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Reserve Desk

Located next to the Circulation Desk on the 1st floor, the Reserve Desk contains books and materials placed there by faculty members and graduate teaching assistants for the use of their students. These may include books from Dupré Library's collection, personal copies of books, photocopies of articles and parts of books (within copyright law), course notes and sample exams, and other items. Copies of previous course examinations are also available here as well as the University budget.

Materials are by course name and number and are loaned within a certain time period, usually two hours. A current validated University of Louisiana at Lafayette ID is required to access these materials.

Policies & Procedures


We serve only the faculty and students of the University as Reserve materials are for specific purposes having only to do with University courses. There are, however, some exceptions to this rule. While we cannot allow course materials held to circulate to town borrowers, alumni, or visitors, we do allow those groups to have access to references such as the University budget. These "special reserves" are used only for two hours per person and only within Dupré Library.

Students must present their current validated University of Louisiana at Lafayette IDs when requesting any type of material.


Faculty members and graduate teaching assistants usually place materials on reserve at the beginning of the semester but can place reserves at any time. Make requests early enough to have the materials processed before students need them. To remove items from the reserve, contact the Reserve Desk at (337) 482-6025.

Place the following types of materials on reserve:

  • Books from the Dupré Library collection
  • Personal and departmental copies of books
  • Photocopied journal articles and parts of books (within copyright law provisions)
  • Sample exams, class notes
  • Audio and video cassettes
  • Music CD's and CD-ROMS

Loan Periods

There are four types of loan periods. The instructor who places the material on reserve designates the loan period. No renewals of any kind are allowed.

Two-Hour Reserves—Materials are restricted to use within Dupré Library and two hours at a time per person.

One-Day Reserves—Check out materials at any time during the day and return them at any time during Library Hours the following day.

Three-Day Reserves—Check out materials for three days and returned them any time during Library Hours on the third day.

Seven-Day Reserves—Check out materials for seven days and returned them at any time during Library Hours on the seventh day.

Fees and Fines

Fines for Reserve material are as follows: $0.25 per hour for two-hour materials and $0.50 per day for one, three, or seven day materials. The maximum fine per item is $10.00. There is also a $5.00 per item fine for two-hour material due at close and kept until the following day.


Direct any questions regarding this policy to:

Reserve Desk
(337) 482-6025 | 1st Floor |

[ Last Revised on May 19, 2022 ]