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Carl R. Froitzheim Collection

Collection 77

Froitzheim, Carl R. (1921-1989). Collection, 1947 [1969]-1987

12 ft.

Carl R. Froitzheim was raised in a small community near Jacksonville, Florida. He attended a small school near Callahan, FL through the eighth grade in 1936. He then quit school in search of work. He worked as a pipe fitter for the Grinnell Corporation for over 20 years. He became interested in photography in order to submit articles with accompanying photographs to the National Wildlife Federation publications. He was a self-taught photographer when he opened Bayou Photo Service in Crowley, LA. His second marriage was with Minnie Dommert who was from near Egan, LA.

This collection contains mostly photographs of individuals, weddings and special events taken by Carl Froitzheim. There are also some photographs taken by A. L. Barnett, a photographer from Crowley, Louisiana. There are also other materials such as correspondence, publications, and drawings related to a patent Froitzheim tried to register. Froitzheim was also very interested in cirkut photographs. There are a large number of these images in the collection, both positive and negative. Many of these may have been taken by A. L Barnett.

Froitzheim was active in the Democratic Party; environmental groups; the Plumbers and Steamfitters Local # 106; the Acadian Stamp Club; and Lutheran Churches in Acadia Parish. Records of some of these organizations are in separate collections. Records of some of these organizations are in this collection. National publications, form fundraising letters, etc. were not added. Material related to Louisiana was kept.

This collection was donated by Carl R. Froitzheim. He also donated other collections: Collection 71: Lutheran Churches in Southwest Louisiana; Collection 103: Acadian Sierra Club Records; Collection 211: Plumbers and Steamfitters Local # 106 Records; and MSS. 088: Genealogical and Biographical Information on Family of Herman Otto Dommert, Egan, LA.


A. Personal Material 1-01 through 1-24
  1. Material on patent Froitzheim tried to register  
    a. Correspondence 1-25 through 1-30
  2. Material related to patents or Froitzheim’s patent in particular 1-31 through 1-34
  3. Miscellaneous 1-35 and 1-36
B. Organizations 1-37 through 1-61
C. Live Oaks/Trees 1-62 through 1-64
D. Photographs  
  1. Historical Photographs 2-01 through 2-03; 15-78;
Box 16 through Box 18
  2. Froitzheim Photographs 1-17 through 1-22;
Boxes 3 through 14
    a. Individuals and Families [A-Z] 3-01 through 7-242;
15-01 through 15-38
    b. Weddings [A-Z] 8-01 through Box 12;
15-39 through 15-57
    c. Places and Events Box 13 and Box 14;
15-58 through 15-73
    d. Copy Work 15-74 through 15-77


