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Loan Periods

Materials lent through the Circulation Desk include books, bound periodicals, DVDs, CDs, and videos.


  • Faculty: Academic year
  • Staff: 21 days
  • Graduate Student: 1 semester
  • Undergraduate: 21 days
  • Visitors who donate annually: 21 days
  • Alumni Legacy members: 21 days
  • LOUIS Reciprocal Borrowing cardholders: 21 days

Bound Periodicals:

  • Faculty: 7 days
  • Staff: 7 days
  • Graduate Student: Overnight
  • Undergraduate: Do not circulate

DVDs, CDs & DVDs:

  • All Classifications: 21 days

Renewals of library materials are allowed as long as there has been no request for that material by any other patron. Materials that are not overdue can be renewed by phone or in-person at the Circulation Desk. Overdue materials will need to be renewed in-person.

Contact the Circulation Desk at (337) 482-6025 or with any questions.

[ Last Revised on April 12, 2019 ]