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Paul T. Nolan Papers

Collection 321

Nolan, Paul T. (1919-1995). Papers, 1942-1995, n.d.

3 feet, 8 inches

Paul Thomas Nolan was born in Rochester, New York in 1919. He received his B.A. from the Arkansas State Teachers College in 1948 [now the University of Central Arkansas] and taught there from 1948-1949. He then went to Tulane University where he received his M.A. in 1950 and his Ph.D. in English in 1953. From 1950 until 1954 he taught English at Centenary College of Louisiana in Shreveport. He then taught for a year at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, Arkansas. In 1955 Nolan joined the English Department at Southwestern Louisiana Institute (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) where he remained for the rest of his teaching career. He retired in 1988 as the Dupré Professor of Humanities, Emeritus.

Dr. Nolan was a prolific author, especially of plays. He founded and contributed to local theater groups including The Eavesdrop Theatre and Louisiana Playwrights’ Theatre. This collection contains plays, articles, and books authored by him. There is also some personal material, including correspondence and playbills. Most items are arranged chronologically.

Dr. Nolan’s widow and son, Peggy and John Nolan respectively, donated the collections.

See also: Collection 20- Espy Williams Collection; Collection 32- Marc Connelly Collection; Collection 82- Playwright’s Theatre Collection; and Collection 228-Mario Fratti Collection.


I. Writings  
  A. Plays 1-01 through 2-21
  B. Books 2-22 through 2-36
  C. Magazine and journal articles and book reviews 3-01 through 3-34
  D. Newspaper articles 3-35 through 3-43
  E. Unpublished essays, speeches, sermons, etc. 3-44 through 3-56
II. Correspondence 3-57 through 3-74
III. Personal  
  A. Biographical materials 3-75 through 3-90
  B. Theater and professional materials 3-91 through 3-106
IV. Other  
  A. Research 4-01 through 4-05
  B. Photographs 4-06 through 4-09
  C. Miscellaneous 4-10 through 5-02


I. Writings
  A. Plays - published
1-01 in Grade Teacher
    “Phoebus Had a Crow.” (May, 1958): 51, 91, 93
    “Trouble’s Gift,” Based on Chaucer’s “Pardoner’s Tale”, (Feb., 1959): 42, 93-94
  see 4-08 for photographs
    “The Gonnas,” (Oct., 1960): 44, 114-117
    “The Value Room,” ( May, 1962): 38, 102-[103]
1-02 1959 “After the Last Class…a one-act play,” Louisiana Schools, (May, 1959): 8-10, 31
    Nolan, Paul T. “Cocks Should Crow: A Play Based on Chaucer’s ‘Nun’s Priest’s Tale’”, The Instructor (Feb., 1959): [24]-25
1-03 1962 The One Act Plays of Lee Arthur: The Sardou of Shreveport, with an introduction by Paul T. Nolan. Cody, Wyoming: Pioneer Drama Service [inscribed]
1-04 1963 Crane, Stephen. The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky Dramatized by Paul T. Nolan. Cody, Wyoming: Pioneer Drama Service
    Nolan, Paul T. The Christmas Dress Dramatization of The Gala Dress by Mary Wilkins Freeman. Cody, Wyoming: Pioneer Drama Service
1-05 1963 Nolan, Paul T. “The Blades of Grass: A dramatization of Stephen Crane’s Poem,” Little Red School House (Spring, 1963): 24-25
1-06 1965 Get Thee a Wife, from Much Ado about Nothing by William Shakespeare, Adopted by Paul T. Nolan. Cody Wyoming: Pioneer Drama Service
    Life on the Border: A Border Drama in Five Acts written Especially for William F. (Buffalo Bill) Cody with foreword by Paul T. Nolan. Cody, Wyoming: Pioneer Drama Service
1-07 1966 A Lass Unparalleled from Swan Song by Anton Chekov, Adopted by Paul T. Nolan. Cody, Wyoming: Pioneer Drama Service
1-08 1967 The Taming of the Shrew a Two-Act Play Adopted from Shakespeare by Paul T. Nolan. Cody, Wyoming: Pioneer Drama Service
1-09 1968 Nolan, Paul T. “A One-Act Play,” Nexus v. 1, # 3 (1969): 6-23
1-10 1970 Hunt, Leigh. Abou Ben Adhem Dramatized from the Poem by Paul T. Nolan. Houston: Edgemoor Publishing Company
    Shaw, George Bernard. Arms and the Man Adopted in One Act by Paul T. Nolan. Houston: Edgemoor Publishing Company
1-11 1970 In Fair Verona from The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare Adopted by Paul T. Nolan. Cody, Wyoming: Pioneer Drama Service
    Nolan, Paul T. A Portrait of Perfection. Houston: Edgemoor Publishing Company
1-12 1970 Nolan, Paul T. Waiting for the New World. Downers Grove, Ill.: Arthur Meriwether, Inc.