A. Personal Material
1-01 Family letters: 1969
1-02 Family letters: 1970
1-03 Family letters: 1971-1979, n.d.
1-04 Personal letters: 1969-1986
1-05 Materials related to Grinnell Company
    letters, 1951, 1952 [2 items];
The Story of Grinnell: Safety Issue, No. 29 (April, 1947)
1-06 business letters and documents: 1958, 1969, 1975 [5 items]
    includes employment history, 1953-1960
1-07 business letters related to starting photography studio, 1970-1972
    correspondents include: V. V. Young; Nolan J. Edwards, National Wildlife Foundation
1-08 business records and documents: 1971-1978, n.d.
1-09 day book, 1977: March 15 – 1980: Sept. 20
1-10 material on cirkut cameras including bill for repair; booklet from Kodak: 1980-1981
1-11 photography business: miscellaneous
    certificates; publicity; articles; wedding photo clippings
1-12 pencil drawings: geometric shapes; human figures – no artist given
1-13 Froitzheim family materials
    clippings [some general including 1 on Dudley LeBlanc and HADACOL]; articles; family prayer (?); CRF certificate
1-14 Jones Cemetery Association, Inc. [Callahan, FL]
    articles of incorporation 14 June 1962 (photostat);
reports: 1969, 1971;
letter from Elizabeth P. Wells, Secretary, about association rules [Froitzheim probably thinking about same type of association for Lutheran Cemetery, Crowley, LA]
1-15 stamps: correspondence about buying and selling stamps: 1969-1981
1-16 stamps: correspondence mainly about permissions for covers especially Christmas cover, 1969 for Space Unit of American Tropical Association
1-17 stamps: Lutheran Stamps for Missions program, correspondence and publicity: 1977-1980, n.d.
1-18 political materials:
    letters: 1983–1986 [4 items];
newsletters: J. Bennett Johnston (1); Russell Long (1); Leonard Knapp, Jr. [Calcasieu Parish District Attorney] (1 on hazardous waste);
photograph of Walter Mondale and Geraldine Ferraro, signed (2 copies);
envelope from Dave Treen, International Rice Festival cancel
1-19 clippings about golden eagle caged by resident of Crowley, 1969-1970 [Froitzheim probably involved in getting individual prosecuted and getting eagle to zoo]
1-20 income tax records and returns, 1944-1959
1-21 income tax records and returns, 1960s
1-22 income tax records and returns, 1970s
1-23 pay stubs, 1976-1977 [various employers]
1-24 Louisiana Department of Labor; Department of Employee Security: 1957-1958; 1973; 1976
A. Personal Material
  1. Material related to attempt to obtain a patent
    a. Correspondence
1-25 1974
1-26 1975: January - June
1-27 1975: July - December
1-28 1976: January - June
1-29 1976: July - December
1-30 1977: January – February, n.d.
A. Personal Material
  2. Material related to patents or Froitzheim’s patent in particular
1-31 Publications:
    “Small Business Profits from Unpatentable Ideas.” Management Aids for Small Manufacturers, no.53, May 1974;
“The Illinois Beverage Container Act,” Congressional Record - Senate, 29 June 29 1976
1-32 Newspaper clippings: 1976 [1 item] re: Froitzheim invention; mailing list
1-33 Drawings: 1972-1975 re: patent
1-34 Packet from Raymond Lee Organization, Inc.: Inventor’s Information Kit, n.d.
A. Personal Material
  3. Miscellaneous
1-35 Louisiana hunting licenses: 1937, 1980-81; biographical information about two [early residents of Crowley?]
1-36 post cards: most sent to Sally Holt, Estherwood, LA: Ohio; Massachusetts; Illinois; Nevada; California; other
B. Organizations
1-37 Acadia Parish Humane Society: newsletter, 1979-1982, 1983 [incomplete]
  Acadiana Stamp Club
1-38 notice of meeting: 1980-1981
1-39 notice of meeting: 1982-1983
1-40 notice of meeting: 1984-1987 [scattered]
1-41 correspondence regarding activities of club, 1979-1986, n.d.
    includes response to CRF application to American Philatelic Society, 29 Aug. 1986
1-42 other: membership lists; photographs; newsletter, 6 Feb. 1987; by-laws; clippings; first day covers; postage information; news release
  Audubon Society
1-43 Acadiana Audubon Chapter: organizational materials, 1975-1976
    correspondence, news releases; announcements
1-44 Acadiana Audubon Chapter: documents
    model chapter application and constitution; constitution
1-45 Acadiana Audubon Chapter: other
    newsletter, Le Nonpareil, Sept., 1976; photograph; clipping
1-46 Baton Rouge Audubon Chapter
    newsletter, Barred Owl, 1976 (3 issues); Dec. 1980-March, 1981;
bumper sticker
1-47 Florida Audubon Society
    correspondence and legal documents regarding donation of land, 1966-1967
1-48 Florida Audubon Society
    correspondence and legal documents regarding donation of land, 1966-1967
