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Anne K. Simpson Collection

Collection 174

Simpson, Anne K.  (1924-2005).    Collection, 1957-91

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Material collected by Anne K. Simpson while researching her book on Ernest J. Gaines, A Gathering of Gaines: The Man and the Writer (Lafayette, 1991).


1-01 Writings by Gaines
    "The Turtles"  Transfer  [San Francisco State College], 1956: 1-9
    "Boy in the Double-Breasted Suit." Transfer: 1957: 2-9
    "My Grandpa and the Haint."  New Mexico Quarterly, Summer 1966 (?): 149-160
    "The Hunter" (excerpt from Mrs Jane) Black World, Feb. 1971: 53-57
    "Miss Pittman's Background." New York Times Book Review, 10 August 1975:  23
    "The Autobiography of Master Ernest Gaines"  Cultural Vistas, Spr. 1990: 4-6, 15-16
1-02 reviews of books
1-03 reviews and articles about movies from books
1-04 biographical: longer articles: published interviews
1-05 biographical: honors and awards  1972-1989
    mainly clippings or articles, some correspondence
      San Francisco State College Alumnus of the Year, 1974; Outstanding Southeastern Authors Award, Southeastern Library Association, 1988; Louisiana Humanist of the Year, 1989; others
    includes LSU honorary degree citation, May 1987
1-06 biographical: activities 1988-1991
1-07 biographical: miscellaneous
1-08 Miscellaneous
    Rochester water fountain
    USL (Gaines presence example of excellence)
    B. B. King
1-09 Correspondence
    arranged alphabetically by person or organization
      includes: Jason Berry, William B. Duher