    Nolan, Paul T. Why the Buzzard Boards, Dramatized from a folk tale by Martha Young. Houston: Edgemoor Publishing Company
1-13 1971 Nolan, Paul T. Climbing To the Stars - a Play in One Act. Houston: Edgemoor Publishing
    Lang, Andrew. A Groom for the Loveliest Mouse - A Play in One Act for Children, Adopted by Paul T. Nolan. Houston: Edgemoor Publishing Company
1-14 1971 Nolan, Paul T. The Happine$$ $hoppe - A Play One Act. Houston: Edgemoor Publishing
    Nolan, Paul T. The Loneliest Game - A Play in 3 Acts. Houston, Edgemoor Publishing
    Nolan, Paul T. The Monk of Casal-Maggiore - A Play in One Act Adapted from the poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Houston: Edgemoor Publishing Company
1-15 1972 Nolan, Paul T. Hedda Gabler, South Adapted from Henrik Ibsen in 3 Acts. Houston: Edgemoor Publishing Company
1-16 1973 Twain, Mark. “The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg,” Adapted by Paul T. Nolan. Scholastic Voice, v. 54 # 6 (5 March 1973): 10-15, 22
1-17 1974 Buffalo Bill and the Border Bandits as Discovered by Paul T. Nolan and Adapted by Shubert Fendrich. Denver: Pioneer Drama Service
    Shakespeare, William. Love’s Labour’s Lost Adapted by Paul T. Nolan. Denver: Pioneer Drama Service
    Squeak to Me of Love. A Musical for Children in Two Parts with One Scene. Music and Lyrics by James R. Burke; Book by Paul T. Nolan. [music only]
1-18 1975 Burke, James and Paul T. Nolan. The Highwayman. An American Version of John Gay’s The Beggar’s Opera. Denver: Pioneer Drama Service [text; music]
    Nolan, Paul T. “Homines and other Beasts,” Nocturne, v. 19, # 1 (Winter, 1975): 35-40
1-19 1976 Nolan, Paul T. Forever Together. Denver: Pioneer Drama Service
1-20 1978 Garrick, David. The Lying Valet adapted by Paul T. Nolan. Downers Grove, IL: Meriwether Inc.
    Nolan, Paul T. The Monsters Ride Again. Franklin, Ohio: Eldridge Publishing Company
1-21 1979 Nolan, Paul T. Too Many Girls. Franklin, Ohio: Eldridge Publishing Company
1-22 1983 Nolan and James H. Wilson. Another Woman. Denver: Pioneer Drama Service. [mock-up]
1-23 1984 Nolan and James H. Wilson. “A New Play: ‘The Lion is Dying’ from the Eavesdrop Theatre.” Louisiana Literature, v. 1, # 2 (Fall, 1984): 24-29
1-24 in Plays: The Drama Magazine for Young People
    “Take It from the Top,” v. 50, # 6 (April, 1991): 1-11
    Ibsen, Henrik. “An Enemy of the People,” Adapted by Paul T. Nolan, (Nov., 1992): 53-62
    “Who’s Compatible?” (March, 1994): 22-30
    “Dating Dilemma,” (April, 1994): 12-20
1-25 n.d. Strindberg, August. The Adapted by Paul T. Nolan. Lafayette, LA: Visual Graphics
1-26 n.d. mock up for cover: Last Week I Was 95, Edgemoor Plays (photocopy)
I. Writings
  A. Plays - unpublished
1-27 1950 Nolan, Paul T. And The Leaves Came Tumbling Down in Three Acts. The Centenary College Theater, Feb., 1950
1-28 1979 Nolan, Paul T. Neutral Tones in Playwrights’ Theatre of Louisiana at the Quaigh Theatre in New York May 15-25, 1979; separate copies for: Café and Luncheon theatre; Playwrights’ Theatre
1-29 1982 Nolan, Paul T. and James Wilson. The Wary Hour A one-act play for The Quaigh Theatre, May 17-23, 1982
1-30 1983 Nolan, Paul T. and James H. Wilson. Another Woman - A One-Act Play for the Café Theatre [title pages indicate published by Pioneer Drama Service and sent to The Rambunctious Review and Greenwood Review]
1-31 1984 Nolan, Paul T. and James Wilson. The Man in Black Summer, 1984 - Eavesdrop Theatre
1-32 1986 Nolan, Paul T. Adaptations - A one-act play; Eavesdrop Theatre, 19 March 1986
1-33 n.d. Nolan, Paul T. After It's Over - Four Scenes of American Love. [includes The Surgeon General Has Determined; A Quiet Place; Neutral Tones; Reunion]
1-34 n.d. Nolan and James H. Wilson. Another Woman 10 pp.
