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Joel L. Fletcher, Jr. Papers, Part 2

Collection 12A

Fletcher, Joel L., Jr. (1897–1972). Papers, 1848, 1898–2000, n.d.

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Joel Fletcher served as an educator in Louisiana over fifty years. For most of that time, he was at the University of Southwestern Louisiana (formerly Southwestern Louisiana Institute and later the University of Louisiana at Lafayette)—twenty years in the College of Agriculture and twenty-five years as President.

This collection reflects his long and distinguished career as a leader in Louisiana education. It also shows his keen interest in the past, the present, and the future of the state. He collected a large amount of secondary and primary material on the history of Louisiana. The primary material includes copies of items related to Acadiana vigilante committees and the business records of William Wyatt of Vernon, Louisiana.

Fletcher gathered much information on agriculture and industrial development while preparing speeches on these subjects. He gave frequent speeches especially after World War II through the 1950s urging the people of Louisiana to invest in education as the best means to insure the future greatness of their state.

The collection also reflects the close relationship between Fletcher and his wife and their children: Ellen, Florence, Lorraine, and Joel III. The family correspondence contains frequent letters from Fletcher summarizing the events of the week for the benefit of the children who had all left the area. There is also a large number of letters to the parents including letters from Joel III set from Europe and the Far East where he served in the U.S. Navy and from Europe where he worked during the 1960s. Fletcher held leadership positions at several levels in groups such as the American Red Cross, Rotary International, and the Federal Reserve Board. He was active at different times in the Lafayette Presbyterian Church and the Episcopal Church of the Ascension, and served on the board of trustees for regional colleges of both denominations.

The collection also contains a large portion of Fletcher’s writings: poetry, short stories, books, and articles.


A. Louisiana Collection(1874-1998)  
  1. History  
    a. General, 1945 1-01 through 1-03
    b. Acadians and Acadiana Parishes, 1948 1-04 through 1-05
    c. North Louisiana, 1968 1-06 through 1-10
    d. Miscellaneous, 1950s-1960s 1-11
  2. Biography, 1874-1975 1-12 through 1-16
  3. Education  
    a. History, 1908-1969 1-17 through 1-24
    b. University of Louisiana at Lafayette, 1945-1998 1-25 through 1-26
    c. Miscellaneous, 1948-1969 1-27 through 1-31
  4. Agriculture, 1930-1970 1-32 through 1-38
B. Correspondence  
  1. Joel L. Fletcher, Jr.  
    a. Sent, 1932-1972 1-39 through 1-47
    b. Received, 1921-1972 2-01 through 2-17
  2. Fletcher family property/Fletcher Land Company, 1936-1964 2-09 through 2-17
  3. Fletcher family members  
    a. Mrs. B.J. (Sarah) Bordelon, 1936-1993 2-18 through 2-21
    b. Mrs. Roy H. (Lorraine) Elliot, 1952-1988 2-22 through 2-17
    c. Miss Bill Fletcher, 1951-1965 2-25
    d. "Ellen", n.d. 2-26
    e. Mary Francis Fletcher, 1943-1992 2-27 through 2-30
    f. Joel Fletcher Sr., 1915-1946 2-21 through 2-32
    g. Mrs. Joel (Leila Craig) Fletcher Sr., 1932-1968 2-33 through 2-36
    h. Mrs. Joel (Fannie) Fletcher Jr., 1953-1974 2-37 through 2-39
    i. Joel Fletcher III, 1944-1989 2-40 through 3-03
    j. Kathleen Fletcher, 1933-1994 3-04 through 3-09
    k. Willie Fletcher, 1933-1990 3-10 through 3-13
    l. Florence Nevels, 1958-1987 3-14
  4. Miscellaneous, 1906-2000 3-15 through 3-18
C. Biographical and Family Material  
  1. Genealogy, 1849-1987 3-19 through 4-04
  2. Clippings, 1910-1992 4-05 through 4-15
  3. Financial materials, 1906-1972 4-16 through 4-23
  4. Family papers, 1898-1992  
    a. Mary Frances Fletcher, 1927-1992 4-24 through 4-34
    b. Joel Fletcher Jr., 1930-1972 5-01 through 5-08
    c. Kathleen Fletcher, 1924-1989 5-09 through 5-11
    d. Willie Fletcher, 1938-1991 5-12 through 5-13
    e. Miscellaneous, 1898-1986 5-14 through 5-18
  5. Fletcher Land Company, 1948-1962 5-19 through 5-22
  6. Awards, Certificates, 1948-1960 5-23, Box 12
D. Speeches and Articles  
  1. Economy, 1959-1962 5-24 through 5-28
  2. University of Southwestern Louisiana, 1968 6-01
  3. Education  
    a. Education speeches, 1952-1968 6-02 through 6-15
    b. Education articles  
      1. Louisiana Education, n.d. 6-16 through 6-26
      2. International Education, n.d. 6-27
      3. Journey to Europe, n.d. 6-29 through 6-36
  4. Miscellaneous, 1927-1970 6-29 through 6-36
E. Writings  
  1. Poetry, 1935-1940s 6-37 through 7-07
  2. Short stories and essays, 1921-1948 7-08 through 7-10
  3. Manuscripts  
    a. Parrish Fuller 7-11 through 7-29
    b. Joel L. Fletcher Jr. memoirs, 1968 7-30 through 7-38
    c. “Jacksonia”/Wyatt Family story, n.d. 8-01 through 8-03
  4. Miscellaneous  
    a. Loose materials, 1937-1947, n.d. 8-04 through 8-10
    b. Notebooks, 1969-1970, n.d. 8-11 through 9-01
F. Photographs, 1900-1992 9-02 through 9-14
G. Artifacts, 1968-1984, n.d. Box 10 through Box 11
H. Scrapbooks (1935-1970) 12-01 through 13-07
I. Oversized, 1918-1964 Box 14


A. Louisiana Collection
    [contains newsclippings, articles, pamphlets, flyers, publications, photographs, and notes on miscellaneous Louisiana topics including general history, church history, biography, education, and agriculture.]
