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Michael D. Wynne Collection

Collection 75

Wynne, Michael D. (1957 - ). Collection, 1764-1989, n.d.

1 foot, 3 inches; Oversize

Michael Dayries Wynne was born in Lafayette, Louisiana in 1957. At an early age, he became fascinated with all forms of history, collecting memorabilia on his family and Louisiana in general. In 1972, at the age of 15, he was hired as an assistant curator for the Lafayette Museum. Two years later, he recorded a talk on a New Orleans television station regarding historic preservation. Some of his interests included Huey Long, Louisiana politics, and family history.

Mr. Wynne worked for many decades in law enforcement, serving as the District Administrator over the Louisiana State Probation and Parole Office. Nevertheless, his fascination for history never waned. He has published around 8 books and given various talks on Louisiana history and preservation. He has also served on many state commissions, including as Vice Chairman of the Louisiana Statehood Bicentennial Commission, and as Vice Chairman of the Louisiana Commemorative Coin Commission.

Materials in this collection were gathered by Mr. Wynne. He has a miscellanea of items related to Louisiana including correspondence, documents, flyers, broadsides, announcements, and others. There are several folders of materials related to Huey P. Long (1893-1935). Much of the 19th century documents come from the Bayou Sara / St. Francisville area.

Box 2 has been arranged basically by chronology. The newspapers in Box 1 have been microfiched. See Archival Assistant for location of microfiche.

The collection also includes corresponding letters to and from an SLI student from the 40s, and a scrapbook on the McClelland Family that was compiled by Mr. Wynne.

Michael D. Wynne donated this collection circa 1980.


A. Newspapers 1-01 through 1-05
[For location of microfiche see Archival Assistant]
B. Correspondence and Documents 2-01 through 3-05
Huey Long Materials 2-09 through 2-15
Alice Cox Letters 2-19 through 3-05
C. Ephemera 3-06 through 3-10, Map Case 13-04
D. Photographs and Postcards 3-11 through 3-12
E. Artifacts 3-13
F. Scrapbook Box 4
G. Oversize: Framed Items 3 items


