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Vertical Files Index: The University

Our Vertical Files is a collection of loose materials such as newspaper clippings, booklets, pamphlets, brochures, reports, or other types related to all things Louisiana. As the name suggests, these materials were historically stored in a vertical filing cabinet in folders arranged by category.

Our team is in the progress of digitization of this collection to preserve the fragile nature of these items. Indexes for this collection are available here. A number in brackets next to a category indicates files have been digitized.

The files are not available online. Visit the Louisiana Room to view the digital or physical version.

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University of Louisiana at Lafayette (UL Lafayette) (1999-present)

University of Southwestern Louisiana (USL) (1960-1999)

Southwestern Louisiana Industrial Institute (SLI) (1921-1960)

** [ ] indicates the number of files in that category

University of Louisiana at Lafayette (UL Lafayette)

UL Lafayette—Advertising [1]

UL Lafayette—Alumni Association

UL Lafayette—Anniversaries, etc

UL Lafayette—Archives

UL Lafayette—Awards [2]

UL Lafayette—Baseball

UL Lafayette—Basketball

UL Lafayette—Blanco Center [1]

UL Lafayette—Business and Industry Training Services (BITS)

UL Lafayette—Cade Farm [2]

UL Lafayette—Campus Emergency Preparedness

UL Lafayette—Campus Organizations [5]

UL Lafayette—Centennial Celebrations

UL Lafayette—Center for Advanced Computer Studies

UL Lafayette—Center for Business and Information Technologies

UL Lafayette—Center for Child Studies (Picard Center)

UL Lafayette—Center for Cultural and Eco-Tourism [1]

UL Lafayette—Center for Ecology and Environmental Tech

UL Lafayette—Center for Energy Studies

UL Lafayette—Center for Louisiana Studies [1]

UL Lafayette—Child Care [1]

UL Lafayette—College of Agriculture

UL Lafayette—College of Applied Life Sciences

UL Lafayette—College of Business Administration [1]

UL Lafayette—College of Education

UL Lafayette—College of Engineering

UL Lafayette—College of General Studies [1]

UL Lafayette—College of Liberal Arts

UL Lafayette—College of Nursing [2]

UL Lafayette—College of Sciences

UL Lafayette—College of the Arts

UL Lafayette—Commencement Exercices

UL Lafayette—Computing Center [1]

UL Lafayette—Counseling and Testing Service [1]

UL Lafayette—Cypress Lake [1]

UL Lafayette—Degrees

UL Lafayette—Department of Agricultural Engineering

UL Lafayette—Department of Agriculture

UL Lafayette—Department of Anthropology [2]

UL Lafayette—Department of Archaeology [1]

UL Lafayette—Department of Architecture [2]

UL Lafayette—Department of Biology

UL Lafayette—Department of Chemical Engineering

UL Lafayette—Department of Civil Engineering

UL Lafayette—Department of Communications

UL Lafayette—Department of Communicative Disorders

UL Lafayette—Department of Computer Science [2]

UL Lafayette—Department of Economics and Finance

UL Lafayette—Department of English

UL Lafayette—Department of Geology

UL Lafayette—Department of Health and Physical Education

UL Lafayette—Department of History

UL Lafayette—Department of Industrial and Technical Education

UL Lafayette—Department of Management and Administrative Studies

UL Lafayette—Department of Marketing and Hospitality

UL Lafayette—Department of Math

UL Lafayette—Department of Modern Languages

UL Lafayette—Department of Petroleum Engineering

UL Lafayette—Department of Physics

UL Lafayette—Department of Plant Industry

UL Lafayette—Department of Political Science

UL Lafayette—Department of Psychology

UL Lafayette—Department of Sociology

UL Lafayette—Department of Speech

UL Lafayette—Department of Teacher Education

UL Lafayette—Diversity [1]

UL Lafayette—DOORS Program

UL Lafayette—Economic Conditions

UL Lafayette—Endowments

UL Lafayette—Energy Center

UL Lafayette—Enrollment

UL Lafayette—Ernest J. Gaines Center [2]

UL Lafayette—Estuarine Habitats and Coastal Fisheries Center

UL Lafayette—Financial Aid [2]

UL Lafayette—Food Service

UL Lafayette—Football

UL Lafayette—Foundation

UL Lafayette—Funds and Scholarships

UL Lafayette—Graduate Work [2]

UL Lafayette—Graduation [2]

UL Lafayette—Gumbo U

UL Lafayette—History [1]

UL Lafayette—Honors Program

UL Lafayette—Housing Office [3]

UL Lafayette—Immigration [3]

UL Lafayette—Institute of French Studies

UL Lafayette—Junior Division

UL Lafayette—Lagniappe Day [1]

UL Lafayette—Laws and Legislation

UL Lafayette—LITE Center

UL Lafayette—Maps

UL Lafayette—Marine Survival Training Center

UL Lafayette—Medical Clinic

UL Lafayette—Name [1]

UL Lafayette—National Wetlands Research Center

UL Lafayette—New Iberia Research Center [2]

UL Lafayette—Office of Sustainability

UL Lafayette—Pageants [5]

UL Lafayette—Parking and Transit Office [1]

UL Lafayette—Planning [3]

UL Lafayette—Presidents [2]

UL Lafayette—Productivity Center

UL Lafayette—Programs [2]

