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Alphabetical List of Collections: F

Note: Larger holdings are labeled "Collection"; smaller holdings (less than 2½ inches) are labeled "Manuscript".

Family and Friends for the Mentally Ill (Lafayette, LA). Records, 1970s-1990s, n.d.

Collection 201

12 feet
Family and Friends for the Mentally Ill (FFAMI) was one of the first mental health support groups in Louisiana. FFAMI’s main goals were to involve the patient’s family in recovery, to provide understanding and support to families, and to establish an optimistic atmosphere with recovered patients and psychiatric personnel. This collection contains working files of FFAMI arranged alphabetically and scrapbooks for the organization. Maizie Thibeaux, founder and director of the Family and Friends for the Mentally Ill, donated the collection.

Ferguson, Harley B. (1875-1968). Papers, 1911-1968, n.d.

Collection 72

2 feet, 1 inch
Numerous pictures, official reports and clippings of the raising of the battleship Maine in the harbor of Havana, Cuba; Morganza Floodway studies, Part A, April 9, 1938; flood photographs, 1937; Mississippi River flood photographs, 1937; pictures of General Ferguson; obituary.

Festivals Acadiens (Lafayette, Louisiana). Photographs, 1980

Manuscript 154

1 folder
Photographs from Festivals Acadiens in Lafayette, LA, September 20-21, 1980. Mostly unidentified. There are a couple of musician Michael Doucet.

Fiero, John W. (1934-2019). Collection, 1979, n.d.

Collection 520

1 foot
Dr. John Fiero was a theater professor at University of Southwestern Louisiana (now University of Louisiana at Lafayette), specializing in English Renaissance literature, particularly Shakespeare, history of theater, and dramatic writing. This collection consists of scripts of plays written primarily by John Fiero, who also donated the collection. There are also two plays written by Dr. Paul Nolan, another professor from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. The plays are all organized in alphabetical order.

First Baptist Church (Lafayette, Louisiana). Bulletin, 1936

Manuscript 216

1 folder
First Baptist Church (Lafayette, Louisiana) bulletin dated April 26, 1936. It is located at 1225 Lafayette Street, Lafayette, LA. It is titled “The Watchman”, which includes morning worship, services, etc.

First Methodist Church (Lafayette, Louisiana). Board Meeting Minutes, 1959

Manuscript 287

1 folder
The First United Methodist Church is a historic Methodist church located at 703 Lee Avenue in Lafayette, Louisiana. It was built in 1924. This collection consists of a digest of minutes from one of the Church’s board meetings.

First National Bank (Lafayette, Louisiana). Statement, 1918

Manuscript 223

1 folder
Statement Showing the Condition of The First National Bank of Lafayette at the Close of Business May 10, 1918.

First Presbyterian Church of Abbeville, Louisiana. Records, 1944 1971 [Microform]

Collection 130

1 reel [35mm, negative]
This collection contains records of the First Presbyterian Church of Abbeville. The film was made from material filed in loose leaf notebooks, which was not in chronological order. Probably filmed by Dennis Gibson from records retained by the church.

First United Methodist Church Records

Collection 350

1 digitized copy
This collection of the First United Methodist Church, South records consists of a list of pastors, records of marriage and baptisms, and lists of church members. Scanned and donated by Henry L. Broussard of Lafayette, Louisiana.

Fischer, Walter (1902-1977). Diploma, 1924

Manuscript 128

1 item
Diploma as a Doctor of Medieval and Modern History from Julia-Maximilian Academy, 10 November 1924. Donated by Mrs. Walter (Cecile) Fisher through Dr. Maurice duQuesnay in 1990.

Fitzhugh, Mary Peabody. Succession, 2002

Manuscript 206

1 folder
This collection consists of the succession of Mary Peabody Fitzhugh from Iberia Parish, Louisiana. Probate Docket No. 16326. All documents to support the succession are included.

Fletcher, Joel L., Jr. (1897-1972). Papers, 1862-1979, n.d.

Collection 12

21 feet
Fletcher was an educator in Louisiana over 50 years. Most of that time he was at the Southwestern Louisiana Institute/University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) — 20 years as President. Includes Louisiana history material; items on Acadian vigilante committees; William Wyatt of Vernon, Louisiana business records; information on agriculture and industrial development. Also included are records of the College of Agriculture while Fletcher taught, especially during the 1930s; his correspondence as Dean; correspondence of other members of the department; the records of the Southwestern Agriculturist and the Mid-Winter Fair; etc.
This collection was donated by Joel Lafayette Fletcher, Jr.

Fletcher, Joel L., Jr. (1897-1972). Papers, 1848, 1898-2000, n.d.