1-35 n.d. Nolan, Paul T. and James H. Wilson. Charity - With a Twist
1-36 n.d. Thomas, Brandon. Charley’s Aunt Adapted by Paul T. Nolan - for Sylvia K. Burack, editor - Plays, Inc., Boston, Massachusetts
1-37 n.d. Nolan, Paul T. A Different Body for: The Playwrights’ Theatre of Louisiana, Hospitality House
1-38 n.d. Nolan, Paul T. Different Things - a Three-Act Play
1-39 n.d. Nolan, Paul T. Forever Together - A one-act play for A. S. Burack, Editor - Play’s Inc. Boston, Massachusetts
2-01 n.d. Nolan, Paul T. The Gold-Plated Apple - for Sylvia K. Burack, Editor: Plays, Inc., Boston, Massachusetts
2-02 n.d. The Learned Doctor Adapted from Molière by Paul T. Nolan - for Sylvia K. Burack, Editor: Plays, Inc., Boston, Massachusetts; several versions; typed, handwritten
2-03 n.d. [Nolan, Paul T.?] The Lion and the Bulls - A Play from Aesops’ Fables
2-04 n.d. Nolan, Paul T. The Master of Ballantrae Adapted from Robert Louis Stevenson - for Arthur L. Zapel, Editor: Contemporary Drama Service, Downers Grove, IL; for Katherine Robinson, Editor: Scholastic Scope, New York, NY
2-05 n.d. Nolan, Paul T. Neutral Tones
2-06 n.d. Nolan, Paul T. The Punctuation Revolt
2-07 n.d. Nolan, Paul T. A Quiet Place - A one-act play for: The Bellingham Review
2-08 n.d. Nolan, Paul T. Reunion - A one-act play for: The Eavesdrop Theatre
2-09 n.d. Nolan, Paul T. Sam and Lila; or The Mighty Mite
2-10 n.d. Nolan, Paul T. Several Times Around
2-11 n.d. Doyle, A. Conan. Sherlock Holmes and the Copper Beeches (Adapted by Paul T. Nolan)
2-12 n.d. Doyle, Arthur Conan. Sherlock Holmes and the Naval Treaty (Adapted by Paul T. Nolan) for Sylvia K. Burack, Editor, Plays, Inc., Boston, Massachusetts
2-13 n.d. Doyle, A. Conan. Sherlock Holmes Is Dying Adapted by Paul T. Nolan for Sylvia K. Burack, Editor: Plays, Inc., Boston, Massachusetts
2-14 n.d. Doyle, A. Conan. Sherlock Homes’ Christmas Goose Adapted from “The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle” by Paul T. Nolan for Sylvia K. Burack, editor: Plays Inc., Boston, Mass.
2-15 n.d. [Nolan, Paul T. ?] Shoot-Out at USL Bend
2-16 n.d. Eliot, George. Silas Marner Adapted by Paul T. Nolan - for Elizabeth Preston, Editor: Plays, Boston, Mass.
2-17 n.d. Nolan, Paul T. The Surgeon General Has Determined - A one-act play - for Dolores Weinbert, Editor: Other Voices , Highland Park, IL
2-18 n.d. Nolan, Paul T. A Touch of Greasepaint - A half-hour TV Shaw Written Especially for the Lafayette Little Theater
2-19 n.d. Shakespeare, William. The Tragedy of Othello Adapted for round-the-table reading by Paul T. Nolan - for Sylvia K. Burack, Editor: Plays, Inc., Boston, Massachusetts
2-20 n.d. Nolan, Paul T. The Wife’s Progress, Playwrights Theatre of Louisiana
2-21 n.d. [Nolan, Paul T.?:] no title page: adaptation of Ibsen’s Doll House, Act 1 12 pp.
I. Writings
  B. Books
2-22 1964 Nolan, Paul T. Writing the One-Act Play for the Amateur Stage. Cody, Wyoming: Pioneer Drama Service, revised, 1969; 5th edition, 1982
2-23 1965 Nolan, Paul T. Three Plays by J. W. (Capt. Jack) Crawford: An Experiment in Myth-Making. London: Mouton & Company, 265 pp. proof pages
2-24 1965 Crawford book - index: several drafts
2-25 1965 Crawford book: galley pages
  See also: American National Biography folder
2-26 1967-68 The ‘Other’ Great Plays. College Hill Station, Ohio: The National Thespian Society
    [series originally printed in Dramatics, v. 39]
2-27 [1969] Marc Connelly biography draft: 179 pp.