UL Lafayette—Publications

UL Lafayette—Recreation

UL Lafayette—Religious Centers

UL Lafayette—Research Park

UL Lafayette—Scholarships

UL Lafayette—School of Business

UL Lafayette—School of Education

UL Lafayette—School of Home Economics

UL Lafayette—SGA Child Development Center

UL Lafayette—Signs and Symbols

UL Lafayette—Sneaux Day [1]

UL Lafayette—Songs and Music

UL Lafayette—Special Services

UL Lafayette—Sports

UL Lafayette—Student Action and Organizing Committee [1]

UL Lafayette—Student Life [2]

UL Lafayette—Student Union [1]

UL Lafayette—Students, International [3]

UL Lafayette—Technology [1]

UL Lafayette—Theater [2]

UL Lafayette—University College

UL Lafayette—University Libraries

UL Lafayette—University Media Center [1]

University of Southwestern Louisiana (USL)

USL—Admissions [2]

USL—Alumni Association [2]



USL—Athletics [3]


USL—Basketball [1]

USL—Buildings and Grounds [94]

USL—Business and Industry Training Services (BITS) [2]

USL—Campus Emergency Preparedness

USL—Campus Organizations

USL—Centennial Celebrations

USL—Center for Advanced Computer Studies (CACS)

USL—Center for Business and Information Technologies

USL—Center for Child Studies

USL—Center for Cultural and Eco-Tourism

USL—Center for Energy Studies

USL—Center for Louisiana Studies

USL—Center of Ecology and Environmental Technology

USL—College Discipline

USL—College of Agriculture

USL—College of Applied Life Sciences

USL—College of Arts, Humanities and Behavioral Sciences [1]

USL—College of Education

USL—College of Engineering

USL—College of General Studies

USL—College of Liberal Arts

USL—College of Nursing

USL—College of Sciences

USL—Commencement Exercices

USL—Computing Center

USL—Conference Center

USL—Counseling and Testing Service

USL—Cypress Lake [1]


USL—Department of Aerospace Studies

USL—Department of Agricultural Engineering

USL—Department of Architecture

USL—Department of Biology

USL—Department of Chemical Engineering

USL—Department of Civil Engineering

USL—Department of Communications

USL—Department of Communicative Disorders

USL—Department of Computer Science

USL—Department of Economics and Finance

USL—Department of English

USL—Department of Foreign Language

USL—Department of Geology

USL—Department of Health and Physical Education

USL—Department of History

USL—Department of Industrial and Technical Education

USL—Department of Management and Administrative Studies

USL—Department of Petroleum Engineering

USL—Department of Physics

USL—Department of Plant Industry

USL—Department of Political Science

USL—Department of Psychology

USL—Department of Sociology

USL—Department of Speech

USL—Department of Teacher Education


USL—Doors Program

USL—Economic Conditions


USL—Energy Center


USL—Equine Center

USL—Estuarine Habitats and Coastal Fisheries Center

USL—Film Library


USL—Food Service [1]



USL—Funds and Scholarships

USL—Graduate Work

USL—Gumbo U

USL—History [1]

USL—Honors Program

USL—Housing Office [1]

USL—Institute of French Studies


USL—Junior Division

USL—Lagniappe Day

USL—Laws and Legislation


USL—Maison Acadienne Francaise [1]


USL—Marine Survival Training Center

USL—Medical Clinic

USL—National Wetlands Research Center

USL—New Iberia Campus (Proposed)

USL—New Iberia Research Center


USL—Parking and Transit Office

USL—Planning [2]


USL—Productivity Center

USL—Programs [1]



USL—Religious Centers


USL—School of Art and Architecture

USL—School of Home Economics

USL—School of Music

USL—SGA Child Development Center

USL—Signs and Symbols

USL—Songs and Music

USL—Special Services

USL—Sports [1]

USL—Student Government Association

USL—Student Life

USL—Student Union

USL—Students [1]

USL—Students, Foreign


USL—University Art Museum

USL—University College

USL—University Libraries

USL—University Media Center [1]

USL—University Police

USL—Wetland Research Center

Southwestern Louisiana Industrial Institute (SLI)




SLI—Alumni [1]


SLI—Athletics [1]

SLI—Biography [1]

SLI—Buildings and Grounds [1]

SLI—Business Management

SLI—Campus Organizations [1]

SLI—College of Agriculture

SLI—College of Commerce

SLI—College of Education

SLI—College of Engineering

SLI—College of Liberal Arts

SLI—College of Nursing

SLI—Commencement Exercices [1]



SLI—Department of Air Science and Tactics

SLI—Department of Animal Industry

SLI—Department of Art

SLI—Department of Bacteriology

SLI—Department of Biology

SLI—Department of Chemical Engineering

SLI—Department of Chemistry

SLI—Department of Electrical Engineering

SLI—Department of English

SLI—Department of Foreign Language

SLI—Department of Geology

SLI—Department of Home Economics

SLI—Department of Mathematics

SLI—Department of Music

SLI—Department of Psychology

SLI—Department of Social Studies

SLI—Department of Speech

SLI—Department of Vocational Agricultural Education




SLI—Faculty [4]


SLI—Food Service


SLI—Graduate Students


SLI—Honors Students


SLI—Laws and Legislation

SLI—Library [1]



SLI—Presidents [2]


SLI—Public Relations




SLI—Signs and Symbols