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Robert and Jeanne Gilmore Papers

Collection 291

Gilmore, Robert (1909–1995) and Jeanne (1911–2006). Papers, 1921–1990, n.d.

5 inches

Robert Gilmore has been actively involved with music education for 45 years. He began his musical career as a performing musician, playing French horn in New York and throughout the Midwest and Southeast. After ten years of experience as a teacher and supervisor of vocal and instrumental music in the public schools of Louisiana, he was appointed State Supervisor of Music in the Louisiana State Department of Education.

From 1946 until he retired in 1971, with only a two-year interruption while on the faculty of Columbia University, Dr. Gilmore was on the music faculty of the University of Southwestern Louisiana in Lafayette. During his twenty-three years at USL, he served as professor of music, brass instructor, and band director. When he retired from USL in 1971, he had the title of Research Specialist in Music.

Since retirement, Robert Gilmore and his wife Jeanne traveled and published materials concerned with the French heritage of South Louisiana. Operating their own publishing company, “Acadiana Music”, they produced a number of publications, including La Chantez, Louisiane!, a book of Louisiana French folksongs, A Chronicle in Comparative Music Education, a look at music education in the United States and Western Europe, and Our Heritage, a book of Hungarian folksongs for the community of Albany, Louisiana.

Gilmore has been at the forefront of leadership of the Louisiana Music Educators Association (LMEA) since its inception. He served as District Director, Band Vision Chairman, Vocal Division Chairman, Elementary Music Division Chairman, and LMEA President on two occasions (1941-1942 and 1968-1971). He was the chairman of the very first Louisiana All-State Band in 1939.

This collection consists of sheet music, photographs, and other miscellaneous materials.


A. Sheet Music 1-01 through 1-21
B. Photographs 1-22
C. Class Handout 1-23
D. Article 1-24
E. Cassette 1-25
F. Publication 1-26


Box 1  
1-01 Sheet Music: “Christmas”, (with handwritten notes), 1959
1-02 Sheet Music: "Students Lessons" (several songs), n.d.
1-03 Sheet Music: “My Bonnie Lass She Smileth”, n.d.
1-04 Sheet Music: “I Cannot Conceal it”, n.d.
1-05 Sheet Music: “Awake, Sweet Love”, Walton Historical Choral Series - Program, n.d.
1-06 Sheet Music: “When My Rich Husband is at Home”, n.d.
1-07 Sheet Music: “Matuna" (short version), n.d.
1-08 Sheet Music: “O Eyes of My Beloved”, n.d.
1-09 Sheet Music: “O Mistress Mine”, 1/27/1973
1-10 Sheet Music: “Early Sacred & Early Secular", 1/27/1973
1-11 Sheet Music: “Brahms- 3 Folk Songs”, n.d.
1-12 Sheet Music: “April is in My Mistress’ Face”, n.d.
1-13 Sheet Music: “Come Live With Me & Be My Love”, n.d.
1-14 Sheet Music: “Dixie”, n.d.
1-15 Sheet Music: “Ava Maria - Vittoria”, n.d.
1-16 Sheet Music: “Moon Glow”, n.d.
1-17 Sheet Music: “Fa Una Canzine”, 1/27/1973
1-18 Sheet Music: “Prayers from the Ark”, n.d.
1-19 Sheet Music: “From the Polyphonie Period of Choral Song”, n.d.
1-20 Sheet Music: “Encore!”, n.d.
1-21 Sheet Music: “Defenee”, 1921
1-22 Photographs: “La Compagnie”, France Tau, 1990
1-23 Class Handout: Music 501: A survey of music education, written by Robert C. Gilmore, at USL, in the early 1960s, p.1 only
1-24 Article: “The Fine Arts and the Universities”, by A. Whitney Griswold, Atlantic, June 1959, vol. 203, no.6, pp. 54-56.
1-25 Cassette: “The Sound of Cajun Music” (Gilmore to Professor Brown), 11/6/1984
1-26 Publication: Chantez Encore! South Louisiana French Folk Songs, selected, edited and arranged by Jeanne and Robert C. Gilmore, 1977