Collection 12A

11 feet, 5 inches; 17 volumes
Fletcher was an educator in Louisiana over 50 years. Most of that time he was at the Southwestern Louisiana Institute/University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) — 20 years as President. This collection includes material he collected on Louisiana history, education, agriculture and industrial development; family correspondence; and Fletcher's writings.

Flory, Hallie [?] ( - ). Letter, 1900

Manuscript 102

1 item
Letter from Hallie Flory to his aunt and uncle, P. Bazin, announcing his upcoming wedding.

Flowers, Frank C. (1908-1995). Collection, 1949-1980

Collection 222

5 inches
Frank C. Flowers attended Louisiana College and received an A.B. in 1930. He then attended Stanford University and received an A.B. in 1932. In 1939, he received his M.A. from Louisiana State University in 1939 and a Ph.D. in 1941. Dr. Flowers was a member of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette faculty here in the English department from 1946-1986.

Fontenot, James E. (1944-2004). Papers, 1971-2003, n.d.

Collection 316

2 feet
Fontenot was an attorney and a former member of the Louisiana Senate. He was elected in 1971 at the age of 27, the youngest member at that time. This collection contains his working files while in office as a Louisiana Senator, arranged alphabetically by subject. It also contains some personal material, mostly related to genealogy.

Fontenot, John C. (1914-1996). Collection, 1940s-1996

Collection 202

325 feet
This collection consists of land abstracts compiled by John C. Fontenot. It also includes indexes and office records for the abstract company. Michael James Fontenot, John Sherrill Fontenot, and Christopher Joel Fontenot, sons of John C. Fontenot, donated this collection.

Fontenot, Mary Alice (1919-2003). Papers, 1946-

Collection 97

5 feet 2 inches
Mary Alice Fontenot Riehl was a journalist and author. As an author, Mrs. Riehl is best known for her series of children's books on Clovis Crawfish. She also wrote other books for children as well as cookbooks and works on local and state history. As a journalist she worked for many newspapers in the region including the Lafayette Advertiser, the Opelousas Daily World, and the Crowley Post-Signal.
This collection focuses on Mary Alice Fontenot's journalistic and literary career. Included are research notes and photographs for some of her newspaper articles; original drawings by Eric Vincent and Keith Graves and original music by Mary Alice and Jeanne and Robert Gilmore for the Clovis Crawfish series; and text for some of her history books and children's works. She also worked as a researcher for Frances Parkinson Keyes. There are some letters from Mrs. Keyes in the collection.
This collection contains scrapbooks containing clippings, reviews, photographs, correspondence, drawings, promotional material and writings. There are also letters from school children thanking Mary Alice for visiting their classroom and some artwork and artifacts inspired by Clovis Crawfish stories.
This collecton was donated by Mary Alice Fontenot.
A Women in Louisiana Collection.

Fontenot, Mary Alice (1919-2003). Papers, 1880s-2005

Collection 97.1

9 feet 8 inches, 8 volumes; oversize
Additional, mostly later, material from Mary Alice Fontenot.

Fontenot, Ruth Robertson (1914-1995). Collection, 1801-1994, n.d.

Collection 232

16 feet 4 inches
Ruth R. Fontenot's collection contains an extensive working files on local history. She conducted a survey for the Louisiana State Division of Historic Preservation of all structures over fifty years old in Iberia, St. Landry, St. Martin and St. Mary Parishes. She was very interested in the preservation of historic structures. She also has information on Acadian history.

Forest Hill Memorial Company. Account Books, 1937-1939

Collection 496

3 volumes
This collection consists of account books from the Forest Hill Memorial Company.

Fortenberry-Kirby Papers, 1900-1941, n.d.

Collection 61

1 foot, 8 inches
Christian Science Sentinel Magazine, family photographs, and other material.

Fortnightly Club (New Iberia, Louisiana). Collection, 1924-2019, n.d.

Collection 70

6 feet, 10.5 inches
The Fortnightly Club was organized in 1924 in New Iberia, Louisiana for literary study with a membership not to exceed twenty. All club activities were to stay within the vicinity of New Iberia. This collection includes very scattered records covering club activities 1924-1974. It contains correspondence, newspaper clippings, financial records, minutes, yearbooks, and scrapbooks.

Foster, Jacob Thomas (1827 1906). Memoirs, 1900 [Microform]

Collection 135

1 reel [35mm, negative]
Foster was a native of New York who spent most of his life in the Upper Midwest, specifically Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois. His memoirs discuss his work as a railroad surveyor and in other occupations but focus mainly on his service in Wisconsin regiments during the Civil War. Some of that service was in Louisiana. Foster's memoirs were dedicated to his son, Clark Harold Foster, in 1900. There are 79 typed pages. Mrs. Arthur V. D. Clarkson loaned the memoirs to the State Historical Society of Wisconsin for microfilming. The University of Louisiana at Lafayette copy was made by Dennis Gibson for the Microfilm Division, University Libraries, 197-.