  1. History
    a. General
1-01 Excerpt (n.d.) from “Chita, A Memory of Lost Island” p. 31-32
1-02 Newsclippings (1945): from the New Orleans Times Picayune column, “They Built Louisiana”
1-03 Notes (n.d.): Civil War in Louisiana
    b. Acadians and Acadiana
1-04 Pamphlet and flyers (n.d.): “Andre Oliver and His Store, Historian of the Tech, Interesting, Unusual Character;”
“The Land of Evangeline: Tourist guide through St. Martinville, LA;”
List of Acadians that are part of the book Quest for the Promise Land
    c. North Louisiana
1-05 Miscellaneous records (n.d.): for William Wyatt, including newspaper article, and short story about Wyatt family genealogy
1-06 Material on Colonel Thomas Cunningham Standifer (n.d.)
1-07 Ruston Presbyterian Church materials (n.d., 1968): “The first church house of Ruston Presbyterians burns;” “Background of the Ruston Presbyterian Church;”
“Newton McKay Smith - The First Ruling Elder of the Ruston Church”;
First Presbyterian Church pamphlet
1-08 Excerpts (n.d.) from “History of Natchitoches, Louisiana” by Milton Dunn
1-09 Articles (n.d.): “North Louisiana Literature: 1850-1945” and “Recent Literature Written in or about Louisiana”
    d. Miscellaneous
1-10 Recipes (c. 1950s-1960s): includes recipes for traditional Louisiana dishes
  2. Biography
1-11 Material on miscellaneous individuals (1970, n.d.):
    “There is no road back” handwritten biography of Reverend Robert Lane Collings III, rector of St. James Church;
Wade Hall Davis;
Willheim Dommert
1-12 John P. Graham (1975): Draft of article on dedication of First Presbyterian Church to the memory of John P. Graham; miscellaneous notes on Graham family
1-13 Walter Hines (n.d.): biographical outline
1-14 Articles about Randell Hunt (1874-1894):
    M’Caleb, Thomas. The Louisiana Book: Selections from the Literature of the State. New Orleans, 1894; Renshaw, James A. “The Hunt Family”. Louisiana Historical Quarterly. (n.d.);
Jewell, Edwin. Jewell’s Cresent City Illustrated. New Orleans. 1874. pp 93-94;
Colomb, Robert. “Dufour’s Local Sketches”. Louisiana Historical Quarterly.
1-15 Material on miscellaneous individuals (1942-1968):
      George Wilkins Kendall (founder of the New Orleans Picayune);
Jordan G. Lee;
Reverend Harry McLane;
Claude Alexander Martin;
James Nicholson
  3. Education
    a. History
1-16 Chautauqua (1908, n.d.): “Louisiana Chautauqua Memorial” by A.A. Gunby bound book and miscellaneous notes on Ruston College and Chautauqua. See also: folder 4-13 for more information on Chautauqua
1-17 Louisiana State University (1956-1969): “A New Law school grows” (1956) clipping from Baton Rouge Moring Advocate; “LSU Outlook” vol. 16, no. 1 (1969)
1-18 Louisiana Tech clippings, articles, and photographs: “A Biographical Sketch of Louisiana Tech’s Joe Aillet Athletic Director and Head Football Coach” (n.d.); “Director of Athletics: Joe Aillet” (n.d.); new release announcing Joe Aillet’s retirement (1967); photograph of Joe Aillet; “Alma Mater” song book
1-19 Northwestern State University (1961-1969): notepad, “Alumni Columns” vol. xx, no. 5; and article about past university presidents; picture and biographical article on Vernon F. Galliano
1-20 Notes on St. Martinville High School (n.d.)
1-21 Southern University notes: information about Felton G. Clark, president of Southern University
1-22 “The State Board of Education” handwritten history of the Louisiana board of education
1-23 Verda School (c. 1964): newsclipping; “History of Verda School Recalled by Mrs. Harrison” (Verda community in Grant Parish)
    b. University of Louisiana at Lafayette
1-24 Shelf list (1945): lists all non-fiction and reference books on shelf at Stephens Memorial Library
1-25 Miscellaneous pamphlets and agendas (1945-1998): agenda from meeting discussing USL Marine survival training center lease approval: “Industrial Growth through Higher Education;” “Memorial to Southwestern’s Fallen Heroes of World War II;” Southwestern Alumni News, vol. 13, no. 5, Southwestern Alumni News, vol. 27 no. 2, Southwest: The Magazine of Louisiana Living, Aug.-Sept. 1960
    c. Miscellaneous
1-26 Miscellaneous items (1948-1963): Program; Mercer University Formal Convocation Oct. 5, 1965,The Boardman: Official Journal of the Louisiana School Boards Association (1948, 1949, 1958);
Louisiana Schools: Journal of the Louisiana Education Association(1953);
excerpts from “Louisiana Finance Handbook” (1959);
pamphlet, “Higher Education for Louisiana’s future: A question of quality” (1961);
“Higher Education on the way in Louisiana” (League of Women Voters of Louisiana) (1963);
newsclipping about higher education (n.d.);
miscellaneous photocopies with information about education in Louisiana
1-27 NEA Journal (January 1960)
1-28 International Education materials (1966-1969): Louisiana Newsletter No. 2 (Louisiana Department of Education): International Education; “Regional Educational Agencies Project—International Education: A report submitted by Joel Fletcher, State Coordinator for International Education, to the Editorial Committee;” resources for more information on international education (n.d.)
1-29 International Education expense reports (1966-1969)
1-30 International Education check stubs for Joel L. Fletcher Jr. (1966-1969)
  4. Agriculture
1-31 (1930): United States Senate Resolution No. 3 (regarding Federal Farm Loan Bank)
1-32 Miscellaneous articles (1963-1969): “Golden Gardens: an all California garden magazine;” “World Famous Problems and Solutions in the Making;” Report on annual meeting of Louisiana Tourist Commission (1968); “Multiple Land Use Urged in Address Before LPA;” “The Creating of Wild Life Refuges in Louisiana;” “Interview with S.L. Wright;” “Let’s Look at Agriculture” by J. Frank Bennett;” “Blue Ribbon Panel Probes Food Problem”
1-33 Essay (1967): Efferson, Norman J., “Potential for Increasing World Food Production”
1-34 Materials about pigs and hogs (1967): Louisiana Swine Association pig sale;
National Winter Hampshire Meat Hog Conference materials; photocopies of telegrams discussing hog vaccines
1-35 Miscellaneous floral society pamphlets (1970, n.d.): Society for Louisiana Irises; Acadian Orchid Society, “Orchids A La Carte”
1-36 Miscellaneous material (n.d.):“South Louisiana Notes” (discusses sugar, rice, and cotton production in Louisiana); essay about horticulturist Edward Avery McIlhenny
B. Correspondence
    [correspondence is arranged by sender and organized by date]
  1. Joel L. Fletcher, Jr.
    a. Sent (1935-1972
1-37 (1935-1943)
1-38 (1944): primarily includes “Dear Southwesterner” letters mailed by Fletcher to students serving in WWII; includes newsclippings.
