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Louisiana Map Collection

The Louisiana Room collection includes over 25,000 state and local maps, both current and historical. Although many of these maps are not listed in the Library Catalog, the following index identifies the holdings in the collection.


Index of Maps

Extra Large Maps

Drawer 1
Geological Maps
Soil and Forestry Maps
U.S. Geological Survey. Water-Resources Investigations Reports
U.S. Geological Survey. Scientific Investigations Reports

Drawer 2
Historical Maps
New World, and North America, & Canada

Drawer 3
Historical Maps
Mississippi Valley and Colonial Louisiana
United States
U.S. Constitution Sesquicentennial Maps

Drawer 4
Louisiana State Maps (Prior to 1900)

Drawer 5
Louisiana State Maps (1900 to Present)

Drawer 6
City Maps

Drawer 7
Lafayette City Maps

Drawer 8
Parish, Township, and Ward Maps
Attakapas Historical Society Land Grant Maps
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Photomosaic Maps

Drawer 9
Military Maps
Economic Maps
Political Maps
Cultural Maps
Post Route Maps
Louisiana Maps Series - L.S.U. Dept. of Geography and Anthropology

Drawer 10
Pictorial and Tourist Maps
Fishing Maps
Wildlife Management Areas

Drawer 11
L’Acadie (Acadia, Canada)

Drawer 12
Flood Insurance Maps
Oil and Gas Maps
Out-of-State Maps
St. Martinville Oilfield Maps

Drawer 13
19th and Early 20th Century Coastal Navigation Maps

Drawer 14
Photomosaic Maps, U.S.D.A. Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service

Drawer 15
Environmental Maps
U.S. Minerals Management Service. Environmental Maps of the Gulf Coast Region
U.S. Bureau of Land Management. Western and Central Gulf of Mexico Maps
U.S. Bureau of Land Management. Outer Continental Shelf, Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean Maps
Misc. maps

Drawer 16
U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey. U.S. Gulf Coast: Mississippi-Louisiana-Texas
Nautical Charts
Aeronautical Charts
Aerial Photos
Satellite Photos

Drawer 17

Drawer 18

Drawer 19

Drawer 20
1927 Mississippi River Flood

Drawer 21
Water Resources

Drawer 22
Parish Highway Maps,1961-1965 and 1999-Present

Drawer 23
Parish Highway Maps, 1955-1964

Drawer 24
Parish Highway Maps, 1955-1964

Drawer 25
Parish Highway Maps, 1955-1964

Drawer 26
1980 Census Maps

Drawer 27
1980 Census Maps

Drawer 28
1980 Census Maps

Drawer 29
Parish Maps

Drawer 31-36
Atlases, arranged by call number

Drawer 37
Habitat Maps for the Mississippi Deltaic Plain Region in Louisiana