Foster, Murphy J. (1849-1921). Speeches, 1900, 1911-1912, n.d.

Manuscript 148

1 folder
Murphy J. Foster was a governor and senator from Louisiana. This collection contains handwritten and typed speeches he gave, including speeches on tariffs, income taxes, acceptance after being elected to the U.S. Senate, and others. These are photocopies.

Foster, Murphy J. “Mike”, Jr. (1930-2020). Inaugural Program, 1996

Manuscript 222

1 folder
Governor Murphy J. “Mike” Foster, Jr. was inaugurated on January 19, 1996 in the Capital City of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The Inaugural Ceremony was at the Old State Capitol and the Inaugural Ball was at the Centroplex Arena.

Fournet, Fred (1904-1987). Photographs, [1950s-1960s]

Collection 179

380 images
Photographs either taken by Fred Fournet of St. Martinville or which had been brought to Fournet's Drug Store for copying and never retrieved by the customer. Many of these are of St. Martinville African-Americans.

France-Amerique de la Louisiane Acadienne. Records, 1950s-1966; Photographs 1980s

Collection 86

5 inches
The Society France Amérique de la Louisiane Acadienne was formed in Lafayette on 26 Oct. 1951. It had a two-fold aim. First it sought to strengthen ties of friendship and kinship that united France and the United States, specifically French-Acadian Louisiana. Second it sought to encourage the maintenance of French as a living language among the people of Southwest Louisiana. This collection includes organization records, Acadian Committee records, and photographs on meetings.

Francez, Dagmar (1912-1988). Scrapbooks, 1939-1946

Collection 123

40 volumes
This collection, compiled by a Carencro High School student, contains clippings dealing with overseas military events of World War II. Most of the articles were taken from newspapers in New Orleans and other local newspapers.
This collection was transferred to the Archives from the History Department.

Francis, Willie (1929-1947). Collection, 1945-1947

Manuscript 40

2 folders
Documents relating to the case of Willie Francis, a young black man convicted of murder. The first attempt to electrocute him failed. The U.S. Supreme Court rejected his appeal, and he was executed May 9, 1947.

Franklin Gardner Camp (General) #1421. Newsletters, 1984

Manuscript 266

1 folder
Newsletters from Franklin Gardner Camp.

Fratti, Mario (1927- ). Collection

Collection 228

2 feet 5½ inches
Mario Fratti was born on 5 July 1927 in L'Aquila, a small town in the Abruzzi region of central Italy. Fratti was an Italian and American playwright. He has written numerous plays. This collection consists of biographical information, plays, newspaper clippings, and other published writings.

Freeland, Paul B. (1904-1976). Collection, 1888-1957, n.d.

Collection 17

10 inches
Paul Butterfield Freeland was a pastor of Presbyterian churches inOpelousas and Covington, Louisiana, as well as a genealogist and historian. This collection contains a large number of photographs and printed material on the cultivation and manufacturing of rice. Many of the photographs show rice farming, irrigation, equipment, and milling in the Crowley, Louisiana region.

Friends of the Humanities. Records, 1989-2014, n.d.

Collection 286

4 feet
The Friends of the Humanities was established in 1989 as a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the role of the interdisciplinary humanities at the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) and in Acadiana. This collection consists of the organization’s working files such as correspondence, minutes of meetings, materials on tours and trips, etc.

Frog Festival (Rayne, Louisiana). Photographs, 1980

Manuscript 144

1 folder
Photographs from Rayne’s Frog Festival, September 1980. No donor card.

Froitzheim, Carl R. (1921-1989). Collection, 1970s-1980s

Collection 77

12 feet
Collection of photographs taken by A. L. Barnett, photographer of Crowley, La. Includes pages from a photograph album showing pictures of rice and oil fields; unidentified people; picture of a minister and a group of young people in caps and gowns; certificate of membership in the Live Oak Society of the Lutheran Live Oak, Crowley.

Froitzheim, Carl (1921-1989). Genealogical Papers, 1983

Manuscript 88

1 folder
“Genealogical and Biographical Information on the Family of Herman Otto Dommert (Egan, Louisiana) and Allied Families”, 1983. Handwritten on legal paper, photocopied. Donated by Carl Froitzheim.

Fruge Family. Genealogical Records, 1754-1964

Manuscript 42

1 folder
Photocopies of records gathered by J. Cleveland Fruge. Deposited at USL in 1968. Donated by J(acques) Cleveland Fruge, 1964.

Fuselier, Wanda (1957- ). Scrapbook, 1977

Collection 445

2 ½ inches
Wanda Fuselier is from Mamou, Louisiana. She attended University of Louisiana at Lafayette. She currently resides in New Mexico. Fuselier is self-employed and is in the art business.This collection consists of a scrapbook, created by Wanda Fuselier.