      See also: folder 5-08 and vols. 2-4 for more information about Fletcher’s “Dear Southwesterner” publication.
1-39 (1945): includes copies of “Dear Southwesterner” letters sent to students serving in WWII.
      See also: folder 5-08 and vols. 2-4 for more information about Fletcher’s “Dear Southwesterner” publication.
1-40 (1947-1949)
1-41 (1950-1957): includes newsclippings
1-42 (1958-1959)
1-43 (1960-1963): includes letters from Joel Fletcher Jr.’s trip to Europe
1-44 (1964-1972) From Joel Fletcher Jr.: many letters discuss Joel Fletcher’s appointment to coordinator of International Education for the Louisiana Department of Education
1-45 Undated correspondence
1-45a To Fletcher’s children: 1964-1967
    b. Received
2-01 (1921, 1939)
2-02 (1940-1951)
2-03 (1952-1959)
2-04 (1960-1965)
2-05 (1966-1968)
2-06 (1969): includes undated newsclippings
2-07 (1970-1972)
2-08 Undated correspondence
  2. Fletcher family property and Fletcher Land Company correspondence
      This correspondence concerns the management, rental, and sale of property owned by the Fletcher family in Grant Parish, Louisiana. The letters are sent/received by Joel Fletcher Jr.
      See also: folders 5-19 through 5-22 for additional materials related to the Fletcher Land Company
2-09 (1936-1939)
2-10 (1940-March 1941)
2-11 (April 1941-December 1941)
2-12 (1942-1943)
2-13 (1944-1945)
2-14 (1946)
2-15 (1947)
2-16 (1948-1951)
2-17 (1959-1964)
  3. Fletcher Family members
    a. Mrs. B.J. (Sarah) Bordelon: sister of Joel Fletcher Jr.
2-18 Sent (1936-1991)
2-19 Sent (no dates)
2-20 Received (1934-1993)
2-21 Received (no dates)
    b. Mrs. Roy H. (Lorraine) Elliot
2-22 Sent (1952-1988)
2-23 Sent (no dates)
2-24 Received (no dates)
    c. Miss Bill Fletcher
2-25 Sent (1951-1965
    d. "Ellen"
2-26 Sent (no dates)
    e. Mary Francis Fletcher: sister of Joel Fletcher Jr.
2-27 Sent (1943-1980)
2-28 Received (1930-1949)
2-29 Received (1950-1992)
2-30 Received (no dates)
    f. Joel Fletcher Sr.: father of Joel Fletcher Jr.
2-31 (1915, 1926-1937)
2-32 (1938-1946)
    g. Mrs. (Leila Craig) Joel Fletcher Sr.: mother of Joel Fletcher Jr.
2-33 Sent (1932-1968)
2-34 Sent (no dates)
2-35 Received (1935-1948)
2-36 Received (no dates)
    h. Mrs. (Fannie) Joel Fletcher Jr.: wife of Joel Fletcher Jr.
2-37 (1953-1974)
2-38 (1972): includes sympathy cards and contributions made in memory of Joel Fletcher
2-39 Undated correspondence: includes newsclippings
    i. Joel Fletcher III: son of Joel Fletcher Jr.
2-40 Sent and received (1944-1967)
3-01 Sent and received (1968-1986)
3-02 Sent (1987-1989)
3-03 Sentand received (no dates)
    j. Kathleen Fletcher: sister of Joel Fletcher Jr.
3-04 Sent (1933-1961)
3-05 Sent (1962-1975)
3-06 Sent (no dates)
3-07 Sent (no dates)
3-08 Received (1947-1994)
3-09 Received (no dates)
    k. Willie Fletcher: sister of Joel Fletcher Jr.
3-10 Sent (1933-1990)
3-11 Sent (no dates)
3-12 Received (1939-1986)
3-13 Received (no dates)
    l. Florence Nevels: daughter of Joel Fletcher Jr.
3-14 Sent (1958-1987, n.d.)
  4. Miscellaneous
3-15 Miscellaneous letters and fragments (1906-1969)
    includes three S.L.I.I. postcards; an unsigned letter (dated 1939) which details a covert transaction between President Frazar and Earl Long to purchase cattle for meat for the University; letter with attached succession of W.R. McLees (1953); a letter (dated 1958) with attached report of the membership and financial situation of the Lafayette Rotary Club
3-16 Miscellaneous letters and fragments (1971-2000)
3-17 Miscellaneous letters and fragments (n.d.)
3-18 Joel L. Fletcher Scholarship Fund notification cards (n.d.):Letter to Joel Fletcher III (n.d.)
C. Biographical and Family Material
  1. Genealogy
      [contains research notes, census records, birth, marriage, and death records, wills and land deeds, photocopies from genealogy books and journals, and some correspondence (most, but not all of the correspondence is related to Mary Francis Fletcher’s research for her DAR application). Items are arranged alphabetically by family.]
3-19 Barr family materials (1966, n.d.)
3-20 Craig family materials (1963-1987)
3-21 Fletcher (1957-1959, n.d.): includes the “Joel Lafayette Fletcher Family History,” compiled by Joel Fletcher Jr.
3-22 Fletcher D.A.R. genealogy materials and correspondence (for Mary Francis Fletcher) (1980-1987)
3-23 Kirkpatrick (1982-1983)
3-24 Kirkpatrick (1975, 1982): “Three Generations of Valentine Kirkpatrick’s Family” by W.D. Kirkpatrick, and “Sketches: Autobiographical accounts provided by descendants of Valentine Kirkpatrick,” by Katie K. Snyder; includes two photographs
3-25 McMurray (n.d.)
