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Nicholas Grimmer Genealogical Collection

Collection 390

Grimmer, Nicholas (1814–1896). Genealogical Collection, 1791–1996, n.d.

2 ½ inches, Map Case 10-07

Nicholas Grimmer was born on March 19, 1814 in the Commune of Theding, Canton of Forbach, Moselle in the old Province of Lorraine, France. He married Catherine André on November 29, 1846 and lived in Grand Coteau, Louisiana. They had five children. Grimmer was a music teacher at St. Charles College, a Jesuit grammar school. He died on January 3, 1896 at the age of 90.

This collection consists of genealogy material such as correspondence, photographs, maps, research, documents and news clippings.


A. Correspondence 1-01
B. Photographs 1-02
C. Genealogy 1-03 through 1-04
D. News Clippings 1-05
E. Maps 1-06
F. Dance Program 1-07
G. Oversize Map Case 10-07


Box 1
1-01 Correspondence: Lucille Vercher from Charles Grimmer, concerning their common ancestors, 1973-1996
1-02 Photographs: Some images have the matching correspondence attached, 1874-1987
1-03 Genealogy: Information concerning the Grimmer line, 1846-1977
1-04 Genealogy: Documents, some of the records are in French with English translations, 1791-1978
1-05 News Clippings: 1918-1996
1-06 Maps: Map of Central Louisiana and France, no date
1-07 Dance Program: Grimmer relative ran dance company, 1973-1974
Map Case: 10-07
1. Map of Moselle, France (in French)
2. Papal document given to George Grimmer on April 6, 1886. 2 copies
3. Grimmer family tree