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Playwrights of Lafayette (Louisiana) Collection

Collection 82

Playwrights of Lafayette (Louisiana). Collection, 1955–1986, n.d.

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This collection contains unpublished one-act plays. Most of these plays were written for production in Lafayette, especially at the Eavesdrop Theatre which was located in the Red Dog Saloon [later The Corner] at the corner of General Mouton St. and Lamar St. They were also performed at the Louisiana Playwrights Theatre, The Red Garter, community theaters, and in small theaters in Virginia, New York City, London, and elsewhere.

A few scripts are copies of unpublished or published plays from unidentified sources which must have been produced in Lafayette. Most of the plays were written by University of Southwestern Louisiana (now University of Louisiana at Lafayette) English Department faculty or students, including a few done as class assignments. Some were written by faculty in other USL departments [mainly history]. Some of the plays include cast listings and director's notes on the typescript. Several of the copies in this collection were used during rehearsals. Date of production, if given, is taken as date of authorship unless otherwise indicated.

John W. Fiero, Joe E. Riehl, Jr., and James H. Wilson donated these scripts.

See also: Collection 321 - Paul T. Nolan Papers.


A. Play scripts 1-1 through 7-5

B. Publicity

C. Writings

D. Miscellaneous


1-1 Adaptions. Paul J. Nolan, 1986 published; typescript, n.d.

  • An Afternoon In The Life of Ms. Madison. Susan Bing, 1978 typescript
  • And The Dreamers Win. no author typescript
  • Alone at Last. Jimy Gunn, n.d. typescript
  • Alone at Last. John R. Moore, 1975. typescript, 2 copies
  • The American Dream [Once Upon an Island]. Edelma de Leon, 1977. typescript
  • American Women. Edelma de Leon, 1979. typescript, 2 versions

1-2 April Always Comes At Dawn. Sean McFadden, n.d. typescript

  • Artistic Moves. [or Cabbage Rolls and Hot Dixie] Mark Robson, n.d. typescript
  • Automatic Solution or Lady's Choices. Diane Thornhill, n.d. typescript
  • Asinaria Festa. Edelma de Leon, n.d. handwritten, typescript 2 versions

1-3 Bag Lady. Todd Rundgren, n.d. handwritten

  • Bang Bang You're Dead. Jackie Gile, n.d. typescript
  • Beer-Heart. no author, n.d. typescript
  • Betrayals. Andrew J. Hirt and Paul T. Nolan, 1977, typescript 2 copies
  • The Betrayed. Kyle Jones, n.d. typescript

1-4 Between Hisses. James Burke and Paul T. Nolan, (Denver: Pioneer Drama Service, 1977.

  • Between The Two. Desley Noonan, n.d. typescript
  • Birthday. Mario Fratti, 1976. published [photocopy]
  • Bondage. Joe E. Riehl, Jr., n.d. typescript
  • The Brocade Unicorn. Edelma de Leon, 1978. handwritten

1-5 Can This Marriage Be Saved? John B. Cameron, Jr., n.d.

  • Charity - With a Twist. Paul T. Nolan and James H. Wilson, 1982. typescript
  • Christmas Play. Stuart Stelly, n.d. typescript
  • Comet Fever. Joseph Andriano, n.d. typescript
  • The Commercial. Jean Hurley, n.d. typescript, 2 versions

1-6 The Contest. Jude Roy, n.d. typescript

  • The Contract. Glen Watson, n.d. typescript
  • The Conversion of Boobie D. John W. Fiero, n.d. typescript, 2 versions
  • The Corner of Walk and Don't Walk. Sally Ann Anspach/Robinson, n.d. typescript
  • A Cross Section of the Sun. Mitchell P. Chase, n.d. typescript

1-7 Deano Rides Again. Owen J. Reamer, n.d. typescript

  • The Dentist. M. Barry Epperson, n.d. mimeograph
  • A Different Body. Paul T. Nolan, n.d. typescript [director's notes on copy]

1-8 Different Things, A three-Act Play. Paul T. Nolan, n.d.