3-26 Sellinger (1956-1960, n.d.)
3-27 Washington family genealogy (1969): contains a newsclipping which shows a connection to the Barr family
4-01 Wyatt (1957-1982)
4-02 Wyatt (c. 1849, photocopies) legal proceedings against Elizabeth and John Wyatt (her son) by the state (Louisiana) over the administration of the estate of her husband, Jesse Wyatt
4-03 Wyatt family reunion correspondence (1958-1962): includes newsclippings and flyers
4-04 Miscellaneous notes (n.d.)
  2. Clippings
      [contains articles and clippings about Joel L. Fletcher and his family. Items are arranged chronologically]
4-05 Obituaries and memorials (1910-1989)
4-06 Miscellaneous clippings (1931-1976)
4-07 Education (1941-1970)
4-08 Kathleen Fletcher (1942-c.1960); includes 1 negative of Kathleen Fletcher
4-09 S.L.I./U.S.L. (1944-1977) mentions naming of Fletcher Hall, Fletcher becoming president of S.L.I., Cypress Lake, and miscellaneous clippings from the Vermilion
4-10 Joel Fletcher III (1954-1963)
4-11 Miscellaneous Fletcher family members (1954-1988)
4-12 Frances Fletcher (1958-1992)
4-13 “Louisiana Heritage” vol. 2, no. 1 (1969)
    contains an article about Joel Fletcher Jr., “A Highlight from My Teaching Career;” also includes articles about the Chautauqua (“The Chautauqua: Springboard to Higher Education”) and Grant Parish (“Grant Parish celebrates a Centennial”)
    See also: folder 1-16 for more information on Chautauqua
4-14 Honors and awards (1970-1989)
4-15 Vietnam war (1970)
  3. Financial materials
      [contains Fletcher’s personal financial documents; this includes insurance papers, receipts, bills, and a household inventory]
4-16 Taxes (1906-1966): includes a notebook listing income exemptions for 1966
4-17 Insurance papers (1926-1969)
4-18 Receipts from Fletcher’s trip to Italy (1963)
4-19 Yearly planner with expenditures recorded (1963)
4-20 Desk calendar with expenditures recorded (1964)
4-21 Desk calendar with expenditures recorded (1965)
4-22 Miscellaneous receipts (1966-1968, 1972)
4-23 Notebook with lists of monthly expenses (1969)
  4. Family Papers
    a. Mary Frances Fletcher, sister of Joel Fletcher Jr.
        contains documents relating to Frances Fletcher; including her writings, thesis, diploma, certificates and awards
        See also: folder 4-03 for Frances Fletcher’s DAR application, and folders 2-27 through 2-30 for her correspondence
4-24 Diplomas (1927, 1955): Bachelor of Arts from Louisiana Polytechnic Institute; Doctor of Philosophy from Louisiana State University
4-25 Miscellaneous items (1929-1961): Teaching contract, WWII mileage ration cards, passport; Phi Kappa Phi and Sigma Kappa Sorority membership cards
4-26 Frances Fletcher’s LSU thesis “A Biographical and Critical Study of Ruth McEnery Stuart” (1955-1956): completed document with attached correspondence and reader’s analysis
4-27 Draft of “Ruth McEnery Stuart (c. 1955): Introduction - Chapter 8
4-28 Draft of “Ruth McEnery Stuart (c. 1955): Chapter 9 - Chapter 11
4-29 Draft of “Ruth McEnery Stuart (c. 1955): bibliography and copies of primary sources, notes
4-30 Louisiana Tech materials (1974-1987): Alumni News Journal (1974); Frances Fletcher’s nomination for Medallion Award
4-31 Award (1976): Louisiana Tech University “50 Years Alumni”
4-32 Frances Fletcher funeral home expenses, will, and succession (1979, 1988, 1992)
4-33 Miscellaneous writings (n.d.): (all papers written at Louisiana Polytechnic Institute) “The Relation of Prometheus Unbound to Prometheus Bound;” “John Brown’s Body;” “A Comparison of Whitman and Lanier;” “The English Verb System;” “Bienville’s North Louisiana Route”
4-34 Miscellaneous writings, including poetry (n.d.): “Writing is an art;” “The Graham’s House History;” “Man’s Hunt for God;” “A Journey into Christmas Past;” “John Adams an American Conservative;” “For William Blake;” “Lullaby;” “A Whistle in the Night”
    b. Joel Fletcher Jr.
5-01 Voter registration cards (1930-1940)
5-02 Planners (1934, 1936, 1937)
5-03 Household inventory for Joel Fletcher Jr.’s home in Lafayette (1938)
5-04 Lists of people and notebook with guest list (1960s-1970)
5-05 France trip materials (c.1969)
5-06 Congressional record, proceedings and debates of the 92nd Congress, second session (1972): contains the remarks of Patrick T. Caffery in the House of Representatives on the death of Joel Fletcher Jr.
5-07 Guest book from Fletcher’s funeral (1972)
5-08 Article (n.d.) “Dear Southwesterners: World War II, Southwestern Louisiana Institute, and the Joel Fletcher Newsletters, parts 1 and 2 (contains biographical information about Fletcher and describes his motivation for writing the newsletters) and summaries of each of Fletcher’s “Dear Southwesterner” newsletters.
      See also: folders 1-38 and 1-39, and vols. 2-4, for more information about Fletcher’s “Dear Southwesterner” publication
    c. Kathleen Fletcher (1924-1989) sister of Joel Fletcher Jr.
        contains documents relating to Kathleen Fletcher; including her writings, diploma, certificates and awards
        See also: folders 3-04 through 3-09 for her correspondence
5-09 Diplomas and certificates (1924-1947): contains birth certificate, (Ruston) high school diploma, sorority membership certificates, Louisiana teaching certificate, Bachelor of Arts from Louisiana Polytechnic Institute, Bachelor of Science from Louisiana State University, Master of Science from the University of Illinois
5-10 Writings (c. 1950s): “The Search for Happiness;” “Colonel Thomas Cunningham Standifer;” and notebook with class notes and unsent letters to friends
5-11 Funeral materials (1989)
      See also: folder 4-05 for Kathleen’s obituary
    d. Willie Fletcher, sister of Joel Fletcher Jr.
