
7 vol.2 Memories" volume (Eliza Cobb Hopkins)
    very incomplete, much on Robert Cobb Kennedy
    includes: photograph of T. B. Hopkins residence; Roena Gordon Hopkins
7-01 Miscellaneous
    includes: bequests from will of Issac B. Bendel; money from occupied Japan (printed in English)
C. Legal Records
7-02 1840 - 1850, n.d.
    deeds mainly involving Samuel S. Givens: Missouri, 1841; Kentucky, 1848; Calhoun County, Texas, 1847-1849
    slave sale, 1840
7-03 1850 - 1856, n.d.
    deeds, maps, and correspondence connected with land sales of Samuel S. Givens in Calhoun County, Texas
7-04 San Antonio River Navigation Company, 1856 - 1859
    Record book: charter and minutes
7-05 Texas land, 1864-1898
    deeds; correspondence; tax assessments and tax receipts
7-06 Texas land, 1900-1906
    quit-claim deed; suits; tax assessments and tax receipts; correspondence, mainly of Delmas Givens
7-07 Texas land, 1908-1919
    tax assessments and receipts; correspondence, mainly of Delmas Givens
7-08 Texas land, 1920-1929
    tax receipts and assessments; suits; correspondence, mainly of Delmas Givens
7-09 Texas land, 1930-1934
    tax receipts and assessments; suits; correspondence, mainly of Delmas Givens
8-01 Texas land, 1940-1949
    tax receipts and assessments; suits; correspondence, mainly of Delmas Givens
8-02 Texas land, 1940-1949
    tax receipts and assessments; correspondence
8-03 Louisiana land, 1898-1952
    tax receipts and assessments; deeds; correspondence
8-04 Mississippi land, 1912-1948
    tax receipts and assessments; deeds; correspondence
8-05 Miscellaneous legal matters: Louisiana, 1916-1962
    includes: judgments against John S. Givens, 1923, 1925; brokers license, 1947
8-06 Miscellaneous legal matters: Texas, 1898
    judgment against Baxter Clegg
D. Photographs
8-07 John S. Givens (d. 1887) and Sallie Torian Givens
    many photos of Sallie T. Givens visiting Montreal where Louise G. Clegg lived, 1907, 1912
    includes: Louise G. Clegg; Frances Skelton; Bernice Skelton; Walter Scott Torian
8-08 Thomas Edwin Givens (1871-ca1895)
    includes: Baxter Clegg
8-09 Louise Torian Givens Clegg (1873-1954), before 1897
    includes: Virginia Walters Torian; Hollins College Students; Adelaide Lovenskjold
8-10 Louise Givens Clegg, after 1897
8-11 Louise Givens Clegg, after 1897 with others
    includes: Baxter Clegg; Frances Skelton; Kate Collins; Mr. Thorpe and Mrs. Isenholmes; Mrs. Mivart
    See also: 8-07
8-12 Baxter Clegg
    includes: Felix Girard; Miller Skelton; Frank Skelton; Francis Skelton; Kate Collins
    group: security men for Canadian railroad company
8-13 Clegg Family
    includes: William Clegg; Mary Collins Clegg; Kate Collins; Charles Clegg; Philip Clegg and son; Mrs. Luther B. Clegg, and Martin William Clegg family
9-01 John Slye Givens, Jr. (d. 1936)
    includes: Louise T. Givens; Adelaide Lovenskjold; duck hunting; fishing
9-02 Anna Hopkins Givens (1883-1963)
    includes: Louisa Tolson (Woodson); Fannie Trillian, Maud Herrin, and ----- (Bellhaven Graduation); Sue M. Hopkins
9-03 John S. Givens, Jr. Family 1924-1958
    family portraits (1924, 1928, 1931, 1933, 1958)
    other: Lyle with parents; Lyle with father; Anna's 70th birthday party; etc.