2-1 Diggers. Carl Wooton, n.d. typescript

  • Diplomacy. Melanie Harper, 1978. typescript
  • The Dirty Trick. John R. Moore and Jody Moore, n.d. typescript
  • A Discussion Of Sexual Stereotyping In Children's Stories to presented To the National Association for Women...At Some Later Date. Susan Bing and John B. Cameron, n.d. typescript
  • Dolls No More. Mario Fratti, 1973. published
  • Don't Ask Me. Catherine Ann Pondrom, n.d. typescript and handwritten; typescript
  • Drama On The Corner. Paul T. Nolan, collection of one-act plays [unidentified], with introduction. published, n.d. [source not given]: v.-xi, 2-15, 80-97 [photocopy]

2-2 Eleanor. John B. Cameron, Jr., n.d. typescript, 2 versions

  • Elena. Richard Bier, n.d. typescript
  • An Empty Cup. Desmond McGinn, n.d. typescript
  • Encounter. Jimy Gunn, n.d. typescript
  • Escape To The Sea. Mary Jo Pendleton, n.d. typescript
  • The Evils Of Corruption. Robert Ede Ogbebor, n.d. typescript

2-3 Evangeline: The True Stories. Joseph E. Riehl, introduction by James H. Wilson, [1971]. typescript, 2 drafts

2-4 La Farce. Cynthia Walson, n.d. typescript

  • Fatalism: California Style. Jane Duke, n.d. typescript
  • The Feeble Husband. Clayton J. Delery, n.d. typescript, 2 versions
  • The Final Solution. John Fiero, n.d. typescript
  • A Flood On The Rise. D. S. La Breche, n.d. typescript; also identified as Into the Mist. Sabine Boisvert

2-5 Flush Times. no author, n.d. typescript

  • The Fool. Diane Thornhill, n.d. typescript
  • A Foolproof, Legal Whey. John W. Fiero, no date. typescript
  • The Forum. Mark Robson, n.d. typescript
  • Frodo Is A Proper Companion. Diane Thornhill, n.d. typescript, 2 versions
  • From Thence A Rib. John W. Fiero, n.d. typescript
  • Future Perfect. Edward J. Puneky, 1977. typescript

2-6 Games Old Men Play. James H. Wilson, 1977. typescript, 3 versions

  • Gardiner's Progress. no author, n.d. typescript
  • Genesis II. David Thibodeaux, n.d. typescript
  • The Gentlemanly Bastard. no author, n.d. typescript
  • Getting Rid of Horace. John W. Fiero, n.d. typescript

3-1 Gift Horse. John W. Fiero, n.d. mimeograph

  • The Good Soldier. James H. Wilson, n.d. typescript
  • The Greatest of These. Harrison Thomas, 1982. typescript
  • Green is The Color Of Life. Diane Thornhill, n.d. typescript

3-2 Hades for Some Is The Red Dog Saloon. [based on The Sins of Mothers and Sons] Jane F. Bonin, n.d. typescript

  • A Hand For Your Foot. Karen Reed, n.d. typescript
  • Harmony Is Paradise. Carol Begnaud, n.d. typescript
  • Here We Go Again. Owen J. Reamer, n.d. typescript
  • Hobo's Alley. Ken Liner, n.d. typescript
  • Howard. Raleigh Marcell, Jr, n.d.

3-3 I Just Don't Know. Andrew Menard, n.d. typescript

  • Innocent Injustice. Ben Hampton. N.d. typescript
  • Jamie. A. Melody Faul, 1979. typescript
  • The Jigsaw Man. Joe E. Riehl, Jr. n.d. typescript
  • The Joke. no author, n.d. typescript (incomplete)
  • Just Imagine. Karen Campbell, n.d. handwritten
  • Keep Kool. Archie Pennington, n.d. typescript

3-4 Killin' Cats and Playing Poker [originally Three Dollar Ante Poker]. no author, n.d. typescript

