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Felix Voorhies Papers

Collection 117

Voorhies, Felix (1839–1919). Papers, 1869–1919, 1974–1976, 1990s

1 feet, 5.5 inches

This collection reflects the career, from 1870 on, of attorney, judge and author, Felix Voorhies. It contains fee books and case books generated as part of his legal practice; however, the majority of the collection from the early 20th century including one letter in which the Judge writes about the Evangeline legend and the true story of Emmeline Labiche which he published as part of Acadian Reminiscences. A manuscript copy of an unpublished play and a photograph of the Judge were added to the collection by Joe Voorhies, Felix Voorhies' son, at his 100th birthday party in 1983.

This collection was donated by the Voorhies family. [Folders 1-26 and 3-1 donated by Bennett Voorhies, Jr.] [Folder 1-24 donated by Ben Voorhies, Jr.]


A. Correspondence 1-01 and 1-02
B. Newspaper Clippings 1-03
C. Writings and Plays 1-04 through 1-24
D. Photographs 1-25
E. Miscellaneous 1-26; 3-01
F. Bound Volumes Boxes 1, 1a, 2 and 3


A. Correspondence
1-01 Correspondence, mainly in French, 1906, 1918, n.d.
    includes correspondence between Voorhies and:
      [Robert] Martin, [Dan W.] Voorhies & [James J.] Martin, Lawyers, St. Martinville;
      J. E. Leblanc, Jr., New Roads
      Edmond Montet, Advertising Counsellor, Montreal with business card
      also: letter to the editor, "From an Old Book to the Editor of the Lafayette Democrat", 1908
1-02 French Army postal cards, 12 items, 1916 1917
B. Newspaper Clippings
1-03 Newspaper clippings, 1893 1903, n.d.
    The Evangeline, St. Martinville, 4/22/1893
    Voorhies, Felix. "D'Ou Venait à Jean Jean sa Pendule," in French, n.d.
    Times Democrat, "Voorhies is Dead," re D.W. Voorhies' Death. n.d.
    Voorhies, Felix. "Bluette - Petite Etude de L'Homme," in French, n.d.
    The Daily Picayune, Voorhies, Felix. "Acadian Reminiscences," 25 Feb. 1900
    L'Abeille de la Nouvelle Orleans Dimanche, Voorhies, Felix. "Mon Histoire de Tortue," in French, 30 Nov. 1902
C. Writings and Plays
    handwritten in ink
1-04 An Allegory, 1906, 6 pages
1-05 No title, essay (?), n.d., fragment, in French, 2 pages
1-06 Chez les Nevals, Dialogue Quelque peu Decousu, 1917, in French, 8 pages
1-07 L'Ecole des Femmes Jalouses, Comedie en Un Acte, n.d., in French, 29 pages
1-08 The Truth About That Inquest, n.d., 8 pages
1-09 Casta Vixit, Lanam Fecit Domum Servavit, n.d., in French, 4 pages
1-10 Discours de Felix Voorhies aux Funerailles de Lieutenant L. Edmond LeBlanc... au Cimetière à St. Martinville en 1886, in French, 3 pages
1-11 Mon Retour de la VIrginie, Recit Intime à Mes Enfants, March 1917
    typed with handwritten notes, in French, 8 pages
1-12 A Feathered Cato, n.d., with ink handwritten title page, 5 pages
1-13 Le Chien du Lieutenant, n.d., in French, 8 pages
1-14 Quand J'Etais Soldat, May 1917, with ink handwritten notes, in French, 11 pages
1-15 Gringalet, À La Noce à Zozephine, n.d., in French, 6 pages
1-16 Le Voyage à Gringalet, n.d., with ink handwritten notes, in French, 5 pages
1-17 Necrologe de Mame Cornelius Voorhies, née Cidalise, Oct. 1886, with ink handwritten notes, in French, 1 page
1-22 All Husbands Are Alike, a Comedy Drama in 4 Acts, 1889
1-23 No title [L'Historie des Tous des Marie], n.d.
1-24 Louis Legardeur, n.d., typed with handwritten notes, 77 pages
1-18 Blanche Duvart, n.d., in French, 17 pages
1-19 D'Ou Venait à Jean Jean sa Pedule, n.d., in French, 4 pages
1-20 With My Friend, the Cynic, Out In the Open, n.d., 20 pages
1-21 Johan and Gretchen, an Improbable Tale, n.d.,10 pages
    missing pages 5-6
D. Photographs
1-25 Photographs
    Judge Felix Voorhies, n.d.
    unidentified building, n.d.
E. Miscellaneous
1-26 Miscellaneous, 1974, 1976, n.d.
    application for copyright registration from Felix Voorhies for book, Blanche Durvart, A Louisiana Romance, n.d.
    certificate of renewal registration of trade mark for Acadian Reminiscences: the True Story of Evangeline, June 1974
    agreement between the University of Southwestern Louisiana and Bennett Voorhies, Jr. re Acadian Reminiscences, 1976
3-01 Miscellaneous, 1990s
    Letter from Bennett Voorhies, Jr. to descendants of Cornelius Voorhies and Aimee Agatha Gradenigo regarding family genealogy; cemetery records; family honors, etc. 19 January 1998
F. Bound Volumes
Box 1 Volume 1: Fee Book, 1903 1909
Box 1a Volume 2: Case Book 1, 1899
  Volume 3: Case Book 2, n.d.
  Volume 4: Case Book 3, n.d.
Box 2 Volume 5: Ledger 1
  Volume 6: Ledger 2
  Volume 7: Ledger 3
  Volume 8: Ledger 4
  Volume 9: Ledger 5
Box 3 Volume 10: Ledger 6
  Volume 11: Ledger 7