5-12 5-12 Miscellaneous materials (1938-1991): Diploma from Iowa State University, Louisiana Tech Garden Club handbook, DAR memorial service program, passport, and will
    e. Miscellaneous
5-13 “Essay on Milton” [book] (1898):“Another Louisiana Story” by: Joel L. Fletcher III
5-14 Miscellaneous papers (1938-1986)
5-15 Planners and notes (1979-1985)
5-16 Writings (n.d.): Guy Bordelon (Joel Fletcher Jr.’s sister, Sarah’s husband); “The Many-Side Theodore Roosevelt” and poetry
5-17 Stenography notebooks and drawings (n.d.)
5-18 Notebook with shorthand notes and stenography classwork (n.d.)
  5. Fletcher Land Company
      Contains miscellaneous paperwork related the land managed by the Fletcher family as well as materials related to the leasing of its oil and mineral rights.
      See also: folders 2-09 through 2-17 for related correspondence
5-19 Miscellaneous papers discussing land ownership (1948-1962)
5-20 Bates and Cornell geological survey, core analysis, and drilling graph (1953)
5-21 Bates and Cornell electrical logs for the Walter Fletcher oil well (1953)
5-22 Abstract for land in Lincoln parish (n.d.): attributed to Willie Fletcher
  6. Awards
5-23 (1948-1960) nomination letter and award for “Man of the Year;” proclamation for “Joel L. Fletcher Day;” and “Chevalier de la Légion d’ Honneur”
Box 12    
  Award from SLI students (December 14, 1937): “Presented by the working boys of Southwestern” for Joel L. Fletcher’s work on their behalf
  Rotary Club awards (1948-1949): Presented by Rotary International, District no. 620, noted on the back of the plaque is a slip of paper with the following contents typed on it: “Joel L. Fletcher actually served as GOVERNOR of District #139. In 1949 it was redistricted to #202, in 1957 to #619 and in 1958 to #620.”
  American Cancer Society award (1956)
  City of Abbeville (1957): Honorary citizen award
  Evangeline Parish award (1958): given to Joel L. Fletcher for being a “true friend to Southwestern Louisiana"
  Citizen-Educator-Friend award (October 22, 1960): presented for 40 years of educational service
  Dairy Festival and Fair (1971): awarded for outstanding humanitarian service
  Friend of Children Award (1979) (for Willie Fletcher)
  Honorary life membership to Mary Frances Fletcher (1990)
  Honorary life membership to Leila Willie Fletcher (1990)
  Mid-Winter Fair Association (n.d.): for distinguished service to agriculture
  United States Air Force (n.d.)
  National Education Association award (n.d.)
  See also: I. Oversized
D. Speeches and Articles
    [this series contains speeches and articles primarily written by Joel Fletcher Jr. Items are sorted by topic and arranged alphabetically by title.]
  1. Economy
5-24 Agri-Business Conference address (1962); “Gulf South” economics speech (n.d.); “Human Resources Along the Watershed” (1959) (2 copies); “Human Resources: The Key to Louisiana Progress” (n.d.)
5-25 [New bank and its impact on a rural community] speech; [New industrial plant in Lafayette, Louisiana] speech (n.d.); “New Sources of Income for Louisiana” (n.d.)
5-26 [Rice Production] “Report to Secretary Freeman” written by Joel L. Fletcher
5-27 “Human resources: The Key to Louisiana Progress”
5-28 [Rice Production] “Report to Secretary Freeman,” cards attributed to Joel L. Fletcher III
5-29 [Rice Production] in the Po Valley in Italy (1963)
  2. University of Southwestern Louisiana
6-01 [Budget request for SLI] speech by President Fletcher;
Address given to clergymen visiting USL’s campus (n.d.);
Address to Episcopal layman about integration at USL (n.d.);
Fletcher Hall naming ceremony speech (no author, n.d.);
Speech given for Superintendent Dodd at The French House on USL’s campus about the Gulf Regional Project for International Education (1968)
  3. Education
  a. Education Speeches
6-02 Address to Leaders in Baptist Youth Work (n.d.); commencement address: “Baccalaureate Address to Calvary House” (n.d.); commencement day address given at unknown school commencement (1961) (2 copies); “Education is the Best Endowment for our Youth” speech given to members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans” (n.d.); “Freedom from Ignorance” (n.d.)
6-03 [Funding for public universities] speech (n.d.); “Higher Education in Louisiana” address to Rotary Club about (December 11, 1962); speech about improving higher education given to members of the Lake Rotary Club (December 11, 1962) (2 copies); [Importance of public education for all] by Joel Fletcher
6-04 “Industrial Growth Through First - Quality Higher Education” (n.d.); “International Education” (n.d.); “Leadership in Education”
6-05 “Operation Education: A Program for Progress” address to Beta Club (1964); Address to members of Phi Delta Kappa; Speech congratulating the appointment of Dr. Guinn to the office of President of Louisiana College (1952) (2 copies); Regional educational agencies project—International Education, Louisiana Report for Meeting of the Southern Association (State of Louisiana, Department of education) (March 22, 1968)
6-06 [The state of Education in Louisiana] (n.d.); “Talk on International Education” given to members of the Lions Club of Alexandria (November 15 1966); “Talk to Presbyterian Men’s Club” about higher education (n.d.)
6-07 Accelerated program speech (n.d.)
6-08 Alumni Association speech (n.d.)
6-09 “Education—the Best Endowment for our Youth” (1969) given to LSU chapter of the Theta XI Fraternity; [Education, its support through taxes] speech (n.d.)
6-10 Freedom From Ignorance”
6-11 Lake Charles Rotary Club address
6-12 “Leadership in Education” talk given in New Iberia (1966); “Louisiana’s Greatest Need - First Quality Higher Education”
6-13 “The Responsibility of the Presbyterian Church for Christian Education;” “The Presbyterian Church and Post War World” (n.d.)
6-14 “St. Landry Teachers”
6-15 Source cards: Notes on sources of quotations (n.d.)
    b. Education Articles
      1. Louisiana Education articles: written by Fletcher for publication in local newspapers.
        See also: folder 6-26 for a list of newspapers that ran the “Louisiana Education” articles; volumes 5 through 16 for bound copies of the articles.