  • King Hobo. Charlie Vance, 1980. typescript
  • Knock, Knock. Aaron Wainwright Smith, n.d. typescript

3-5 The Last Days of Buffalo Bill. John W. Fiero, Paul T. Nolan, and James H. Wilson, n.d. typescript, 4 versions

3-6 The Last Of The Southern Belles. no author, n.d. typescript

  • Last Week I Was Ninety-Five. Paul T. Nolan, n.d. published, no source: 154-213
  • The Lesson. John Gray Thorpe, 1977. handwritten, typescript 3 versions

3-7 The Lighted Window. Jude Roy, n.d. typescript

  • The Lion Is Dying. Paul T. Nolan and James H. Wilson, 1984. published
  • Lost In The Dark. Heidi Nehrbass, n.d. typescript
  • Love Is A Daisy. Margaret James Collins, 1955. published
  • The Lufkin Reception. Berlynne Briggs, n.d. typescript
  • The Lying Valet. David Garrick, adapted by Paul T. Nolan, (Downers Grove, IL: Contemporary Drama Service, 1978).

3-8 Maggie And Jen. Diane Thornhill, n.d. typescript

  • Magic Ruff Puffs. John B. Cameron, Jr., 1979. published
  • Mama's Boy. [James H. Wilson]. typescript and photocopy

4-1 The Man In Back. Paul T. Nolan and James H. Wilson, 1984. typescript, 2 versions; printed

  • Man on a Dredge. Stuart Stelly, n.d. typescript
  • The Mansion. John W. Fiero, n.d. typescript
  • The Man Who Knew Buffalo Bill. James H. Wilson, n.d. typescript

4-2 Manny's Full Count. John W. Fiero, n.d. typescript

  • Mark of the Beast. John W. Fiero, n.d. typescripts
  • Mephitis. Raleigh Marcell, Jr, n.d. typescript
  • The Message. Mark Robson, n.d. typescript, 2 versions
  • A Midsemester Break. Aaron Smith, n.d. typescript
  • More Than Kin and Less Than Kind. no author, n.d. typescript
  • My Last Bride. Richard Bier, n.d. typescript

4-3 Next? Please. no author, n.d. typescript

  • Night of the Homo Sapien. Stuart Stelly, n.d.. typescript
  • Nighttalk. No author, no date. typescript
  • No Dinner Tonight. no author. handwritten
  • None Too Gently. Steve Seal, n.d., typescript
  • Now I Lay Me Down To Death. Bernard Hocke, 1978. typescript

4-4 O Happy, Happy Wedding Day. no author, n.d. typescript

  • One Way Out. John W. Fiero, n.d. typescript
  • Opening Time. David Cockshott, [1978 production]. typescript
  • Opportunity Knocks. John B. Cameron, Jr., n.d. typescript
  • Orals. Forrest M. Byrd, n.d. typescript

4-7 Pawn's Gambit. John W. Fiero, n.d. typescript, 2 versions

  • Pepper-Boy. Mike Sinitiere, n.d. typescript
  • Perchance To Dream. no author, n.d. typescript
  • The Poke Salad Annie's Granny Adventure. Albert Stefanski, n.d. handwritten, (list of players mimeographed) [photocopy]
  • Power Play. Joe E. Riehl, n.d. typescript

5-1 Primal Bark. Sidney Creaghan, n.d. typescript

  • Private Conversations. C. Waguespack, n.d. typescript
  • The Private Life of Thomas Wolsey. Olga Ironside Wood, 1977. typescript
  • Pronouns and Adjectives. Sue F. Kaplan, n.d. typescript
  • Psuicide. Michael Lackey, n.d. typescript

5-2 A Quarter Turn In Billingsgate. John W. Fiero, n.d. typescript 2 versions

  • A Quiet Place. Paul T. Nolan, n.d. typescript
  • Rabbit. ? Harper, n.d. typescript.