9-04 Children of John S. and Anna Hopkins Givens
    Lyle, Mattie Lee; Mattie and Ed; Mattie and Catherine Munson; Agnes; Anna Hopkins (Boo); Mattie, Ed and John; Mattie and Ed; John and Anna Edwin; Agnes, Lillian and Royall; Royall and Lillian
9-05 Louise Lyle Givens (Williams): baby and child
    includes: classes at Northside Primary School (2); AnneLu Hopkins
9-06 Louise Lyle Givens: child
    includes: classes at Northside Primary School (2); AnneLu Hopkins; Florence Chase
9-07 Louise Lyle Givens: 1920s-1930s
9-08 Louise Lyle Givens: trip, 1917: East Coast and Mid-West
    Chattanooga; Washington, D. C. and Mt. Vernon; Atlantic City; New York City; Niagara Falls; Chicago
9-09 Louise Lyle Givens: trip, 1926: West
    includes: Yellowstone; Salt Lake City and Great Salt Lake; Grand Canyon; Colorado Springs
10-01 Louise Lyle Givens: trip, 1931: Europe
    includes: Julia Hubbell; Lucien Eyraud; France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden
10-02 Mattie Lee Givens Belle (and family)
    includes: Mattie Lee Givens; Anna Catherine Belle with: parents, Anna Hopkins Givens; Louise and John S. Givens, and Grand Tee
10-03 Anna Edwin Givens Gardiner (and family)
    Anna Edwin Givens; Sallie Lyle Gardiner
10-04 John Slye Givens, III (and family)
    includes: John Slye Givens, III; Inez Blue Givens and Martha Lee Williams Ackal; John, Inez, and Louise Blue Givens; Inez and John S. Givens, IV; Louise Blue Givens; John S. Givens, IV; Givens- Tichava wedding
10-05 Richard Cobb Givens (and family)
    includes: Richard C. Givens; Richard and Evelyn; Elizabeth Ann Givens; Catherine Agnes Givens; Catherine Givens Menconen and Peter; children of Richard and Evelyn
10-06 Sarah Agnes Givens Gercke
    Sarah Agnes Givens; WAVES; Agnes and George Gercke; George Gercke, Jr.; Agnes; George, Jr.; Anna Hopkins Givens; Lyle Williams; Jamie Gercke; George Gercke's father; Agnes, Jamie, and Yasuha San
10-07 Thomas Hopkins Givens
    includes: Thomas Hopkins Givens; Emma Del Mendoza Givens; Anna Hopkins Givens; various Navy officers; Tommy Givens
10-08 Lillian Givens Sewall family
    includes: Paul Sewall, Jr.; Robert E. Sewall; children of Virginia Sewall Brown
10-09 Anna Hopkins Givens, Jr.
    includes: Anna Hopkins Givens, Jr.; with: Anna Catherine Bell; George Gercke, Jr.; Scarritt College
10-10 Anna Hopkins Givens, Jr. in Japan
    includes: Marie Adams; Dr. and Mrs. Ghoeblack; various Japanese co-workers, students, etc.; Charles Hampton
10-11 Givens Family
    includes: Royall Givens; Leona Givens; Pamela Givens Parr; Givens Archer Parr; Marie Parr; George B. Parr; Charles Givens and family; Dr. Givens (North Louisiana)
10-12 Torian - Walters Family
    includes: Edwin Walters; Walter Scott Torian; William B. Torian and family; Thomas Torian; Mattie Torian; Jennie Walters Bethell; William Walters or Thomas H. Magill, Agnes Glenn Torian Magill
10-13 Hopkins Family
    includes: Thomas B. Hopkins; with: Ben J. Williams; grandchildren; Susan Kennedy Hopkins; children of Thomas B. Hopkins and wives; Mattie (Pat) Hopkins Williams
    Ida Kennedy Delaney; with Medy and Albert Delaney; Roena Hopkins Waitt
    1st high school class in Lafayette: includes: Susie Hopkins; Anna Hopkins
10-14 Kennedy Family
    includes: Robert Cobb Kennedy (negative); Cliff Kennedy and family; Mrs. Cliff Kennedy; Al Kennedy; Evelyn Kennedy
11-01 Friends: Skelton Family (Montreal)
    includes (either individual or in some combination): Frank Skelton; Frances Skelton; Miller Skelton; Bernice Skelton; Walter Edward Skelton; Neil Skelton
11-02 Friends (1880s-1930s)
    Nathan Asch; Robert Cook; A. D. Evans; Esmond George (and family members)
    Julie Hubbell; W. A. Kelsey, Mr. and Mrs. (former Susie Robins); Adelaide Lovenskjold; Grace McCrary and Dr. F. C. Stewart; Mrs. Mivart; Milton, Louisiana - students; D. D. Peden; Thomas B. Southgate; Mrs. E. L. Stephens and Beverley
11-03 Unknown
11-04 Places
    family: The Cottage, N. Sterling Avenue; Clegg residence in Montreal; Givens family homes in Kentucky; Delmas Givens residence in Corpus Christi; Givens family homes in Texas (negatives); Lafayette: Methodist Church; Dr. Mudd's house on Sterling Street; (St. John Live Oak)
    Charleston, South Carolina; Georgetown, DC
    Texas - Texas A & M football game
11-05 Miscellaneous
    Grace and Fletcher Stewart in Far East, mainly Philippines
11-06 Miscellaneous
    includes: post card folders of Niagara Falls and Key West; St. Mary Parish Court House, Franklin, Louisiana; dog (Daniel Tippins Robinson, 1873); parade in Montreal
E. Artifacts
11-07 Handkerchiefs with tatting
    one with names
[B. Documents]
Map Case 24-07
    Map of Starr County, Texas showing location of Givens family land
    Plat of Givens property between Sterling and Moss Streets, 1953
    Plat of Eliza Cobb Hopkins property on South Pierce Street, Lafayette, 1958
    Certificates: John S. Givens (d. 1887); Thomas E. Givens; Louise G. Clegg; John S. Givens (d. 1936)
    Givens family genealogy