6-16 Louisiana Education, numbers 1-7, 11-22, 29, 31
6-17 Louisiana Education, numbers 81-120
6-18 Louisiana Education, numbers 121-140
6-19 Louisiana Education, numbers 141-160
6-20 Louisiana Education, numbers 161-189
6-21 Louisiana Education, numbers 190-199
6-22 Louisiana Education, numbers 209, 236, 251, 260-265, 268-292
6-23 Louisiana Education, numbers 303-306, 308,309, 316, 318, 349, 351, 352, 354-360
6-24 Louisiana Education, numbers 361-372, 374-377
6-25 Louisiana Education, numbers 382, 385-394, 396-399
6-26 Louisiana Education, numbers 400-414, 416-429 438-439; includes listing of newspapers that carried “Louisiana Education”
      2. “International Education” articles: written by Fletcher for publication in local newspapers
6-27 1-3, 5,6, 8, 9
    3. “Journey to Europe” articles: written by Fletcher for publication in local newspapers
6-28 1-15
  4. Miscellaneous
6-29 Miscellaneous topics: Address to Cambridge Historical Society, “The Acadians in Louisiana” (1947, includes both a bound booklet and loose copy of the speech); “Aftermath of the Flood” (1927); Speech about the installation of a new minister at the Presbyterian Church (n.d.); “Our Uncle Dave’” (n.d.); “A Program With a Purpose” speech for the Diocesan Annual Convention (1964); University Women’s Club address (1963) (1 completed copy, 4 draft copies with annotations)
6-30 Agricultural topics: Address at Agri-Business Conference in Lafayette, LA (1962); “LFA’s Role in the Development of the Third Forest” (1970); article “What Industry is Doing to Meet the “Third Forest” Goals” (n.d.); “Louisiana’s Third Forest and the Small Forest Owner” talk given to 23rd annual meeting of the Louisiana Forestry Association (1970); “Southwestern’s Contribution to Agricultural Research (by Thomas Arceneaux)” (n.d.); fragments of unknown speeches
6-31 Huey Long and his political legacy: “Longism in Latin Louisiana: A Prologue to American Communism?” (1959); “The Griffenhagen Era in Louisiana” (1969); untitled speech about Huey Long (n.d.)
6-32 Fragments (n.d.)
6-33 Speech about General Robert E. Lee (n.d.); includes a reproduction copy of Harper’s Weekly (July 2, 1864) with information about Robert E. Lee
6-34 “Observation of Children Around the World”
6-35 “A Program With a Purpose” (1964), includes a letter mentioning the speech
6-36 “Robert Frost” (n.d.) (speech about college men going to war)
E. Writings
    [This series includes the personal writings of Joel Fletcher Jr.; included are biographical writings, short stories, and poetry. Items are arranged alphabetically and most do not include dates.]
  1. Poetry
6-37 “Americanism;” “O’ Bathsheba” (2 copies and notes); “I am the Bayou Vermilion” (n.d.); [Unnamed] “Bewildered by a world of rapid change…;” “The Bridge of the Octoroons,” (1935); includes 5 annotated draft copies; “Byng Inlet” (2 copies and handwritten notes); “Dear Lady to whom this art addressed…”; [Unnamed]“Green flickering flame flecked with brown…” (1940s) (2 copies); “The Holy Bible” (1936); [Unnamed]“Morning and night…;” “Mother Louisiana (2 copies) (1930s); “Mother Louisiana to Bayou Vermillion;” “Nameless;” “Ode to Helen,” (1940s); “Origins of Soils” (2 copies); “The Piney Woods Church” (2 copies); “Spring Colors”
6-38 “Song of the Cove;” 2 complete copies
7-01 “Song of the Cove,” 5 annotated draft copies
7-02 "Song of the Cove,” two notebooks, and loose note pages
7-03 “Song of the Hills,” (n.d.); 2 complete copies, 2 annotated copies, one missing pages 18 and 19
7-04 “Song of the Hills” notes, four spiral bound notebooks, 1 news clipping with “Song of the Hills,” (1970)
7-05 “Song of the Hills” 4 notebooks and loose notes(n.d.)
7-06 “Song of the Hills” and “My Grant Parish Home” notes and partial drafts
7-07 “My Grant Parish Home and Song of the Hills,” published booklet
  2. Short Stories and Essays
7-08 “An American Doctor’s Odyssey;” “Costa Rica, Garden of the Americas,” (story of Fletcher’s trip to Latin America), (n.d.), 2 copies; “Dispersal of a Vase of Flowers” (1966) “Impression of the Middle West - by the Arkansas Traveler” (1926)
7-09 “Jardine’s Speech in the Middle West - As Heard by the Arkansas Traveler” (missing page 2); “Jeanne of Saint John” (2 copies) (1921); “Just off the Main Highway;” “Little Secesh;” “The most common mistake an ordinary speaker makes,” (1948)
7-10 “Nature and War;” “The Road to Old Vernon” (2 copies) (1920s); “Robert E. Lee and Education in the Southern Region” handwritten essay about Robert E. Lee’s contribution to education as president of Washington College (notepad) (n.d.); “Shadow of Pines” (1921) (2 copies); “An Unreckoned Loss” (1939); “What the Presbyterian Church has meant to the Fletchers;” “When is a curse a prayer” (2 copies); “Yes Ted, there was a Camelot (11pp.)
  3. Manuscripts
      this series contains a partial manuscript for Parrish Fuller (which was published as Parrish Fuller, Louisiana's favorite Hoosier Immigrant in 1974), a partial manuscript for Fletcher’s memoirs, and an untitled partial manuscript, the “Jacksonia”/Wyatt family story
    a. Parrish Fuller (n.d.)