2-28 [1969] Marc Connelly biography drafts: Preface - Chapter 4 p. 17
2-29 [1969] Marc Connelly biography drafts: notes and references; bibliography; preface and chronology
2-30 1973,
rev. 1977
Burke, James and Paul T. Nolan. Between Hisses: A Book of Songs and Olios for Melodrama. Denver: Pioneer Drama Service. (1973 inscribed to Mary Dichmann)
2-31 [1977] prospectus for book on John Wallace Crawford for TUSA series [photostat]
2-32 1979 Moore, John R., Paul T. Nolan, and James H. Wilson, eds. A Directory of Southern Theatres, 1979-1980. New South Drama Service. Lafayette, LA: Visual Graphics
2-33 1985 Nolan, Paul T. Directing for the Amateur Stage. Denver: Pioneer Drama Service
2-34 dissertation on William Congreve: Chapters 1 - 2, pp. 1-112 [no title page or introduction]
2-35 dissertation: Chapters 3 -4, pp. 114 - 273
2-36 publisher catalogs listing Nolan books
I. Writings
  C. Journal/Magazine Articles
3-01 in Acadiana Profile
    dummy pages of many Nolan articles on local culture and restaurants
3-02 in The Alabama Review
    “Alabama Drama, 1870-1916: A Check List,” (Jan., 1965): 65-72
3-03 in Arizona Teacher
    “Ernest J. Whisler: Arizona’s ‘Lost’ Playwright,” (May, 1964): 19-20
3-04 in Author & Journalist
    “What the Editors Want: Students at Southwestern Louisiana are taught to write for publication,” (Feb., 1964): 15
3-05 in The Chronicles of Oklahoma
    “The Boomers: Oklahoma Playwrights Opened the Territory,” (v. 41, # 3 (Autumn, 1963): 248-252
3-06 in Dime Novel Round-Up
    “Captain Jack: The Relentless Foe of the Dime Novel,” v. 31, # 11 (15 Nov. 1963): 102-104
3-07 in Dramatics
    “Some Reconsiderations on Playwriting,” (Nov., 1962): 11, 25-26
3-08 in Educational Theatre Journal
    “Tolstoy’s Power of Darkness: Genre as Meaning,” n.d.: 1-9
3-09 in The English Record
    “Freshman Research and Native Materials,” (April, 1963): 9-12
    “What’s Good for the Editors,” (Dec., 1963): 23-27
3-10 in Illinois History
    “The Home-Grown Theater,” v.22, # 3 (Dec., 1968): 51-52
    “Illinois: Creator of the Alternative Theater,” v. 30, # 8 (Ma7, 1977): 187-189
3-11 in The Journal of Mississippi History
    Finley, Katherine P. and Nolan. “Mississippi Drama Between Wars, 1870-1916: A Checklist and an Argument, Part I (v. 26, # 3: 219-228
    Finley, Katherine P. and Nolan. “Mississippi Drama Between Wars, 1870-1916: A Checklist and an Argument, Part II,” v. 26, # 4 (Nov., 1964): 299-306
3-12 in Louisiana History
    “The Life and Death of a Louisiana Play: Espy Williams’ ‘Unorna’,” n.d.: 143-159
3-13 for Louisiana Literature
    “Drama in a Small Place,” n.d. typescript
3-14 in Louisiana Schools
    “Teaching and Research In the Feature Article,” (Dec., 1957): 28-29, 42
    “After the Last Class…a one-act play.” (May, 1959): 8-10
    “Sources for Articles: Your Specialty,” (Feb., 1961): 8-9, 31; also typescript version
    “The State Education Journals: Their Aims May be the Same, But…”, (Oct., 1963): 16-18
3-15 in The Mississippi Quarterly
    “A Shakespeare Idol in America,” v. 12 (Spring, 1959): 64-74
    “Drama in the Lower Mississippi States,” v. 19, # 1 (Winter, 1965-66): 20-28
3-16 in New Mexico Magazine
    “Captain Jack rides Again,” (Jan., 1965): 3-5
3-17 in New Mexico School Review
    “From Shakespeare to Nagel - How do you bridge the gap between the classroom and the stage
in the study of drama?” (March, 1963): 14+
3-18 in Old West
    “Ira Terrill: Lawbreaker, Madman or Political Scapegoat?” (Winter, 1966): 46-47, 58
3-19 in Players Magazine
    “’New’ Old Melodramas,” (Nov., 1961): 53, 55
3-20 in Real West
    “Jack Crawford’s Account of Wild Bill,” (Sept., 1971): 27-30
    “Marie Laveau: New Orleans Voodoo Queen,” n.d.: 10-12, 50-52 (photocopy)
3-21 in The Round Table of the South-Central College English Association
    “Crashaw’s ‘To Lesbia,” v. 1, # 2 (April, 1960): 2
    “Trying the New York Stage,” v. 23, # 2 (Spring, 1982): 1
    “Keep It Short,” v. 24, # 3 (Fall, 1983): 1
3-22 in Scholastic Teacher
    “A Practical Program in Literary Research,” (14 Oct. 1966): 16
3-23 in South Carolina Magazine
    Nolan and Amos E. Simpson. “Dear Andrew and Faithful Euphemia,” v. 24, # 1 (Jan., 1960): 4-7, 21-22
    “S.C. Drama: the Lost Years Between the Wars,” (April, 1962): 20-27, 29 [photocopy]
3-24 in The Southern Israelite
    “Arthur Lee Kahn of Louisiana - Once the South’s Leading Dramatist,” n.d.: 27-31
3-25 in The Southern Speech Journal
    “Bright American Minds, British Brains, and Southern Drama…,” n.d. [SLI]: 129-134
    “When the Curtains Rise, Scouts Fall Out,” v. 29, # 3 (Spring, 1964): 175-186
    “Williams’ Dante: The Death of Nineteenth-Century Heroic Drama,” n.d.: 255-263
3-26 in Southwest
    “Almost: Marshall Thompson (1880-1943)…” (April-May, 1960): 3, 19
    “Victor H. Smalley…”, (June-July, 1980): 12
    “Patience Lesson, [Lea D. Freeman]” (August-September, 1960): 4-5
3-27 in Southwestern Louisiana Journal
    “The Case for Louisiana Drama,: (Winter, 1960): 35-42
3-28 in The Student Writer
    “Turning Fiction into Drama: A Practical Approach for Beginning Playwrights,” (Jan., 1964): 15-16, 25
    “The Voice of J. D. Salinger,” (Feb., 1964): 22-23, 40-41
3-29 for Travelhost [typescripts]
    “Lafayette’s A Playwrights’ Town - of Sorts,” Jan., 1983
    “Acadiana on Times Square for Dramathon,” Dec., 1983
    “Texas Tumbleweed: A Happening,” May, 1984
    “The Playwrights’ Eavesdrop Theatre,” Oct., n.y.