Box 1
A. Newspapers
1-01 American Progress, September 1935
Arkansas Democrat – Little Rock, 7 June 1942
Arkansas Gazette – Little Rock, 16 September 1918
Campaign Republic – New Orleans, 9 August 1852, 30 August 1852, 20 September 1852
Columbian Centinel – Boston, 18 January 1815
1-02 Daily Advocate – Baton Rouge, 26 January 1861, 2 March 1861
Evening Delta – New Orleans, 1 May 1861
Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper – New York, 9 March 1861
Jennings Daily News, 21 March 1952
Lafayette Advertiser, 24 October 1885
1-03 Montgomery Advertiser, 21 October 1945
New Orleans Price Current Commercial Intelligencer & Merchants’ Transcript, v. 16, # 25, 7 December 1844
New York Herald, 4 December 1862, 7 December 1862
Le Nouvelliste – Lyons, France, 8 August 1939
Opelousas Courier, 9 December 1865
Le Propagateur Catholique – New Orleans, 29 August 1857, 9 January 1858
1-04 Scientific American – New York, 14 December 1850 [Missing], 15 February 1851, 22 February 1851, 1 March 1851, 14 December 1851[missing], 30 April 1853, 10 June 1854, 17 June 1854, 14 July 1855, 6 October 1855, 14 February 1857, 1 August 1857, 10 July 1858
1-05 Vermilion Star – Lafayette, March 1945
Weekly Cotton Report – New Orleans, 10 March 1883
Weekly Gazette – Ville Platte, 11 December 1937
Weekly Tropic – New Orleans, 8 August 1846
Box 2
B. Correspondence and Documents
2-01 Correspondence, before 1861
A.W. De R. to Esther, ALS on card, n.d.
2-02 Documents, 1801-1860
Baptismal Certificate, Alexandre Contillo, 15 March 1801
Mandat de Payement to William Waters [in French], 9 June 1814
Draft on Bank of Louisiana to pay West Feleciana Parish taxes from N.C. Hull, 29 February 1836; Receipt for payment, 4 March 1836
Public Instruments of Protest [unpaid notes], 20 April 1839, 6 December 1839
Promissory Note, 30 November 1839
Legal Document: Payment in suit of John Albritton, 1841
Conveyance Forms [blank], West Feliciana Parish, 1840s
Certificate to practice law before Louisiana courts: L.E. Hunter [signed by Supreme Court Justices], 12 May 1856
Note, 29 August 1859
2-03 Correspondence and Documents [Civil War], 1861-1865
Thomas Mullett to General ?, ALS, 13 July 1862
Report of military situation in West Feliciana Parish sent from Jackson, LA [Centenary College letterhead] - Mullett was First Lieutenant, Battery. H, Artillery, 8th Louisiana Regiment
Unknown to “My Dearest Sister Evaline”, ALS 3 sheets, 30 January 1868;Written by someone in U.S. Navy on board U.S. flagship Hartford in New Orleans; among personal matters contains some accounts of naval engagements in Louisiana, especially Berwick Bay. [See also: H.W. Allen letter, 2-18]
Money issued by State of Louisiana, Doc, 24 February 1862
List of property held by John N. Evans, West Feliciana Parish, subject to Confederate tax [includes slaves], 17 February 1864; receipt for tax payment, AD, 9 May 1864
Confederate States Almanac and Repository of Useful Knowledge for the Year 1865..., H.C. Clarke, Mobile, Alabama, publication
2-04 Financial Records [receipts and invoices], 1866-1899
Stock Certificate – Plainfield, NJ, Petroleum Company, 1865
Steamboat Receipts [13 items], 1868-1889
Receipts for State Occupational License Tax [15 items; some very faded], 1870s
[For Julius Freyham, St. Francisville Retail Liquor]
Stamps for U.S. Internal Revenue Tax [12 items], 1873-1879
[For Julius Freyham, St. Francisville]
Invoices from Various Stores for Mills Family [2 items], 1883
Receipts for State Taxes, St. Landry Parish: Gaston Wills [2 items], 8 October 1883
Invoice from A.J. Moss Lumber and Coal Yard, Lafayette, 20 October 1887
Share Certificate in the West Feliciana Agricultural Fair Association, 16 March 1888
2-05 Correspondence and documents, 1866-1899
Voter Registration of Thomas Leonard, West Feliciana Parish, 9 September 1870
[Duplicate of lost document, issued 6 October 1868]
Advertisement for Rochester Riving, Shaving, and Jointing Shingle Machine, New Orleans, 15 September 1871; [For W.G. Shepard; Southern Car Works, La.]
Election Ticket, Democratic Party, 1872