5-3 The Red Dog Connection. John W. Fiero, n.d. typescript, 2 versions

  • Restaurant. Edelma De Leon, n.d. handwritten
  • The Reunion. Sue F. Kaplan, n.d. typescript 3 versions
  • Rhythm Of the Road. Clinton R. Jordan, n.d. typescript
  • The Roundhouse. Mike Sinitiere, 1976. typescript
  • Ruthie. Clayton J. Delery, n.d. typescript

5-4 Sailor. Jim Prince, 1977. typescript

  • Santa's Last Year. Thomas E. Spener, n.d. typescript, 2 versions
  • The Sharpie. Owen J. Reamer, n.d. typescript
  • The Sins of Mothers and Sons. Jane F. Bonin, n.d. published, Janus, n.d. [photocopy]
  • [See also: Hades for Some Is the Red Dog Saloon]
  • Six That Pass in the Night. Edelma de Leon, n.d. handwritten, typescript

5-5 The Ski Lift. [Ken Lanoue], n.d. typescript

  • Snuff Flick or Helmet Who? John W. Fiero, n.d. typescript, printed
  • Society Ladies. John Comeaux, 1979. typescript
  • Squeeze Play. John W. Fiero, n.d. typescript 2 versions
  • The Stronger. August Strindberg, loosely adapted by Paul T. Nolan. typescript, 2 pages thermofaxed

5-6 Suction. Stuart Stelly, n.d. typescript

  • Sunday in the Park. Richard Bier, n.d. typescript
  • The Survivor. Hal Porter, n.d. typescript

5-7 Tales of the Uptown Renown. James M. MacDonnell, n.d. typescript

  • Telling Almost Everything. no author, n.d. typescript 2 versions
  • The Ten O' Clock Report. Rickie Bruce, n.d.. typescript
  • Terminal. no author, n.d.. mimeograph

5-8 Texas Romance. Edelma de Leon, n.d. handwritten, mimeograph; rough draft: The Fleabayne Café and Elegant Diner, n.d. handwritten

6-1 A Theological Matter. Paul A. Landry, n.d. typescript

  • The Thirteenth Day of Summer. Richard Bier, n.d. printed
  • Three Character Dialogue. Sue F. Kaplan, 1979. typescript
  • Three Men and a Maid. James H. Wilson, n.d. typescript (one copy heavily edited)
  • Through the Door, Darkly. Bob Bray, n.d. typescript

6-2 Time Warp. John W. Fiero, n.d. typescript 2 copies, 1 heavily edited

  • Tragedy on the Teche. Terry J. Moreau, n.d. typescript.
  • The Triality of Love. [student paper submitted to Jane Bonin], n.d. typescript
  • Trump, Tramp, Trumped. Diane Thornhill, n.d. typescript
  • Turn up the Music and Discuss. no author, n.d. typescript

6-3 Uncle Sam Wants You. no author, n.d. typescript

  • Upstairs Woman. John R. Moore, n.d. typescript
  • Variations on a Theme. Edelma de Leon, n.d. typescript
  • The Vatican's Pole. Mark Robinson, n.d. typescript
  • A Vengeful God. Michael A. Klumpp, 1978. typescript
  • The Vigil. John W. Fiero, n.d. typescript
  • A Voice To Call Your Own. no author, n.d. typescript, (thermofax)

6-4 Waiting For MacArthur. F. Delor Angeles, n.d. typescript

  • The Walk-in Closet. Robert Bray, n.d. typescript
  • Wallflowers. Jimy Gunn, n.d. typescript
  • The Way to Zen. No author. No date, typescript
  • The Weary Hour. Paul T. Nolan. and James H. Wilson, 1982. typescript
  • When It Rains In Brooklyn. no author, n.d. typescript
  • Worms. John W. Fiero, n.d. typescript 2 versions
  • Yielding Patterns. Melanie Harper, n.d. typescript

6-5 The Wife's Progress. [3 acts] Paul T. Nolan, n.d. typescript

6-6 Playwrights Theatre of Louisiana at The Quaigh Theatre in New York, May 15-25, 1979 [anthology]