3-30 in True Saga of the American Indian
    “The Sacrifice of Poucha-Houmma,” # 6 (Winter, ny): 42-44
3-31 in Word Study
    “Kodak-Kiuvar,” v. 36, # 3 (Feb., 1961): 6-7
3-32 in Xavier University Studies
    “God on Stage: A Problem in Characterization Marc Connelly’s Green Pastures,” v. 4, # 2 (May, 1965): 75-84
3-33 in A Yeah Extra
    “Too Sick for Satire,” issue 9 (July, 1964): 1-6
Book Reviews
3-34 Rankin, Hugh F. The Theater in Colonial America, in Journal of Southern History, v. 31, # 4 (Nov., 1965): 444-445
  Grimsted, David. Melodrama Unveiled: American Theater and Culture, 1800-1850 in Journal of Southern History, v. 35, # 1 (Feb., 1969) 89-90
  Schaffner, Neil S. and Vance Johnson. The Fabulous Toby & Me in Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society, 62 (Spring, 1969): 286-488
  Fratti, Mario, Eleonora Duse, and Fratti, Mario, Races: Six Short Plays, in Enact (May, 1973): n.p. (photocopy)
  Shockley, Martin Staples. The Richmond Stage, 1784-1812 in Journal of Southern History, v. 44, # 1 (Feb., 1978): 107-108
  Dobie, Ann B. and Andrew J. Hirt. Comprehension and Composition: An Introduction to the Essay in The Round Table v. 21, # 3 (Fall, 1980): 4
  Dur, Philip F. Jefferson Caffery of Louisiana: Ambassador of Revolutions for The Advertiser [1982]
I. Writings
  D. Newspaper Articles
3-35 Arkansas Gazette 16 Sept. 1962 [Nolan and Amos Simpson] theater in state, 1834-1915
3-36 Baton Rouge Advocate
    18 Sept. 1960: Lee Arthur
8 Jan. 1961: Louisiana’s 1st play “Poucha-Houmma”
12 March 1961: William Wirt Howe play
11 June 1961: Louisiana playwright Lea D. Freeman
7 Jan. 1962: Louisiana playwright Espy Williams
25 March 1962: John Hunter Booth
13 Jan. 1963: Mississippi playwrights
1 Sept. 1968: Caroline Helen Hannah
1 Dec. 1968: Book review of Marc Connelly’s memoirs
16 March 1969: Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau
8 June 1969: Louisiana in the Dime Novel
13 July 1969: Edward Rose
28 Dec. 1969: Louisiana Purchase
3-37 Dixie Magazine [New Orleans Times-Picayune Roto Magazine]
    22 Sept. 1957 Elizabeth Bisland
3-38 Lafayette Advertiser 27 July 1957 contemporary criticism of G. W. Cable novel
3-39 Lafayette Progress
    11 March 1961: J. A. Ward, USL English Department
22 July 1961: Espy Williams
9 Sept. 1961: Louisiana Playwrights before WWII
3-40 The Mountain Eagle, Clarksville, Arkansas, 15 April 1942 possible Japanese war strategies
3-41 Shreveport Journal
    4 Aug. 1972 Buffalo Bill
2 Sept. n.y. Paul Du Chaillu
3-42 The Vermilion 30 July 1965 review of USL Players production on “Gnista”
3-43 unidentified
    n.d. Remi Ledoux
n.d. “Poucha-Houmma” probably Advocate
n.d. “Poucha-Houmma” probably Advertiser
n.d. Marc Connelly probably Advocate
I. Writings
  E. Papers, Speeches, Sermons, Drafts
3-44 n.d.: class paper: “A Newspaper to Read, A Study of the faults and advances in the typography and methods of news presentation of the modern newspaper” 15 pp.