I00F, Bond of Treasurer: J. Jacob Michel, Bayou Sara, 1873
Summons of Leopold Hirch to witness in a civil suit, Lafayette Parish, 1874
Brand Recording, Receipt to Charles Wills, 1875
Ticket to [New Orleans] Opera House [Miss C. Morgan], 28 February 1878
Program for unveiling and dedication of Washington Artillery Monument at Metairie Cemetery, 22 February 1880
C.C. Meminger at Flat Rock, Henderson Co., NC to Edw. P. McCrady of Charleston, S.C., ALS [photocopy], 27 September 1881
Theological discussion regarding work “Jehovah”
Invitation to Installation of Officers, Baton Rouge Commandery No. 5, R. T., 16 June 1882
Invitations to events sponsored by Knights of Pythias, Bayou Sara [2 items], 1883, 1890
Wedding Invitations at Grace Church, St. Francisville [4 items], 1884, 1888, 1895
Circular regarding Louisiana Exhibit at the North, Central and South American Exposition, 1 September 1885
Certificate of Shares in W. Feliciana Agricultural Fair Association, 1888
Invitation to Ball at Freyhan’s Hall, 11 February 1890
Baptismal Certificate, Leander Wills, 31 March 1893
2-06 Materials on Louisiana Lottery [3 items], 1886-1892
Ticket, 1886
Newspaper Advertisement, 1890
Pamphlet/Flyer, 1892
2-07 Correspondence, 1901-1928
Edwin Lewis Stephens Letters
To John T. Mudd, Louisiana Secretary of State: TLS, corrects Mudd’s biennial report to General Assembly which misnamed schools in Lafayette and Ruston, 13 August 1901
To R.D. Voorhies, Jr.: TLS, cover letter sending copy of recommendation ELS wrote for Voorhies, 2 April 1927
To E.W. Finch, Birmingham Trust and Savings Company: [carbon] TL, letter of recommendation for R.D. Voorhies, Jr., 2 April 1927
To “All and Singular Those Mysterious & Beneficent….”, n.d.
From T.H. Harris, 6 January 1900
Baroness de Pontalba to President of Louisiana Historical Society: Paris, France, [French] ALS
re: Honorary membership in organization, 29 December 1906
James J. Bailey, Louisiana Secretary of State to “Dear Sir”, 5 August 1918
Cover letter for certified list of agents of foreign corporations [printed pamphlet]
Lyle Saxon to Maude ?: New Orleans, La., TLS [4 sheets], (Times-Picayune stationary), 13 December 1919
Opera House fire; work at Times-Picayune; social life
L.A. Andepont to K.T. Catlett of Rosa, La.: Opelousas, TLS (on [Clarion] Progressstationary, Opelousas, La.), 3 May 1922
Mainly arranging for transfer of boxes; some on local politics
Campbell Bascom Slemp, Secretary to President Coolidge, to Henry L.Fuqua: White House, Washington, D.C., TLS, 13 August 1924
Thanks Fuqua for sending views to President
Letters to J.O. Modisette, Jennings, La., Chair of Louisiana Library Commission [all TLS]
Mary Mims, Louisiana Cooperative Extension, State Community Worker to JOM: Baton Rouge, 12 May 1928
Thanks JOM for talk at meeting
T. H. Harris, Louisiana State Superintendent of Education, to JOM: Baton Rouge, 12 May 1928
Schedules meeting
Harriet S. Daggett, LSU School of Law to JOM: New Haven, Conn., 2 July 1928
Summer at Yale University; state appropriations for library work
James J. Bailey, Louisiana Secretary of State, to JOM: 8 August 1928
Will discuss matter raised by JOM with state librarian when she returns
2-08 Documents and Financial Records [invoices and receipts], 1901-1928
Receipts: V.H. Sibille and Son, Sunset: 12 October 1908; Felix Eloi Girard: 27 November 1908; Petetin Brothers, Grand Coteau: 14 January 1922
Tax receipts: St. Landry Parish: 6 May 1905; Lafayette Parish Road Tax: August 1908; St. Landry Parish: 23 January 1924
Flyers: camp meeting in Montrose, Natchitoches Parish, October 1900; Our Lady of Mercy Auxiliary Motion-Picture Entertainment, 29 September 1911 [New Orleans]
Invitation: Daughters of Mnemosyne Dance [Lutcher], 19 September 1901
Program: Madam Adelina Patti Recital at French Opera House, 6 February 1904
Information Brochure about The Archconfraternity of the Holy Agony of Our Lord Jesus Christ: New Orleans [Jules B. Jeanmard, Adminstrator S. V.], 6 February 1918
Birthday greeting post card from Holmes Midget Theatre, New Orleans, 7 May 1928
