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Oral Histories (Videos)

College of Education Academic Showcase Book of Letters


These videos represent our efforts to capture and preserve the history of the first 100 years of the history of the University and the history of the College of Education. It is from these unique perspectives of former students, faculty and administrators representing the 1920s through 2000 that viewers are able to gain a better understanding of the College of Education and its roles as part of the University compliment, while addressing the diverse changing needs of education in Acadiana and Louisiana.


Chapters 1 - 9 contain information about the University Centennial and the College of Education Academic Showcase.

Chapters 10 - 34 contain videos of interviews on select topics designed to provide a broad historical perspective about why the college and the University are special.

Chapters 35 - 41 contain videos made prior to the Academic Showcase which depict programs in the College of Education and their impact on education.

Chapter 1

Centennial CD Introduction - Designed and narrated by Ryan Brooks, Education Technology Review Center - Overview of the COE Academic Showcase and the University Centennial Plans.

Chapter 2

Academic Showcase - Liz Landry, Centennial Committee Chair - How the Academic Showcases interface with the Centennial Celebration.

Chapter 3

College of Education - Academic Showcase Kickoff - Alumni Center Board Room, August 6, 1998. Dr. Ed Dugas; Liz Landry; Julie Dronet; Parish Spirit Coordinators - Dave Cavalier; Paula Sibille Currier; Denis Tallini; Aline Arceneaux; Carolyn Bienvenu; Joseph Cotton; Gerald Hebert; Curtis Joubert; Cecil Picard; Dr. E. Joseph Savoie; Dr. Mary Jane Ford.

Chapter 4

Acadiana Open Channel - History of SLII - Nov. 5, 1998. Host, Ernie Alexander; Co-host, Dr. Ed Dugas; Featured Guest, Dr. Florent Hardy, Jr. - history of the beginning of the University.

Chapter 5

College of Education Recognition Social - Nov. 14, 1998 - Lafayette Hilton. (Ernie Alexander, Emcee; Dr. Ed Dugas; President Ray Authement; Dr. Bill Reick).

Chapter 6

Acadiana Open Channel - Present College of Education Programs - Dr. Mary Jane Ford, Interim Dean, College of Education; Dr. Gerald Carlson, Head, Health & Physical.

Chapter 7

Acadiana Open Channel - Student Involvement In College of Education Academic Showcase During Nov., 1998 - Alison Carlino, President of the College of Education, Student Government Association.

Chapter 8

Get On The Disk - Dr. Ed Dugas, Chair, College of Education Academic Showcase and Professor, Health & Physical Education - theme for involvement and inclusion.

Chapter 9

College of Education - Preview Day - Nov. 14, 1998. Alison Carlino; Dr. Mary Jane Ford; Cecil Picard, Louisiana State Superintendent of Education; Kathleen Blanco, Louisiana Lt. Governor.

Chapter 10

Introduction to Oral Histories - Dr. Ed Goellner - Former EDCI Faculty Member and Chair of Oral Histories Committee.

Chapter 11

College of Education Graduates - Homecoming 1998 I - Comments During the COE Tailgating. Lois Patin, Karie Morgan, Paula Sibille Currier, Aline Arceneaux, Robert Arceneaux, Ron Boutte, Ronald and Katherine Abshire, Jackie Cefalu, Jaime Perez, Jerry Boudreaux.

Chapter 12

College of Education Graduates - Homecoming 1998 II - Comments During the COE Tailgating. Alison Carlino, Shirley and Ernie Alexander, Beth Arceneaux Trahan, Dr. Bill Reick, Charles Arceneaux, Dave Cavalier, Dr. Rosalyn Growe, Dr. Elizabeth Weber, Fred "Erik" Nelson, Dr. Gerald Carlson, Music Major.

Chapter 13

University Name Change - President Ray Authement

Chapter 14

College of Education Update - Dr. Gary Marotta - Academic Vice-President

Chapter 15

College of Education Recent Changes - Dr. Robert Alciatore, Dean; College of Education Future - Dr. Mary Jane Ford - Interim Dean

Chapter 16

College of Education Future - Dr. Mary Jane Ford - Interim Dean

Chapter 17

College of Education Strengths - Dr. Lucinda Chance - Dean

Chapter 18

Louisiana Commissioner of Higher Education - Dr. E. Joseph Savoie - Effects Of USL On His Career

Chapter 19

Louisiana Superintendent of Education - Cecil Picard - Why He Chose To Attend SLI?

Chapter 20

Public Service Commissioner, Curtis Joubert, Public Servant and Member of Louisiana Political Hall of Fame - Why He Chose To Attend SLI

Chapter 21

Former EDFL Faculty Member - Dr. Clayton Arceneaux - Student Experiences at SLI

Chapter 22

Former EDCI & Hamilton Laboratory School Faculty Member - Charles Bernard - His Teaching Experiences At The University and Hamilton Laboratory School

Chapter 23

Former Acadia Parish Superintendent & Member, State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education - Dr. John Bertrand - His Early Experiences At The University.

Chapter 24

Current Student - Lissette Bordes - Why Elementary Education Chosen As Your Major?

Chapter 25

Former EDCI Faculty Member - Dr. Jane Ellen Carstens - Describe Student Life When You Were A Student

Chapter 26

Former EDCI Faculty Member - Dr. Juanita Cox - What Changes Have You Seen At The University?

Chapter 27

Current EDCI Faculty Member - Dr. Jim Finks - Technology Upgrade At The University

Chapter 28

Education Technology Review Center, Director - Sharon Lantz - What is E.T.R. C. and How Has It Impacted Education in Louisiana?

Chapter 29

Former HPE Faculty Member - Margaret McMillan - Relationship Between The Hamilton Laboratory School And The University and Extra-curricular Organizations & Red Jackets.

Chapter 30

Former EDCI Faculty Member - Dr. Jeanette Parker - Evolvement of the College of Education & Gifted Education.

Chapter 31

Former EDCI Faculty Member - Gladys Houffpauir Robinette - Her Early Teaching Experiences.

Chapter 32

USL Pride 1109 - Dr. Huey McCauley - Director of Student Teaching - Ways the College of Education Has Strengthen Teacher Preparation.

Chapter 33

USL Pride 1116 - Dr. Gerald Carlson - Head, Health & Physical Education - Expansion of Health & Physical Education Programs.

Chapter 34

USL Pride 1123 - Dr. Mary Jane Ford - How University Is Meeting The Challenging Demand For Preparing Teachers.

Chapter 35

USL Pride 1130 - Sharon Lantz - Director of Education Technology Review Center - New Roles of Technology In Education.

Chapter 36

Education Technology Review Center Introduction - Sharon Lantz

Chapter 37

Education Technology Review Center and The State Department of Education - Hollis Conway, Two-time Olympic Metalist & Former USL Track Team Member and Cecil Picard, State Superintendent of Education - Goal-Setting Strategies In Education.

Chapter 38

Education Technology Review Center and the French Immersion Program - Narrated By Ryan Brooks.

Chapter 39

Education Technology Review Center and OSAGE - Oil Spill Awareness Through Geo-Science Education - Narrated By Ryan Brooks.

Chapter 40

Education Technology Review Center and Tourism in Louisiana - Narrated By Ryan Brooks.

Chapter 41

Education Technology Review Center and Louisiana Wetlands - Narrated By Ryan Brooks.