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John W. Fiero Collection

Collection 520

Fiero, John W. (1934–2019). Collection, 1979, n.d.

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Dr. John Wesley Fiero was born on June 20, 1934 in Bronxville, NY. After serving honorably as an electronics technician in the U.S. Navy from 1953-1957, he earned his Ph.D. at Florida State University. From 1969-1998, he was a member of the faculty at the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now University of Louisiana at Lafayette), retiring with the rank of Professor Emeritus. He married Dr. Gloria Fiero and they had two sons.

As an educator, Dr. Fiero specialized in English Renaissance literature, particularly Shakespeare, history of theater, and dramatic writing. Dr. Fiero was a driving force in the Lafayette theater world, authoring numerous plays, and bringing some of them to New York and London after they premiered in Louisiana. He was a founding member of the Lafayette Community Theatre in the 1980s, and played a large part in forming Eavesdrop Theatre, which ran from the mid-1970s to the early 1990s. Over the years, he directed several plays in Lafayette, most notably The Tempest and Othello. Later in his life, he worked with Cite des Arts, Theatre 810, and Elsa Dimitriadis and Brady McKellar’s Wanderlust Productions.

This collection consists of scripts of plays written primarily by John Fiero, who also donated the collection. There are also two plays written by Dr. Paul Nolan, another professor from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. The plays are all organized in alphabetical order.

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A. A-G 1-01 through 1-09
B. L-O 1-10 through 1-19
C. P-S 1-20 through 1-29
D. T-W 1-30 through 1-33


Box 1
  A. A-G
    1-01 “After It’s Over: Four Scenes of American Love”, by Paul T. Nolan
    1-02 “An Overplayed Hand”, by John W. Fiero
    1-03 “Endangered Species”, by John W. Fiero
    1-04 “Equal Opportunity Employer”, by John W. Fiero (2 copies)
    1-05 “The Family Jewel$: A New! Three-Act Comedy”, by John W. Fiero
    1-06 “The Final Solution”, by John W. Fiero (2 copies)
    1-07 “From Thence a Rib”, by John W. Fiero (2 copies)
    1-08 “Getting Rid of Horace”, by John W. Fiero (2 copies)
    1-09 “Gift Horse”, by John W. Fiero (2 copies)
  B. L-O
    1-10 “A Lady in Yellow Boucle”, by John W. Fiero
    1-11 “Lifeguard!”, by John W. Fiero
    1-12 “London Bound from the Eavesdrop Theatre”, by John W. Fiero
    1-13 “Lucky Bill”, by John W. Fiero
    1-14 “Manny’s Full Count”, by John W. Fiero (2 copies)
    1-15 “The Mansion: A Play in Twelve Scenes”, by John W. Fiero
    1-16 “Merlin and Vivien”, by Forrest M. Byrd and John W. Fiero (2 copies)
    1-17 “Momento Mori: A Play in Two Acts”, by John W. Fiero
    1-18 “The Stronger”, by August Strindberg. Adapted by Paul T. Nolan, New South Drama Service Playscripts (2 copies)
    1-19 “One Way Out”, by John W. Fiero
  C. P-S
    1-20 “Pawn’s Gambit”, by John W. Fiero
    1-21 Playwrights’ Theatre of Louisiana at the Quaigh Theatre in New York, 15-25 May 1979
    1-22 “Puss in Boots”, Freely Adapted from the Classic Fairy Tale by John W. Fiero (2 copies)
    1-23 “A Quarter Turn in Billingsgate”, by John W. Fiero
    1-24 “The Red Dog Connection”, by John W. Fiero
    1-25 “The Rip Off”, by John W. Fiero
    1-26 “Showers”, by John W. Fiero
    1-27 “Snuff Flick, or Helmut Who?”, by John W. Fiero (2 copies)
    1-28 “Squeeze Play”, by John W. Fiero
    1-29 “Squatter’s Rites”, by John W. Fiero
  D. T-W
    1-30 “A Terminal Case”, by John W. Fiero
    1-31 “There’s No Upstairs at the Red Dog”, by John W. Fiero (2 copies)
    1-32 “The Vigil”, by John W. Fiero
    1-33 “Worms”, by John W. Fiero