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Louisiana Photographs Collection

Collection 146

Louisiana Photographs. Collection

7 ½ inches

Louisiana Photographs Collection consists of parish photographs (homes, churches, streets, schools, entertainment, etc.), individuals, and photographs by subject.


A. Photographs Box 1-2


Box 1
1-01 Acadia Parish: A1a/1/-
Crowley: A1a/1/3/1:
Clark House
Green House
Kaplan House
Lawrence House
Toler House
Edwards, Edwin W.
1-02 Acadia Parish: A1a/1/3/2
Cash Auto Supply House
Crowley Bakery
Robbin’s Bakery
Sid’s Pioneer Bar
Crowley House
Ellis Hardware
Handgrief’s Meat Market
The Crowley Signal Building
Favre’s Opera House
Barnett Photograph Studio
DeRoussele Restaurant (in Egan Hotel)
Keller’s Restaurant
Miles, J.M. Shop
A1a/1/3/2a: Parkerson Avenue
1-03 Acadia Parish: A1a/1/3/3
St. Michael Church and School
Crowley High School;Crowley High School Track Team, 1908
1-04 Acadia Parish: A1a/1/3/6
People’s Rice Mill
Acadia Parish Court House
Central Fire Station
1-05 Acadia Parish: A1/3/10
Levy Park
W.W. Duson
Frisco Depot
O.G. and N.E. Depot
Southern Pacific Depot
Southern Pacific Freight Depot
1-06 Acadia Parish: A1a/1/3/14, comp
Crowley, Louisiana; tornado
A1a/1/3/14: Entertainment: baseball
Brunner, Howard E.
Chappuis, Abbie G.
Chappuis, Philip S.
Cockerban, H.H.
Copes, John C.
Dennis, Joe
Dorman, James L.
Eckels, Paul
Ellis, E.M.
Francez, Z.J.
Guilbeau, Felix G.
Hoffpauir, M.L.
Hold, A. Percy
Medlenka, Joseph G.
Ogden, Percy T.
Pugh, Philip S.
Pullrain, S.T.
Rabina, John D.
Raney, R.B.
Taylor, Shelby
Toler, Thomas G.
Toler, Thomas M.
A1a/1/3/14: Event: Liberty Bell
A1a1/3/14: Festival: Rice Festival
A1a/1/3/14 Parades
Armistice Day Parade
Children’s Prohibition Parade
Circus Parade: Hagenbeck and Wallace
Fourth of July
Pizzini, Adele
Medlenka, Leon M.
1-07 Acadia Parish: Evangeline: A1a/1/7/6a: Jennings Oil Field
1-08 Acadia Parish: Iota
Rayne: Negative [A1a1/17/3} St. Joseph Church
Rayne: A1a1/17/8: Acadia Parish Library, Rayne Branch
1-09 Acadia Parish: A1a/1/-/14: Rice
1-10 Acadia Parish: A2a
Chappuis, Eugene L. [“The Real Estate Man of Rayne”, 1904]
Chappuis, P.J. [Mayor-Elect of Crowley, 1904]
Larson, Lawrence B. [Crowley]
Lyons, James L. [Crowley Police Chief, 1903]
Pugh, P.S., District Judge
Scanlon, Mike [Church Point]
Webb, James [Rayne, 1904]
A3a: Company B, Louisiana National Guard
A3a: Company F, Louisiana National Guard
A4a: Edwards, Edwin W.
1-11 Acadia Parish: A1: Negatives, St. Joseph Church, Iota
Acadia Parish: A2 – St. Joseph’s Church, Rayne
1-12 Calcasieu Parish: A1a/10/-
Lake Charles: A1a/10/5/6: Cities Service Refinery; Firestone Tire and Rubber Plant
1-13 East Baton Rouge Parish: A1a/17/-
Baton Rouge: A1a/17/2/6: Humble Oil Refinery
A1a/17/2/8: Old State Capitol
Baton Rouge: Map Case: 13-03
Aerial Photograph of Baton Rouge showing State Capitol, n.d.
A2a: Carter, Helen [LSU, Head of Home Economics]
Swann, F.A. [District Agricultural Extension Agent]
A4: CC73 Delegates Play Football
Corne, Heloise [Lafayette]
Brien, Hilda [Houma]
1-14 Iberia Parish: A1a/23/-
Avery Island: A1a/23/1/14: Jungle Gardens
New Iberia: A1a/23/6/1: Shadows-on-the-Teche
Sketch from Harper’s Weekly, 1866
1-15 Iberia Parish: A1a/23/6/8: New Iberia Naval Air Station
1-16 Iberia Parish: A1a/23/9/6: Morton Salt mine
A1a/23/-/14: Bayou Teche
Wells, L.B. [artist]
A1a/23/-/14: Cane Field
1-17 Iberia Parish: A2a: Jefferson, Joseph
See also: A4 1927 Flood
1-18 Jeff Davis Parish: A1a/27/
Lake Arthur: A1a/27/4/14
Boats; Begnaud, W.J.; Regatta
1-19 Lincoln Parish: A1a/31/1-
A2a: Richardson, E.S. [President, Louisiana Tech]
1-20 Natchitoches Parish: A1a/35/1-
A2a: Fredericks, A.A. [President of Louisiana Normal College]
Henry, John [Melrose, Louisiana planter]
1-21 Orleans Parish: A1a/36/-
A1a/36/4/1a: French Quarter; horse
A1a/36/4/2: Old Absinthe House
A1a/36/4/3: St. Charles Cathedral and Jackson Square
A1a/36/4/4: Newcomb College
A1a/36/4/6: Johns-Manville Plant
A1a/36/4/12:Docks; shipping
Jackson Square, New Orleans
Street Car, New Orleans
1-22 St. Bernard Parish: A1a/44/-
A1a/44/2/8: Chalmette
Battle of New Orleans
1-23 St. Landry Parish: A1a/49/-
Grand Coteau: A1a/49/4/4
Academy of the Sacred Heart
St. Charles College
Education, Higher – Louisiana