1-49 Florida Audubon Society
    general correspondence: 1967-1969; much on alligator conservation
1-50 Florida Audubon Society
    correspondence: 1970-1972, 1976
1-51 National Audubon Society: correspondence, 1969, 1975, 1982-1984; bumper sticker
1-52 B$2FDC
    newsletter; correspondence (about bid sales); articles
1-53 Crowley Coin and Stamp Club: 1976-1977, n.d. – meeting announcements
1-54 The Ecology Center of Louisiana: 1979, 1983, n.d. [3 items]
1-55 Gulf Coast Birders/Gulf Coast Bird Club
    newsletter: [Gulf Coast Birders Newsletter; Pelican Papers], Sept, 1983–Feb., 1986
1-56 Gulf Coast Birders/Gulf Coast Bird Club
    other: letters, 1983 - 1984; flyers: 1983, 1985
1-57 National Wildlife Fund/Texas Wildlife
    correspondence, 1968-1969
1-58 Save the Atchafalaya Basin, Inc., 1978-1981
    newsletter (2 issues: 1980, 1981);
U.S. Corps of Engineers documents, 1978-1980;
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service documents, 1978-1979, n.d., including The Atchafalaya: America’s Greatest River Swamp – A Proposal to Establish the Atchafalaya Fish, Wildlife, and Multi-Use Area. October, 1978
1-59 Save Our Coast
    newsletter: 10 May 1984 – Feb., 1987 [very scattered];
mailings: 1983-1984, n.d.;
letter-to-the-editor [Crowley Post-Signal] 14 Feb. 1984
1-60 Sierra Club, 1981-1986
    donation records as Wilderness Guardian; Sustainer; etc.;
solicitation letters;
letters Froitzheim wrote to politicians on behalf of Sierra Club issues;
Wilderness Guardian certificate, July, 1983
1-61 Other
    Defenders of Wildlife, 1969 [1 item]
    Environmental action, 1977-1978 [2 items]
    Florida groups: Orange Audubon Society; Florida Defenders of the Environment, 1969-1970 [4 items]
    Fund for Animals, 1977 [2 items]
    Gulf Coast Conservation Association, Acadiana Chapter, 1984: invitation letters; flyers
    New York Botanical Garden, 1970 [1 item]
    Save the Redwoods League, 1968 [1 item]
    Save Our Selves, Inc., [1981].: [re. waste disposal plant in Ascension Parish] [1 item]
    United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, 1971 [1 item]
    United States Department of the Army, 1970, 1977 [2 items]
    United States Department of the Interior Fish and Wildlife Service, 1969 [2 items]
C. Live Oaks/Trees
1-62 certificate registering The Lutheran Live Oak and the Rev. Henry F. Studtmann Oak, Crowley, LA, with the The Live Oak Society of the Louisiana Garden Club Federation, Incorporated, n.d.;
by-laws of Live Oak Society;
press releases;
biographical information on Rev. Studtmann;
1-63 Smith, Thomas. “That Old Oak Tree Behind the Church,” [poem] n.d.; letter from Smith about use of poem; photograph
1-64 City of Lafayette, “A Resolution Establishing a City Policy Relative to the Planting, Maintenance, Preservation and Removal of Trees and Shrubbery on Public Property, 31 July 1979
D. Photographs
  1. Historical photographs [probably Barnett Studio photographs]
2-01 Estherwood, LA:
    Jacob Kollitz - Residence, 1909 [2 copies];
Kollitz Mercantile Company, 1909 [2 copies]
2-02 unidentified graduating class [co-ed] with priest, n.d. 10 ½ x 14
2-03 unidentified group of men [in club room?], n.d. 9 ½ x 12 ½
15-78 copy work of panoramic cirkut photos from Barnett Studio
2-01 Shriner's Convention, Crowley, 1920s [2 photos]
2-02 St. Theresa's Catholic Church, Congregation, Crowley, 1920s
2-03 Unidentified country scene. Scrubbrush
2-04 Kirby Lumber Company of Houston. Mill G, College, Texas
2-05 Knights of Columbus Convention, St. Martinville. 1920s
    Shown are Archbishop Joseph Rummell, New Orleans; Bishop Jules Jeanmard and Monsignor Teurlings, Lafayette; Dudley J. LeBlanc, Abbeville
2-06 Unidentified group of people, 1920s
2-07 A group of girls and WWII soldiers, 1940s
2-08 Unidentified lumber mill
2-09 Crowley, 1921 - Aerial view
2-10 Southwestern Students in circle in front of Martin Hall, 1930s [2 photos]
2-11 Group of Southwestern Students in circle in front of Martin Hall, 1930s [2 photos]
2-12 Crowley Knights of Columbus, 1920s
2-13 Port of Lake Charles [3 photos]
2-14 Long Bell Lumber Company, 1920, DeRidder?
2-15 Freight train [5 photos]
2-16 Group of WWI soldiers
D. Photographs
  2. Froitzheim photographs
2-04 rice and oil activities, 1951, n.d.
2-05 Rice Festival, 1971 [8 x 10, color] 2 items
2-06 Rice Festival, 1971 [4 x 5, color]
2-07 Rice Festival, 1974 [4 x 5, color]
2-08 Rice Festival, 1974 [4 x 5, color] Children Contestants
2-09 Rice Festival, 1974 [4 x 5, color] Parade: Floats, etc.
D. Photographs
  2. Froitzheim photographs
    a. Individuals
    A - C | D - H | I - M | N - R | S - Z