        See also:4. Miscellaneous: b. Notebooks: 8-11, 8-13, 8-16, 8-17, 8-18, 8-19, 8-21, 8-22 for more of Fletcher’s writings on Parrish Fuller
7-11 Chapters 1 and 2
7-12 Chapters 3 and 4
7-13 Chapters 5 and 6
7-14 Chapter 8 (2 copies)
7-15 Chapter 9
7-16 Chapter 13
7-17 Chapter 14
7-18 Chapter 17
7-19 Chapters 19 and 20
7-20 Appendix
7-21 Dedication and acknowledgments
7-22 Notes on the sources of each chapter (includes notebook with source notes)
7-23 “Meeting at S.L.I.” (unnumbered chapter)
7-24 “The Fuller Farms at Shelbyville, Indiana” (unnumbered chapter)
7-25 “Leader in Louisiana Forestry Work;” “Parrish Fuller and the Louisiana Forest;” “The Faces of Forestry;” and “Forests and People” (unnumbered chapters) and notebook with additional handwritten copies
7-26 Additions to the text
7-27 Retrospective writing on the book about Fuller by Fletcher
7-28 Miscellaneous writings; handwritten copy of the minutes of the State Board of Education meeting on February 19, 1953, unnumbered chapter, “Parrish Fuller, the man and his philosophy;” and “Minutes of the State Board of Education”
7-29 Miscellaneous unlabeled chapters
    b. Joel Fletcher Jr. Memoirs (1968)
        [consists primarily of unlabeled chapters and fragments. The unlabeled chapters are arranged according to the dates covered in each chapter.]
7-30 Labeled chapters: “Sketch of Early Days in Grant Parish;” notepad “Joel Fletcher, Teacher of Agriculture;” and loose pages “Joel Fletcher, Teacher of Agriculture” (1968)
7-31 Unlabeled chapters: Pre-1900s-1910, covers Fletcher’s genealogy and childhood
7-32 Unlabeled chapters: 1915-1916, Fletcher is a student at LSU
7-33 Unlabeled chapters: 1919-1920, Fletcher becomes teacher of agriculture at S.L.I.
7-34 Unlabeled chapters: 1920s-1930s, general information about the time period and local culture in Lafayette
7-35 Unlabeled chapters: 1921-1925, Fletcher’s early teaching career
7-36 Unlabeled chapters: 1927-1940, Fletcher becomes president of S.L.I.
7-37 Miscellaneous loose pages and notebook with Ellen’s comments on the manuscript
7-38 Notebooks with handwritten manuscript
    c. “Jacksonia”/Wyatt family story (n.d.)
        [No clear title was given to this semi-biographical collection of stories about “Jacksonia” told from the perspective of the Wyatt family.]
8-01 “Jacksonia” story: (100 pp.) about Wyatt family and education in “Jacksonia” (described in the text as the southeastern portion of the country)
8-02 “Jacksonia” story: (105 pp.) partial manuscript
8-03 Loose chapters and additions including: [Ed Cameron] short story about a WWII soldier (1925) (13pp., 2 copies), “The Supervisory Board;” “Dobie’s Popularity;” “Dobie and the Science Teacher;” and “State College in Jacksonia”
  4. Miscellaneous
      [Contains loose pages, notes, incomplete writings, and notebooks which contain a variety of writings, poetry, and notes.]
    a. Loose Materials
8-04 Untitled reminisces (n.d.): 5 handwritten short stories which detail various events of Joel Fletcher Jr.’s life
8-05 Fragments of various writings by Joel Fletcher Jr. (n.d.)
8-06 “Paraphrase of “In Memoriam,” handwritten religious writing
8-07 Miscellaneous religious notes (n.d.)
8-08 Two incomplete untitled stories (1937, 1942)
8-09 Notes contained in three small notepads on agriculture, economics, finances, and politics
8-10 Miscellaneous writings: “The Pioneer Schools” by Rosa Calvin Barksdale; “Portrait of my Mother” by Harriett Michand; [Three Influential Americans: Benjamin Franklin, John Quincy Adams, and Abraham Lincoln] no author; [Longfellow’s interest in native themes] no author
    b. Notebooks (n.d., 1969-1970)
        [these materials are undated and the content varies widely within each notebook, from poetry to essays and stories. Several of the notebooks contain some notes related to Fletcher’s Parrish Fuller manuscript.]
8-11 (n.d.): “William Tecumseh Sherman: Popular Educational Leader in Louisiana;” notes on the Louisiana State Board of Education; “Tribute to a Great Educational Development—Joseph A. Neely [discusses early the University of Louisiana at Lafayette faculty members]; “Mrs. Bentley [biographical writing];” “El Cerrito, California—April 26; “Members of the Junior Chamber of Commerce [speech];” miscellaneous daily schedule notes
8-12 (n.d.): “The Forgotten Man Committee (mentions Parrish Fuller);” “Addenda to Wabash College;” copy of story about 1927 flood, titled, “Dear second-grade classmates, may I tell you a story”
8-13 (n.d.):“Wabash College Cont…”; : Parts I, II, and III, of “The Clarks of Southern University, Fifty-five years of Progress in Higher Education for the Negro in Louisiana;” “Parrish Fuller as Member of State Board of Education;” LA Education article: “T.H. Harris ends his long tenure as Superintendent of Public Education,” “Notice to M.S.T” and “Quotable Quotes” [Parrish Fuller notes]
8-14 (n.d.):“The thoughts of my former colleague” [on education in Louisiana] and miscellaneous notes
8-15 (1969): “Our Uncle Charlie; An Educational Fantasy;” “Rinkus Ranch, Rio Frio, Texas” (1969, personal reflections); “Some thoughts on Southern Politics;” LSU N.O.—Louisiana Miracle institution of Higher Learning;” Dr. Homer Hitt, A Vigorous, Capable University President;” Dr. Joseph Walter Brouillette;” Col. George T. Madison;” and “Thomas Duchett Rogel: The second president of State Normal School
8-16 (1970): “Midland, Texas, Louisiana Education, The New Union Naval Base;” Parrish Fuller: Louisiana’s most useful citizen,” “Midland, Texas (journal entry);” letter transcriptions of correspondence addressed to Professor Fletcher, Midland, Texas (journal entry) (1970); miscellaneous notes
