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Willie Francis Collection

Manuscript 40

Francis, Willie (1929–1947). Collection, 1945–1947

2 folders

Documents relating to the case of Willie Francis, a young black man convicted of murder. The first attempt to electrocute him failed. The U.S. Supreme Court rejected his appeal, and he was executed May 9, 1947.

40-01 Documents: Correspondence: April 19, 1947; News article: Louisiana, Sunday Heart, Time Magazine, May 19, 1947; news clipping (typed), New Orleans Times Picayune, May 4, 1946 and May, 1946, St. Marksville newspaper.
40-02 Documents: Clerk of Court, St. Martin Parish, Suit. State of Louisiana Ex. Rel Willie Francis vs. E.L. Resweber, Sheriff St. Martin Parish, Louisiana. No. 14382 (photocopy); Supreme Court of the United States No.142, October Term, 1946. State of Louisiana, ex rel. Willie Francis, Petitioner vs. E.L. Resweber, Sheriff of the Parish of St. Martin, Louisiana, et. Al, 6pages; Supreme Court of the United States, October Term, 1946, No. 142, …. 101 pages. Entire document.