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Marc Connelly Collection

Collection 32

Marc Connelly (1890–1980). Collection, 1914–1915, 1930s–1960s, 1980, n.d.

5 inches

Marcus Cook (Marc) Connelly was born 13 December 1890 in McKeesport, Pennsylvania. He was the first son of Patrick Joseph and Mabel Cook Connelly. In 1902 he entered Trinity Hall, a private school in Washington, Pennsylvania. After graduating in 1907, he began his writing career with Pittsburgh newspaper. Connelly was a playwright, actor, director, and producer on Broadway. He was primarily known as the author of The Green Pastures, the Pulitzer-prize winning play of 1930. He also co-authored a number of comedies of the 1920s and 1930s which are classics of this type. He has written and played in several theater films. He also published a novel in 1965. He died in New York City, 21 December 1980. [For fuller biographical information view Current Biography, 1969.]

This collection contains photocopied newspaper clippings and magazine articles about Connelly, including excerpts from some of his writings. The material was gathered by Dr. Paul T. Nolan who was preparing a biography. It also includes the first draft of Nolan's book.


A. Correspondence 1-01
B. Notes 1-02
C. Magazine and Journal Articles 1-03 and 1-04
D. Newspaper Clippings 1-05 through 1-10
E. Program 1-11
F. Biography 1-12


1-01 Correspondence, 1966 [2 items]
1-02 Notes, 1941-1943; 1957
1-03 Magazine Articles:
Connelly, Marc. "A Redhead with Something Under It." Everybody's Magazine, January, 1921:19-20;
Connelly, Marc. "The Green Pastures," Theatre Magazine, May, 1930: 32-35+;
Connelly, Marc. "We're Going to Have Better Plays," Theatre Magazine, December, 1930: 16, 62;
Woolcott, Alexander, "Quite a Proposition," Ladies Home Journal, September, 1935: 8-9; 62, 67-68;
Sharp, Christopher, "Pastures still are green for Marc Connelly at 90", W, November 21-28, 1980, p.33
1-04 Journal Article: Nolan, Paul T. "Marc Connelly's 'Divine Comedy': Green Pastures Revisited," Western Speech, Fall, 1966
1-05 Newspaper articles: 1914-1915
1-06 Newspaper articles: 1930s
1-07 Newspaper articles: 1940s
1-08 Newspaper articles: 1950s
1-09 Newspaper articles: 1960s
1-10 Newspaper articles: n.d.
1-11 Program: "The Portable Yenberry" by Marc Connelly; The Loeb Playshop Memorial Center, Purdue University: May 24-31, 1962 and June 1, 1962
1-12 Biography: Paul T. Nolan's first draft of Marc Connelly biography, 1966
includes Connelly's notes after reading the manuscript
[published: Paul T. Nolan. Marc Connelly. New York, Twayne, 1969]