8-17 (n.d.): “History of Central, Louisiana;” “The Graham Papers [Graham family of Lincoln Parish];” transcriptions of correspondence relating to A.T. Prescott and to Graham family; “Parrish Fuller becomes national leader of move to stability [of the lumber industry] and “Odds and Ends of Parrish Fuller’s life;” “Parrish Fuller, Chairman of the building committee of Lily Library at Wabash College;” “Parrish Fuller, Leader in Louisiana war effort;” “Address to those who knew him [Parrish Fuller];” “Leader in Louisiana Forestry Work;” “Education as a National Defense;” Parrish Fuller: Leader of the Democratic Party in Louisiana;” and miscellaneous notes
8-18 (n.d.): “William Parrish Fuller: Useful Citizen;” “Most Recent Letter from my North, Louisiana friend;” Fletcher’s reminisces on whether or not Louisiana is a backwards state
8-19 (1970): “Walter Burke, Friend of Public Education,” “Trip to Oakdale (1970);” miscellaneous Parrish Fuller notes; “Purpose of Wabash College;” “Wabash through the years;” Wabash College Today;” “ Mary Evelyn Dickerson;” Parrish Fuller papers transcriptions, “Parrish Fuller, Member of Louisiana State Board of Education;” “Early days of Allen Parish;” notes on Jean Lafitte, Kinder, LA, Oakdale; “Forests and people;” “Forestry Research in Louisiana”
8-20 (n.d.): “Politics in Jacksonia;” “John M. Parker for governor;” “Frank Meyers for Governor”
8-21 (n.d.): “Louisiana Education: To college students and their parents;” “Early morning meditations;” miscellaneous Parrish Fuller notes
8-22 (n.d.): “Dear Joel (copy of letter sent to Joel Fletcher Jr.);” “The major efforts of Parrish Fuller on the state board of education;” “The national youth administration at Southwestern;” “N.Y.A. at U.S.L.;” “The Louisiana forests and the forest industry”
8-23 (n.d.): “A Reprimand and the Reply”
8-24 (n.d.): “Book IV: Julian Wyatt of Jacksonia;” “Louisiana Education: Daughters, a parent’s joy:” “Mary Mims: beloved lady of rural Louisiana”
9-01 (n.d.): notebooks with agricultural class notes and lectures
F. Photographs
9-02 (c.1900-1990s): Fletcher family photographs
9-03 (1940): Photo album of Willie Fletcher’s students at A&M College Nursery School
9-04 (1941): Group at State Board of Education meeting; includes letter
9-05 (1955): Memorial Dedication Program at Lake Charles High School
9-06 (1987): Joel Fletcher III’s pictures while in South Carolina and Edenton
9-07 (1992): Joel Fletcher at the Montpelier Races
9-08 (n.d.): Terrance Simien (musician) signed photograph and poster
9-09 (n.d.): Miscellaneous individuals and house pictures
9-10 (n.d.): unknown individuals
9-11 (n.d.): Pictures and negatives of Jennings, LA
9-12 (n.d.): miscellaneous locations in Woodbury, CT
9-13 (n.d., c.1960s): color slides of family events
9-14 (n.d.): negatives of unknown individuals and houses
G. Artifacts
Box 10 Ernie stuffed animal
  Two smoking pipes belonging to Joel Fletcher Sr.
  Miscellaneous diaries/daybooks (1968-1984)
  Record - China Boy by Gene Austin
  Cooper. Last of the Mohicans. New York: (n.d.)
Box 11 Joel Fletcher Jr.’s cap and gown
H. Scrapbooks
12-01 Scrapbook from Kathleen (sister of Joel Fletcher Jr.) to Joel Fletcher Sr. (1935)
12-02 President’s Newsletter to Servicemen, Volume I (October 1942- December 1943)
12-03 President’s Newsletter to Servicemen, Volume II, 1 of 2 (January 1944- December 1944)
12-04 President’s Newsletter to Servicemen, Volume II, 2 of 2 (January 1944- December 1944)
12-05 President’s Newsletter to Servicemen, Volume III, 1 of 2 (January 1945-October 1945)
12-06 President’s Newsletter to Servicemen, Volume III, 2 of 2 (January 1945-October 1945)
12-07 Louisiana Education vol. 1, 1-80 (copy 1)
12-08 Louisiana Education vol. 1, 1-80 (copy 2)
12-09 Louisiana Education vol. 2, 81-133 (copy 1)
12-10 Louisiana Education vol. 2, 81-133 (copy 2)
12-11 Louisiana Education vol. 3, 134-199 (copy 1)
12-12 Louisiana Education vol. 3, 134-199 (copy 2)
12-13 Louisiana Education vol. 4, 200-259 (copy 1)
12-14 Louisiana Education vol. 4, 200-259 (copy 2)
12-15 Louisiana Education vol. 5, 260-366 1 of 2 (copy 1)
12-16 Louisiana Education vol. 5, 260-366 2 of 2 (copy 1)
13-01 Louisiana Education vol. 5, 260-366 1 of 2 (copy 2)
13-02 Louisiana Education vol. 5, 260-366 2 of 2 (copy 2)
13-03 Louisiana Education vol. 6, 367-439 1 of 2 (copy 1)
13-04 Louisiana Education vol. 6, 367-439 2 of 2 (copy 1)
13-05 Louisiana Education vol. 6, 367-439 1 of 2 (copy 2)
13-06 Louisiana Education vol. 6, 367-439 2 of 2 (copy 2)
13-07 Scrapbook (1970): “Joel Fletcher Day: Farm Dormitory Boys (1932-1941), Breaux Bridge, LA;” contains news clippings, photographs, and correspondence
I. Oversized
Box 14
1. Award to Mr. and Mrs. Joel Fletcher by the University of Southwestern Louisiana
2. Joel Fletcher’s Bachelor of Science Degree in Agriculture (1918)
3. Joel Fletcher’s Doctor of Science Degree (1944)
4. Joel Fletcher’s Doctor of Science Degree (1964)
5. Joel Fletcher’s certificates: Board of Commissions (1959); Governor’s Staff (1964); Board of Commissions (1946); (1963) certificate for Joel L. Fletcher, electing him to the Board of Trustees for the University of the South (Sewanee, Tennessee)
6. Photograph of Frank Godchaux autographed to Joel L. Fletcher.  “The Joel L. Fletcher, May the good work that you have accomplished for Southwestern Louisiana be continued to a quarter degree”, yours truly, Frank Godchaux, undated
7. Photograph of Frank Godchaux and unidentified queen, n.d.
Removed from the collection: Political poster of Louisiana Governor John M. Parker, printed in New Orleans