Leonville: Map Case 13-03
House of Arnaud Stelly, Leonville, c. 1924-1925
Melville: A1a/49/8/9
Atchafalaya River
1-24 St. Martin Parish: A1a/50/-
Breaux Bridge: A1a/50/2/14: Festival
Crawfish Festival
Paradise Grove
Live Oak Trees
1-25 St. Martin Parish: A1a/50/-
Butte La Rose: A1a5/3/9: Bridges
1-26 St. Martin Parish: A1a/50/-
St. Martinville: A1a/50/16/1
Plantation in Longfellow-Evangeline Park
A1a/50/16/2a: Main Street across from church
A1a/50/16/3: St. Martin de Tours Church
A1a/50/16/14: Evangeline Oak
1-27 Vermilion Parish: A1a/57-
Abbeville: A1a57/1/14
Cooking eggs
Cheniere au Tigre: A1a/57/2/1; A1a/57/2/5; A1a/57/2/beach; A1a/57/2/view
1-28 Vermilion Parish: A1a/57-
Henry: A1a/57/4
Henry High School
Education, Secondary – Henry, [LA]
Box 2
2-01 Louisiana – Individuals
A2a: A – L
Burke, Walter
Allen, O.K. [Governor of Louisiana]
Caffery, John [Franklin, LA]
Clark, Leon, President of Southeastern College
Davis, Jimmy [Governor of Louisiana]
Dodd, William
Edwards, Edwin W. [Governor of Louisiana]
Horaist, Gaston
Jeanmard, Bishop [Lafayette]
Jones, Sam [Governor of Louisiana]
Kennen, Robert F. [Governor of Louisiana]
King, Alvin [Governor of Louisiana]
Lee, James A.
Leche, Richard W. [Governor of Louisiana]
Long, Earl [Governor of Louisiana]
Long, Huey P. [Governor of Louisiana]
2-02 Louisiana – Individuals
A2a: M – Z
McKeithen, John J. [Governor of Louisiana]
Martin, Robert
Martin, Mrs. Robert [Gabrielle Rose Berard Martin]
Noe, James A. [Governor of Louisiana]
Ortego, Adner [musician]
Post, Harry
Roemer, Charles “Buddy” [Governor of Louisiana]
Spencer, F.W. [State Director of AAA, 1939]
Treen, David C. [Governor of Louisiana] (at media event, 1979?)
2-03 A3: Groups
Louisiana Horticulture Society
United Confederate Veterans Reunion, October 1929
Martin Family: Robert Martin; Ruth Mouton Fleming; Pat Fleming
Robert Martin; Ruth Martin Fleming; Beverly Randolph Stephens, August 10, 1930
2-04 A4: Subject
Angola State Prison: Cell Block A and B
Angola State Prison: Camp A Outcamp
Angola State Prison: Main Prison, East Yard, Football Field
Angola State Prison: Water Towner outside main prison
Angola State Prison: Main Prison near entrance to East Yard (Baptist Theological Seminary)
Angola State Prison: Reception Center Administration Bldg.
Angola State Prison: Main Prison, Chow Hall
Angola State Prison: Point Lookout, Prison Cemetery
Angola State Prison: Angola Front Gate
Angola State Prison: Main Prison Chapel to left of Guard Tower
Angola State Prison: Main Prison, Guard Tower
2-05 A4: Subject
Fishing: Commercial; crab fishermen
Agriculture – group of men with canines
Louisiana Department of Labor. Surveys – meeting, n.d.
2-06 A4: Subject
Flora and Fauna: Azalea bush in full bloom
Louisiana cows
Louisiana State University- Vet Village, WWII
Hodges Garden, near Many, Louisiana, 1959 (water skiing)
Hodges Garden, near Many, Louisiana, 1959 (water fall)
2-07 A4: Subject
Floods, 1927
St. Mary Parish: Unidentified: Prairie Basse; Vermilion Bayou
Iberia Parish: New Iberia: Seally House (corner of Marie & Pollard)
City Park; Southern Pacific (near Weeks Street)
St. Landry Parish: Port Barré; railroad near Port Barre; railroad near Ursa
St. Martin Parish: Southern Pacific near Cade
Melville, Louisiana
Vermilion Parish: Abbeville
St. Mary Parish: Railroad in Berwick Swamp
Morgan City: Front Street
Morgan City: Railroad from bridge
Morgan City: Railroad Bridge
Morgan City: Railroad Stations
Morgan City: Passenger Depot
Morgan City: East Rest Abatement Pier, Atchafalaya Bridge
Anse La Butte, Bridges (Butte La Rose)
Patterson: Run off for cribbing
2-08 A4: Subject
Floods, 1927
2-09 A4: Subject
Floods, 1927
Iberia, St. Landry, St. Martin and Vermilion
2-10 A4: Subject
Mardi Gras
Military – Camps, n.d.
Military – Air Force ROTC Squadron, July 3, 1952 (summer camp)
Military – Inspection of Louisiana’s Naval Reserve Units, 1947
Military – Air Force ROTC Summer Camp Cadets, 1952
Military – Air Force ROTC Summer Camp, n.d.
Monuments: Desoto
2-11 A4: Subject
Louisiana Department of Labor
2-12 A4: Subject
Other States
Mississippi: A1/Mississippi/Ocean Springs/14
Lorna Doone Oak
Ruskin Oak
Live Oak Trees
Missouri: A1/Missouri/St. Louis/14
Louisiana Pavilion at St. Louis Lewis and Clark Exposition, 1903
Fairs and Expositions