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Fines & Penalties

  • Overdue materials fines are $0.25 per day, per item. Maximum fine after 30 days is $10.00 per item. Cajun Cash must be used to pay fines.
  • Lost material fines are fair market value plus $35.00 service charge per item.
  • Users leaving with uncharged library materials or mutilated materials will be referred either to Student Personnel (University students) or University Police (persons not affiliated with the University).
  • Mutilation fines
    • For books and bound periodicals – full repair or fair market value plus $35.00 per item service charge.
    • For individual pages – $5.00 per page (when the source is unknown).

Contact the Circulation Desk at (337) 482-6025 or with any questions.

[ Last Revised on May 18, 2022 ]