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Jacob Thomas Foster Memoirs

Collection 135

Foster, Jacob Thomas (1827 1906). Memoirs, 1900 [Microform]

1 reel (35 mm, negative)

Foster was a native of New York who spent most of his life in the Upper Midwest, specifically Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois. His memoirs discuss his work as a railroad surveyor and in other occupations, but focus mainly on his service in Wisconsin regiments during the Civil War. Some of that service was in Louisiana.

Foster's memoirs were dedicated to his son, Clark Harold Foster, in 1900. There were 79 typed pages.

Mrs. Arthur V.D. Clarkson loaned the memoirs to the State Historical Society of Wisconsin for microfilming. The USL copy was made by Dennis Gibson for the Microfilm Division, University Libraries, 197-.


A. Microfilm Reel 1


Reel 1: Memoirs, 1900