  • American Woman. Edelma de Leon
  • Christmas Play. Stuart Stelly
  • A Discussion of Sexual Stereotyping in Children's Stories to be Presented to the National Association for Some Later Date. Susan Bing and John B. Cameron, Jr.
  • From Thence a Rib. John W. Fiero
  • Here We Go Again. Owen J. Reamer
  • The Jigsaw Man. Joe E. Riehl, Jr.
  • Neutral Tones. Paul T. Nolan
  • Three Men and A Maid. James H. Wilson

6-8 Playwright Theatre of Louisiana... (copy 2)

7-1 The Eavesdrop Theatre: 6 plays For The Corner Café. (Houston: Edgemoor Publishing Company, (1976))

  • One Way Out. John W. Fiero
  • Hades for Some Is the Red Dog Saloon. Jane F. Bonin
  • The Killer. Owen J. Reamer
  • The Fling. Barbara Hull
  • Alone at Last. John R. Moore
  • The Economy of Love. Paul T. Nolan [for review see 9-9]

7-2 London Bound from The Eavesdrop Theatre. n.d. [bound collection of typescript scripts] 2 copies

  • Pawn's Gambit. John W. Fiero
  • Games Old Men Play. John H. Wilson
  • Bondage. Joe E. Riehl, Jr.
  • The Surgeon General Has Determined. Paul T. Nolan
  • Deano Rides Again. Owen J. Reamer
  • A Texas Romance. Edelma De Leon

7-3 Plays: untitled, no author, no date

7-4 same

7-5 fragments

7-6 Flyers, etc.: Eavesdrop Theatre A-L

7-7 Same: M-Z, blank

7-8 Same: multiple plays [arranged alphabetically by first play]

7-9 Same: Playwrights' Theatre of Louisiana

8-1 Same: Red Garter; other Lafayette

8-2 Same: non-Lafayette

8-3 Same: location not indicated

  • See also: Map Case 13-2 for oversize posters

8-4 Programs

8-5 Schedules: [not complete] Summer, 1975 - Fall, 1980, n.d.

8-6 Clippings, 1969 - 1978: November, 17

8-7 Same: 1978: Oct. 14, 1979; November, 21 - 1983, 1988

8-8 Same: no date

8-9 Same: no date

9-1 Scrapbook: clippings, photos, 1975

9-2 Playbills, clippings, etc. chronological: 1979

9-3 Same: 1980

9-4 Same: Spring, 1980 [items about Theater Wagon and trip to Virginia]

9-5 Same: 1981

9-6 Same: 1983


  • Playbills: Morosco Theatre; Plymouth Theatre; Alvin Theatre; Ethel Barrymore Theatre; - President Theatre, n.d.
  • Central College English Association, v. 18, # 6 (October, 1977); Knapp, Bettina L., book review of The Eavesdrop Theatre, in ibid., v. 17, # 4 (October, 1976) [for anthology see 7-07]

9-7 Essays about (mainly) Eavesdrop Theatre:

  • histories, evaluations, conceptual statement by Paul T. Nolan, etc.

9-8 Material gathered by Mark Robson in preparation of thesis on Eavesdrop Theatre

  • chronology of productions
  • notes
  • correspondence

9-9 Miscellaneous

  • correspondence of Jane Bonin with Scarecrow Press
  • reviews of some plays [some done as student papers]: includes Fiero, John. "From Lafayette to London: The 'Fringe' Theatre," The Round Table of the South Central College English Association, v. 18, # 6 (October, 1977); Knapp, Bettina L., book review of The Eavesdrop Theatre, in ibid., v. 17, # 4 (October, 1976)
  • [for anthology see 7-7]

10-1 Photographs

10-2 Certificates: 1975, 1976-77

10-3 Miscellaneous theater material

  • material on award presentations; notice about Legacy Press; flyer from Southern Theatres Drama Service; announcement from Eavesdrop Too, Blowing Rock, North Carolina; etc.

10-4 Miscellaneous writings:

  • poems, etc., Clopha Deshotel; student paper by Richard Bier, 1974