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Open Access Journals

Below you will find a list of open access journals and resources. These resources can be used by any user from any location. Affiliation with the University is not required, nor will a user need to log-in or sign up to access these resources. Do be aware that this means the Library does not actively curate these resources, and they are subject to change according to the policies of their publishers.

Free access to full-text journal articles, including:

Database Use: Electronic databases are limited to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette authorized users (students, faculty, and staff). Users attempting to access library databases both on and off-campus will be required to log in with their ULID and password. Users must follow 'Fair Use' as outlined in U.S. Copyright Law and provisions of license agreements with individual providers. Online database material obtained must be used for personal, non-commercial purposes. Improper use generally includes, but is not limited to, utilizing robots/auto crawlers, downloading entire journals, printing numerous copies of a single article, or publishing articles made available through the databases. Unauthorized use of Dupré Library databases and other electronic resources can result in revocation of access. For questions about use, Ask a Librarian.

Database Accessibility: EBSCO, one of the Library's major database providers, is committed to providing positive experiences for all users. They have provided an EBSCO Accessibility – Navigation Guide and an EBSCO eBook Accessibility User Guide and FAQs for using their databases.