Advertisement for radio program sponsored by Beech-Nut, n.d.
2-09 Huey P. Long: Correspondence [10 items], 1923-1933, n.d.
Mainly mass mailings
2-10 Huey P. Long: Broadsides and Circulars [23 items; 26 documents (including duplicates)], 1927-1935, n.d.
[Most done while in U.S. Senate]
Louisiana – Politics and government, 1900-1945
2-11 Huey P. Long: Materials on “Share the Wealth” Plan [9 items, 16 documents (including duplicates)], 1933-1939
Circulars and broadsides; club activities; speaking schedules
2-12 Huey P. Long: Speeches in Congressional Record: 4 April 1933 – 15 June 1935
2-13 Huey P. Long: Memorabilia and Miscellaneous
Subscription forms and promotional flyers for American Progress, n.d.
Invitation to New Orleans Testimonial Banquet to Hon. Huey P. Long, 26 January 1928
[Robert Ewing, Chairman]
Program for Inaugural Ceremony, 21 May 1928
Ticket: Impeachment Hearings, 1929
Program: Citizens Banquet to His Excellency Hon. Huey P. Long, New Orleans, 17 September 1930
Sheet Music: “Every Man a King” [2 items]
Rainbow Music Company, New York City, 1935
National Book Company, New Orleans, 1935
Flyer: Speaking tour of Huey P. Long and John B. Fournet, Lieutenant Governor and candidate for Supreme Court, 24 September – 3 October 1934
Cartoon: “The Senator from Louisiana Yields”, by Fred O. Seibel, 10 September 1935
Broadside: “Why Didn’t the Daily Reveille Print This?” [Reprint of Drew Pearson column on Long’s assassination, n.d.]
Program: “Memorial Services in Observance of the Birthday of Our Late Senator Huey P. Long”, Baton Rouge, 30 August 1938
Flyer: Rally organized by Gerald L. K. Smith, Winnfield, 19 April 1946
Program includes tributes to Huey P. Long, and George Long a speaker
2-14 Anti-Long Materials, 1927-1924, n.d.
Circulars, pamphlets, newspapers
Barksdale, Joseph B. “On Behalf of Riley J. Wilson for Governor: The Truth about Huey P. Long.”: Speech in Shreveport, 24 September 1927
Steele, A.C. “Public Statement of ....”, 29 September 1927
Dupré, Gilbert L. “Address of Honorable Gilbert L. Dupré before the Louisiana House of Representatives”, 22 April 1929
Circular: “Louisiana, Wake Up!”, n.d.
Pamphlet: “What the Record Reveals: A Discussion of the Occupational License Taxation in Louisiana”, n.d.
Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association, Shreveport, La., 9 May 1929
Broadside: Louisiana Taxpayers Association, 13 March 1933
The Bumble Bee [Alexandria, La.] v. 1, #13, 1934, n.d.
Anti-Tax Card, n.d.
2-15 Political Broadsides and Circulars, Non-Long [7 items, 16 docs.], mainly reflects pro-Huey P. Long positions 1930s
American Progress Bulletin
Committee of the Democratic Party
John B. Fournet
Friends of Mrs. Boliver Kemp
2-16 Correspondence and Documents [12 items], 1920s-1961
Letters of George H. Gardiner, Lafayette [LA] Chamber of Commerce Secretary mainly with Lyle Saxon, State Director of Federal Writers’ Project, New Orleans, La. [6 items]
To Lyle Saxon, TLS: 21 October 1935; 7 November; 11 February 1936
From Saxon, TL: 22 October 1935; 4 November
To Henry G. Alsberg, Director Federal Writers’ Project, Washington, D.C., TL: 21 October 1935
Mary Jane Sweeney, Lafayette District Supervisor, Federal Writers’ Project to Carolyn Cassibry, Federal Writers’ Project, New Orleans [ordering supplies], TLS [2 items]: 21 January 1937, 2 April 1937
$1.00 bill with Dudley J. LeBlanc’s Picture, 1 August 1940
The Voice of Fatima Newsletters [2 items], 13 August 1950, August 1951
Deep South Television Schedule, Times-Picayune [photocopy], 5 November 1960
William D. Pierson, American Bar Association Chair of Section of Insurance, Negligence andCompensation Law to Hon. Joe B. Hamiter, Justice of Louisiana Supreme Court, TLS, May 1961
Cover letter for 1960 Proceedings of the Section
Letter to Fellow Citizens of Louisiana, by Marc Mouton, n.d.
News Clippings: Marc M. Mouton, Candidate for Lt. Governor
From Lyle Saxon, 4 November 1937, 26 October 1927
2-17 World War II Materials
Drawing: “‘Tis the Night Before Christmas”, 728 Railway Operating Battalion, 1944, n.d.