D. Photographs
  2. Froitzheim photographs
    b. Weddings

D. Photographs
  2. Froitzheim photographs
    c. Places and Events

D. Photographs
  2. Froitzheim photographs  
  d. Copy Work  
15-74 Bardwell, Phyllis: 1980; Crowley, LA
15-75 Bates, Raymond and Christina: Crowley
15-76 Fruge, Curley: Crowley, LA
15-77 Levergne, Jean: 21 Oct. 1979
15-80 unlabeled negatives: probably individuals, weddings, and events
15-82 unidentified prints
Box 16
  Photos given to Froitzheim by Mrs. A. L. Barnett 46 images: [positive; 3 ½ x 5 mounted on 5 x 6 ½ board
  St. Louis World’s Fair, 1904; 31 images  
  Shipyard in New Orleans; 1 image  
  Railroad track near Morgan City; 1 image, 2 copies  
  Hereford bulls and big steer; 3 images  
  Boat, “Hazel” – no place; 1 image  
  Woman with straw hat carrying umbrella, no location; 1 image  
  Sunset or sunrise, no location; 2 images  
  Cypress forest, no location; 1 image  
  Wharf, no location; 1 image  
  Store [Joe Wier Farm Implements (?); unidentified building next to store, no location; 2 images  
  Balloon: being inflated in city; ascending, no location; 2 images  
  Stream, no location; 1 image  
  Log cabin, no location; 1 image  
  herd of cows, no location; 1 image  
  Rice canal (?), no location; 1 image  
  Note by Froitzheim re: provenance of photos
  Cirkut negatives in canisters and boxes [probably taken by A. L. Barnett]
16-01 Froitzheims’s list of negatives
1. pine forest
2. Louisiana State Rice Milling Company, Abbeville, with employees, taken 30 May 1936
3. probably Crowley High School with students and teachers in front
4. Logging train at saw mill with clear cut forest in background: taken 10 Sept. 1915 (2 negatives)
Box 17
6. Fireman convention in Crowley: taken 10 Sept. 1935
7. Train of rice from Louisiana State Rice Mill: taken 28 Feb. 1936
8. [College campus with bell tower: LSU (?)]
10. Group of men and women in St. Martinville [not same as # 18]
11. Fullerton Saw Mill and logging train
12. “Coulee Crest,” Frank A. Godchaux, Jr. home, Abbeville, LA: taken 30 May 1936
13. Train [same as # 7]: mislabeled as “Coulee Crest,” home of Frank A. Godchaux, Jr.
17. Ludington House (poor condition)
18. St. Martinville: group of people in front of church; Evangeline costumes [not same as # 10]
21. box labeled Jefferson Island Salt Mines: actually freight cars of train with locomotive in distance; box dated 1 Sept. 1931 [2 images]
22. Southwestern Louisiana Institute students and faculty [2 images]
Unnumbered: “The Oaks,” home of Frank A. Godchaux, Sr., Abbeville, LA: taken 30 May 1936
Box 18
  Negative in canister: Calcasieu River scene
18-01 Froitzheim’s inventory of negatives in bags [some placed in empty boxes]
  Negatives [placed in empty boxes]
1. train of logs going to mill
2. train of logs with clear cut forest behind
3. railroad tracks with forest on each side
4. live oak grove [fragile, some emulsion lost]
5. Crowley: Acadia Post No. 15, Rice City Drum and Bugle Corps
6. Pine forest
7. Port of Lake Charles with Highway 90 bridge
  in bags:
8. Another view of Port of Lake Charles
9. [disintegrated, so discarded]