3-45 n.d.: probably class paper: “The Philosophy of Nietzsche” 14 pp.
3-46 n.d.: probably class paper: “’Ye That Dwell in the Dust’: A Study of the life and plays of Clifford Odets” 21 pp.
3-47 n.d. The Literature of the Drama - A prospectus for an Introduction to drama textbook 5 pp. (carbon)
3-48 n.d. “Agamemnon and Crime Drama,” prospectus for article on modern crime plays based on classical crime-and-punishment plays 3 pp.
3-49 n.d. “Neo-Romantic Drama: Two Versions,” prospectus for article sent to Exercise Exchange 2 pp.
3-50 n.d.: “O’Neill’s Mood of Moonlight,” prospectus for article sent to various places 7 pp.
3-51 n.d.: “J. W. Crawford’s The Dregs - A New Mexican Pioneer in the Short Drama,” edited with introduction. for New Mexico Quarterly 27 pp. (carbon)
3-52 n.d.: lecture: “Dryden’s Conquest of Granada, [16 Feb. 1970]
3-53 n.d.: “The Nature of Myth,” 3 lectures for The Unitarian Fellowship
3-54 abstract of paper presented at meeting of South-Central English Association: ’’The Proviso Scene’:
A Right Way of the World,” in The South-Central Bulletin (Feb., 1961): 16
3-55 1966: Pageant Script - Ball of the Troubadours, “Richard’s Royale Repast,”
3-56 sermons
    3 June 1956: Presbyterian Church of Lafayette
29 July n.y.: First Christian Church, “As a Little Child”
II. Correspondence
3-57 1963: 2 items
    Kay Decker: Pioneer Drama Series (and contract); Richardson, Harriett
3-58 1965: 5 items
    Dick Frost Buffalo Bill Historical Center, Cody, Wyoming; Harriett Richardson; telegrams to Burlington Theatre, Dec.
3-59 1966: 2 items
    Re: Krewe of Troubadours pageant play
3-60 1967-1969: 4 letters
    Lois G.Whisler
3-61 1970, 1973 (p. 2 only), 1978
3-62 1980s, 1994: 9 letters
    includes: Glen Provost, 21 Jan. 1980; edelma Huntley, 17 Oct. 1994; photographs
3-63 letters about retirement, 1988
    including: Richard Cusimano, Doris Meriwether, Ray P. Authement
3-64 1994-1995: Frances Love letters
    including: David Andrew, Susan LeJeune (p. 2 only); John Nolan, Glen Provost
3-65 American National Biography, 1990-1995
    Re: entry for John Wallace Crawford; drafts of entry
3-66 Bhandari, Paul: 1966, 1978: 2 letters, 1 photograph
3-67 Connelly, Marc, 1966-1971: 7 letters
3-68 deGrummond Collection, University of Southern Mississippi, 1968-1975
    mainly acknowledgements for donations; newsletters; publicity; Medallion Winner brochures
3-69 Edgemoor Publishing Company, 1973-1979
    mainly contracts; publication publicity
3-70 Plays: The Drama Magazine for Young People: 1990, 1992: 2 letters
3-71 Randolph, Col. Charles D., “Buckskin Bill”: 1963-1981
    includes: photographs; poems
Capt. Jack Crawford
3-72 Twayne Publishing Company: 1966, 1976, n.d.: 3 items
3-73 Virgin, Dorothy: 1963, 1966: 2 items
    Capt. Jack Crawford
3-74 Mardi Gras invitations and thank you notes, Krewe of the Troubadours, 1965-1971
III. Personal
  A. Biographical
3-75 Résumés: Summer, 1968; c. 1988
3-76 Who’s Who in America entry, 45th edition, 1988; n.d., notes
3-77 Obituary: drafts, partial [probably written by Frances Love]; clippings
3-78 biographical sketches
    Something about the Author, v. 48 (n.d.): 174-175 (photocopy)
    For Julie Lehnis, Elementary Reading Department, Houghton Mifflin Company, n.d. 1 p
n.d. 2 pp.
3-79 articles about Nolan by Amos Simpson in Louisiana Schools
    “All Play and Historically Sound, Too,” (Sept, 1959): 10-11, 51
    “Around the World in Drama,” (May, 1961): 13-14, 47
    “Chaucer for Children: Two Experiments in Educational Co-operation,” (May, 1964): 16-17
3-80 newspaper clippings: 1940s
3-81 newspaper clippings: 1960s
3-82 newspaper clippings: 1970s
3-83 newspaper clippings: 1980s
3-84 newspaper clippings: retirement, 1988
3-85 newspaper clippings: n.d.
3-86 newspaper clippings: others
    Gretchen Elston; Frances Irby Gwaltney; Frank Meriwether; Nancy Moyer; Peggy Nolan; etc.
