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Reference Online Center

The Reference Online Center (ROC Lab) is located adjacent to the Reference Desk. This lab provides approximately 24 computers for research: searching of reference online databases, the Library Catalog, and U.S. Government Information resources. Word processing and ChemDraw software are also available. Student Technology Enhancement Program (STEP) fees provide printing availability to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette affiliated users.

Reference Online Center Use Policy

Acceptable Use

Preference for use of computers in the ROC Lab is given to researchers accessing the Library's catalog, databases and government information resources. Those engaged in other activities may be asked to leave if a computer is needed for research.

Unacceptable Use

Unacceptable uses include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Users must limit sessions to 30 minutes if others are waiting.
  • Beverages and food are prohibited at all computer workstations.
  • Users may not change any windows, DOS, or Explorer configurations or options.
  • Users may not move, disconnect, or reconfigure equipment.
  • Users are encouraged to download large files to personal memory devices rather than printing them.
  • Users may not download to hard drives or server drives. Download to personal memory devices only.
  • Users must abide by the University's Computer & Network Policy.
Reference Online Database Access for Off-Campus Use

Those who access the Web through an ISP (Internet Service Provider) will need to supply your ULID and password, when prompted, in order to reach a database. Faculty, staff, and students can activate a ULID and password using the University IT Help Desk website, by visiting Stephens Hall, Room 201 or contacting (337) 482-5516 or

Reference Online Center Computer Reservations

University of Louisiana at Lafayette instructors who wish to use the Reference Online Center (ROC Lab) computers for class instruction in the use of the Library's resources may contact the Reference Desk at (337) 482-6030, at least two hours prior to the requested reservation time. A specific time and the number of students attending are also required when submitting a reservation request. The ROC Lab computers may be reserved a maximum of three times per section during each semester.

[ Last Revised on April 12, 2019 ]