Ration Stamps [fuel, shoes, processed food, mileage]; Application Form
2-18 Signatures of U.S. Presidents and Louisiana Governors
Land Grant, signed by James Buchanan, 1 June 1858
Document, signature of Benjamin Harrison and Secretary of State James G. Blaine, 24 May 1890
[Partial, bottom portion only]
Resolution of state legislature signed by Jacques Dupré, Acting Governor, 20 April 1830 accepting constitutionality of 1828 tariff. Addressed to Governor of Connecticut
Letter from Gov. Joseph Walker to Phillip Allen, Governor of Rhode Island, May 1851
Land registration certificate for Theodule Leonard, signed by Governor Robert C. Wickliffe, 1859
Letter from H.W. Allen to “My dear Hunter”, Mobile [laminated], 12 June 1863
Pamphlet inscribed by Henry L. Fuqua
Certificate of appointment for A.B. Hardeman as Notary Public in Webster Parish, signed by Alvin O. King, 4 April 1932
2-19 Alice Cox Letters, 1942-1943
2-20 Alice Cox Letters, 3 January – 8 February 1944
2-21 Alice Cox Letters, 14 February – 28 April 1944
2-22 Alice Cox Letters, 11 May – 23 June 1944
2-23 Alice Cox Letters, 24 July – 25 August 1944
2-24 Alice Cox Letters, 9 September – 31 October 1944
Box 3
3-01 Alice Cox Letters, 4-27 November 1944
3-02 Alice Cox Letters, 2-30 December 1944
3-03 Alice Cox Letters, 6 January – 20 April 1945
3-04 Nainette K. Amos Correspondence, 1968
3-05 Letters to Cox Family, 1943-1944
C. Ephemera
3-06 Politics
Dance card from Inaugural Ball of Henry Fuqua, 29 May 1924
Invitation to reception for Calvin Coolidge and wife sponsored by the Pan-American Union, 29 May 1925
Invitation to Governor and Mrs. Fuqua to reception in White House, 28 January 1926
Clipping re: television program on 1960 campaign [photocopy], November 1960
3-07 Education
Invitation to Exhibition of Pupils of Belle Grove Institute, 25 March 1857
Invitation to Commencement of Law Department, University of Louisiana [Tulane], 6 April 1857
Invitation to Commencement at Jefferson College, 16 July 1889
Map Case 13-04
Poster: Courses for foreign students, Université de Grenoble [in French], 1905
3-08 Funeral Announcements [7 items], 1939-1895, n.d.
All from Bayou Sara/St. Francisville Area
3-09 Pamphlets: Miscellaneous [3 items]
“Ante-Bellum Days Along the Ol’ Mississippi”, Illinois Central Railroad, n.d.
Audubon Pilgrimage, 1939, 1941
3-10 Publications: Miscellaneous
“Extrait de la Lettre du Roi, 1764, earliest known Louisiana imprint, [1938 facsimile]
“I Saw in Louisiana a Live Oak Growing,” Edwin Lewis Stephens, Louisiana Conservation Review, v.4, #2, April 1934. Signed by Edith Garland Dupré
News Clipping: City Hall Island, Daily Advertiser, 16 August 1949
Flyer: La Grande Soirée de Lafayette, Acadian Village, 6 May 1983
D. Photographs and Postcards
3-11 Photographs
Old State Capitol, Baton Rouge, 1880s [not an original]; Arkansas State Capitol, (under construction) [original], 1911
Hale Boggs, Congressman of Louisiana, n.d.
Lyle Saxon, Louisiana Writer, 1920s-1940s
3-12 Postcards
Holidays: Christmas [2]; Thanksgiving [1]; birthday [1]
Birth Announcements: J.W.N. Co., Providence, Rhode Island [1]; T.P. and Company, New York, 1912
[1] friendship: [2] flowers: [5, n.d.: 1 duplicate] people: Arctic explorers (Cook and Peary) [1]; Richard E. New (legless motorcycle rider, advertisement for Goodrich Tires)
Unidentified Scenes: Traffic on coast road [1]; farm house with pond, etc., 1908 [1]
New York’s World Fair, 1939 [2 items]
Trylon and Perisphere, Manhattan Post Card Publishing Co.
The Hall of Communications, Frank E. Cooper
E. Artifacts
3-13 Krewe of Proteus Ball Favor, n.d.
Box 4
F. Scrapbook
4-01 McClelland Family, 1852-1989
G. Framed Items
1. Certificates from La Délégation du Québec en Louisiane for Lessie W. and Edward W. Wynne: Pour reconnaître sa contribution à l’essor de la Francophonie Nord-Améicaine, 24 June 1983
2. Lafayette, LA Twinning Trip to Namur, Belgium. Trip taken by Dr. Edward Wynne & Mrs. Edward (Lessie) Wynne, Sr., 9-23 July 1983
3. Lafayette Centennial: A Year of Celebration, 5 May 1984