3-87 bibliographies: published and unpublished
    Finley, Katherine P. “Paul T. Nolan, An Example: the Teacher in Print: A Check List,” The Serif, v. 3, # 1 (March, 1966): 9-16; Matherne, Beverly M. “Louisiana Playwright: Paul T. Nolan; A Bibliographic Essay,” Louisiana Studies, v. 10, # 4 (Winter, 1971): 244-256; Moore, John R. “Louisiana Playwright: Paul T. Nolan - The Bibliography Continued,” [1975] for Louisiana Studies
    unpublished: by year, 1961-63, 65, 67-69; 1984-1987; 1953-1983; others; 1 done by Frances Love, c. 1995
3-88 reviews of Nolan books and plays, 1962 - 1977: 6 items
3-89 Annual Performance Evaluation covering period 1 March 1984 through 1 March 1986
3-90 Certificates, 1947-1970: 4 items
    Phi Alpha Theta (14 Jan. 1947); Alpha Chi (22 Feb. 1947); Registration of a Claim to Copyright, 6 Jan. 1966; Outstanding Educators of America (1970 edition)
III. Personal
  B. Theater and Professional Materials
3-91 Programs for plays at Arkansas State Teachers College, 1947-1948
    “Turn of The Moon,” written by Nolan
    “The Soul of Ann Rutledge,” Nolan in role of Abraham Lincoln [one autographed by playwright, Mrs. Bernie Babcock]
  See also: personal: newspaper clippings, 1940s
3-92 The Pedagogue, v. 1, # 1 (15 Jan. 1947) published by students at Arkansas State Teachers College
    Nolan was publication advisor
3-93 Play programs, 1950s
    “A Writer in Our Midst,” Shreveport, LA, Nov., 1953: Centenary Playhouse
3-94 Play programs, 1960s
    “A Dialogue Among a Coed, Scholarship, and AAUW,” AAUW, Lafayette Branch Fellowship
Banquet, 5 Feb. 1964 sheet with “Notes About the Playwright”
    “America Is a Song,” Lafayette, LA, 13 March 1964: S. J. Montgomery Library Club
    “Last Week I Was Ninety-Five,” Lafayette Little Theater, March, 1966
and Lafayette Civic Theatre Inc. at the Lafayette Little Theater, March, 1966
    “Tree To the Sky,” USL Speech Department Workshop Theatre Production, Dec., 1966
    “In Full View of the Whole Wide World,” Lafayette Little Theatre, [March, 1969]
3-95 play programs, 1970s
    “The Loneliest Game,” USL Speech Department, July, 1971
    “The Highwayman,” Kistachie Playhouse, Ft. Polk, LA: Feb., 1976; also ticket
and Sigma Alpha Iota and Phi Mu Alpha, Angelle Hall: July, 1978
and Louisiana Library Association, 50th Annual Conference, Book Dinner, n.d.
    “The Wife’s Progress,” Playwrights’ Theatre of Louisiana,” 1977-78 Season
    “The Surgeon General Has Determined,” The Playwrights’ Theatre of Louisiana, London Bound: Part One: May, 1978
    “Bondage,” by J. E. Riehl: the Playwrights’ Theatre of Louisiana, London Bound Part Two: May, 1978 [Nolan in cast]
    “Last Week I Was Ninety-Five,” The Playwrights’ Theatre of Louisiana: Sept., [1978?]
3-96 play programs,1980s
    “Reunion,” at Quaigh Theatre, New York, NY: 1981 (?)
    “Darlene and Her Mirror Image,” part of Dramathon ‘83 at the Quaigh Theatre, New York, NY
    “The Man in Black,” Nolan and James Wilson, The Eavesdrop Theatre for Designfair, 1984
3-97 play programs, n.d.
    “After It’s Over,” The Playwrights’ Theatre of Louisiana
    “Life on the Border,” edited by Nolan, Pioneer Playhouse, Cody, Wyoming
    “Squeak To Me of Love,” Nolan and James Burke, presented by the Abbeville Youth Temperance Council at the Abbeville High School Auditorium and Lafayette Little Theatre
    “The Wife’s Progress,” The Playwrights’ Theatre of Louisiana
3-98 flyers, most n.d.
    Four Eavesdrop Plays including “The Economy of Love,” Churchyard Playhouse, New York, NY
    “Homines & Other Beast,” Eavesdrop Theatre
    “Last Week I Was Ninety-Five,” Playwrights’ Theatre of Louisiana
    “Life on the Border,” Pioneer Players, Cody, Wyoming
    “Neutral Tones,” Quaigh Theatre, New York, NY
    The Red Garter, The Main Street Players, Lafayette, LA
3-99 Theatre schedule:
    Richmond Fringe at the Orange Tree, April, 1978 [brochure with description and play schedule]
    “Off to Off-Broadway,” [1981?]
3-100 Church bulletin when Nolan preached
    First Christian Church, Lafayette, LA: 29 July 1956
    Lafayette Presbyterian Church, 27 May [1956]: announcement Nolan will be guest preacher
3-101 Lafayette Town House, Order of Troubadours Mardi Gras Pageant programs, 1965-1974 [not complete]
    Nolan or Dr. and Mrs. Nolan listed as writing narration or play script
3-102 events: 1960s
    Program: Marc Connelly at USL, 1 Nov. 1966 - Nolan presided : USL Lecture Series
3-103 events: 1970s
    Program: Southern Literary Festival, Mississippi State University, 1973 - Nolan participated in
workshop on drama
3-104 events: 1980s
    conference not at USL [Peltier Hall, Talbot Hall] USL English Department faculty heavily involved: 1981 (?)
3-105 stationery
    Eavesdrop Theatre: envelope
    Playwrights’ Theatre of Louisiana: letterhead; envelope
3-106 “London Bound from the Playwrights’ Theatre of Louisiana,” 11 May - 16 Aug. 1978
    account of summer in England, 6 pp, handwritten
IV. Other
  A. Research
4-01 Research materials: Captain Jack Crawford - reprints, photocopies
    Crawford, Captain Jack. The Poet Scout: Verses and Songs. San Francisco, 1879: title page and table of contents
    advertisement for Wild West show, 3 May 1885
    article about death from New York Times, n.d.
    letter from F. Marion Crawford to Mr. Williams, 11 Oct. 1902 2 pp.
    entries from unidentified biographical directories/dictionaries
4-02 Research materials: Captain Jack Crawford - originals
    Beadles Boy’s Library of Sport, Story and Adventure, v. 5, No. 58. Ingraham, Col. Prentiss, “Captain Jack in Rocky Roost,” 11 Feb. 1900
    The Buffalo Bill Library [title page missing], No. 85 “Chief of the White Caps,” n.d.
4-03 Research materials: Crawford - other
    published poems [post card and quarto with illustration of Crawford]: “Bronte,” “Battlin’ Joe’s Prayer”
    illustration from story about Buffalo Bill: caption - “The fact that his two enemies were enjoying his struggles for life filled Buffalo Bill with the bitterest rage.”
    unidentified image of man
    photograph: Crawford at picnic at Portage Point Inn: Onekama, Michigan - 1909
4-04 Randolph, Col. Charles D. “Western Poems,” n.p., 1925
  See correspondence 3-71
4-05 research: Marc Connelly
    “Green Pastures - Humorous Reading” Sioux City, Iowa: Wetmore Declamation Bureau, n.d. 3 pp.
    “Noah’s Ark - Humorous Reading,” Sioux City, Iowa: Wetmore Declamation Bureau, n.d. 3 pp.
    “Through Sufferin’ - A Dramatic Reading,” Sioux City, Iowa: Wetmore Declamation Bureau, n.d. 4 pp.
    newspaper articles; obituary
  see correspondence 3-67
IV. Other
  B. Photographs
4-06 photos used in Frances Love’s Nolan tribute “Reflections”; also contact sheet
    Includes: Peggy Nolan; John Nolan; Ann Nolan
4-07 Nolan in groups
    includes: Robert Cline, Mary Dichmann, Philip Dur, Edelma Huntley, Frances Love, Ann Nolan, Milton Rickels, Bruce Shriver, Amos Simpson, Jack Testerman, James Wilson
4-08 theatrical photographs
    Hospitality House; Eavesdrop Theatre; elementary school kids in plays
4-09 others
    “At Players Club,” [2]: unidentified individuals, place, or time
    “Victorian Clocks and Glass,” used in Advertiser story, n.d. (3 people, none identified - none Nolans)
    Dr. James Wilson [Frances Love photo]: used in Advertiser story
    May Beals, probably turn-of-the-century actress [copy]
IV. Other
  C. Miscellaneous
4-10 USL English Department: information sheet, n.d. [Fields Chair]
    photo of some faculty including Nolan
4-11 inscribed articles
    Bowman, Mary Rives. “Dunlap and the ‘Theatrical Register’ of the New-York Magazine," Studies in Philology, v. 24,# 3 (July, 1927): 413-425 [reprint]
    Hirt, Andrew J. “Rod McKuen: America’s Questionable Poet Laureate,” Journal of Popular Culture, (v. 111, # 4): 704-711
4-12 Anderson, Robert. Theatre Talk: An Illustrated Dictionary of Theatre Terms and Definitions. Denver: Pioneer Drama Service, 1980
4-13 Trussell, Jake. After Hours Poetry. Kingsville, Texas: Kingsville Publishing Company, n.d.
4-14 Hospitality House drink menu, n.d.
4-15 Nolan, Peggy: papers for Library Resources course, LS 203-204, LSU Library Science School, n.d.
5-01 Scroll: Arkansas State Teachers College Yearbook [Nolan a Senior], 1947
5-02 Scroll: Arkansas State Teachers College Yearbook [Nolan an Instructor of English], 1948